Parents’ Weekend: Into the Woods

October 17-19 Into the Woods Temporary Poster

Co-Directed by Brittany Jenkins & Joe McLaughlin

Musical Direction by Celia Gibson & Idine Mousavi


In a new take on the classic Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales, Sondheim and Lapine take their characters and the audience on a journey through the woods. The characters take to the woods in order to get their wishes, but soon learn that wishes come true, not free. Each character must pay the price for their wish and learn that even though people make mistakes, no one is alone. Cinderella, the Witch, the Baker and his wife, Jack, and Little Red Riding Hood, along with their other companions must sort out a web of complexities in order to redefine the relationships of their families.

Character Breakdown

Baker’s Wife
Mezzo-Soprano: G – High F
Determined and bright. A romantic at heart, but materialistic at times. The leading role with plenty of songs. Good acting skills needed

The Witch
Low F – High F with good belt!
Outwardly: self-serving, possessive, sarcastic, vain, charismatic. Inwardly: insecure and lonely. Hugely challenging role, strong singing and acting needed

Soprano: G – High G
Earnest, pretty, warm-hearted, kind, and trying to find her place in the world. A survivor. Good singing voice particularly required.

Little Red Riding Hood
Mezzo-Soprano: B – High F
A spoiled, clever, vain, smart alec. Seeks approval in place of love, of which she has had none. Fun character, adult playing a child. Soprano or alto

High Soprano: C – High A sharp
A loopy-but-lovely maiden who is completely and utterly innocent of worldly matters and
drifts through life. Needs good vocal control. Strong legit soprano

Jack’s Mother
Soprano: B – High F sharp
A single mother and a fighter, working hard and determined to make a good life for her hapless son. Older, mid-range female.

Cinderella’s Stepmother
Mezzo-Soprano: A sharp – High F
Mean-spirited, greedy and demanding. Superb character part.

Mezzo-Soprano: C – High E
Cinderella’s stepsister, lovely but black of heart. Loud, energetic. Good character role.

Mezzo-Soprano: C – High E
Cinderella’s stepsister, lovely but black of heart. Loud, energetic. Good character role.

Cinderella’s Mother
Nurturing and loving. A spirit, who dispenses useful advice. Good singing voice

Open vocal range.
Bitter and vindictive, she is Little Red’s feisty, savage, knife-wielding grandmother. No solo singing, but plenty of humor.

Baritone: A – High G
An average working man. Warm hearted and determined but insecure, and has never faced his fears. Loads of singing – strong voice needed.

Tenor: A – High G
The feckless Giant Killer, almost a man. Eager to please and impulsive. A little slow of learning, and misled by his lack of self-knowledge. A challenging role. Strong legit tenor.

Cinderella’s Prince
Baritone: B – High F
Vain, gorgeous, self-dramatizing and endlessly confident. A hero in his own life’s story.

Mysterious Man
Baritone: G – High E flat
A mischievous vagrant with a secret. Mostly acting role but with one big musical number.
Must be physical actor, who can move.

Baritone: G – High E
Intellectual and pleasant. A good storyteller who relates directly with the audience. Mainly spoken role with a couple of singing lines.

Rapunzel’s Prince
Baritone: C sharp – High E
Just as vain, gorgeous, etc as his older brother although not as tall. Strives endlessly to be beat him in all things.

Baritone: B – High G flat
Hungry and insatiable. Seductive and sexy. Only two scenes but he could easily steal them both!

Open vocal range.
Surly and bureaucratic, full of self-importance. No solo singing but plenty of good lines.

Cinderella’s Father
Open vocal range
A drinker, out of touch with his family but harmless and well-meaning. No solo singing.

Milky White
Non-singing…must moo
A sad sickly cow. Must be very flexible actor. Lots of stage time…in a cow suit…
Male or Female