Summer Show Cast List

“Almost, Maine” Cast List

Ginette — Liane Hu
Pete — Alex Leavitt

Her Heart
Glory — Natalie Robinson
East — Quincy Wright

Sad and Glad
Sandrine — Kim Winnubst
Jimmy — Chris Carcione
Waitress — Erica Magelky

This Hurts
Marvalyn — Carolyn Byrne
Steve — Tyler Brewer

Getting It Back
Gayle — Sarah Zlotowitz
Lendell — Josh Fritz Friedensohn

They Fell
Randy — Ian Graff
Chad — Josh Fritz Friedensohn

Where It Went
Marcy — Carolyn Byrne
Phil — Ian Graff

Story of Hope
Hope — Erica Magelky
Daniel — Chris Carcione

Seeing The Thing
Rhonda — Kim Winnubst
Dave — Tyler Brewer


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