Fall 2014 One Acts & Monologue Festival Cast List

We are proud to announce the cast lists and monologuers for the Fall 2014 One Acts and Monologue Festival! This was our most competitive one acts session in many years, and we thank everyone for taking the time to come out and audition. If you were cast, expect to be contacted by your director shortly. If you weren’t, don’t fret – more acting opportunities are coming up soon.

“Anastasia as a Movie as a Musical”
Sean – Sam Hoffman
Mariah – Taylor Tessitore
Anastasia – Karlie Fitzgerald
Dimitri – Ryan Kelly
Rubien – David Hunt
Male Actor (“Mactor”) – Eli Saracino
Female Actor (“Factor”) – Kerriann Kelleher
Techie Y – Camille Arvisu
Techie Z – Annie Tillis

Pete – Elliot Raff
Kate – Lucy Gamades

“Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You”
Sister Mary Ignatius – Oriana Maurach Theo
Thomas – Nathan Wilgeroth
Diane – Alexa Benudiz
Gary – David Olson
Philomena – Danielle Hope Diamond
Aloysius – Zack King

“Sure Thing”
Bill – Ryan Chernin
Betty – Kaitlyn Jones


Hanna Anderson

Claire Buesser

Danny Ehrenpreis

Joseph McLaughlin

Have great weeks!


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