Twelfth Night, Or What You Will

Spring 2014

April 10-12; The Student Theater 


Twelfth Night, or What You Will is one of Shakespeare’s most delightfully topsy-turvy comedies about mixed identities, shipwrecks, love triangles, and some serious tom-foolery. The story starts when Viola and Sebastien, twin brother and sister, are beached on the foreign land of Illyria, each thinking the other is dead. Lost and without prospects, Viola disguises herself as a man named Cesario and begins serving the local Duke, Orsino. In love with the neighboring Lady Olivia, the Duke enlists the help of Cesario/Viola to woo her for him. Inconveniently, Olivia falls in love with Viola, who’s even more inconveniently in love with Orsino. What ensues is a complicated love triangle that’s made even more outrageous by the less than noble suitors in line to win Olivia for themselves. Add in a spunky maid, ridiculous manservant, and drunk uncle to make an interesting scene for Viola’s previously-presumed-dead twin brother to find when he enters the scene and complicates things further. Finally, after some false accusations and a few drinks, the play ends happily with three weddings and a musical number sung by none other than Feste, the fool.

Directed by Abi Oshins and Emily Prescott
Technical Directed by Paige Hermann
Assistant Technical Directed by Jake Shauli
Produced by Cilicia Rios
Assistant Produced by Lee Condakes, Brittany Kamson, and Kerriann Kelleher

The Cast

Viola, Hope Roselle
Olivia, Katie Diekhaus
Maria, Daniella Seidl
Antonia, Ilana Berman
Orsino, Nathan Wilgeroth
Sir Toby Belch, Michael Lavallee
Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Will Small
Malvolio, Ben Moll
Feste the Fool, Victor Kholod
Sebastian, Michael Gobiel
Ensemble, Kelly Duffy and Isabella Walpole



Performances will be held in the Student Theater at Agganis Arena on April 10-12 beginning at 8pm.  Tickets can be purchased ahead of time on Eventbrite (  and at the door for $5 with membership card/code and for $6 general admission.

On the green line, take the B train to St. Paul Street and cross toward FitRec and Agganis Arena. The student theater is located in the passage between these buildings.

Feel free to direct any questions to!

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