Executive Board Notes 12/4/16

Show Check-Ins

  • 10 Minutes to Save the World: HwaYoun
    • Actors are not off-book, which is causing a lot of problems with character work
    • Will employ some new strategies to help people get off-book
    • Actors have a lot of conflicts, but will be having a run before call on Monday
  • Jimmy the Antichrist: Brian
    • Actors seem confident in their roles and lines
    • Everyone is wonderful to work with
  • Pappa Pia: Lauren and Paulina
    • Had two full runs after move-in today
    • A little shaky, but everything will come together after a few runs
  • Monologues: Maggie and Erin
    • Have only met with two of the three monologue performers
    • Those who have met seem very confident in their lines and performances
  • SM: David
    • Move-in went incredibly quickly
    • Made it to at least one rehearsal for every show this week
    • Nearly every actor showed up, but some tech people are missing
    • Sam and Sydney helped out so much
    • The runs of the shows went fairly well, and many are almost completely off book
    • Current run time is a little over an hour
    • There are a lot of actor conflicts
  • TD: Sam
    • Everything is coming together
    • The lighting board needs attention. Will be the first thing assessed tomorrow
    • Pappa Pia’s boat is finished
    • Transitions are done
    • Props and set decoration are all taken care of
  • Producers: Sydney and Nathan
    • Met with assistants and assigned tasks
      • Andy created the cover photo and is working on individual profile pictures
      • Nathan and Erin are working together on the program
      • Sydney will be taking production photos
    • Will be decorating the lobby on the afternoon of 12/6

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Had another meeting with Chris from OB. Ironing details out for next semester
    • The E-Board just met with Wandering Minds this afternoon to plan efficient communication next semester
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Got rehearsal rooms for HwaYoun
    • Emailed Room Res, and still can’t get access to reservations
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • One-Acts move-in went very smoothly
    • The Last Five Years left a lot of things unfinished from their strike
    • Nomination Committee is ready to roll
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Still deciding charity for Charity Show
    • Doing a Large-Scale Event Planning workshop tomorrow
    • Submitted AB Funding request this week
    • The SAO Training Tracker did not mark completed trainings
    • The knob on the producer’s booth door is still broken
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Sent out TA application announcement. Still accepting applications until Friday
    • Published Facebook event for One-Acts & Monologues
    • Will be sending out a GM #4 reminder email tonight
    • Working on event for GM #4


  • Brian
    • Went to hazing training on behalf of E-Board. Very informative






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