Really, Really  (Mainstage, Fall 2015)

Really, Really (Mainstage, Fall 2015)

Auditions: Auditions are held once at the beginning of the semester for main stage shows. There will be separate auditions for the One-Acts festival. They are open to all BU undergraduates with the exception of Acting/Theatre Arts majors in CFA due to college limitations. Students can audition for as many shows as they like, but will only be cast in one. No priority is given to upperclassmen or returning members, and no prior experience is required. Monologues, resumes, and headshots are also unnecessary. Callback and cast lists are posted on the blog.

Plays: No preparation for play auditions is required. Selections from the show’s script or another script are given by the director. Auditioning actors will be allowed to practice for a few minutes before the audition. Cold readings are done alone with the director, or with other auditioning actors. Callbacks involve more cold readings, usually from the show’s script and with one or more other auditioning actors.

Musicals: In addition to cold readings, a singing audition is required in auditions for a musical production; and a dance audition may be if the show features difficult choreography. Actors are asked to prepare 16 bars (about 30 seconds) of music to sing that showcases their range. Dance auditions do not require any advance preparation; the necessary choreography will be taught to auditioning actors at auditions. The callbacks for musicals will feature cold readings.

The Addams Family  (F&F Weekend, Fall 2016)

The Addams Family (F&F Weekend, Fall 2016)

Audition Process:
1. Pay your dues and enter your information into our records. Dues are paid through Eventbrite, and links will be provided each semester.
2. Fill out an audition form for each show in which you are interested. (Ex. 4 shows=4 forms).
3. Answer any director’s questions on each form.
4. Put your name on the list of auditioning actors for each show (there will be a spreadsheet on the computers of any E-Board members present at the audition).
5. Wait for a director to gives you sides.