Production History

Fall 2000
Parents Weekend: Working
House of Yes
Coming Attractions

Summer Show 2000: All in the Timing

Spring 2000
Picasso at the Lapin Agile
Drinking the Hemlock
Kids Show: How to Eat Like a Child (with On Broadway)
Tech Show: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Fall 1999
Parents Weekend: West Side Story
Prelude to a Kiss
Blithe Spirit
King Lear

Summer Show 1999: The Complete History of America [Abridged]

Spring 1999
Six Degrees of Separation
Book of Acts
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
Kids Show: Dreaming of Alice
Tech Show: A Cup of Joe

Fall 1998
All My Sons
A Chorus Line

Summer Show 1998: Dying by Degrees

Spring 1998
Largos Desolato
The Fantastiks
Kids Show: A Medley of Songs for Kids
Tech Show: Mark’s View of California

Fall 1997
The Nerd
Raised in Captivity

Summer Show 1997: The Complete Works of Shakespeare [Abridged]

Spring 1997
The History of the Devil
The House of Blue Leaves
Tartuffe / The Doctor in Spite of Himself
Kids Show: Snow White
Tech Show: A Brief History of Thyme

Fall 1996
Michael Ochs’s Circus of Pain

Summer Show 1996: I Hate Hamlet

Spring 1996
Waiting for Godot
Lovers and Other Strangers
One Who Treads Alone
Death and the Maiden
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Kids Show: The Wizard of Oz
Tech Show: Tales from the Tech Side

Fall 1995
Scenes from the New World
Sexual Perversity in Chicago / Pull for Exit
The Actor’s Nightmare
The Boys Next Door
Spring 1995
Love Letters
No Exit
A Streetcar Named Desire

Fall 1994
The Freedom of the Have-Nots
Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune

Spring 1994
Noises Off
Innocence Found
Eat Your Heart Out
Tech Show: Monty Python & The Quest for the Holy Grail
Veronica’s Room
Kids Show: Free to Be You and Me!

Fall 1993
M. Butterfly
Whose Life is it Anyway?
Donut Day Follies

Executive Board History

President: Audrey Sylvia
Vice President: Mark Lessne
VP of Special Projects: Keith Butler
Treasurer: Jen Sutherland
Secretary:Will White
Technical Advisor: Jeff Mansfield
Student Group Advisor: Leila Saad

President:Dan Bocchino
Vice President:Audrey Sylvia
VP of Special Projects: Tarrah Curtis
Treasurer: Christopher Bruesehoff
Secretary: Lauren Avalos
Technical Advisor: Christopher Bruesehoff
Student Group Advisor: Leila Saad

President: Dan Bocchino
Vice President: Mark Rothenbuher
VP of Special Projects: Lauren Avalos
Treasurer: Christopher Bruesehoff
Secretary:James [Zach] Zulauf
Technical Advisor:Adam Harner
Student Group Advisor: Leila Saad

President: Matthew Bove
Vice President: Mark Rothenbuhler
VP of Special Projects:Danielle Restieaux-Louis
Treasurer:Michelle Igoshi
Secretary:Julia Bavely
Technical Advisor:Lindsay Toghill
Student Group Advisor: Leila Saad

President:Karen Ann Thumm
Vice President:Andrew Dowdell / Amy Kaspar
VP of Special Projects: Danielle Restieaux-Louis
Treasurer: Matthew Bove
Secretary:Jen Fitzpatrick
Technical Advisor: Lindsay Toghill
Student Group Advisor: Leila Saad

President: Rachel Jagoda
Vice President:Andrew Dowdell
VP of Special Projects: Sharon Markowitz / Danielle Restieaux-Louis
Treasurer: Kris Williams / Gil Feke
Secretary: Karen Ann Thumm
Technical Advisor: Michael Doherty /Andrew Dowdell
Student Group Advisor: Leila Saad

President: Chris Wagner /Allison Asher /James Constantine
Vice President:Allison Asher / James Constantine
VP of Special Projects: Lyn McGregor
Treasurer: Rachel Jagoda
Secretary: Norma Mushkat /Kris Williams
Technical Advisor: Rudy Dominguez
Student Group Advisor: Leila Saad

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