E Day Poster

Written by Josh Tobiessen

Directed by Joe Reed
Technically Directed by Hanna Wasserman
Produced by Joe Gambino

In the dark comedy Election Day, what starts as a normal day for Adam devolves into a terrible, bizarre day. The play focuses around Adam, an average guy whose politically active girlfriend, Brenda, attempts to get him to go vote for a particular mayoral candidate. Things get complicated, however, when Cleo, Adam’s sex-starved, cat-loving half-sister; Edmund, an eco-terrorist attempting to create an election day stir; and Jerry Clark, a candidate for mayor, all show up at Brenda’s apartment and wreak havoc. People are kidnapped, bags of marijuana are consumed and cars are blown up as hilarity ensues.

Election Day opens in The Student Theater at Agganis Arena (925 Commonwealth Ave)

Thursday March 21 at 8pm
Friday March 22 at 8pm
Saturday March 23 at 8pm

Tickets can be purchased at the Activities Information Desk the week
preceding the show with Convenience Points or credit card. They will
also be available cash only at the door.

$6 General
$5 Members

Join the Facebook Event

Check the website page

Don’t miss out on a fantastic production!

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