The Birthday Party Tech List

The Birthday Party Tech Crew
Summer Show 2013

TD - Katy Meyer
ATD – Aubrie Sanchez
SM - Allison Crisostomo
ASM – Emily Jo McKnight
Lights – Jake Shauli
Asst. Lights - Juliette Vandame
Asst. Lights – Zoraida Cabrera
Asst. Lights – Shane Hennessey
Sound – Marissa Cheifetz
Props - Courtney Licata
Costumes – Cilicia Rios
Hair/Make-up - Lauren Kolodkin
Asst. Hair/Make-up – Courtney Bayruns
Set Design – Stephanie Bont
Set Dec – Marissa Cheifetz
Set Dec – Keithlyn Parkman
Asst. Set Dec - Sophie Miller
Asst. Set Dec – Xueting Ding
MC - Xander Pinto
Build – Julie Kaminski
Build – Chris Gilmore
Build – Kevin Ang

Producers – Sam Hoffman & Cilicia Rios

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