Executive Board Notes 5/15/17

  • Show Check-In
    • Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
      • Director: Brittany
        • Started blocking and rehearsals; they’re going well.
        • First time as director, so she is feeling “shook,” but in a good place.
        • A little worried because the time frame is so short. Build week is next week.
        • Erin isn’t here, so doing her best to work around not having an SM present.
      • TD: David
        • Got tech list and is in the process of setting up in-person department meetings for this week.
        • Scheduling is proving to be a challenge because he and BK have opposite schedules, but they’re making it work.
        • Thinks they can get almost everything from the Space besides Snow White dresses.
      • SM: Erin
        • Blocked most of the show.
        • There is a rehearsal schedule for this week.
        • Having issues getting everyone together for rehearsals, people have a lot of conflict right up to the first show.
  • E-Board Check-Ins
    • President: Chris
      • Instituting weekly E-Board check-ins during the summer over Google Hangout. Membership is always welcome to join in!
      • There is still a pile of trash in the Space. Going to deal with that this summer when more people are here.
      • Knows how to get a dumpster now.
      • Going to send out last TA stuff to get “crew review” list and pass that info on to Cait. Working on getting the TA Guide to send on to her as well.
    • VP: Evan
      • Went with Erin to SAO in attempt to reserve Colloquium Room for BUSTies; discovered OrgSync is down and will not come back up until switch to 25Live in July. Can’t reserve rooms until email from SAO comes in (probably mid-July) and he does the training.
      • Made Facebook post for seniors to reserve time for Space signing. Deadline is end of Thursday night.
    • VPSP: Abby
      • Started thinking about BU Theatre Formal. Will talk to OB soon.
    • Treasurer: Andy
      • Applied for Speech and Debate rights and Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike rights through OrgSync. Called today about them, so they will be done ASAP.
      • Emailed Eric & Steve about rights for The Flick; website requires an advisor to sign off.
      • Submitted SDR for renewing website domain.
      • Announced Summer Show producers: HwaYoun Kang and Kobi Kassal.
      • Talked to producers about dates and budget breakdowns.
      • Posted in Facebook group about needing assistant producers.
      • Checked in about AB funding; decisions are rolling out between now and May 21.
      • In the process of uploading the rest of show videos from this season to YouTube and going through Troupe hard drive.
      • Working on finalizing Troupe budget stuff.
      • Needs to make OrgSync Summer Show event.
    • Secretary: Lucy
      • Looked into transferring website to Squarespace ASAP. This will mean redoing the design of the website and transferring both the domain and all the content. Will take a while, but best to do it over the summer.
      • ‘Meet Your Leaders Mondays’ will happen this summer as well. Will be emailing about that soon.
      • In the process of making updated banner for Troupe Facebook page.
    • TA: Caitlin
      • Assigned Summer Show TD and made tech list.
      • Still looking for ASMs because Erin is going abroad. She won’t be here if we have a revival.
    • Steve
      • Poked Eric about The Flick rights, but Eric is very busy with malware stuff at IT;  they’ll get on it ASAP.

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