URGENT: Weather vs. Auditions

Hello all you talented thespians!

If you have been watching the weather today you may have seen that there is a big ol’ storm headed our way Wednesday/Thursday. You may have also noticed that we are holding auditions on Wednesday. In the event that BU is closed due to weather on Wednesday, it is Stage Troupe’s policy to also close (and BU won’t let us use the facilities which means you would have to audition outside…). THEREFORE: We are strongly encouraging all able-bodied auditioners to audition TONIGHT (Tuesday) in lieu of tomorrow. This will make our/your lives all easier and happier in the event that it is stormy and disgusting and BU closes down. So hopefully we’ll see most of you tonight in CAS 211 from 6-9pm!

As an addendum, if BU is cancelled on Wednesday the e-board is coming up with a contingency plan and you all will be notified immediately concerning further auditions/callbacks. As always, if you have any questions, please email stage@bu.edu, tweet at us, or comment on the blog.

Stay Warm and Dry!

Adrien Smith, Secretary


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