Executive Board Notes 8/31/15

Show Check-Ins

  • Seussical
    • Abby and Andy
      • In contact all summer
      • Mostly choreographed
      • Set design that has just been submitted to them
        • Pending approval
      • Have talked to some pit members
        • Have a Facebook group for them
      • No dance at auditions just at callbacks
    • Tehya
      • Tech is where it needs to be
    • Producers
      • Corey says they’re so “ex-seussical to produce-ical”
      • Budget spreadsheet is done
        • Waiting for actual budget
      • Have a graphic designer on the side
      • Figuring out scheduling
      • Warren posters
        • Brittany trying to get AB funding – waiting on them
        • Producers need date that it needs to be in by
        • Getting poster design done then moving onto t-shirts
      • Eric says scripts are in and are almost ready to go to the directors
        • Needs to inventory them
      • Schedule change for Tsai tech week has been communicated
    • The Skriker
      • Kyle
        • Came up with audition plan
          • Gender neutral characters
        • Samuel French isn’t selling physical copies of scripts
          • Corey has a connection at Samuel French and will try to get that to happen
        • Kyle has a conflict for GM 1
          • Can be at the GM for 8:15PM – has to check though
      • Brittany
        • Will producers get a budget?
          • Yes
        • Pavement is sponsoring us and giving $300
          • Maybe from this?
        • Probably will get a Warren poster
    •  Wit
      • Joe has a conflict before GM
        • Until 7:30PM
      • Joe and Jamie have talked about tech and have narrowed things down a lot
    • Really, Really
      • Rachel
        • Strong concept and vision and audition plan
        • Waiting for a team
      • Directors
        • Wear shirts to Splash
        • First GM be friendly and open from Eric

E-Board Check Ins

  • Michael
    • Three days of auditions, callbacks on fourth day – Friday
    • Post GM 1 Meet and Greet
      • Happening at the BU Beach
  • Alison
    • Trying to get Colloquium room for BUSTies
      • Waiting to hear back
    • Trying to get Alley for COMBAT
      • Waiting to hear back
    • Have rooms for everything as of right now
  •  Ali
    • Kickball October 3rd
      • Trying to do a similar capture the flag centric event in spring
    • Techstravaganza
      • Doing a scene from A Streetcar Named Desire
        • Confirming actors – ¾ confirmed
        • Fun technical element – gender bending
        • Set in the 80s
      • Ice Cream Social
        • In Student Theater
        • Stage Troupe speed dating
      • Combat
        • BU Today video feature on the event
        • Making an EventBrite
          • To reserve seating and avoid people missing the show and complying with fire code
          • Need to communicate with other groups about that happening
      • Impromptu movie night
        • Any night the week of Ice Cream Social
        • Licensing the movie?
          • Brittany might be able to
        • One Acts
          • Will be in BUC
  •  Brittany
    • T-Shirts
      • Meet up before Splash to give them out
    • Ordered name tags
    • Get AB funding for each show’s Warren poster
    • Paid for Tsai
    • Dues
      • $6 per semester
    • Stickers
      • Let’s do them
  •  Karlie
    • Made new logo/general new marketing materials
    • Updated the website
      • New pics, current info and updated important tech documents thanks to the help of Jamie
    • Redid the window outside of the Student Theater
    • Started “Meet the E-Board/Fall 2015 Directors” series on the Troupe Facebook page
      • One more week to go
      • Trying to show new members faces of key leaders in the group
    • Emailed summer show attendees with important start of the year info and event dates
    • Emailed “ungraduated techies” about getting involved again
    • Coordinating E-Board members visiting The Theater Now classes
      • Trying to target new freshman
    • Calendar
      • Change it on website
      • Just put text format dates and events
  •  Jamie
    • TD Resource Folder
      • To train incoming TDs and dept. heads
    • Rental Policy
      • Simplified it and emailed it to Steve and Eric
      • Only changes were language about security deposits
        • Took it out because nobody did it
      • Residual Liquid Fun rental problems
        • Dirty cyc
        • Trying to hold the group accountable
        • Figuring out repercussions
    • Talked to Eli about theater agreement
      • One week window after each group is in the theater
        • Where group that was in it before is responsible for it for 7 days
        • Hard with groups coming in right after another
        • Policy might exist on floor painting
        • Because of problems last year
    • Money left in Summer Show budget
      • Brittany: Sarah Kimball question
    • Post summer show strike
      • Troupe members come help please
      • OB TA’s
        • Back to back tech meetings
        • Try to encourage cross pollination
        • Troupe: 4PM
          • OB: 5PM
      • Is meeting with WM TA this week
    •  Steve
      • Happy to be back with Troupe
    •  Eric
      • Requisition Form
        • Every public event we have to do it
        • Audience musses things up and gives facilities money to fix that
        • Through Brittany on OrgSync
      • Fire marshall
        • No news – good news!
      • Need to set up meeting with Jamie and Alison
        • For theater operations protocol
      • Next week’s E-Board
        • 6PM in Cummington
        • Try to keep E-Board in Cummington at same time
      • Summer Show keys
        • Want them back next week

Executive Board Meeting Notes 4/19/2015

This week’s minutes:

One Acts Checkouts

  • DHD/Andy: It was great! The playwright liked it!
  • Zoe: It went well. (“It was all good in the hood”)
  • Ali: Stressful. It was harder than last semester. Perhaps related to morale? Feels we need to get out of this “it’s only One Acts” mindset. Good production regardless.
  • Caitlin: TD keys returned. Show went up. Everything was beautiful. It happened. Thumbs up.
  • Karen: We got 40 people on Friday, 30 people on Saturday – above average numbers for a non-Student Theater festival. If producing is taken seriously, good numbers will result? Good training opportunity.


  • Went to a meeting this week with other theater groups and reps from SAO concerning spaces on campus for build, storage and performance. There will be a followup meeting. Will discuss in more detail with Eric.
  • We have to reregister the group (Joe is working on it)


  • BUSTies appears to be sorted out on all fronts.
  • “It’s never over”
  • Rooms for summer show auditions have been reserved


  • Lots of BUSTies things are happening. EventBrite will be up soon.
  • Hosts are wonderful and are working their butts off.
  • Roasts will be due soon! Should be sent to Ali!
  • Nomination Committee will be taken care of tonight. Will contact directors and create the survey.
  • BUSTies base painting happens after the GM next week.
  • Ali will be reimbursed for trophy heads.
  • New board will be doing superlatives for old board.


  • Brittany and David have access to OrgSync. Reimbursements on the way.
  • BUSTies EventBrite will be approved shortly, then tickets may be purchased. Should be up by Tuesday.
  • Seussical rights are purchased.
  • Summer show needs a producer.
  • Rights will be purchased for summer show with Brittany.


  • BUSTies and Summer Show audition Facebook events are up.
  • Having issues with making events via the official BU Stage Troupe Facebook Page. Investigating.
  • bustagetroupe.com needs to be renewed by May 18th
  • BUSTies EventBrite is actually now up. $5 for members, $7 for nonmembers


  • Spring One Acts happened. Cart of pipe and drape is in The Space; will be moved back Wednesday.
  • Laramie will give back the chalkboard this week.
  • There were last minute OB and WM rentals.
  • Shakespeare left lights hanging, WM took care of it. The latter are currently in the theater.
  • Space Cleaning assignments are forthcoming.
  • Alison and Camille had an incoming TA meeting. Will speak to Eric.
  • Liquid Fun never paid for any rentals. Can we email them?
  • Neither did Vagina Monologues or Willing Suspensions. Contact them?

Show Order

  • Parents Weekend: Seussical the Musical (October 16th, 17th and 18th)
  • Staged Reading: The Skriker (October 29th, 30th, and 31st)
  • W;t (November 5th, 6th and 7th)
  • Really Really (November 19th, 20th and 21st)


  • Can we create a Troupe calendar with shared dates? (Show dates, GMs, space cleaning, special projects?) Yes. It’ll be on the Troupe website, Karlie will manage it.
  • Can Master Carpenters get an official “assistant?” The next TA will evaluate.
  • Concerns about bias with the VPSP making a recommendation about the charity show. (Note: the VPSP currently makes a recommendation to the rest of the executive board; the board votes to approve or disapprove the show.)
  • Concerns about the staged reading being selected by the eboard. In the future, the membership should vote on it.
  • Concerns about executive board members representing themselves/the group on campus.


  • Can we do a survey on the membership? How do they feel about the group? What’s working, what isn’t?
  • We do have data on how many members we have and how many shows they worked on.
  • An open survey would be new, though.
  • Consider using GoogleSurvey as a way to better handle aggregate data?

Announcement of Staged Reading & Summer Show

Hello Troupies!

The executive board, with the assistance of the incoming board, has determined our 2015 summer show and our Fall 2015 staged reading.

The summer show will be This Is Our Youth, by Kenneth Lonergan, directed by Emily Prescott.

The staged reading will be The Skriker, by Caryl Churchill, directed by Kyle Tague.

Congratulations! Stay tuned for more information on summer show acting, tech, and producing opportunities.

Executive Board Meeting Notes 4/12/15

This week’s minutes:

Private Lives

  • Joe: The show happened. It was great. Thanks to everyone.
  • There are some elements of show production/tech production that we’ve developed weaknesses in and need very specific people to do – having specific workshops for different things may be more effective than Techstravaganza. Set Design in particular needs help.
  • Alison: Everything worked out.
  • Karen: Keys returned. Show went up, some difficulties.
  • Set designer should not be the ATD/TD for another group’s show that goes up the same weekend.
  • Thank you to everyone on the team. Special thanks to Abi for all her paint work.
  • Shout out to Sam Kinde for being a wonderful ATD.
  • We need to go back to the standard 4 x 8 flats. Taller flats aren’t as safe and are harder to get up.
  • Eli/Brittany: Went well. We had a bit of ticket struggles due to the OB show and hockey games. A little helpful doing the “how did you find out about the show,” but most people just said “Friend.”
  • Not sure if the BUS Ads went up. We should talk to SAO. Do everything as early as possible.


  • Nothing


  • Nothing


  • Trophy heads ordered, food needs to be discussed for BUSTies.

One Acts

  • Zoe: My actors are off book. Coming together, looks hilarious. Aryeh helped stage a small bit of stage fighting.
  • DHD: Not much that could be done this week due to Dirty Rotten. Tech week is tomorrow. Off-book date is tomorrow.
  • Ali: Our show is going great. On Friday we had Ilana come in and guest direct, made “all the difference.” Actors are off-book. Can’t wait for tech week.
  • Caitlin (TD): Keys to the space acquired. Tech week is tomorrow, we have rooms. Department heads emailed checkins, everyone is on top of things. Our SMs are missing/problematic communication, but working on it.
  • Karen (Producer): Contacted all directors, made a FB event, made a cover photo, a vertically-oriented poster is on the way. Wish she had assistants.


  • Got Celia’s order for trophy heads. Going to pay for them tomorrow. Rights for Seussical being paid for this week, Zoe’s script payment was submitted.
  • Brittany Kamson will assist in securing rights for next semester.
  • Producers for Hail Satan and Private Lives will get OrgSync access so they can handle reimbursements.


  • Reminder to producers that the secretary is responsible for creating Facebook event.
  • As soon as One Acts producers can provide a vertically-oriented image, it will go up on the site widget


  • Shakespeare society is in the theater, they have rentals.
  • Wandering Minds and OB are in the space. We know who will open when.
  • Wandering Minds needs to be trained.
  • TA App is up, due Friday April 17. Will meet with Alison.
  • Summer show tech will happen as soon as it’s selected.
  • Space Cleaning is on Saturday, April 25th.
  • Theater door was fixed but is now stuck locked again.

Fall 2015 Staged Reading Pitches

Hello membership!

Here are the pitches we received for the Fall 2015 staged reading:

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon, directed by Daniel Ehrenpreis & Brittany Jenkins
The Pillowman, by Martin McDonagh, directed by Karen Loewy
The Skriker, by Carolyn Churchill, directed by Kyle Tague

Tomorrow during General Meeting #5, the pitching teams will have an opportunity to explain their shows to the membership. Members will then have an opportunity to ask questions about the pitches and offer their feedback to the executive board, who will make their selection following the conclusion of the GM. Take this time to check out the shows and gather your thoughts.

Don’t forget that tonight is your last chance to see Private Lives! Tickets can be purchased at troupeprivate.eventbrite.com

Step-by-Step Procedure for General Meeting #5

Hello Troupies!

We understand there has been some confusion regarding what is happening with the potential for a recall vote originally described in an email sent to our membership earlier this week. Some members have come to us in the days since to help better understand the situation and ask clarifying questions, and we encourage everyone to always ask an executive board member when there is any confusion in any matter.

That said: in this blog post, we will be outlining what exactly will be happening this Sunday in regards to the potential for a recall vote. As we mentioned in that email, we greatly encourage you to read Really Really (which was attached in PDF form) prior to that meeting so that you may be fully informed.

Before that, though, there has been additional confusion as to the how and why of eboard asking the membership permission for a recall vote in the first place. Below is a brief recap.

Really Really was originally pitched and voted into our Fall 2015 season. In the weeks following this vote, the executive board was approached by a number of members (who have mostly chosen to remain anonymous, though they may step forward on their own accord if they so choose). These members expressed concern that the pitching team failed to adequately address concerns brought up by the reading committee – and in some cases, members felt the show was misrepresented on certain issues. Because of this, the involved membership felt that the show was not necessarily pitched fairly, and that some members that voted to include it in the season might have changed their selection had they been fully aware of the content. The executive board members who participated on the reading committee agreed that there was validity to the complaints.

The executive board examined the Stage Troupe Constitution (viewable under Forms & Resources on this website) to see how to respond to the membership concerns. There is no language, for or against or otherwise, regarding a situation in which the reading committee fails to adequately inform the membership about a show’s content due to misrepresentation in the pitching team’s responses. Some have asked why we did not clarify the discrepancies during the pitch meeting. Prior to the pitch meeting, the executive board agreed to maintain as neutral and silent as possible in response to all pitches. In other words, we did not anticipate needing to speak up, and we did not know if we could or should. In retrospect, we agreed that the executive board participating on the reading committee should have the right to moderate responses if they feel the pitching team is evading or misrepresenting a show. This will be our policy going forward.

We turned to Eric Jacobsen, our student group advisor, for guidance on the present situation. He explained there is no precedent for a scenario like this and offered a series of potential options in moving forward. We ultimately decided that because a significant contingent of the membership felt the show’s content was misrepresented, the situation was worthy of pursuing and the show worthy of reexamination. We decided that the most reasonable option was to suggest a recall vote to the membership.

The possibility of a recall vote is not explicitly dictated one way or another in the Stage Troupe Constitution, and we cannot assume permission in calling for a recall. Instead, we are asking the membership for a one-time referendum on allowing a recall vote in this specific instance. This requires a simple majority, fifty percent or greater, to be approved and enacted. Another option we had was making the recall vote a specific “Executive Board Policy,” created with the permission of Article 23; if we were to do this, a member could oppose the recall and call for a reversal of policy, but this would require an eighty percent vote against. We chose not to pursue an Article 23 solution, as it would require the executive board to take a hard stance that we deserve the right to have the recall and would imply the recall should be used in future scenarios. Because we anticipate “closing the loophole” for future semesters by allowing an executive board member on the reading committee to moderate potentially misrepresentative responses, we intend for this potential recall vote to be a one-time occurrence in this scenario.

A recall vote, if approved by the membership (via simple majority), would include a review and clarification of the potentially misunderstood content of the show. The pitching team (in this instance, Rachel Skalka) would be allotted time to respond to any lingering concerns. Both sides would be allotted six minutes, the same time limit as a regular pitch. After this, an anonymous vote would be taken, with simple majority ruling. If greater than fifty percent of the membership rules against Really Really in light of the new and/or clarified information, it will be removed from the season and pitches for the final main stage slot will be reopened. If less than fifty percent of the membership rules against Really Really, it stays in the season as planned – nothing changes.

This brings us to this Sunday’s general meeting.

There are two separate issues up for vote here. Whether or not we examine the second is contingent on the outcome of the first. Below is the breakdown of what each scenario would entail.

1) Members will enter the meeting. At least twenty five dues paying members must be present to achieve quorum. If less than twenty five members appear, the meeting will be delayed or rescheduled.

2) Eric Jacobsen, our faculty advisor, will read off relevant portions of the Constitution and explain why there is currently no language regarding a recall vote. He will also review the purpose of the reading committee. The executive board will then make final statements on why we are asking for a recall vote, on principle. Specifics of Really Really will not be discussed.

3) An anonymous, written vote will be taken on whether or not the Stage Troupe Executive Board has a right to ask the membership for a one-time referendum “recall vote.” Simple majority rules. Only members who have paid dues prior to this week’s email may participate in this vote.

OUTCOME A: Less than fifty percent of the membership votes in favor of having a recall vote on principle. The recall vote does not occur, and the general meeting moves on to other topics (including Staged Reading pitches).

OUTCOME B: Greater than fifty percent of the membership votes in favor of having a recall vote on principle. The recall vote will occur, and we move on to Step 4.

4) The executive board and any concerned membership that wishes to speak will present their case as to why they felt Really Really’s content was misrepresented. (Concerned membership must discuss with the executive board an intent to speak prior to the meeting.) Clarifying evidence will be presented. They will have six minutes to make their case.

5) The pitching team, Rachel Skalka, will offer any clarifications she sees fit. She will also have six minutes.

6) An anonymous, written recall vote will be taken on whether or not Really Really should remain in Stage Troupe’s Fall 2015 season. Simple majority rules. Only members who have paid dues prior to this week’s email may participate in this vote.

OUTCOME A: Less than fifty percent of the membership votes in favor of removing Really Really from the season. The show is not recalled and remains in the season as planned. Nothing changes.

OUTCOME B: Greater than fifty percent of the membership votes in favor of removing Really Really from the season. The show is recalled and is no longer part of the season. Democratic pitches will be reopened by any interested directors to be pitched and voted on prior to the end of the semester. If she so chooses, Skalka may pitch another show.

7) The general meeting moves on to other topics (including the Staged Reading pitches).

As always, if there is any further clarification needed, please feel free to email stage@bu.edu or contact an executive board member (their contact information is available on this website). We appreciate everyone keeping discourse professional.

Executive Board Meeting Notes 4/5/2015

This week’s minutes:

-Both boys giving trouble to SM this week; Nick will be back Wednesday. He needed to go home – family emergency.
-The girls are stars.
-Move in happened/happening, is awesome. Great news is things look great. Techies coming into rehearsals is helpful.
-Easter Sunday made move in a bit tricky – hard to get people to show up when they have religious conflicts.
-Dream team is literally a dream. Shirts are in. All imagery is done. GSU and Link are set. Lobby is in the works! Change your profile picture and cover photo tonight! Invite people on Facebook event!

-Zoe: doing well. 2 rehearsals! Can’t do much until they’re off book; off book date is Tuesday. Tech meeting went well.
-Ali: show is going great, Evan is memorized, 4 rehearsals a week, rooms reserved. Easy, fun process.
-DHD/Andy: show is going well, second rehearsal happened, line memorization is in the work. Show is blocked. Dirty Rotten is in tech week but will still try and meet.
-Tech: meeting happened today, half of the crew showed up despite Easter! Meeting with SMs tomorrow. Documents being hated with department heads.
-Producing: email going out to directors tonight. You might get an assistant or two.


-BU Central, Tuesday the 28th, time TBD

-Space for BUSTies! The team is fabulous, producing video content
-Meetings and checkins once a week

-Not present

-Retweeting anything tagged with @StageTroupe
-Updating the widget
-FB event for town hall meeting
-reminder for staged reading pitches

-last minute rental with bloody bloody sorted out
-no money from willing suspension yet
-Wandering Minds coming next week!
-reserved dumpster for space cleaning
-changing date for space cleaning – April 25th, now a Saturday, 11 AM
-TA app is on the way!


Can we reevaluate how producers have to pay out of pocket for shirts up front?

Finding out when dinner with Dean Elmore is

Executive Board Meeting Notes 3/29/15

This week’s minutes:

Angels in America

  • DHD’s producing checkout: in the future, we need a budget. You have to spend money to make money, an actual money is required for physical advertising around campus.

Hail Satan!

  • Mac Rogers saw it. He loved it. This is great.
  • The show went incredibly smoothly. People really seemed to enjoy it!
  • Shouts out to Jamie for being an incredible TD. Most pleasant tech week and strike I’ve ever experienced.
  • Don’t count out modern, unknown works. Stage Troupe can really excel when there aren’t preexisting relationships.
  • Zach King had a fantastic experience as an assistant director. This experimental “training up assistant director” thing went really well. This very easily could have not worked.
    • Zach thinks this worked because:
    • There was a lot of trust in the relationship.
    • Lot of ability to debate ideas.
    • Great introduction to the directing and rehearsal process.
  • Celia: tech meeting went amazingly well. Never been this efficient.
  • Extremely proud of assistants, Taylor and Abby. They each called a show in the booth one show night. Hooray for training, we should do this more!
  • Full recommendation for Taylor and Abby to be assigned as full head stage managers.
  • SM keys returned to Eli.
  • Jamie: Things went so smoothly. Very happy with how efficient everyone and everything was.
  • Don’t try and put a carpet in the theater. It isn’t worth the paperwork.
  • Would have been super convenient to have a car to move all of the furniture.
  • There was a bizarre shortage of techies during tech notes at the end of runs. People were not present throughout tech week, which was frustrating and resulted in extra work for Jamie and Caitlin.
  • Formal recommendation for Caitlin to be promoted to full TD.
  • TD keys given to Karen.
  • David: Reimbursements will happen.
  • We did okay ticket sales wise. 80 or so Friday and Saturday. What could’ve been done better? Not sure. Lots of promotion. Maybe the title was the issue?
  • There were times where there could have been more straight forwardness between heads.
  • Don’t use OO Shirts. Ever. We will get shirts eventually. God help us.
  • Joe will provide a better shirt vendor to future producers.
  • Having to be a head of production when you had a show the previous week was a mess.
  • Miscommunication about who can get the EventBrite password.
  • Confusion over who actually does the POs – the treasurer or the head producers? Clarify for the future.
  • Daily Free Press reviewed Wednesday’s dress rehearsal. Good review, approve of reviewing on principle, lots of nice exposure. Consider emailing DFP, Quad, etc. to clarify review policy?

Private Lives

  • Going swimmingly. We have rehearsals all throughout this week. Things are coming together, bit by bit by bit.
  • Allison: Things are going well. Yay SMs.
  • [Allison and Joe thumbs up’d each other.]
  • Karen: Build week is this week; move-in on Sunday. Dirty Rotten is moving in on the same day. We are planning to have a “midnight move-in,” which means…… moving in some major set pieces on Saturday.
  • We need to check with Willing Suspensions to make sure they’re out of the theater.
  • People are killing it tech-wise.
  • Dream Team: Photo shoot “mostly happened” today. A couple reshoots will happen for various reasons. Shirts will be in Friday.
  • CustomInk is a better shirt company but it costs more.
  • Programs are in the works.
  • Poster is almost finished. Bus Ads have been submitted – maybe use it for the GSU digital signage? Switch it out for an updated image once it’s ready.
  • Joe gave Brittany producer keys.


  • Forgot what she was going to say.


  • Nothing to share.


  • Meeting with BUSTies hosts and event managers. Went very well, very productive. Deadlines for promotional elements were set.
  • Finalizing roasts.
  • One Acts:
    • Ali: Second time directing a one act. Can handle it, apparently. Show is cast, first rehearsal tomorrow. Got the rehearsal time wrong. This bodes well. Communicated tech needs to Camille. Ready to roll. There were significantly fewer auditions this semester versus last semester (something like 50 versus 12). Consider planning One Acts auditions much sooner in the semester; avoid a tech week at all costs.
    • Andy/DHD: first rehearsal happened yesterday! Went well! Will work more to cement a rehearsal schedule. Last scene is blocked. Tech needs communicated to Camille.
    • Zoe: everyone in the process has been tangled in Hail Satan! Really happy with the cast. Disappointed by lack of auditions. Will be on top of things after two consecutive tech weeks going forward.
    • Include playwright names in the programs and promotional materials.
  • Abby Kass & Paulina Ke will be performing comedic monologues.


  • Went to SAO. Dealt with Hail Satan! rights – they are paid for.
  • Rights for Zoe’s One Acts are being paid for this week.
  • Karen Loewy will be producing One Acts! Looking for any interested assistants.
  • BUSTies EventBrite will go up soon.
  • Private Lives EventBrite is live: troupeprivate.eventbrite.com
  • We officially have the rights to Seussical the Musical!


  • Received email from an interested Troupie; passed her to Camille.
  • If you tag @StageTroupe on Twitter to promote something, I will retweet it, no questions asked.
  • Will email Willing Suspensions.


  • Camille offered an emailed checkin.


  • Not here yet.


  • Apparently the back-of-house speakers did not work during Hail Satan! Debra has been asked to fix/look into things. She is confused about what specifically she’d like us to do. Will have her investigate and inform us what she believes the problem is.

Spring 2015 One Acts & Monologues Cast List

The casts for 2015’s One Acts & Monologues Festival:

The Last Man on Earth, dir. Ali Edwards
Lana – Cara Dwyer
Trevor – Evan Creedon
Carlton – Jeremy Oshins
Playwrighting 101, dir. Zoe Enscoe
Jumper – Eli Saracino
Good Samaritan – Taylor Tessitore
Teacher – Eli Brenna
Time Game, dir. Andy Moeller & Danielle Hope Diamond
Boy – Joe Gambino
Woman – Abi Oshins
Doctor – Aryeh Harris-Shapiro