November 13-15 MaratSadeTEMP

Directed by Sam Hoffman

In 1808, the Marquis de Sade directs his original play at the Asylum of Charenton. Set in 1793, Sade’s play follows the life and assassination of the French revolutionary, Jean-Paul Marat. While the Marquis de Sade uses the inmates of Charenton to provide a commentary on human nature and French politics, Columier, the director of the Asylum, is responsible for the radical commentary. Fueled by the anger of confinement and social power, Sade’s play shakes the appeasement of government officials with graphic depictions of pain, sex and rage. It is the threshold between pain and pleasure that Sade suggests we find our true selves. As Charlotte Corday raises the dagger to cut Marat’s life short, Marat/Sade depicts pain and pleasure through pure justice.

Cast Breakdown

Principle Cast

Marquis de Sade – Male
Jean – Paul Marat – Male
Simonne Evrard – Female
Charlotte Corday – Female
Herald – Male or Female
Columier – Male or Female

Four Singers

Kokol – Male
Polpoch – Male
Cucurucu – Female
Rossignol – Female

Supporting Characters

Duperret – Male
Jacques Roux – Male
Patients – 2 Male & 2 Female (Flexible)

Non-speaking Roles – Flexible

Percussionists – 2 Male or Female
Nurses – 2 Male & 2 Female
Coulmier’s Wife – 1 Female
Coulmier’s Daughter – 1 Female


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