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Do I need to be present at all three nights of auditions?

Nope! You only need to come to one night of auditions.

Do I need to show up right at 6 PM/do I have to stay for the full four hours?

For regular auditions, come by at any time and you are free to leave as soon as you are done. If you have a callback, it is best to show up as early as possible, and you will be asked to stay until the director or directors are finished seeing you.

Should I prepare any audition materials?

For straight plays, there is no need to memorize a monologue. Directors will provide sides for you to read cold at your audition. For musical auditions, most creative teams will ask you to sing a cut from a song of your choice. If you aren’t sure what to sing, try to pick a song that you feel confident singing and that you think showcases your voice well! It doesn’t have to be musical theater! You can always contact music directors and ask for more information. For plays and musicals, materials will be provided for you during callbacks.

SHOULD I Print my audition forms?

Printing your audition forms is not necessary! In the interest of sustainability and for your convenience, we ask that you only fill out the digital tech form and do not print them out.

How many shows can I audition for?

You can audition for as many or as few shows as you like! We encourage you to audition for as many shows as possible.

What should I wear for my audition?

Dress comfortably in clothing that makes you feel confident. If an audition includes a dance component, choreographers will often encourage you to wear clothing and footwear that you can move in. You can always reach out to creative teams for more information!

Can I audition for other theater groups as well as stage troupe?


How do I know if I got a callback?

After the last night of auditions, callback lists will be posted on the callback list page on the Stage Troupe website. If you have a callback, you will be contacted promptly by directors with information about what to expect and how to prepare for in your callback.

I have a callback but I have a class/work conflict. What should I do?

Don’t stress! Just email the director or directors that called you back with your availability and copy We will work with you to make sure you are seen!

Can I act in two shows in a semester?

In order to give as many people opportunities to get involved as possible, you can act in a maximum of one mainstage show in a given season. However, you can do tech for multiple shows in a semester, and you can act in multiple special projects in a semester!

I was not cast in a show But I still want to be involved. What can I do?

Sign up for tech to be placed on a tech team for a mainstage show, or look out for opportunities to work on special projects throughout the semester—we still want to see your shining faces around Troupe!

I was not cast in a show. Can i get a refund on my dues?

We cannot offer refunds on paid dues, but there are lots of other opportunities to get involved in Stage Troupe throughout the semester, including tech, special projects, and more!