Executive Board Notes 11/15/15 and Spring 2016 Season Order

Show Check Ins

  • Really Really
    • Director: Rachel
      • Move-in went well
      • Build week was awesome
    • SM: Erin
      • Still working on a few things with Danny
      • Day started off well with actors
        • Got a little rough but have full confidence that we’ll have a great week
    • TD: Danny
      • Got the set up in an hour and 15 mins
        • High motivation and high energy
        • Bringing coffee to move in was a great idea
      • Staying positive!
    • Producer: Sarah and Andy
      • T-shirts are in
        • Need to go pick them up from FedEx
      • Have a schedule for this week
      • Assistants are great
        • GSU Link will be sent by one of them soon
      • Talked to Erin about actors tweets
        • They are done
      • Trigger warning
        • Edited the previous one
        • It will be done tonight after E-Board approves it
      • Talkback
        • Final call: won’t be facilitated by a third party
          • We’ll be doing it internally
          • Audience will provide questions for the talkback and discussion will be guided by the moderator
  • One Acts
    • Producer: Taylor
      • Making a unified One Acts logo
      • Taking headshots of all of cast and crew
    • TD: Chris
      • Got key for the Space from Jamie
      • Had first tech meeting tonight
        • Not a great turn out, probably due to Really Really move in
      • Can we do a walk through of BUC this week?
        • Yes
    • Monologue Director: Danny
      • Made a schedule through tech week
      • Set soft and hard off book dates
      • Need a couple room for upcoming rehearsals
    • Director: Karen
      • DHD is Assistant Director
      • Had a read through, individual character rehearsals and rehearsal over breakfast


E-Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • BU Today video about on Combat will be up on Thursday
      • Karlie will follow up with Jason Kimball this week before it goes out
    • Theater renovations
      • Need to revamp producer booth
      • And other modifications
    • Sent out W;t cast feedback surveys
  • VP: Alison
    • Got rehearsal rooms for One Acts rehearsals
    • Tried to reserve rooms for Spring 2016 auditions
      • Can’t do so yet – we’re in a queue
    • Keys from W;t to Really Really
  • VPSP: Ali
    • Need to call SPS for One Acts
      • To get microphones for musical numbers
      • Might borrow them from somewhere else?
    • One Acts tech week schedule
      • Rehearse Monday through Thursday
      • Will take Friday off to go see OB’s A New Brain
      • Move in on Saturday early with run afterwards and then opening night performance
    • Met with One acts producing team
      • To go through vision
      • Trying to make One Acts more legitimate
    • Talking to directors regularly and checking in
      • They’re at different places in the rehearsal process as of right now
      • Musical numbers haven’t rehearsed yet – they know that they need to get moving and start practicing though
    • Created a One Acts Facebook group for everyone
    • OB pitches might conflict with One Acts
    • Will meet with Danny next week
    • Need to reach out to Chris Kuiken about Senior Divas Concert
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Had conversation with One Acts producers
    • DHD is interested in running a producer workshop
      • Corey and Andy said they were interested as well
    • Ticket sales money
      • BUSTies and Skriker money has been disbursed
    • Thinking of ordering more t shirts for next semester
      • Going to gauge interest first
    • Warren posters for next semester are reserved
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Snapchat geofilters
      • Will work on making them for the three shows and One Acts for next semester
      • Will also make one for the space that says “The Space”
    • Need to invite more people to the Facebook event for Really Really
      • Significantly less people invited compared to the W;t event
  • TA: Jamie
    • New people joined crews for One Acts and Really Really
    • Sent out tech feedback surveys to Seussical and W;t
      • Very helpful
      • Emails were most helpful method of communication
      • Found that tech meetings could be better for assistants
      • Make each head of production aware of their responsibilities during tech week to avoid problems
    • Got an extension on rental from Emerson for OB
      • They will take it back on December 7
    • Fire marshall inspection on Tuesday
      • Cleaned up the space
      • The workshop was a mess – had to remind WM about fire code
    • Need to charge WM $25 for the stage
    • Build in the space this week – buy paint for OB
    • Gave keys out
      • Theater keys to Danny
      • Space Keys to Chris
      • Lighting keys to Marisa
    • Put in a request for Space Cleaning dumpster
    • Need to buy things for the Space
      • Drills
      • Paint things
    • We’ll use our own pipe and drape for One Acts because BUC charges to use theirs

Spring 2016 Season Order

Charity Show, Dog Sees God, Thursday, February 25th – Saturday, February 27th
Mainstage #1, The Glass Menagerie, Thursday, March 17th – Saturday, March 19th
Mainstage #2, Play it Again, Sam, Thursday, March 31st – Saturday, April 2nd
One Acts and Monologue Festival, Friday, April 15th and Saturday, April 16th


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