Executive Board Notes 9/18/16

Show Check-Ins

  • The Addams Family
    • Directors: Lauren and Paulina
      • Read-through yesterday; rehearsal today
      • Finding out future rehearsal schedule
      • Looking to make a cast feedback Google form
    • Music Director: Daniel
      • Has been having pit rehearsals. Four songs away form finishing the show
      • Rehearsed two big group numbers with the cast
      • SAO needs a W9 from the drummer before funding
    • TD: Caitlin
      • Went to read-through and made notes of tech elements
      • Finalized set design
      • Needs to email tech crew the second tech lists come out
      • Wants to order wood ASAP
    • Producers: Kobi and Zoe
      • Has photoshoot planned for the first weekend of October
      • Zoe is working on t-shirt design
      • Funding approval in the works
  • Stupid F%&king Bird
    • Director: Conner Reed
      • Talked to old directors and got a lot of really good guidance regarding the auditions process
        • Recommends having directors discuss who will be called back at the end of each rehearsal
        • Has first read-through tonight
        • Playing around with a rough rehearsal schedule
      • Producer: Danielle and Evan
        • Recently assigned! Will sit down with Conner this week to discuss the producer vision and plans
  • Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Directors: Christy and Taylor
      • It worked well to have individual sides at auditions, followed by paired sides with assigned partners at callbacks
      • Reached out to past directors for help. Make spreadsheets that helped organization. Decided to take pictures of the auditionees in order to remember them well
      • In the future, we need to avoid squatting rooms for callbacks. For something so pertinent, it really hurts us
      • Really excited for the cast! First read-through will be later this week
      • Will be meeting with Anything Goes’ creative team to make sure the lead is shared efficiently
    • Producers: Paulina and Lauren
      • Got assigned recently. Will schedule with Taylor and Christy to talk about the show’s vision

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Congrats on casting!
    • Auditions happened. We had so many new members come in to audition; thrilled about the turnout
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Working on getting rooms for rehearsals. Got rooms for Bird for most days (but not on Tuesdays). Addams has the Student Theater for two weeks.
    • Squatting for callbacks was difficult. The problem with room reservations shouldn’t happen again
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Ice Cream Social went extremely well. Made a poll for preferred flavors, and many new freshmen came and stuck around for a while
    • The CSC contacted us and offered free leftover costumes for the taking
    • Had coffee with Maria from OB. Kickball is October 8th. Talked about formal, and has a really good plan going
    • COMBAT had plenty of sign-ups
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Dues went really well this year. Made sure that people paid dues before being allowed to audition at callbacks – Nathan emailed those who hadn’t paid with a reminder and did not permit them to check in to auditions before paying
      • Wants to do a similar thing with techies
    • Did SAO training through OrgSync
    • Assigned head producers for all shows. Will be able to assign a good amount of assistants for each show
    • Eventbrite for Addams is up and ready to go
    • Wants to make producer tutorial videos for future producers
    • Will meet with head producers soon to discuss the season’s themes
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Wrote callbacks and cast list blurbs and published the posts as quickly as possible
    • Updated “Current Season” pages with cast lists and posted the link to Addams’ Eventbrite on its page
    • Made tech meeting and ice cream social event. Social media has been active and responsive. Has drafts started for COMBAT and Techstravaganza
    • In order to complete the email list, needs the emails of everyone who paid their dues as well as everyone assigned to a tech position
  • TA: Taylor
    • The tech meeting with really successful. Over 50 new people have applied, along with 15 new potential ATDs.
    • Has to communicate with OB so as not to conflict Anything Goes’ crew with Bird
    • Has potential TD for COMBAT
    • Hopes the tech lists will be out by Wednesday at the latest. Wants to get TDs and SMs by Monday night or Tuesday morning at the earliest
    • Planning Techstravaganza. We have a lot of new people but not too many returning tech, so we’re on the lookout for event leaders

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