Executive Board Notes 10/4/15

Show Check Ins

  • Seussical
    • Director: Abby
      • Holding office hours tomorrow
      • A full week of full runs before tech week
      • Feeling very good about the progress of the show – especially with opening in a week
      • Finally have a full pit – found a bassist
        • 16 person pit
        • Figured out percussion business
    • SM: Alison
      • Having some ASM problems
        • Might need some more hands for tech week – will keep us updated
      • Can actors be added to the GSU link?
        • Corey: will add
    • Producer: Corey
      • Poster is being finalized
      • Stickers drama
        • Trouble with vendors through SAO
        • Will print them on normal paper and hand them out if we can’t get the stickers in time
      • Headshots are almost done
        • Just need 3 more people
      • Emerson said that they need a down payment of $35 to loan out a costume when Karen went there
        • Never has happened before
      • Nervous that percussion equipment guy will ask for payment before dropping off equipment
      • Amazon
        • Need to order things immediately because it’s unpredictable
      • Karlie will make the event as soon as we have the cover photo and poster
    • TD: Tehya
      • Concerned about Amazon items coming in on time
      • Some departments are close to reaching their budget
      • Had trouble with POs but worked it out for this show
      • Lights need some extra things
  • The Skriker
    • Director: Kyle
      • Run time is down to 65 minutes
      • Doing full runs even with about a month out
      • Skrikers are still having a bit of trouble with the dialogue
        • Having two rehearsals for them exclusively
    • SM: Jamie
      • Will have rehearsals
    • Producer: Danielle
      • Can we have binders for the Staged Reading?
        • Brittany: yes, ST will purchase them
      • No fog machine allowed in Student Theater – maybe dry ice?
        • Going to look into it
        • Kyle: not married to the idea – if it’ll work that would be great
      • Scheduling a shoot for poster and headshots
        • Maybe this week?
        • Have really great ideas
  • W;t
    • Director: Bridget
      • Took a break from rehearsals this week for Follies because of crossover
        • Had a lot of character meetings
      • About ¾ of the way through the script
    • SM: Sarah
      • Aiming to be done blocking on Thursday
    • Producer: Paulina
      • Had another creative meeting with Joe
      • Headshots date for October 13th
        • Know there are conflicts – Bridget will help with headshots
      • Zoe is finalizing t-shirt
      • “paper lobby”
    • TD: Caitlin
      • Had most of the department meetings – having two more tonight
        • Making sure that they read the script
        • Worried crew isn’t aware of how soon the show is
  • Really Really
    • Director: Rachel
      • Had first full run of Act 1
      • Made rehearsal schedule for the next two weeks with Erin
      • Gave actors homework
        • Everyone is making a character Twitter account
      • Incorporated some scene changes
    • SM: Erin
      • Lines are going pretty well
      • Planning to have the whole show blocked with a month to go
      • Can we have the Student Theater for the week before tech week?
        • Eric will check
    • TD: Danny
      • Finished department meetings
      • Gave everyone in tech an assignment to send him a picture of something that represents their tech for the show
      • Using an app called RemindMe to communicate with crew
      • Trying to figure out a new date for poster shoot
        • Kickball got rescheduled to that date
      • Actors will be measured for costumes soon
    • Producer: Sarah
      • Have a location for photoshoot


E-Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Play library
      • Looked into buying plays for library – going to wait until we get further into the season to decide if we’ll buy them all
      • Found a murder mystery play – maybe can do that for extra event next semester?
    • Filling the poster space in the lobby
    • SAO needs to communicate The Space decision from SAO with other theater groups
  • VP: Alison
    • Very involved with facilities this week
      • Nails sticking out of the stage
      • One of the actors got sick outside of the Student Theater at Seussical rehearsal – called facilities
  • VPSP: Ali
    • Changed Kickball to October 24th because of rain
    • OB Troupe bonding weekend – October 23rd will go see The Suffragettes
    • 5th slot for next semester
      • Open to new ideas to supplement our spring season
    • Wants to plan a BUC takeover for next semester with WM and OB
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Figuring out PO situation
    • Going to give SMs a budget
      • How do we do that with Parents’ Weekend?
    • A lot of things have been going over budget
      • Not really ok, people need to be a bit more strict in the budget
    • Warren poster for One Acts next semester
    • Pavement sponsorship will pay for programs for One Acts next semester and this semester
    • Need to check in with producers
    • Need the dates for shows for next semester
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Directors need to send materials to Karlie in order to be covered on social media – particularly Instagram
  • TA: Jamie
    • Playwright’s Theater
      • Mark from the Playwright’s Theater called Jamie on Friday morning and said he lost his key
      • Jamie had to go in and turn off the heat so it didn’t disturb their performance
      • They should call facilities in the future
    • Lights people looked at light board
      • Don’t know what to do
      • Eric will look at it
    • Will fix the cyc herself
      • Next group is ok with it and their set will block the stain
    • Space Cleaning
      • Usually is Sunday after One Acts – One Acts is now on that day
      • December 13th will be the new Space Cleaning crew


Executive Board Notes 9/27/15

Show Check Ins

  • Seussical
    • Director: Abby
      • Weird week with Boston Calling and Yom Kippur
      • Have rehearsal schedule for rest of the show
      • Show will be finished before next Sunday
      • Had first pit rehearsal on Saturday
      • Trying to still get auxiliary percussion equipment – it’s expensive but we’re working it out
      • Confirmation on blacklights
      • Still waiting for ribbons to arrive
      • Found the violist
    • SM: Alison
      • Rehearsals everyday
      • Doesn’t have a budget for spike tape
    • TD: Tehya
      • Going to Home Depot
      • A lot is going on but it’s going really smoothly
      • Getting a lot of things on Amazon
      • Timeliness of buying things is most problematic but manageable
    • Producers: Corey and Hanna
      • Bios and t-shirt money is due tonight
      • Getting the Cat In The Hat hat tomorrow and doing photo shoot then
      • Headshots this coming Saturday or Sunday
  • Skriker
    • Director: Kyle
      • Worked nearly the entire show
      • Struggling with the opening Skriker monologues
        • Going to try some new approaches when I return
        • Confident that our actors are up to the challenge
    • TD: Jamie
      • Had rehearsal without Kyle today and it was productive
    • Producer: Danielle
      • Tough to actually schedule things within the next few weeks because of Seussical
      • Going to try to maybe do photo shoots after rehearsal
      • Note for assigning producers in the future: it’s tough scheduling wise when the producer is in the show directly before the one they’re producing.
  • W;t
    • Director: Joe
      • Can’t hold much rehearsal this week because of Follies
        • Meeting actors instead for character work
      • More tech meetings this week
      • Half of the show is blocked
      • Actors are working on lines for impending off book date
    • SM: Sarah Kimball
      • Rehearsals are going well and we have a schedule for the next few weeks
      • Joe’s doing individual character work with people this week instead of formal rehearsal to get around the Follies tech week
    • TD: Caitlin
      • No tech meeting
      • Had people send her their favorite part of the script to ensure that they read it
    • Producer: Paulina
      • Had a producer meeting
      • One of the assistant producers dropped
      • Set headshots date tentatively
  • Really Really
    • Director: Rachel
      • Fully blocked for Act 1 – we’ll have a run in a week
      • Had department meetings
      • Cody Sloan reached out to Rachel this summer as an ambassador of SARP
        • Emailed SARP about cohosting a talkback
    • TD: Danny
      • Loves Doodle polls – helpful with dept meetings
      • Finishing the master Excel doc to send to all of tech
      • Hard to hold a tech meeting this week – very busy
      • Costumes assistant dropped but we found a replacement
      • Last dept meetings will be done this week – sound; hair and make up
    • Producer: Andy
      • Finalized ideas for Warren poster and cover photos
      • Delegated work to assistants specifically
      • Going to be advertising SARP talkback
      • Will have trigger warnings openly publicized

E-Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Congrats to everyone who participated in Combat
  • VP: Alison
    • Getting new rooms for W;t
    • Got some rooms for Really, Really
    • Went to the SARP presentation this week to get AB funding
  • VPSP: Ali
    • Troupe did really well with Combat
      • Should assign writers more specifically next year
      • BU Today video feature went really well
      • Not as big of an audience because of EventBrite
    • Ice Cream Social
      • Went well
      • More ice cream next year
    • Kickball
      • Meet at Marsh at 11AM
      • Need to coordinate a rain date
    • Thinking about creating a special project with Wandering Minds for next semester
      • Maybe a Capture the Flag game?
      • Maybe a multi theater group mixer
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Combat video feature was filmed
    • Daily Free Press reached out about advertising
      • Rates were very steep
      • Probably too expensive for payoff
      • Talked to Brittany about trying out Facebook paid advertising on a very small scale
    • Spoke with Brittany about possible ad opportunities in programs
      • BU Arts Initiative has expressed interest in the past – possibly reach out to them
    • Need to write reminder email for GM #2
    • Having a designated SM for Combat is essential in the future
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Figured out the facilities form
    • Trying to figure out direct link to Seussical Parents’ Weekend EventBrite
    • Need to talk to Tsai about getting FOH merch for credit cards
  • TA: Jamie
    • Combat
      • Should be an SM for all of Combat – hard to coordinate with other groups
      • Really amazing opportunity for training new techies
      • Our lighting board is kind of broken
    • Is there pipe and drape onstage for One Acts in BUC?
      • Yes
      • Can Brittany look and see if chairs cost $ in BUC?
    • Cyc is still not cleaned
    • Safety training round 2 is on Tuesday
    • Meeting with all of the TDs on to do a master check in


Spring 2015 Season Structure

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Stage Troupe’s upcoming Spring 2015 season will consist of a Charity Show production, two mainstage productions and a One Acts and Monologues Festival – all of which will be held in The Student Theater at Agganis Arena. Come to our 2nd General Meeting, next Sunday, October 4th at 7PM to hear more about the structure of and the pitch process for next season!

Executive Board Notes 9/20/15

Show Check Ins

  • Seussical
    • Director: Abby
      • Making really good time with rehearsals
    • Music Director: Jessie
      • Missing guitarist and violist
    • SM: Alison
      • Scheduling problems – inevitable with 23 actors, we’re managing them
    • TD: Tehya
      • We have ATDs
        • Had a meeting
      • Had our first tech meeting
      • Scheduling department meetings for the upcoming tech
    • Producer: Corey
      • Has everything planned for the next month
      • T-shirt forms will be out either tonight or tomorrow
      • OrgSync training is going well
      • Orders going in very easily
      • Ordered a Cat In The Hat hat
  • The Skriker
    • Director: Kyle
      • Cast is understanding what the show is – plot breakdown today
      • Being constantly on book is nice
        • Have blocked about half the show
      • Duration is looking good
        • ~Just about under an hour
      • Will not be here next Sunday for E-Board
        • Will email check-in
      • SM: Jamie
        • We have an ASM
        • Rehearsals are schedule through this week
      • Producer: Danielle
        • Solidifying ideas
        • No budget, no tech, no problem
  • W;t
    • Director: Bridget
      • Met with creative team last week
      • Had read through, first rehearsal, first tech meeting
      • Things are going smoothly
    • SM: Sarah
      • Scheduling conflicts with Follies people but working them out
    • TD: Caitlin
      • First tech meeting
      • meetings coming up
      • Going to meet with Jamie just to figure out things about being a TD
      • Had lunch with ATD
    • Producer: Paulina
      • Had a creative team meeting and heard Joe’s vision for producing
      • Zoe will be doing most of creative work
      • Paulina sent out budget info to heads
      • Trying to get in contact with assistants
  • Really Really
    • Director: Rachel
      • Started blocking
      • Went to tech meeting – happy with Danny’s TD style
    • SM: Erin
      • Blocked a couple of scenes
      • Have our ASMs
      • Rachel and Erin will sit down right after E-Board to finalize entire rehearsal schedule
    • Producer: Andy
      • Sat down with TD, Danny
      • Budgets have been decided and disseminated
      • Met with assistants today and assigned certain jobs to them
      • Have an idea with the Warren poster
      • Things will be better after Seuss
    • TD: Danny
      • Awesome producing meeting
      • Have dates for the photoshoot
      • Had our first tech meeting – really really happy with it
      • Laid down tech expectations for the tech crew at the meeting
      • Started Google Docs with ATDs for every department
      • Started a Doodle to figure out dept meetings
      • Have a tech bonding planned


E-Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Want to do something about posters in lobby before Combat (Saturday)
    • Doing speed dating during Ice Cream Social
      • “are you a cat or a dog person?”
      • Tweet asking for more questions
    • Need to think about show count for next semester
      • Looking for membership input
    • Wants to help spread responsibility amongst Board members
      • Seems like it is unevenly distributed and wants to help
    • Need to take inventory of what events are most important to Stage Troupe and eliminate any dead space
    • Monica messaged Michael about The Space
      • Has Eric talked to SAO?
      • Eric: university is trying to figure out how to meet the needs of the student groups on campus
  • VP: Alison
    • Went to SAO and got rooms for Skriker and W;t
      • Tried to reserve a room in CFA for Seuss orchestra rehearsal
      • Couldn’t do it so Jessie did it
    • Continuously flushing toilet in the Student Theater
      • Called facilities
    • The system for coordinating with OB when cast lists come out could be improved
  • VPSP: Ali
    • One Acts is now officially moved to December 5th and 6th thanks to Crystal
    • Brittany Jenkins will be the director of the music numbers. Lee will be the musical director
    • I responded (multiple times) to Shakespeare society about Combat and that’s settled
    • Combat is shaping up nicely and the lists are growing pretty steadily each day. I’d like a few more actors if people will keep publicizing it that’d be great
    • Audition week for One Acts Monday, October 26th and Tuesday, October 27th, 6-10PM
      • Submissions date to Wednesday, October 14th by 4PM B17 111 Cummington
  • Treasurer: Brittany
      • Small dollar reimbursements limitations are hard
        • Smaller list of vendors
      • Need to get the EventBrite for Parents’ Weekend
      • Had a meeting with producers last week
        • Attempting to teach OrgSync
      • AB funding was deferred
        • But Alison is going to meeting to make sure that is happening
      • Need to talk to Ali about the facilities form still
      • Checked up on Skriker script for Kyle
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Finalizing email list forever
    • Need to make Facebook event for Ice Cream Social
  • TA: Jamie
    • Made tech lists this week
      • 90 people doing 124 positions
      • Back to where Troupe was in 2008 and 2011 based on tech numbers
      • A lot of fresh faces
    • Stressing to TDs that they have a lot of people on their crews and they need to keep them in loop and then people will drop
    • Had Techstravaganza
      • There was a lot of deadspace and it felt kind of thrown together
      • Miscommunication about whose job it was – VPSP or TA
    • Forgot to invite WM to safety training
      • Some people also didn’t come so she’s going to hold another one next week
    • Looked up how to clean the cyc
      • Mixed results
    • Going to send individual emails to people who said they were interested
      • To see if they want to tech for Combat
  • Eric
    • Need to talk to TA and VP about Space walkthrough

Executive Board Notes 9/13/15

Show Check Ins

  • Seussical
    • Director: Andy
      • Half of act I finished vocally
      • Everything is choreographed except 2 numbers that are waiting on tech elements to be decided
    • SM: Alison
      • Had two days of rehearsals
      • Put actors’ schedules into a calendar
      • Initial schedule for this week set up
    • TD: Tehya
      • Have a meeting with Tsai this coming Tuesday about set design and blacklights
    • Producers: Hanna
      • Budget is ready to distribute
      • Graphic designer is happening and will have a logo by the end of the week
      • Need a photoshoot with Mikey in just the Cat In The Hat hat – trying to figure out where to get that
    • Eric
      • Distributed important info to Parents’ Weekend producers and Andy from MTI
  • The Skriker
    • Director: Kyle
      • We have a cast
      • Hoping to do a read through tomorrow
      • Still don’t have the Samuel French script – Kyle reached out to them to verify that he has the correct version of script we licensed
        • Brittany will look into it
      • TD: Jamie
        • Is learning how to be an SM
      • Producer: Danielle
        • Want to do promo video really playing up on the horror element of the show
        • Considering doing a sort of costume contest to play up on Halloween
  • W;t
    • Director: Joe and Bridget
      • Made a group and tried to schedule a read through – thinking Tuesday might work better
      • Set up a Monday meeting night for production heads
      • Rehearsals will start this week
    • SM: Sarah Kimball
      • Excited to get started
    • Producer: Paulina
      • Just had a preliminary meeting with Brittany
    • TD: Caitlin
      • Have a meeting schedule with Joe to go through the script and talk through ideas
  • Really Really
    • Director: Rachel
      • Had first read through today
      • Met SM today and she came to rehearsal
    • SM: Erin
      • Excited to SM her first show
    • Producer: Andy
      • Meeting with Danny soon to talk to him
    • TD: Danny
      • Came to the first read-through today
      • Setting up meetings with team this week
      • Went through all of act 1 in the script and came up with ideas today


E-Board Check-Ins


President: Michael

  • Auditions week went well
    • Decided to have Staged Reading to get cast with equal priority to the rest of the season
  • Managed to get into Play Library
    • Wondering why it’s locked in the first place
      • Agree to keep Play Library unlocked to make it a bit more approachable
    • Who is in charge of the play library?
      • President
    • Reorganized the Play Library
    • After each semester ask directors to either donate their script or Brittany will purchase those plays for it

Vice President: Alison

  • Messaged directors and asked about room reservations for this upcoming week
    • Waiting on their responses

Vice President of Special Projects: Ali

  • Responsible for moderating callback room
    • Could be improved – maybe a callback schedule for next semester
  • Had a meeting with OB VPSP
    • One Acts is the same weekend of OB’s 3rd production of the semester
      • Can we switch it to the Saturday and Sunday, December 5th and 6th?
      • Would make it easier for OB to see One Acts
      • Lee to musically direct and Brittany to direct the musical numbers
    • OB will have a special project
    • OB-Troupe movie special project outing to see Pan on October 9th
    • BYOB will be in BUC – either October 19th or 22nd
      • Maybe Troupe E-Board will perform
    • Senior Divas holiday concert – December 12th
  • Danielle will help make a poster for COMBAT

Treasurer: Brittany

  • Had a meeting with SAO
    • Mostly repetitive
  • Applied for AB funding for posters
    • Approved for Seussical and Skriker
  • Want to get stickers
    • Logos, shows etc.

Secretary: Karlie

  • Need to utilize E-Board audition week schedule more for next semester’s auditions
    • Not everyone needs to be there for the whole week – way too exhausting and unnecessary
  • Sent GM #1 email recap
  • Need to finalize 2015-2016 mailing list
    • Waiting on final dues list (post-tech assignments) to create it
  • Cast lists tab on website was successful – nobody was confused about where to find info
    • Posted on the blog for permanent keeping

TA: Jamie

  • Having tech forms at auditions was super super successfuk
  • Personally emailed everyone who signed up and said they were interested in tech
  • 9 total TD-ATD tech forms
    • 81 general tech forms
  • Tech Meeting
    • Went really well
    • High attendance
  • Shared a TD guide with this season’s TDs
  • Going to meet with TDs sometime this week on how they should really be teaching techies and not just doing it themselves
  • Techtravaganza next weekend
    • 12PM-3PM
    • OB’s tech pool will be there as well
    • Make a Facebook event for it
  • Hopefully releasing tech lists by Wednesday


  • Distributing of keys


  • Want to talk about expectations from the membership of E-Board members
  • Respect at E-board meetings
  • Democracy
    • Want the whole membership to vote and have perspective on things
  • Remain vigilant about what is being said about our group
    • Address negative issues within Troupe
    • Stay neutral
  • Always remain unbiased
  • Make sure membership understands things that are being voted on
  • Be understanding of what directors do outside of the E-Board room
  • Make sure cast bondings are appropriate
  • Be open-minded
    • Have sturdy beliefs but be open to interpretation


Fall 2015 Cast List

This is it…

Did you get cast? Congratulations and stay tuned – your director(s) will be contacting you in the near future!

If you did not get cast – we know that this moment is the worst and honestly nothing we say can really make it better. But know this – just because you weren’t cast doesn’t mean you aren’t a good actor and it definitely doesn’t mean we didn’t want you. This was an extremely competitive semester and we were absolutely blown away by the talent that walked through our doors. Know that even if you weren’t cast, we want you to stick around.

We still have so many more opportunities available to you this semester in acting, writing and teching with no auditions or experience required! Our 24-hour theater event, COMBAT from September 25th to September 26th, is a great way to get involved on the acting and writing fronts! If you’re interested, email me at stage@bu.edu, I’ll add you to the list, and you’ll be contacted as it gets closer. A little further off is our One Acts and Monologues Festival, and with it, a plethora of acting opportunities which you’ll hear more about in late October/early November.

Finally, our Tech Meeting is TOMORROW, Saturday, September 12th at 4 PM in “The Space” (check the “Facilities” tab for directions). I know, I know – eyes might be rolling at this as tech might not be the first thought in your mind right now. However, Stage Troupe’s motto is “Learning by doing” – if you’ve never tried tech before, there really is no better time to try a department that you’ve never done before. We’ll teach you every element of whatever department interests you — lighting, costumes, sound, set design, stage management, producing and more — and help you grow as a techie, an artist, and a leader. We absolutely adore our techies – they make up at least half of our group and are absolutely integral to the show production process. So please, come check out the Tech Meeting. You’ll be so very glad that you did.

Thank you so much to everyone for an incredible week and we can’t wait for an even more wonderful rest of the semester!



Cat in the Hat: Michael Giordano

Jojo: Laura Davis

Horton: Victor Kholod

Gertrude: Colleen King

Mayzie: Abby Shannon

Sour Kangaroo: Morgan DeMartis

General: Michael Gobiel

Mr. Mayor: Evan Creedon

Mrs. Mayor: Danielle Hope Diamond

Grinch: Zachary Treichel

Bird Girls: Taylor Strait, Ellie Vidmar, Katie Iafolla

Wickersham Brothers: Chandler Lane, Daniel Ehrenpreis, Lucas De Oliveria

Thing 1: Ryan Kelly

Thing 2: Christy George

Ensemble: Cara Dwyer, Diya Saigol, Linda Seminario, Faith Reed, Hali Letlow




The Skriker: Kaitlyn Jones

Lily: Elina Kent

Josie: Nicole Ficher

The Older Woman (Skriker): Paulina Ke

The Younger Woman (Skriker): Taylor Tessitore

The Storyteller: Melany Vazquez Heredia




Vivian: Hanna Anderson

E.M.Ashford: Becky Ittner

Jason: Conner Reed

Kelekian: Daniel Leary

Susie: Brittany Jenkins

Ensemble: Nathan Wilgeroth

Ensemble: Lucy Gamades

Ensemble: Chris Remillard

Ensemble: Darien Long



Really Really

Leigh: Emily Zisko

Grace: Karlie Fitzgerald

Haley: Zoe Enscoe

Davis: Simon Kientz Kincade

Cooper: Shane O’Connor

Johnson: Eli Saracino

Jimmy: Zach King

Fall 2015 Callbacks

Alright, go ahead, rapidly scroll down and scour the page for your name. When you’re done, scroll back up and read this!

If you were called back – congratulations! Callbacks will take place from 5PM – 10PM in CAS 316, TOMORROW, Friday 9/11. You are expected to stay for the entirety of callbacks, so if you have a scheduling conflict (or if you wish to drop a callback) please email stage@bu.edu with the conflict time and the shows that you were called back for. Keep an eye on your inboxes – most directors email those called back for their show.

For those who were not called back, we know. It really sucks. We’ve all been there. But this in no way shape or form means that you can’t be involved with Stage Troupe. If you have absolutely any interested in tech, I urge you to come to our Tech Meeting this Saturday, 9/12 at 4PM in “The Space.” Absolutely NO experience required!

If you really, truly just have an interest in being onstage keep an eye out for audition postings for our One Acts and Monologues Festival during the month of November!

Thank you again to everyone who came out the past three days to audition and break legs to those who were called back!


Seussical The Musical

Evan Creedon

Laura Davis

Victoria de la Llama

Lucas De Oliveira

Morgan DeMartis

Danielle Diamond

Maddie Dinndorf

Cara Dwyer

Ali Edwards

Daniel Ehrenpreis

Karlie Fitzgerald

Christy George

Michael Giordano

Michael Gobiel

Katie Iafolla

Kaitlyn Jones

Ryan Kelly

Victor Kholod

Zach King

Colleen King

Chandler Lane

Hali Letlow

Rishka Mehra

Katie Pond

Faith Reed

Diya Saigol

Linda Seminario

Abby Shannon

Taylor Strait

Katie Teran

Taylor Tessitore

Zachary Treichel

Ellie Vidmar



The Skriker

Danielle Hope Diamond

Nicole Ficher

Alec Gevarter

Alicia Giannetti

Grace Hoak

Kaitlyn Jones

Paulina Ke

Elina Kent

Colleen King

Simon Kienitz Kincade

Diya Saigol

Eli Saracino

Taylor Tessitore

Melany Vazquez Heredia

Nicole Weinroth

Emily Zisko



Hanna Anderson

Aisya Abu Bakar binti Azli

Cory Azmon

Daniel Ehrenpreis

Lucy Gamades

Michael Gobiel

Becky Ittner

Brittany Jenkins

Brittany Kamson

Zach King

Victor Kholod

Daniel Leary

Darien Long

Emily Prescott

Conner Reed

Chris Remillard

Daniella Seidl

Sarah Sosland

Nathan Wilgeroth


Really Really

Cory Azmon

Laura Davis

Zoe Enscoe

Daniel Ehrenpreis

Karlie Fitzgerald

Angelica Guarino

Michael Gobiel

Elliott Hanson

Becky Ittner

Kaitlyn Jones

Simon Kientz Kincade

Zach King

Victor Kholod

Ryan Kelly

Dan Leary

Shane O’Connor

Katie Pond

Daniella Seidl

Sarah Sosland

Taylor Tessitore

Nathan Wilgeroth

Emily Zisko

Executive Board Notes 9/6/15

Show Check-Ins


  • Bridget
    • Ready for auditions – have picked sides


  • Tehya
    • Pretty much have a set design
    • Meeting with Tsai next Tuesday
  • Abby and Andy
    • Prepared audition and callback material
    • Have had awesome meetings with other creative team people
    • Most of the pit is done


  • Kyle
    • No scheduling issues for GM tonight
    • Has an audition plan

Summer Show Checkout

  • Karlie
  • It would be good to warn possible Summer Show directors that the process is definitely more of a marathon and less of a sprint
  • Definitely imperative to have strong director-SM relations
  • Jamie
    • Having a budget was super helpful
    • Need to make sure we pick a show that is sustainable on the tech side – because you’re doing it so much

E-Board Check-Ins


  • Going over GM #1 agenda


  • Waiting for Liquid Fun to confirm for COMBAT
  • We have Photonics for BUSTies
  • Thinking about One Acts in BUC


  • There was a problem with paying for rights
    • Called SAO and handled it
  • Had a meeting with producers Hanna and Corey about OrgSync
  • Training meeting with SAO on Tuesday
    • Michael and Ali are also going
  • Still trying to go through AB to get funding for Warren posters
  • Had meeting with SAO about SDRs
    • Now we’ll be using Amazon Prime and trying to order things in bulk
  • Put posters from old shows in Student Theater


  • 230ish people signed up for the email list at Splash
    • Sent them a GM reminder email on Sunday before GM
  • The Theater Now class visits are going well
  • Sent the existing membership an upcoming events email for Summer Show Revival and GM #1


  • Space Safety and Table Saw Safety workshops will happen the morning of Techstravaganza
  • Joining Techstravaganza with OB
    • Brittany and Jason are on board
  • Want to assign SMs and TDs next Saturday, 9/12
    • Applications deadline next Friday, 9/11
    • SMs need to email Jamie by next Friday expressing interest
  • Went and looked at the cyc
    • Don’t need to get a new one – we can just clean it
    • Liquid Fun will pay in installments
  • Tech form has been updated
    • They are due Tuesday, 9/15
  • Producers and tech lists will be cross-checked for conflicts
  • Tech lists will be post as soon as they are ready


  • Add Steve to e-mail list

Executive Board Notes 8/31/15

Show Check-Ins

  • Seussical
    • Abby and Andy
      • In contact all summer
      • Mostly choreographed
      • Set design that has just been submitted to them
        • Pending approval
      • Have talked to some pit members
        • Have a Facebook group for them
      • No dance at auditions just at callbacks
    • Tehya
      • Tech is where it needs to be
    • Producers
      • Corey says they’re so “ex-seussical to produce-ical”
      • Budget spreadsheet is done
        • Waiting for actual budget
      • Have a graphic designer on the side
      • Figuring out scheduling
      • Warren posters
        • Brittany trying to get AB funding – waiting on them
        • Producers need date that it needs to be in by
        • Getting poster design done then moving onto t-shirts
      • Eric says scripts are in and are almost ready to go to the directors
        • Needs to inventory them
      • Schedule change for Tsai tech week has been communicated
    • The Skriker
      • Kyle
        • Came up with audition plan
          • Gender neutral characters
        • Samuel French isn’t selling physical copies of scripts
          • Corey has a connection at Samuel French and will try to get that to happen
        • Kyle has a conflict for GM 1
          • Can be at the GM for 8:15PM – has to check though
      • Brittany
        • Will producers get a budget?
          • Yes
        • Pavement is sponsoring us and giving $300
          • Maybe from this?
        • Probably will get a Warren poster
    •  Wit
      • Joe has a conflict before GM
        • Until 7:30PM
      • Joe and Jamie have talked about tech and have narrowed things down a lot
    • Really, Really
      • Rachel
        • Strong concept and vision and audition plan
        • Waiting for a team
      • Directors
        • Wear shirts to Splash
        • First GM be friendly and open from Eric

E-Board Check Ins

  • Michael
    • Three days of auditions, callbacks on fourth day – Friday
    • Post GM 1 Meet and Greet
      • Happening at the BU Beach
  • Alison
    • Trying to get Colloquium room for BUSTies
      • Waiting to hear back
    • Trying to get Alley for COMBAT
      • Waiting to hear back
    • Have rooms for everything as of right now
  •  Ali
    • Kickball October 3rd
      • Trying to do a similar capture the flag centric event in spring
    • Techstravaganza
      • Doing a scene from A Streetcar Named Desire
        • Confirming actors – ¾ confirmed
        • Fun technical element – gender bending
        • Set in the 80s
      • Ice Cream Social
        • In Student Theater
        • Stage Troupe speed dating
      • Combat
        • BU Today video feature on the event
        • Making an EventBrite
          • To reserve seating and avoid people missing the show and complying with fire code
          • Need to communicate with other groups about that happening
      • Impromptu movie night
        • Any night the week of Ice Cream Social
        • Licensing the movie?
          • Brittany might be able to
        • One Acts
          • Will be in BUC
  •  Brittany
    • T-Shirts
      • Meet up before Splash to give them out
    • Ordered name tags
    • Get AB funding for each show’s Warren poster
    • Paid for Tsai
    • Dues
      • $6 per semester
    • Stickers
      • Let’s do them
  •  Karlie
    • Made new logo/general new marketing materials
    • Updated the website
      • New pics, current info and updated important tech documents thanks to the help of Jamie
    • Redid the window outside of the Student Theater
    • Started “Meet the E-Board/Fall 2015 Directors” series on the Troupe Facebook page
      • One more week to go
      • Trying to show new members faces of key leaders in the group
    • Emailed summer show attendees with important start of the year info and event dates
    • Emailed “ungraduated techies” about getting involved again
    • Coordinating E-Board members visiting The Theater Now classes
      • Trying to target new freshman
    • Calendar
      • Change it on website
      • Just put text format dates and events
  •  Jamie
    • TD Resource Folder
      • To train incoming TDs and dept. heads
    • Rental Policy
      • Simplified it and emailed it to Steve and Eric
      • Only changes were language about security deposits
        • Took it out because nobody did it
      • Residual Liquid Fun rental problems
        • Dirty cyc
        • Trying to hold the group accountable
        • Figuring out repercussions
    • Talked to Eli about theater agreement
      • One week window after each group is in the theater
        • Where group that was in it before is responsible for it for 7 days
        • Hard with groups coming in right after another
        • Policy might exist on floor painting
        • Because of problems last year
    • Money left in Summer Show budget
      • Brittany: Sarah Kimball question
    • Post summer show strike
      • Troupe members come help please
      • OB TA’s
        • Back to back tech meetings
        • Try to encourage cross pollination
        • Troupe: 4PM
          • OB: 5PM
      • Is meeting with WM TA this week
    •  Steve
      • Happy to be back with Troupe
    •  Eric
      • Requisition Form
        • Every public event we have to do it
        • Audience musses things up and gives facilities money to fix that
        • Through Brittany on OrgSync
      • Fire marshall
        • No news – good news!
      • Need to set up meeting with Jamie and Alison
        • For theater operations protocol
      • Next week’s E-Board
        • 6PM in Cummington
        • Try to keep E-Board in Cummington at same time
      • Summer Show keys
        • Want them back next week

Executive Board Meeting Notes 4/19/2015

This week’s minutes:

One Acts Checkouts

  • DHD/Andy: It was great! The playwright liked it!
  • Zoe: It went well. (“It was all good in the hood”)
  • Ali: Stressful. It was harder than last semester. Perhaps related to morale? Feels we need to get out of this “it’s only One Acts” mindset. Good production regardless.
  • Caitlin: TD keys returned. Show went up. Everything was beautiful. It happened. Thumbs up.
  • Karen: We got 40 people on Friday, 30 people on Saturday – above average numbers for a non-Student Theater festival. If producing is taken seriously, good numbers will result? Good training opportunity.


  • Went to a meeting this week with other theater groups and reps from SAO concerning spaces on campus for build, storage and performance. There will be a followup meeting. Will discuss in more detail with Eric.
  • We have to reregister the group (Joe is working on it)


  • BUSTies appears to be sorted out on all fronts.
  • “It’s never over”
  • Rooms for summer show auditions have been reserved


  • Lots of BUSTies things are happening. EventBrite will be up soon.
  • Hosts are wonderful and are working their butts off.
  • Roasts will be due soon! Should be sent to Ali!
  • Nomination Committee will be taken care of tonight. Will contact directors and create the survey.
  • BUSTies base painting happens after the GM next week.
  • Ali will be reimbursed for trophy heads.
  • New board will be doing superlatives for old board.


  • Brittany and David have access to OrgSync. Reimbursements on the way.
  • BUSTies EventBrite will be approved shortly, then tickets may be purchased. Should be up by Tuesday.
  • Seussical rights are purchased.
  • Summer show needs a producer.
  • Rights will be purchased for summer show with Brittany.


  • BUSTies and Summer Show audition Facebook events are up.
  • Having issues with making events via the official BU Stage Troupe Facebook Page. Investigating.
  • bustagetroupe.com needs to be renewed by May 18th
  • BUSTies EventBrite is actually now up. $5 for members, $7 for nonmembers


  • Spring One Acts happened. Cart of pipe and drape is in The Space; will be moved back Wednesday.
  • Laramie will give back the chalkboard this week.
  • There were last minute OB and WM rentals.
  • Shakespeare left lights hanging, WM took care of it. The latter are currently in the theater.
  • Space Cleaning assignments are forthcoming.
  • Alison and Camille had an incoming TA meeting. Will speak to Eric.
  • Liquid Fun never paid for any rentals. Can we email them?
  • Neither did Vagina Monologues or Willing Suspensions. Contact them?

Show Order

  • Parents Weekend: Seussical the Musical (October 16th, 17th and 18th)
  • Staged Reading: The Skriker (October 29th, 30th, and 31st)
  • W;t (November 5th, 6th and 7th)
  • Really Really (November 19th, 20th and 21st)


  • Can we create a Troupe calendar with shared dates? (Show dates, GMs, space cleaning, special projects?) Yes. It’ll be on the Troupe website, Karlie will manage it.
  • Can Master Carpenters get an official “assistant?” The next TA will evaluate.
  • Concerns about bias with the VPSP making a recommendation about the charity show. (Note: the VPSP currently makes a recommendation to the rest of the executive board; the board votes to approve or disapprove the show.)
  • Concerns about the staged reading being selected by the eboard. In the future, the membership should vote on it.
  • Concerns about executive board members representing themselves/the group on campus.


  • Can we do a survey on the membership? How do they feel about the group? What’s working, what isn’t?
  • We do have data on how many members we have and how many shows they worked on.
  • An open survey would be new, though.
  • Consider using GoogleSurvey as a way to better handle aggregate data?