Executive Board Notes 2/14/16

Show Check-Ins

  • Dog Sees God
    • Director: Karen
      • Having rehearsal every day this week
      • Actors are for the most part off book
      • Tech week is next week
    • TD: Sam
      • Had department meetings last week
      • Tech meeting happened today – people seem to be feeling ok
      • Will talk to Jamie about a plan for move in
    • Producer: Danielle Hope Diamond
      • Got the poster approved
      • GSU poster is up
      • Two assistant producers dropped
      • Had a problem with the t-shirt company – machine would not print Snoopy on it, but used a different company and all is ok
    • SM: Erin
      • Rehearsals are going great
      • Did a full run yesterday – everyone was off-book and did well
      • Another cast bonding planned
  • The Glass Menagerie
    • Director: Victor
      • The show is completely blocked
      • Have a soft off book and a hard off book set
    • SM: Alison
      • 3-tiered off book date
    • Producers: Andy and Emma
      • Had a meeting with all of the assistants
      • Going to set up a shoot with some of the actors sometime this week or this weekend for the poster
      • Going to visit TTN writing classes to amp up publicity for the show
    • TD: Caitlin
      • Have a set design
      • Cancelled tech meetings for the show
      • Going to make a cut list
      • Will proceed with department meetings now that Dog Sees God has had all of theirs
  • Play It Again, Sam
    • Director: Daniella
      • Finished blocking all of Act I – going to do a run
      • Met with producers
    • TD: Chris
      • Cancelled tech meeting today
      • Met with Karen and Daniella about set design
    • Producer: Karen and Paulina
      • Mocking up some t-shirts
      • Going to write up a script for a video promo
    • SM: Nicolette
      • Act I is blocked – doing a run through on Monday
      • Goal is to have the whole show blocked by Spring Break


E-Board Check In

  • President: Michael
    • Got a bunch of packages from SAO
    • Had a meeting with SAO and theater groups
    • Tech Show
      • Things were difficult sometimes – crew was very small
      • Erin:
        • Midnight show was just not fun for the cast and crew
        • Put on a good, funny show but the audience was incredibly rude and disrespectful
        • Not sure how that could be controlled in the future – maybe have stricter rules for the audience, kick people out when they ignore the rules, or limit the midnight show to only dues paying Troupe members?
  • VP: Alison
      • Room res continues
      • Went to the SAO meeting
  • VPSP: Danny
    • SHOWcase went really well today – small group but it worked really well
      • Next SHOWcase will be geared toward One Acts
    • Broadway in Boston event has had some sign ups and it will close tonight
    • Tech Show happened
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Finally got the stickers
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Got the BU Today picture – looks great
    • Made a Buzzfeed quiz and people were really into that
  • TA: Jamie
    • Scheduled a safety training with all of the TD’s of WM and OB and nobody showed up
    • Tech Show:
      • Being a director was hard

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