Tech Assignments for Spring 2011

The Last 5 Years:

Director Kelsey Gold
Musical Director JD Roger
Rehearsal Piano Marcus Doyle
Producer Ljubica Gavrilovska
AP Lauren Fragoza
AP Kayla Ring
AP Hanna Wasserman
TD M Williams
ATD Jon Christianson
ATD Carling Monder
Stage Manager Tyler Brewer
Stage Manager Marissa Cheifetz
Asst. Stage Man Allison Crisostomo
Master Carpenter Adrien Smith
Set Design Miriam Khan
Asst. Set Design Leora Klachkin
Set Decorator Kat Pernicone
Set Decorator Courtney Licata
Costumes Emily Jo McKnight
Hair/Makeup Alex Michel
Lights Jan P Kaim
Lights Mike Carollo
Lights Tom Murphy
Sound Cathy Kirch
Sound Ann Markwell
Propmaster Mike Halpern
Asst. Props Anna Carson
Build/Run Kevin Ang
Build/Run Shane Hennessey
Build/Run Corinne Oplinger
Build/Run Roman Perry
Build/Run Angela Mercurio
Build/Run Preston Weir
Build/Run Brittany Haynes

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