Cast Lists Spring 2014!

We would like to THANK EVERYONE who came out and hung out with us this past week. We are thoroughly amazed by all the wonderful talent we saw and are so happy to see welcome our members, new and old, to our Spring 2014 Season.

Congratulations to all and thank you again!

Doubt: A Parable

Sister Aloysius, Georgia Ladd
Father Flynn, Aryeh Harris-Shapiro
Sister James, Jana Keller
Mrs. Muller, Brittany Kamson

Raised in Captivity

Sebastian Bliss, Kyle Mitchell
Bernadette Dixon, Hanna Anderson
Kip Dixon, Elliot Hanson
Hilary MacMahon/Miranda Bliss, Olivia Wiles
Dylan Taylor Sinclair/Roger, Daniel Ehrenpreis


Wyndham Brandon, Charlie Schumacher
Charlie Granillo, Emily Jo McKnight
Rupert Cadell, Idine Mousavi
Leila Arden, Ali Edwards
Kenneth Raglan, Matthew Melleby
Sir Johnstone Kentley, Joe McLaughlin
Mrs. Debenham, Zoe Enscoe
Sabot, Lauren Kolodkin

Twelfth Night, Or What You Will

Viola, Hope Roselle
Olivia, Katie Diekhaus
Maria, Daniella Seidl
Antonia, Ilana Berman
Orsino, Nathan Wilgeroth
Sir Toby Belch, Michael Lavallee
Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Will Small
Malvolio, Ben Moll
Feste the Fool, Victor Kholod
Sebastian, Michael Gobiel
Ensemble, Kelly Duffy and Isabella Walpole




But we’re not done yet… These productions cannot happen without TECH! So join us for our Tech Meeting TOMORROW, January 24, at 7PM in The Space!


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