Executive Board Notes 4/30/16

Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Did The Space contract ever make it into the hands of Baby Board?
  • VP: Alison
    • Had the GM
    • Constitutional amendment got passed
    • Called again to get the Theater lights and door fixed
    • Still working on the VP guide
    • Put in the order for graduation cords already – 21 seniors signed up
  • VPSP: Danny
    • BUSTies happened
    • Going to talk with Sydney when she gets back stateside
    • Fixed a lot of the VPSP guide – updated it and filled in missing information
    • Want to do Space signing with seniors on May 8th at 7PM
    • Will do senior picture after all school commencement
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Had to do a lot on the fly for BUSTies because attendance was much higher than usual
    • Going to fix a lot of the Treasurer guide
    • Have to make sure we get Stupid F%#king Bird rights – working on it
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Put the updated constitution on the website
    • Almost done with Secretary guide
  • TA: Jamie
    • EHS came and got all the empty paint. Still we need to schedule a separate time to pick up old batteries and appliances
    • Dumpster never got picked up from Space Cleaning; will email about it
    • Need sign ups for summer show; plan to have the list by Friday
    • Marisa sent us information for all the new lights and lighting supplies that we need.
      • Amazon list and ALPS information included
      • Will forward to Andy/Taylor
    • Got a list of stuff the Space needs from Space Cleaning
      • 3 inch screws
      • 5 gallons white paint
      • Painters’ tape and small brushes
    • Rentals that still need to be paid:
      • Willing Suspensions $370 – lights and pipe and drape
      • On Broadway $350 – lights for Spelling Bee
      • Wandering Minds $40 – furniture for Bent and She Kills Monsters

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