Executive Board Notes 2/11/18

Show Check-Out

  • Tech Show
    • Director: Caitlin
      • Everything I wanted and more 
      • Big cast which was great, but lots of conflicts 
      • Lines were much better than expected 
      • Success of tech show is indicative of how much you throw yourself into the membership in the previous semester 
    • TD: Evan
      • Similar feelings as Caitlin
      • Had a lot of fun
      • Actors and tech were great 

Show Check-Ins

  • Jane the Plain
    • Director: Babatunde
      • Things are going well 
      • People are getting more comfortable trying new things
      • In a good spot 
    • SM: Jennifer
      • Went over lines with actors. They're working on it
      • Hard off book is Tuesday 
      • Started line notes with ASM 
    • TD: Francis
      • Had all department meetings this week
      • Hashed out everything they need to do 
      • Excited about the show 
      • Ready for build week and move-in
      • Great attendance at tech meeting today 
    • Producer: Andy
      • Had photoshoot yesterday
      • Submitting Warren Towers poster tomorrow
      • Will submit cover photos to Lucy soon
      • Going to talk to Rosie's Place
  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • Going very well
      • Inches away from having the whole show blocked 
      • Excited about what the cast is bringing to him 
      • Met with David last Sunday. Really productive 
      • Had a few conflicts (the flu) but super confident about schedule 
      • Starting runs of the whole show this week
    • TD: David
      • Chatted for a long time with Conner about all tech aspects. It was a very good meeting
      • Moving into department meetings this week 
      • Has an ATD: Cameron! 
      • Coming to rehearsal on Tuesday 
    • SM: Andrea
      • Rehearsals got shifted this weekend 
      • Soft off book is next week 
      • New ASM Emilee is fantastic 
    • Producer: Zach
      • Made a spreadsheet with budget for every single department
      • Got graphics to Conner
      • Talking about future promo stuff
  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Happy to be back!
      • Had full creative team meetings 
      • Talked to cast and creative team about American Suicide Foundation Walk 
    • AD: Kendall
      • Great to have Lara back
    • MD: Daniel
      • Had an entire creative team meeting. Everyone is on the same page
      • Rehearsals this week went great 
      • Working around VagMo this week 
      • Getting the pit together 
    • SM: Lena 
      • Little MIA this week because of tech show
      • Been talking to her ASM 
      • Everything's going really well and ahead of schedule 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Got to hear about Lara's vision this week 
      • Had an all-crew meeting today 
      • Scheduling department meetings 
    • Producers: Hannah and Paulina 
      • Sent heads of departments their budgets 
      • Meeting planned this week with Lara to talk about ASF lobby material 
      • Have rough schedule with deadlines 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Did set dec for tech show 
    • Has flu 
  • Evan
    • Worked on tech show
    • Booked room for Jane the Plain photoshoot 
    • Will talk to VagMo about pipe and drape misunderstanding
  • Abby
    • Was in tech show this week 
    • BU Theatre Formal is happening 
    • Will be reaching out to WM and SS about formal and capture the flag
    • Looking to host roast workshop soon 
    • Going to start putting out feelers for BUSTies hosts and event managers 
    • Went to final SAO training session 
  • Andy
    • Been focused on producing stuff for Charity Show 
    • Made promotional material for Tech Show 
    • Made EventBrite for Jane the Plain
  • Lucy
    • Promoted tech show this week 
    • Will talk to Mac about BU Theatre Formal event 
    • Worked on tech show 
  • Caitlin
    • Helped Esiri with sound board 
    • Directed tech show this week 
    • Did safety trainings this week 
  • Steve
    • Saw tech show 

Executive Board Notes 2/4/18

Show Check-Ins

  • Jane the Plain
    • Director: Babatunde
      • Whole show is blocked 
      • Tech meeting today
      • Cast change this week 
    • TD: Francis
      • Tech meeting today
      • Department meetings are this week
      • Photoshoot this weekend 
    • SM: Jennifer
      • Moving at a great pace
      • Actors are trying to do soft off book already 
      • Almost done blocking 
    • Producer: Andy 
      • Met with Babatunde and Chrissy to talk about promo
      • "Ethereal macabre"
      • Warren Towers photoshoot this Saturday
  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • Blocked Act One 
      • Blocking Acts Two and Three in the next week 
      • Talked to Zach about preliminary promo stuff 
      • Cast is great. Having fun. Excited to get into hands-on stuff
    • TD: David
      • Did safety training this morning 
      • Sent out first crew email 
      • Tech meeting today
    • SM: Andrea
      • Set off book dates
      • Scheduled rehearsals for next two weeks 
    • Producer: Zach
      • Met assistant today 
      • Talked to Conner about preliminary stuff 
      • Wants to do some engaging promo with student body
  • Next to Normal
    • AD: Kendall
      • Going well
      • Read-through/sing-through last week 
      • Whole cast is really excited
      • Had first music rehearsal 
      • Meeting with tech and creative team on Friday 
    • MD: Daniel
      • Handed out scores and libretti
      • First music rehearsal happened 
    • SM: Lena 
      • Rehearsals are going smoothly
      • Started making schedules
      • Excited to work with this cast and creative team 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Super excited to have tech crew
      • Met with ATD and split up duties 
      • First email was sent out 
      • No tech meeting today, but maybe next Sunday 
    • Producers: Hannah and Paulina
      • Met today
      • Excited to get started
  • Tech Show
    • Director: Caitlin
      • It's happening 
      • Working on getting off book
    • TD: Evan
      • Had tech meeting last week
      • Had department meetings
      • Lights are already set up
      • Took stock of props
      • In good shape 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Promoted TA Event 
    • Helped out with TA Event
  • Evan
    • Helped out with TA Event 
  • Abby
    • TA Event happened. Went really well 
    • People entered the cake contest this year 
    • Met with Rachel to talk about formal 
    • Set a date for Capture the Flag: March 17 
    • Going to schedule roast workshop 
  • Andy
    • Submitted Smokefall rights 
    • Made a Charity Show Eventbrite page
    • Assigned producers and emailed them 
    • Helped with TA Event: raised around $760 
    • Participated in 20 Minute Musicals 
  • Lucy
    • Promoted TA Event 
    • Used "live" Instagram feature for pie-ing E-Board 
    • Will make Tech Show events/add it to calendar ASAP
  • Caitlin
    • Had tech show rehearsals this week
    • Met with Eric on Monday to look at lighting board 
    • Fixed sound board with Eric 
    • Had to move around SMs 
    • Tech lists went out 
    • Sent out email to all the group TAs for safety trainings 
    • Need to find ATD for David
    • Sent VagMo some stuff about rentals 

Executive Board Notes 1/28/18

Show Check-Ins

  • Tech Show
    • Director: Caitlin
      • Had a rehearsal this week 
      • Blocked over half the show 
      • Rehearsal tomorrow 
    • TD: Evan
      • Had tech meeting today
      • Scheduling department meetings throughout the weeks 


  • Jane the Plain
    • Director: Babatunde
      • Have first read through scheduled tomorrow 
      • Proud of quick callbacks process
  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • First read through tonight
      • Checking in with other directors during auditions was really helpful
      • Being alone in the callbacks/auditions room is hard. Would be nice to have a second person in the room if you're directing alone
  • Next to Normal
    • AD: Kendall
      • Have cast. They're great. Turned out really well
      • Week went ok. There were bumps, but they made it. 
      • Going to learn songs first 
    • MD: Daniel 
      • Checked on status of librettos and scores 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Helped run auditions 
  • Evan
    • Part of audition process
  • Abby
    • Helped with auditions
    • Assassins is up and running 
    • TA Event is this Friday 
    • Hoping to meet with Rachel this week about formal
    • Planning to attend 20 Minute Musicals 
  • Andy
    • Helped with one day of auditions 
    • Picked up Next to Normal scripts 
    • Made the Dues Eventbrite page 
    • Producers are coming soon 
    • Need to call about invoice for Smokefall rights 
    • Emailing Jane the Plain everyday about rights 
    • Working on graphic design stuff for tech show 
  • Lucy
    • Updated website with cast lists/ new pictures/calendar
    • Responded to audition week and callbacks emails
    • Posted callbacks and cast lists 
    • Tweeted about tech forms and auditions
    • Sent out email for Caitlin to reach out to possible techies
    • Helped out at auditions 
  • Caitlin
    • Was at auditions every night 
    • Negotiated. Had fun time with Eric 
    • Met with Ruby about VagMo stuff
    • Tech lists are happening
    • Had tech meeting on Saturday
    • Need to reach out to more people  

Spring 2018 Cast Lists

Breathe. Remember to breathe. Scroll down, look for your name, then scroll back up for some pertinent information.

Did you get cast? Congratulations! Happy for you. Your director will be in touch soon. 

Didn't get cast this time? We're so sorry. We know this is really rough, but just remember that it is not a reflection of you abilities as an actor. There was so much talent in the audition rooms and tough decisions had to be made. This also doesn't mean you can't get involved with Stage Troupe this semester! We are looking for tech and producers! No experience is required and it's a great way to make friends and learn new skills. Tech and producing applications are located on the Forms & Resources page of this website. If you have any questions about producing, you can email our treasurer, Andy, at moellera@bu.edu.

If you want to learn more about tech before you sign up, there is a tech meeting this Saturday, January 27 at 3 PM in The Space!  The Space is located at 949B Commonwealth Avenue, behind Raising Cane's in West Campus. If you need help finding it, there will be someone at Cane's in a Troupe shirt at 2:45 to guide you. 

Jane the Plain

Jane: Miranda Montgomery
Scotty: Sean Grogg
Leeson: Devon Mikaniewicz
Leonard: David Simon
Betty: Abby Kass
Lexi: Monica Guest
Glowing Girl: Kennedy Farrow


Footnote/Fetus Two/Samuel: Eli Saracino
Violet: Lucy Gamades
Beauty: Emily Gianvecchio
Daniel/Fetus One: Chris Remillard
Colonel/Johnny: Ross Bucher

Next to Normal

Diana - Lauren Linn
Dan - Hugo Lindsay
Gabe - Rama Lauw
Henry - Rob Nunez
Natalie - Nikita Sethi
Dr. Madden - Sage Holloway


Stage Troupe is re-opening auditions for all male roles in Jane the Plain. If you would like to audition, please come to 700 Beacon Street, Room 209 tonight between 6-8 PM. We ask that you try to show up as close to 6 as possible, but it is completely fine if you have to come later. Please plan on staying until 10 PM, though it is possible you will be dismissed earlier. Please bring a completed audition form, which can be found on the Forms & Resources page of this website. You do not need to prepare anything, as there will be cold readings from the script.

If you have any questions, please email stage@bu.edu. Hope to see you there! 

Spring 2018 Callback Lists

Yeah, I get it. CTRL + F your name then come back up here for some VERY IMPORTANT information.

Did you get a callback? Congrats!!!! Callbacks are TOMORROW, January 25 from 6-10 PM in 700 Beacon St, Room 209. You will be required to stay the whole time (though you may be dismissed earlier). If you have conflicts, please email them to stage@bu.edu as soon as possible and the directors will try to accommodate you. 

Didn't get called back? We're really sorry. We know this sucks and there's not much we can say to make it better right now. Just know that it is not a reflection of your talent. We saw an incredible amount of talented actors and these decisions are so difficult to make. This also doesn't mean you can't get involved with Stage Troupe this semester! We are looking for tech and producers! No experienced is required and it's a great way to make friends and learn new skills. Tech and producing applications are located on the Forms & Resources page of this website. If you have any questions about producing, you can email our treasurer, Andy, at moellera@bu.edu.

If you want to learn more about tech before you sign up, there is a tech meeting this Saturday, January 27 at 3 PM in The Space!  The Space is located at 949B Commonwealth Avenue, behind Raising Cane's in West Campus. If you need help finding it, there will be someone at Cane's in a Troupe shirt at 2:45 to guide you. 

Without further ado, here are the lists!

Jane the Plain

Erin Callahan

Margo Cramer

Kennedy Farro

Sean Grogg

Monica Guest

Maeve Hawk

Sage Holloway

Taylor House

Hugo Lindsay

Abby Kass

Emilee Martichenko

Miranda Montgomery

Chris Remillard

Andrea Roman

Eli Saracino

Megan Sheeran

David Simon

Nolan Spencer

Emily Zisko


Ross Bucher

Erin Callahan

Franco Camborda

Margo Cramer

Peter Flockhart

Lucy Gamades

Emily Gianvecchio

Monica Guest

Sage Holloway

Abby Kass

Rama Lauw

Juliana Montana

Miranda Montgomery

Christopher Remillard

Harrison Richmond

Eli Saracino

Nolan Spencer

Nick Thomas

Emily Zisko

Next to Normal

Margo Cramer

Sarah Garvey

Maeve Hawk

Sage Holloway

Taylor House

Rama Lauw

Hugo Lindsay

Lauren Linn

David Murauskas

Rob Nunez

Darian Radzikowski

Andrea Roman

Sam Rossi

Nikita Sethi

David Simon

Nolan Spencer

Georgia Vachon

Barbara Zayas


GM #1 Recap

GM #1 Recap 

It was so nice to see old and new faces at the GM tonight. We went through some fun facts, a ton of information, and a foreboding assassins presentation. If you missed it, no worries, tune in for a full recap below! 

Our Season
We have three great shows coming up:


Jane the Plain
Directed by Babatunde Alford
February 22-24

Directed by Conner Reed
March 29-31

Next to Normal
Directed by Lara McCallister
April 12-14

Ready to jump back into acting? Auditions for our three main stage shows will be held January 22, 23, and 24 from 6-10 PM in 700 Beacon St, Room 209! You only have to come on one of these nights and you will not be required to stay the whole time. Please print out an audition form (located on the 'Forms & Resources' page of the Troupe website) for each show you would like to audition for. No preparation is necessary for Jane the Plain or Smokefall. For Next to Normal, please prepare about a minute of a song to be sung a capella. There will be cold readings for all three shows. 

Callbacks will be held the following Thursday from 6-10 PM in the same place. If you are called back, you are expected to stay the whole time (though you may not have to). If you have any conflicts, please email them to stage@bu.edu as soon as you can and the directors will try to accommodate you. 

Producing and Tech Applications
Apply to produce! Apply to tech! The shows can't go up without you. All applications are available on the Troupe website under Forms & Resources. The deadline for producing applications is Saturday, January 27. You can email our treasurer, Andy, at moellera@bu.edu if you have any questions. Tech applications are due by Monday, January 29 to either crf18@bu.edu or stage@bu.edu. Email Caitlin, our Technical Advisor, at crf18@bu.edu if you have any questions!

If you'd like to learn more about tech before you submit your application, the general tech meeting for this semester is this Saturday, January 27 at 3 PM in the Space! The Space is located in the alley behind Raising Cane's. Don't worry, if you've never been there before, someone in a Troupe shirt will be outside Cane's at 2:45 to guide you. The directors will be there to discuss the specific tech visions for their shows. Even if you've never touched a power tool or worn any makeup, you may find your new passion in tech! NO experience is necessary to apply! 

Money, Money, Money!
In order to audition/be cast/tech/produce, you must pay DUES! They are $7 for the semester and we will give you the link to pay at auditions. If you already paid last semester for the full year, you do not have to pay again. And as we all know, Andy will catch you if you try to sneak by without paying.  

Special Projects
We have many neat special projects coming up this semester, some which will be done in collaboration with the other theater groups on campus. Here's a preview of some of them: 

  • TA Event: Caitlin’s Colonial Cannibal Cotillion 20Cait-teen - February 2nd

  • Tech Show: February 9 & 10 at 8:00 p.m.

  • BU Theatre Formal - March 1st

  • Capture the Flag - Date TBD

  • Spring Showcase - April 26-28

  • BUSTies - May 1

Seniors, start deciding if you'd like to get roasted or want to roast somebody. Our VPSP, Abby, will be holding a roast workshop in the near future, so stay tuned for info about that. She's also going to start looking for a BUSTies event manager, so consider applying if you think you may someday want to be VPSP. 

And a quick note on Assassins: a benevolent higher power has granted us an extra day of preparation, so the game will start TOMORROW night at midnight, not tonight. Stop by auditions to receive your clothespin!

Executive Board Notes 1/21/18

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Answered some questions for Lara about the MD.
  • Evan
    • Answered questions. 
    • Booked rehearsal rooms. Got consistent ones for the semester. 
    • Booked the back court for formal. 
    • Will write VP guide for room reservation. 
  • Abby
    • Planned assassins. 
    • Starting to plan BUT formal, TA Event and Capture the Flag. 
    • Plans on hosting a roast workshop for BUSTies.
  • Andy
    • Checked on Next to Normal rights. 
    • Submitted Smokefall rights. 
    • Emailed Jane the Plain playwright.
    • Created events for all shows on OrgSync.
    • Working on merch stuff with Lucy. 
    • All show videos from last semester will be uploaded soon. 
    • Photoshop is now free.
  • Lucy
    • Updated shows on the website. 
    • Posted Spotlight Sundays for the spring directors.
    • Made First GM and Auditions FB events. 
    • Sent out reminder email and added full semester calendar to the email.
    • Made new semester cover photo. 
    • Answered many email questions. 
  • Caitlin
    • Picked a tech show. Had first read-through on Saturday. 
    • Assigned Francis as TD.
    • Put up applications for tech. 
    • Messaged Cami about casting negotiations. 
    • Emailed Eric about lighting board. 
    • Started planning TA Event with Abby.
    • VagMo has asked about rentals.  

Executive Board Notes 12/10/17

  • Lara
    • Came in with some questions about logistics for next semester and Next to Normal. 
    • Picked her AD. It's Kendall! 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Went to Space Cleaning.
  • Evan
    • Went to Space Cleaning.
    • Will be reserving rooms for next semester soon. 
    • Need new case for the Troupe piano. 
  • Abby
    • Working on Senior Divas Showcase. Sign-ups are still open! Please sign up!
    • Started organizing assassins.
    • Talking about theater formal with Rachel. 
    • Saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
    • Collected absentee ballots. 
  • Andy
    • Went into SAO for meetings. 
    • Possibly worked out lighting board issue. 
    • Next to Normal contract is submitted. 
    • Figured out reimbursements with SAO. 
  • Lucy
    • Sent last recap email for GM #4.
    • Talked to other theater groups about summit.
    • Made Space Cleaning Facebook event.
    • Talked to Mac about Senior Divas event. 
  • Caitlin
    • Space Cleaning was beautiful. Space looks great. Found some cool windows.
    • Started planning tech show. Got some sign-ups today.
    • Making a list of things to buy for next semester. 
    • Saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead with Abby.
  • Eric
    • Passed along request to Caitlin and Evan about Arena request for theater. 

Executive Board Notes 12/3/17

One-Acts Check-Outs

  • Maggie and Erin
    • Everything went exactly as expected.
    • Everyone was nice and easy to work with. 
  • Taylor
    • Learned a lot. Experience was amazing.
    • Techies were amazing.
    • Two actors were sick during the show, but Abby and Marcella stepped in.
  • Chinda
    • Rehearsal process was fantastic. 
    • Overall, was a fun experience. 
  • SMs: Jennifer and Lena
    • Overall, went pretty smoothly. 
    • Learned a lot. 
    • For any shows that have students outside of Stage Troupe, would be helpful to clarify Troupe policies to them. 
  • TD: Kendall
    • Everything went pretty smoothly.
    • Everyone was very cooperative. 
    • Strike was great. Super quick. 
    • Loved TDing.
  • Producer: Kimmie
    • Andy was super helpful. 
    • No major issues. 
    • Some frustrating experiences with audience members. 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Went to a One-Acts dress rehearsal. 
    • Unlocked theater for Abby on Monday.
    • Unlocked Space for Cait on Tuesday.
  • Evan
    • Talked to OB about audition dates.
  • Abby
    • One-Acts was great. TD and SMs handled everything so well.
    • Organized NomCom. Was completed on time. 
    • Made BUSTies ballots. 
    • Talking to Rachel about Senior Divas' Showcase.
  • Andy
    • Helped Kimmie with One-Acts producing all week. 
    • Some out of the ordinary audiences experiences this One-Acts. 
    • Reimbursements have been slow, but working on that. 
    • Need to replenish some tech stuff.
    • Working on finalizing Next to Normal contracts.
  • Lucy
    • Promoted One-Acts.
    • Made the FB event for the GM. 
    • Sent out GM reminder email. 
    • Went to a One-Acts rehearsal to help out. 
  • Caitlin
    • Need wrenches for LDs. 
    • Will buy lock this week.
    • Was at One-Acts this week. TD and SMs were great.
    • More strike felons. 
    • Playwrights currently has a dumpster outside, so will talk to them about space cleaning. 

Executive Board Notes 11/27/17

One-Acts Check-Ins:

  • Maggie and Erin
    • Found music.
    • Told cast to practice over break. 
  • Chinda
    • Cast is very excited about show.
  • Taylor
    • Ran the show twice before break. 
    • Everyone should be off book.
  • Kendall
    • Move-in went very smoothly. Feeling confident about tech week.
  • Kim
    • Started the lobby. Excited about it. 
    • Natalie did some art for promotional material. 
    • Received program materials. 
    • Question about content warning. 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Helped out with Spring Awakening. 
    • Fixed N2N OrgSync event.
  • Evan
    • Booked some rehearsal rooms. 
    • Class schedules are about to be finalized, so will be reserving next semester's rooms soon. 
  • Abby
    • NomCom is up and running. Emailed participants.
    • Senior Divas Showcase is happening on December 14. 
    • One-Acts is happening. Very excited.
  • Andy
    • AB funding was submitted. 
    • Working with Kimmie on One-Acts producing.
  • Lucy
    • Uploaded all production photos to Flickr.
    • Uploaded Speech and Debate and The Flick production photos to Facebook.
    • Created events for One-Acts and the GM.
    • Answered emails about tech requests. 
  • Caitlin
    • Reached out to TDs about strike felons. 
    • Sent reminder for dumpster. 
    • Space Cleaning starting at 10 am. 
    • WM is building this week. 
    • Brainstorming for TA Event.
    • Will give Kendall keys to the theater.
    • Putting lock on TA cabinet. 
  • Steve
    • Thankful for Troupe this Thanksgiving.

GM #3 Recap

❄️Stay warm, Troupies.❄️

Seriously, why is it so cold all of a sudden?

Thanks a bunch to everyone who came out to our Third General Meeting last night! Glad you could all participate in the democratic process. For everyone who couldn't make it, don't worry, here's the recap:

Andy's Financial Presentation
Our lovely treasurer, Andy, gave a nice presentation on Troupe's finances. If you would like to take another look at it, that is available here. If you have any questions, you can email Andy at moellera@bu.edu. Pay your dues.

Charity Show
We are so excited to announce that our Spring 2018 Charity Show will be Jane the Plain directed by Babatunde Alford!

Spring 2018 Season
Thank you to everyone who pitched a show for the Spring 2018 season. It takes guts to get up there and sell your show in front of the membership. We are super excited to announce the rest of our season:

Next to Normal
Directed by Lara McCallister

Directed by Conner Reed

One Acts Tech and Producing
It's not too late to sign up to tech or produce our One Acts Festival, which is taking place on December 1 and 2 in the Student Theater. Email Caitlin at crf18@bu.edu if you would like to tech or Andy at moellera@bu.edu if you would like to produce! 

Space Cleaning
Mark your calendars now. Space Cleaning will be taking place on December 10.Every show must accumulate 40 total hours (between cast and crew) in order to qualify for BUSTies at the end of the year.

That's all for now! Try to stay warm and get through the rest of your assignments this week. We're almost to the break! 

Executive Board Notes 11/12/17

Show Check-Ins:

  • The Flick
    • Director: Lucy
      • Amazing process. Everything went remarkably smoothly.
      • Surprise-- there are chairs in 700 Beacon St. Good tip for One Acts. 
      • Being a director and on E-Board was a challenge, but doable. 
      • Had a ton of fun.
    • SM: Abby
      • Great process. Amazing tech week. 
      • Creative team was really great to work with. 
      • ASMs were consistently outstanding. Both called parts of the last show. 
      • Calling the show while running projector is not ideal. 
      • There was an issue last night with people trying to interrupt the show backstage.
      • Really enjoyed working on the show.
    • TD: David
      • Had a wonderful time. Everyone was great to work with.
      • Crew was all super capable and very attentive. 
      • Got many compliments on tech. 
      • E-Board was great.
      • Issue with Space before Move-In. 
    • Producers: Angelica and Tori 
      • Working with creative team was amazing.
      • Andy was super helpful. 
      • Ran so smoothly.
      • Assistants were incredible. Everything was done on time and done so well. 
  • One Acts
    • Taylor
      • Had 2 rehearsals and set a soft off book date. 
    • Maggie and Erin
      • Going beautifully. 
      • Script is written. Actors have it. 
      • Have an MD. 
      • Scheduling rehearsals. 
    • TD: Kendall
      • Met with all the directors. They were super nice and cooperative. 
      • Had meeting with Set Dec. 
      • Meetings have been scheduled. 
    • SMs: Lena and Jennifer
      • Started texting the directors.
      • Setting up meetings and rehearsal attendance. 

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Chris
    • Tech week for The Flick.
    • Had the theater reservation meeting. It went extraordinarily well. No crossover with other groups.
  • VP: Evan
    • Participated in reading committee.
    • Put in reservations for GM 3, GM 4 and theater dates for next semester. 
  • VPSP: Abby
    • Organized reading committee. Meetings were great.
    • Got Charity Show pitches. 
    • Theater meeting happened. 
    • Week next semester where there are no shows. Maybe Theater Formal week? 
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Also participated in reading committee.
    • Sent producer stuff for One Acts. 
    • Issues with Home Depot. 
    • Change with SAO requiring debit card statements.
    • Got rental agreements for OB.
    • AB application is due on the 19th.
    • Made finance presentation for the GM.
    • Did sound for The Flick this week.
    • Producers were amazing all semester. 
  • Secretary: Lucy
    • Sent out reminder email about GM.
    • Made Facebook event for GM.
    • Received pitches and posted them to the blog. 
    • Promoted The Flick.
    • Emailed with Orientation staff about them coming to a GM. 
  • TA: Caitlin
    • Met with Kendall about TDing. 
    • Opening Space for Day of Kindness people tomorrow. 
    • Need new screws and drillbits. 
    • Sending out TD recaps soon.
    • Have keys back from both LD and David. 
    • Theater was open this morning. 
    • Wrote up agreement with OB about cleaning the Space. 
    • Many issues with lighting board. 

Executive Board Notes 11/5/17

Show Check-In:

  • The Flick
    • Director: Lucy
      • Move-in happened and it went well. Set is beautiful.
      • Steve guest directed. It was helpful for everyone.
      • Actors are in a good spot. 
      • Feelin' cool and calm.
    • SM: Abby
      • Lauren coming in tomorrow for a cue refresher. 
      • Sending out email today with call times. 
      • Paper tech happened in 20 minutes. Yay!
      • Going over line notes with actors. 
      • Move-in happened. 
    • TD: David
      • Build week was very successful. Done early on Thursday.
      • Move-in happened. The set's great. 
      • Going to send email to techies about call times. 
    • Producers: Angelica and Tori 
      • Programs are done. 
      • T-shirts are here. 
      • Videos going up tomorrow.
      • Everything is going well! 
  • One-Acts
    • Taylor
      • Auditions were great.
      • Had first read through on Friday. 
    • Chinda
      • Solid rehearsal schedule created. 
      • Having a read-through. 
      • No issues as of yet
    • Erin and Maggie
      • Script is almost done. 
      • Set up Facebook group with the cast. 
      • Filled out WWN form. 

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Chris
    • Met with Dean B about theater reservation meeting.
  • VP: Evan
    • Going to email Bill in SAC about more specifics about the space. 
    • Will book a room for the GM ASAP. 
  • VPSP: Abby
    • One Acts auditions happened.
    • Some trouble communicating with directors. 
    • Reopened Charity Show pitches until Tuesday at 4 PM.
    • People are signed up for reading committee. Waiting until pitches are closed to finalize it. 
    • Working on Senior Diva Showcase. 
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Saw Red with Abby and Lucy. 
    • Helped Angelica and Tori with stuff.
    • Called Home Depot about getting replacement wood order. 
    • Need to pick producing team for One Acts. 
  • Secretary: Lucy
    • Went to SAO Diversity & Inclusion training.
    • Added The Flick to the ArtsBoston, BU, and Daily Free Press calendars. 
    • Need to edit Speech & Debate production photos. Will go up after The Flick.
  • TA: Caitlin
    • Had build week. 
    • Move-in was today.
    • Need to buy new screws and drill bits. 
    • Set up dumpster for Space Cleaning. 
    • Doing "Before I Die" wall tomorrow.
    • Made One Acts crew this week. Ready to go out. 
    • Submitted WWN to directors and heard back from some of them. 
  • Eric
    • Update on fire marshal. 

Spring 2018 Pitches

They're in! We have the pitches for the Spring 2018 season. Remember-- to hear more about each director's vision and to be able to vote (yay, democracy) for which shows you want to see put up in the spring, you must attend GM #3 on November 12 at 7 PM, Room TBD. 

Aaaaaand, the pitches are:

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Pitched by Kobi Kassal

Next to Normal
Pitched by Lara McCallister

No Exit
Pitched by David Murauskas

Pitched by Conner Reed

Additionally, we have decided to extend the Charity Show pitch deadline. If you would like to submit a pitch for Charity Show, you now have until Tuesday, November 7 by 4 PM. Same rules apply: email your pitch and a copy of the script to stage@bu.edu and turn in the pitch and two copies of the script in an envelope marked "Attn: Eric Jacobsen"  to IT, 111 Cummington Mall, Room B17. Charity Show is a great opportunity and a really cool way to support a cause you're passionate about. If you have any questions about pitching for Charity Show, you can always email VPSP Abby at abbyk@bu.edu!

Fall 2017 One Acts Cast Lists

Congratulations to all who auditioned! Here are the casts for our Fall 2017 One Acts Festival:

Alice in Wonderland:
Alice: Andrea Roman
Alice's Sister/Cheshire Cat/Carpenter/Ace of Clubs: Abbey Cho
Tweedle Dee/March Hare/the King of Hearts: Vinny Sollitto
Tweedle Dum/Mad Hatter: Michelle Sandler
The White Rabbit/Walrus/The Blue Caterpillar/Queen of Hearts: Sage Holloway

The Tickle Monster:
Milo: Alicia Giannetti
Papa: Nolan Spencer
Mommy: Lara McCallister
Morgan: Danielle De La Fuente
Aunt Ruby: Heather Rubin Cabrera

McSweeney Todd:
McSweeney Todd: Dylan Herina
Mrs. Lovaza: Rachel Smith
PirEli/the Ghost of Eugene O'Neill: Elliott Pope
Bagel Woman Who Works at Rhett's: Margo Cramer
Toby: Connor Gallacher
Rhett: Conceptual Art of Elliott Pope
President Eric: Rama Lauw
BeadleSteve: Greg Bond
Higgins: Kevin Lorch

Eli Saracino


Fall 2017 One Acts Festival Lineup

We are so excited to announce the shows for our Fall One Acts Festival. They are all original pieces, which is very exciting. Without further ado: 

The Tickle Monster
Written and Directed by Chinda Eleonu

An Adaptation of
Alice in Wonderland
Written and Directed by Taylor House

McSweeney Todd
Written and Directed by Erin McSweeney and Maggie Skaza

We are also super pumped to announce that the director of monologues and musical numbers will be Babatunde Alford!

Auditions for One Acts, Monologues and Musical Numbers are happening this Tuesday and Wednesday from 6-9 PM in 700 Beacon Street. The building is located near Kenmore Square, behind the Engineering Building. If you plan on auditioning for a One Act, please print out an audition form for each show you would like to audition for. If you have any questions, please email stage@bu.edu. Hope to see you there! 

Executive Board Notes 10/29/17

Show Check-Ins:

  • Speech and Debate
    • Director: Sarah
      • Wonderful experience. Cast was amazing. 
      • Loved positive audience response.
      • Wish shows were better attended, but not a producing issue. Cast is young.
      • Should've utilized E-Board a little more. 
    • SM: Lauren
      • Show went really well.
      • Cast was so wonderful and receptive. They're very excited to be a part of this group.
      • ASM Lena was fantastic. Ready to head SM next semester. 
      • Light board skips cues. Assistant Lights were great. 
      • Stressful tech week, but worked through it. Creative team was great. 
    • TD: Francis
      • Had great time with this show. Nervous going into it, but went so well.
      • Lighting teams should always have two people who know lights. Assistants learned a lot. They were great.
      • Projections should be its own department. 
      • Need to have stricter rules about the condition the paint room should be left in after a show. 
    • Producers: HwaYoun and Elle
      • Everything went pretty smoothly.
      • Some confusion with printing. 
      • Assistants were great.
  • The Flick
    • Director: Lucy
      • Rehearsals are going well. 
      • Issues with rehearsal space because there are no chairs.
      • Actors are pretty much off book. They're great. 
      • Feeling good.
    • SM: Abby
      • Actors are officially hard off book.
      • Blocking is kind of rough for some scenes, but should be ironed out during tech week.
      • Excited for the next two weeks. 
      • Getting a refresher on calling cues. 
    • TD: David
      • Went to Coolidge Corner to get chairs today. The man was super nice.
      • Did all department meetings redux. Tech meeting today was very well attended. 
      • ATD is double booked this week. Made a plan.
      • Build week is this week. 
      • Issue with waterlogged wood order. 
      • Things are very much on track and pleased with how they're going.
    • Producers: Angelica and Tori 
      • T-shirts are coming on Tuesday.
      • Programs are almost done. 
      • Cover photos and posters are done. 
      • Finished dorm flyers. 
      • Did a promotional video shoot today. 

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Chris
    • Helped with move-in for Speech and Debate.
    • Hosted Broadway actress on Monday.
    • Checked in with people on Speech and Debate.
    • Helped with strike.
  • VP: Evan
    • Helped with the Broadway actress event. Have quotes and photos to send to Lucy.
    • Had meeting with Bill, head of theater productions in BU Academy. 
    • Went to SARP training this week. 
  • VPSP: Abby
    • Event with Broadway actress was great. She was so nice. 
    • Have a One-Acts festival lineup. 
    • Starting to organize reading committee. 
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Saw Speech and Debate. It was incredible.
    • Helped producers with show on opening night. 
    • Currently helping with Home Depot stuff. 
    • Need budget sheets from Grease and Speech and Debate. 
  • Secretary: Lucy
    • Promoted Speech and Debate.
    • Created Facebook event for The Flick.
    • Will make One Acts Auditions event as soon as they're announced.
  • TA: Caitlin
    • Wandering Minds is in the theater this week. 
    • Rental stuff is in process.
    • Was at Speech and Debate tech week most of this week. 
    • Need to get LD keys back from Jake. 
    • Going to start plugging tech for One Acts. 
  • Steve
    • Checking up on Grease librettos. 

GM #2 Recap

🎃~October Intensifies~🎃

Hope you've started planning your costumes.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who came out to our Second General Meeting last night! You're one step closer to dominating in Assassins next spring. For those who weren't there, no worries! All the information is wrapped up with a nice bow in this email, so read on. 🎀

Constitutional Amendment
We took a vote last night to amend a clause in Article 9 of the Stage Troupe Constitution. The text is below with the new wording in bold:

 Mainstage Shows: This is our most common form of show, produced in the Student Theater at Agganis Arena with a modest budget and a few days of performance. The shows are selected by the membership (see Art. 10) and only current Stage Troupe members may participate in any role, with the exception of approved Faculty and Staff involvement (See Art. 28).

Pitches for mainstage productions outside of the Student Theater at Agganis Arena require approval of the alternative venue from the Executive Board. Approval of alternative venues will be granted to pitches for which the prospective Creative Team has convinced the Executive Board of the advantages of the alternative venue, as well as the specific and prohibitive limitations that the Student Theater at Agganis Arena places on the creative vision. For alternative venues with associated costs, the Creative team must present a financially viable plan for recovering those costs. Once the venue is approved, the Creative Team will be permitted to pitch the show with the alternative venue, according to the process outlined in Article 10.

As we said in the meeting last night, we've received interest from the membership to be able to pitch a show in alternative venues and we wanted to open up the possibility (and clarify the wording of the article). Prospective directors will only need to get the alternative venue approved by the Executive Board-- the membership still decides the season. If you have any questions about this amendment, you are encouraged to come to E-Board and/or email stage@bu.edu! 

One Acts Pitches
Pitches for One Acts are due by 6 PM on October 27 to VPSP Abby at abbyk@bu.edu. The pitch form can be found on the Forms and Resources page of the website under "One Act/Short Play." Pitching a One Act is a great chance to practice your directing chops before trying out a main stage! We are also in need of a director for the monologues and musical numbers portion of One Acts, so please also abbyk@bu.edu if you are interested in that. 

We ask that the rights for any One Act you pitch cost less than $50 a performance. If you have any questions about finding the price, you can email our Treasurer, Andy at moellera@bu.edu and he will help you out. You are also welcome and encouraged to pitch an original play! Even if you have just the basic idea, you can email that to Abby by the deadline to be considered.

In order for the show to go up, we also need producers and a technical director! Email moellera@bu.edu if you are interested in producing or crf18@bu.edu if you are interested in technical direction! 

Stay tuned for information about auditions! 

Spring Semester Pitches
It's time to start planning our spring season! To pitch a show for the spring, fill out a pitch form (also located on the Forms & Resources page of the website). In addition to the questions on the form, the E-Board also asks that you note two things:
1.  Acknowledge that you would be willing to come to E-Board meetings every week during your stint as a director.
2. If you are interested in taking on an assistant director, please write down what you would like the assistant director's role in the process to be. 

Put the form and two copies of the script in an envelope marked "Attn: Eric Jacobsen" and bring it to 111 Cummington Mall, Room B17 by 4 PM on November 2. Please also email the form and a copy of the script to stage@bu.edu. 

The pitches will be presented and voted on at General Meeting #3 on November 12 at 7 PM.

Reading Committee
Reading Committee is an integral part of our show pitching process! If you would like to help shape the conversation around whether or not a pitched show would be a good fit for Stage Troupe, Reading Committee is a great way to get involved. 

Please email abbyk@bu.edu if you are interested in being on the committee.

Space Cleaning
Mark your calendars now. Space Cleaning will be taking place on December 10. Every show must accumulate 40 total hours (between cast and crew) in order to qualify for BUSTies at the end of the year.

Upcoming Productions
We still have two incredible main stage productions coming up (one of them this week)!

Speech and Debate
Directed by Sarah Sosland
October 26, 27 & 28 at 8 PM
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena
Facebook Event

The Flick
Directed by Lucy Gamades
November 9, 10 & 11 at 8PM
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena
Stay tuned for ticket information and the Facebook event.

I know that was a lot of information to absorb, so if you have absolutely any questions about anything covered above, please feel free to email stage@bu.edu.

Hopefully you've gotten past your midterms and are all settled in for a spooky October. See you at Speech and Debate this weekend!

Executive Board Notes 10/22/17

Show Check-Ins:

  • Speech and Debate
    • Director: Sarah
      • Actors are ready and excited. 
      • Tech has been great today. 
      • Working on projections tonight.
    • SM: Lauren
      • Move-in was really smooth. 
      • Actors seem really excited for tech week. 
      • Actors are completely off book.
      • A few techies came to rehearsals this week. Helpful for them to see run before tech week.
      • ASM Lena is amazing. Going to sit in the booth one night this week to teach her how to call a show. 
    • TD: Francis
      • Move-in went really well. Had set up in hour and a half.
      • Pretty much every department has everything. 
      • Lights are getting set up now. 
      • Whiteboard was missing a piece, but Amazon is getting it in soon. 
    • Producers: HwaYoun and Elle
      • Got programs squared away.
      • Sent Lucy promo for the Facebook event.
      • Haven't received receipts from a lot of tech yet, so a little concerned about that. 
      • Bought chalkboard contact paper for lobby decorations.
      • Coordinated headshots and full run photo times.
  • The Flick
    • Director: Lucy
      • Scheduled rehearsals up to move-in with Abby. 
      • Had producers come into a rehearsal to do Warren poster photo shoot.
      • Whole show is blocked and did a full run. Lines are rough, but actors have been meeting with Abby.
    • SM: Abby
      • Off book was this week. Lines are a little rough, but not too worried.
      • Had rehearsals in the theater this week which was great. 
      • Feeling good moving forward.
      • Has been running lines with actors this week. 
    • TD: David
      • Got paint this weekend. 
      • Wood order has been placed. Build crew is helping when it's delivered. 
      • Going to Coolidge next Sunday to get the rest of the seats. 
      • Some of the Department Heads have had issues with assistants' responsiveness. 
      • Good with budget. Everything's going smoothly. 
    • Producers: Angelica and Tori 
      • T-shirts are ordered.
      • Wood order will be finalized and good tomorrow.
      • Programs are in progress.
      • Warren poster will be done on Monday. 

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Chris
    • Focused on The Flick a lot this week.
    • Ordered Evan a new nametag. 
    • Talked to new members about experiences in Troupe so far. 
  • VP: Evan
    • Ventured back into 25 Live again this week. 
    • Brought chairs to 700 Beacon. 
  • VPSP: Abby
    • Broadway actress coming to talk to us tomorrow. Very exciting.
    • One Acts pitches are due Friday. Will be announcing when auditions are at the GM. 
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Typed up new wood order guidelines for The Flick. 
    • Typed up a new guide for programs.
    • Helped Tori a lot with the wood order.
  • Secretary: Lucy
    • Made Facebook events for Speech & Debate, the second GM, and the event tomorrow.
    • Submitted Speech & Debate to ArtsBoston, BU, and the Daily Free Press calendars. 
    • Sent out GM reminder email. 
    • Talked to Speech & Debate producers about promo and using the space in the cabinet outside the theater.
  • TA: Caitlin
    • Talked with Cami this week about flats for each show. 
    • Took down lights on Friday.
    • Chairs in 700 Beacon need to be moved back for Speech & Debate.
    • Need to make sure when groups rehearse in the theater that they put their stuff back.
    • Gave Francis keys to the theater and Jake his LD keys for the week.