Executive Board Notes 2/12/17

Show Check-Ins

  • God of Carnage
    • Directors: Erin and Maggie
      • Cast is getting along extremely well
      • Sydney was super helpful as a guest director
      • Actors are off-book
      • Doing full runs
      • Met with Elle for headshots
      • Met with costumes, props, and set department heads
    • SM: David
      • Soft off-book yesterday went very well. Most, if not all, lines are memorized
      • Rehearsals are scheduled all the way through move-in
      • Call times for tech week will be 6:00, and actors are doing their best to eliminate conflicts for the last two weeks of the show
    • TD: Brian
      • Had department meetings this week. They were a little rocky, but things are going to move forward
      • Has now met with every department—feels okay about where everything is
      • Build week begins tomorrow. It shouldn’t be too stressful. Hoping to be done before Friday
      • Sat through a run and really enjoyed it
      • Talked with Sofija about getting CFA artist friends to donate their art to the show
      • Met with props—the vomit seems to be in good hands (gross)
      • Recommendation: People who have never been TD/ATD can be a competent TD with the help of a supportive TA, but the time crunch of working on the first show of the season doesn’t give them the time to get the hang of the position
    • Producer: Elle
      • T-shirts are finished
      • Headshots are almost complete
      • The order for the poster is in
      • Cover photos will be finished sometime this week
      • Collecting cast and crew bios
  • Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Director: Cassidy
      • Rehearsals are going well.
      • It has been difficult to block the show because cast members are failing to show up to rehearsal without letting the SM know in advance
      • Apart from the new conflicts and absences, everything else has been going smoothly
    • SM: Ariana
      • Reviewed blocking for Acts I and II, so now the entire cast is up to speed
      • Soft off-book is tomorrow, and hard off-book is next week. Actors seem to be very comfortable with the lines
      • Had an ASM drop, but Rachel Rex has offered to step up and take her place
      • Actors are coming up with new conflicts without warning ahead of time
    • TD: Sam
      • Met with Francis and Cassidy to discuss tech vision
      • The shared folder on Google Drive is proving to be very efficient. It helps everyone be able to look at the same document during tech meetings to avoid confusion
      • Had a tech meeting today and established goals of what to work on going forward. Got to check in with most departments, including producing
    • Producers: HwaYoun and Andy
      • Met with all three assistants on Saturday and delegated specific roles to each of them
      • Set deadlines for the promotional material, t-shirts, bios, etc.
      • Received a full budget breakdown and contacted department heads with their budgets
      • In contact with the SM about scheduling the photo shoot. It will probably be divided into multiple nights due to scheduling conflicts
  • The Fantasticks
    • Director: Ellie
      • Rehearsals are going well. Blocking and character work are moving quickly
      • Very impressed with the cast/crew’s enthusiasm
      • It’s been tricky to block without physical scripts, but everyone’s making it work
    • SM: Rachel and Chrissy
      • Everything is going well
      • Scheduling has been going smoothly, and the cast is getting consistent rehearsal updates each week
      • Splitting up and alternating character/blocking notes
    • TD: Devika
      • Had first tech meeting today. Some departments didn’t show up
      • Scheduled some department meetings
      • May or may not have a tech meeting next week—seeing how department meetings go first
      • Hoping to meet with James soon
    • Producer: Brittany
      • Set up a meeting with assistants for this week
      • Will read the script this week

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Congrats to Tech Show
    • Contacted directors and advised them to cancel rehearsals on the snow day
  • VP: Erin
    • Got rooms reserved for Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Trying to get the Theater reserved for a day or two for God of Carnage
    • Got an email from Wandering Minds’ VP about scheduling an inter-theatre group meeting
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Assassins has ended (Elina Kent is the winner—long live the Queen!)
    • Tech Show went really well. There was a great turnout for the midnight show, but the 8PM performances had a lower overall turnout than previous years
    • Guest directed God of Carnage on Tuesday
    • Tried to contact Girls’ LEAP via email, but have yet to receive a response. Will try to email/call them this week
    • BUSTies: seniors who want to get roasted and anyone interested in hosting should email scharvat@bu.edu by Monday at 11:59PM
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Went to SAO—figuring out the scripts issue with The Fantasticks
    • Met with all the producers. Everything seems to be going really well
    • Trying to find and set deadlines for them
    • Will order a vacuum for the Student Theater
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Sent out reminder email for GM2
    • Promoted Tech Show
    • The God of Carnage Facebook event will be ready to go up once the Eventbrite link is live and the cover photo is finished
    • Made further additions to the Secretary Guide
  • TA: Chris
    • Tech Show—Freaky Friday—was so much fun. It was a great bonding experience for everyone involved
    • Sydney was incredibly supportive and led another successful special project
    • Carnage build week is coming up. Brian is very on top of everything and is doing a great job
    • Playwrights is in the theater above the Space this week, so build will stop by 7:30 on Thursday and Friday
    • The Vagina Monologues is building later this week
    • OB has the Theater this week
    • Working on getting lights through AB funding
    • A Stage Troupe E-Board alumnus will be at OB’s Arts panel on Monday. People should come!

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