Executive Board Minutes 11/3/19

Show Check Ins

One Acts

Emotional Baggage

  • Director: Carrie W

    • Was busy last week due to Taming of the Shrew

    • Getting actor conflicts to the SM

    • Excited to get started!

  • Dogs

    • Directors: Jen M and Lara M

      • Jen and I are super excited to get started

      • Gonna have two rehearsals next week and then be ready for tech week (it's gonna be very super duper chill, just some fun theatre)

      • Adding some final chaos to the script (yahoo!)

      • Have to set up meeting with tech to go over ~vision~ (spoiler: it's chaotic)

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

  • Director: Miranda M

    • Move in- going/went well!

  • AD- Kiana C

    • Move in went smoothly and quickly- shoutout to Chris

    • Made schedule for actors for tech week

  • TD: Chris D

    • Had move in

    • Set is mostly done- mostly just touch ups

    • Looking forward to tech week, very excited!

  • SM: Ariana T

    • Move in! Going well

    • Talked w/ Miranda and Kiana re: actor schedule

    • Got keys from Maggie

  • Producer: Evan P

    • Implemented Facebook ads

    • Lobby is almost done

    • Went over Eventbrite stuff with Chrissy

    • Daily Free Press coming tomorrow to do a piece

    • Figuring out program logistics

    • Getting crew headshots done

Crimes of the Heart

  • Director: Doran K

    • Had photoshoot yesterday- everything looks great!

    • Hair and makeup and costumes came

    • After this week, dong final problem areas, then singular acts, then full runs

    • People mostly off book for the whole show

  • TD: Liz S

    • Everything on track- shoutout to hair and makeup and costumes for their efforts for the photo shoot!

    • Scheduling due dates

    • Holding a lighting meeting this week

  • SM: Matt D

    • Everything going good- killing it!

    • Little stressed about conflicts but making it happen!

  • Producer: Devon M

    • Had photoshoot

    • Rescheduled tech headshots

    • Working on editing photos

    • Facebook and Insta pages up

    • Shirt orders and bio forms due Friday

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Went to SAO re: Student Theater keys and meeting w/ Crystal re: a student wishing to use the theater for a music ensemble performance

    • Been doing head sound for Five Women, went to move in

    • Helped run One Act auditions

    • Participated in Reading Committee

  • VP: Siena

    • Booked rehearsal rooms for next semester

    • Assigned rooms to Isa for her One Act

    • Sent Reading Committee emails and ran Reading Committee

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Ran one act auditions - all set to go

    • Did reading committee

    • Submitted one acts engage

    • Submitted haunted house reimbursement

    • Figured out preliminary dates for holiday hits and frog pond nights

    • Started thinking about assassins

    • Made Nom Com committee sign up sheet

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Processed reimbursements

    • Helped Evan w/ Five Women producing; met with team and gave him Eventbrite log in

    • Worked on POs and various SAO approvals

    • Announcing One Act producers today

    • Doing props for Five Women

    • Got Haunted House money from Devon

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Is directing Charity Show!! Super excited

    • Made GM 3 Facebook event

    • Emailed all fall creative teams re: eboard and check ins

    • Emailed pitch teams re: GM 3 and voting

    • Participated in Reading Committee

    • Worked on Crimes of the Heart producing things

    • Been in contact w/ Evan re: Five Women promotion

  • TA: Zach

    • Helped w/ build for Five Women

    • Got all the wood orders, paint, and wallpaper in from Home Depot

Executive Board Minutes 10/27/19

Show Check Outs

Mamma Mia!

  • Directors: Maggie S and Erin M

    • Tech week ran so smoothly!

    • The show went super well!! Thank you so much to our amazing creative team, cast, and crew!!

    • We SOLD OUT Saturday night and Friday and Sunday were both packed!

    • The audience seemed super receptive. Everyone seemed to have a good time. (Dancing in the aisles and everything!)

    • Strike went well and was very efficient!

    • Overall, everything was great! Although it was super fast, and we had a few small bumps along the way, it was such an amazing and rewarding process and we’re both going to miss it!!

  • Music Director: Aiden M

    • Went over problem areas before each tech/show

    • Ended up sounding good

    • Actors and musicians knew the music they had to know

    • A few hiccups but they weren't that noticeable

  • TD: Sam C

    • The end of Mamma Mia went great!

    • We got 8 rented microphones and made a schedule for switching between actors during the show.

    • Also rehearsed the transitions of moving and flipping the set during the show.

    • Run crew was awesome and having a set on wheels actually was a great success.

    • Vibe with the whole creative team was really positive and collaborative throughout tech week and the shows

    • Strike went well and was over within a few hours

    • Working with Tom and JoLaine at Tsai was a pleasure and they were great guidance to us throughout the process.

  • SM: Jen M

    • Process as a whole was amazing

    • Communication between our team was great and led to a very fluid progression to the show; team also really managed to be a good support system and held each other up to our responsibilities.

    • Biggest conflict was learning about certain conflicts very late into the process, along with maintaining respect between all members

  • Producer: Natalie A and MC

    • Stressful process simply because the team was very busy and it was difficult to delegate

    • In the future, even if there is only one head producer and one assistant producer that both have the time and energy to commit to the show, it would still foster more productivity and sharing of responsibility

    • Was a difficult time all around due to some major changes within SAO- an updated Producers guide would be extremely beneficial

    • The mic situation was extremely stressful; we should definitely start researching a solution for next year’s Family and Friends Weekend.

    • Genuinely loved head producing this show, would gladly head produce again!

Show Check Ins

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

  • Director: Miranda M

    • We’ve run the show completely hard off book twice now and it’s looking good!

    • Don’t have a full cast the rest of the week which is rough leading into tech but ya win some ya lose some

    • Will keep checking in with actors to see how they are feeling about the show and opening soon and everyone seems really excited

    • Everyone loves the promo (yay Evan!)

  • AD: Kiana C

    • On Saturday, ran our first full run hard off book- it went really well!

    • Looking forward to another week of promo

  • TD: Chris D

    • Currently with my wonderful techies doing build and paint - making great progress with build and paint and will likely be done early in the week with minimal overlap with OB.

    • Meeting with each department soon and sending out a general email either tonight or tomorrow

    • People seem to be having a good time even though I asked them to come in on a Sunday in the rain.

  • SM: Ariana T

    • Schedule from now through tech week is planned!

    • The cast has been really excited about all this promo, thank Evan and all the producers! everything looks amazing

    • Little worried because it’s uncertain if we are going to have a full run with everyone before tech week because of conflicts but we'll make it work

    • This past Saturday we had our first off book run and it went really well!

  • Producer: Evan P

    • Promotion going really well

    • Launched all throughout the week

    • Got Eventbrite link on Friday

    • Checking in on BUS ads

    • Facebook promoted ads launching this week

    • Stopping in to rehearsal this week

Crimes of the Heart

  • Director: Doran K

    • Actors are off book for a lot of the show

    • Planned the whole rehearsal schedule up until tech week.

    • Planned the photo shoot with Devon, and have all of the shots that we wants planned out.

    • We will be getting our actor back to has been in stagecraft for the last two weeks, the week after this and will be running all have his scenes.

  • TD: Liz S

    • No check in at present time

  • SM: Matt D

    • Everything is going uber well on my end

    • Finished the November schedule and it should be out by tonight for everyone to see

    • Siena and I hosted a rehearsal that focused on lines and blocking and we’ve worked a few of those kinds of rehearsals into the Nov agenda

    • Haunted House was lit! Thanks Devon for doing such a great job organizing that.

  • Producer: Devon M

    • Photoshoot this weekend

    • T-shirt and Bios email sent out

    • Met w/ Doran to discuss ideas for photoshoot

    • Emailed about purchases/reimbursements

    • Decided on final graphics

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Worked on Haunted House stuff

    • Went to SAO Friday, talked to Brian re: mics

    • Talked with Tim Willard re: cultural group outreach and diversity in the arts

    • Started GM 3 presentation

  • VP: Siena

    • Updated rehearsal room calendar

    • took over reading committee

    • Talked with Devon re; One Acts auditions

    • Saw Silent Sky

    • Went to Haunted House

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Haunted House went well, everyone had a great time and we made a bit over $300!

    • Completed submission of reimbursements

    • One Acts Auditions and Casting this week

    • Have put SMs and TDs in contact with directors for One Acts

    • Submitted Engage Event for One Acts

    • Determined Holiday Hits Night

    • Have preemptive date for Frog Pond Night

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Been checking on rights for pitches

    • Natalie returned iPads back to Shiney

    • Met at SAO w/ Crimes team for wood order

    • Finished exhibition on Engage for Crimes

    • Gave Devon Eventbrite login for Haunted House

    • Communicating with Evan re: promotion

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Made Haunted House and Five Women FB events

    • Promoted Haunted House

    • Sent email re: One Acts, haunted house, pitches

    • Forwarded all pitches to Siena for reading committee

    • Saw Silent Sky on Friday- it was incredible

    • SS has offered us comp tickets to Taming of the Shrew

  • TA: Zach

    • No check in at present time

One Acts and Monologues Festival Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for our One Acts and Monologues festival! Now without further ado, here are out casts!

“Oh Hello”

Directed by Natalie Ackerman

Gil Faizon - Chris Dew

George St. Geegland - Robert Branning

Emotional Baggage

Directed by Carrie Welter

Phyllis - Natalie Ackerman

Rollo - Sebastian Jaramillo

Dick - Gavin Mastella

Louise Vuitton - David Simon

Amber -  Ray Nichols

Mildred - Susannah Perry


From “A Hunter’s Moon” - Sebastian Jaramillo


Directed by Lara McCallister and Jen Moreira

Rum Tug Tugger - Erin McSweeney 

Meryl Streep - Natalie Ackerman 

Grizabella - Isabella Vienna 

Macavity - Aidan Meachem 

Bustopher Jones - John Bolognino 

Old Deuteronomy - Maggie Skaza 

Taylor Swift’s Bedazzled Catnip - Devon Mikaniewicz

Already Home

Directed by Isa Very

Clara - Sam Rossi

Eve - Julia Owen

Josh - Will Aracri

Jimena - Mandy Resendes

Matthew - Tim Willard

Carter - Carter Berlind


Iva Briggs (Ensemble Voice Captain)

Anna Morville

David Simon

John Bolognino

Congratulations to all!

Interested in tech for One Acts? If you'd like to tech, please reach out to our TA Zach Lam (zlam20@bu.edu) If you'd like to produce, please reach out to our treasurer, Chrissy Sardano (csardano@bu.edu).

Executive Board Minutes 10/20/19

Show Check Ins

Mamma Mia will be doing their show check outs next week.

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

  • Director: Miranda M

    • Blocked the whole show

    • Everyone’s doing really well with being off book when asked

    • Handled come conflict difficulties

    • Everyone is super excited to begin promoting the how

  • AD- Kiana C

    • Hard off book is Saturday, doing full run

  • TD: Chris D

    • Currently at Mamma Mia strike

    • Met with Tim and mapped out Build Week schedule

    • Starting as early as possible so there’s little overlap with 9 to 5

    • Meeting with other departments and creative team soon

  • SM: Ariana T

    • Mamma Mia was great!

    • Blocked the whole show

    • Working through lines currently

    • Sent Siena rehearsal schedule

    • Settled conflicts with actors

    • ASMs are good- teaching them a lot

    • Creative Team is free from 8-9 to meet

    • Potentially opening up a weekend rehearsal for crew to come to

  • Producer: Evan P

    • Congrats to Mamma Mia on a fabulous show!

    • Soft launching Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, and Wibo pages on Tuesday, along with a teaser

    • Wednesday is our full out ad campaign launch

    • BUS ads launching Thursday

    • Currently working on a QR code for all media that we release

Crimes of the Heart

  • Director: Doran K

    • Blocked the whole show

    • Working on getting off book- actors are very dedicated

    • Planned out November schedule

  • TD: Liz S

    • Finalized set design

    • Doing the wood order with Devon this week

    • Having some department meetings as well

  • SM: Matt D

    • Talked about November scheduling with Doran

    • Waiting on November conflicts from cast

    • All is good!

  • Producer: Devon M

    • Talked to assistant producers- meeting on Tuesday re: photo shoot

    • Meeting w/ Liz re: wood order

    • Sent emails to department head

    • Have graphic all set

    • FB and Instagram launching in November

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Did assistant hair and makeup for Mamma Mia

    • Held productive OHs

    • Keeping in contact with creative teams

    • Attended Haunted House meeting

  • VP: Siena

    • Did set dec for Mamma Mia

    • Communicated w/ Ariana re: rehearsal rooms

    • Got Student Theater room bookings from Erin

    • Took ver reading committee

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Delegated reading committee to Siena

    • One Acts

      • Received all pitches

      • Decided on shows

      • Need to talk to directors about auditions

      • Going to SAO to register it on Engage

    • Haunted House

      • Lots of meeting this week

      • Have the wishlist to send out

      • Sent graphics to Abbey

      • Iva is doing a photoshoot this week

      • Looked through the Space for things we need

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Mamma Mia producing dropped off poster to Shiney- she posted it on Friday in the GSU that wasn’t the original intention, but it worked out

    • Went to Mamma Mia on Friday— did and helped with a bunch of producing stuff there

    • Fixed the Eventbrite and ticket allocations

    • Submitted the event forms for the mainstages

    • Waiting on approval and Eventbrite link for Five Women for Evan

    • Haunted House Eventbrite is live

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Did hair and makeup during Mamma Mia tech week- did as much as possible remotely

    • Sent an email extending comp tickets to the other BU Theatre E-boards

    • Posted a LOT about Mamma Mia

    • Reaching out to Robert about the rest of the promo photos (he’s in TN at the moment)

    • Answered emails re: ticketing, forwarded to SABO as necessary

    • Made event drafts for Haunted House, GM 3, remaining mainstages, just so they’re there. Launching Haunted house event tomorrow and Five Women on Wednesday

    • Updated calendar on the website

  • TA: Zach

    • At Mamma Mia strike

Executive Board Minutes 10/13/19

Show Check Ins

Mamma Mia!

  • Combined Check In for: Directors: Maggie S and Erin M, Music Director: Aiden M, and Choreographer: Clara C

    • Going great!

    • Had a great last run yesterday

    • Sitzprobe today- going awesome

    • Have been practicing in flippers- having a pre-show flipper/lift “FLIFT” call

    • Move in today has been going extremely well

    • Cast is getting along great

    • Everyone is so excited!

  • TD: Sam C

    • Had move in!

    • Build week went well but experienced problems with wood order

    • Accidentally picked up wrong U-haul this morning but was quickly resolved

    • Set is almost completely up- Tom has been an absolute blessing

    • Mics have been secured and delivered

    • Crew has been great

  • SM: Jen M

    • Trucking along!
      Sent tech week breakdown to actors

  • Producer: Natalie A and MC C

    • Lobby decorating happening tomorrow

    • Addition of Robert has been great

    • Delivered GSU poster to Shiney

    • Pushing promo

    • Finishing format of programs and digital promo

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

  • Director: Miranda M

    • No check in at current time

  • TD: Chris D

    • Met with all department heads, meeting with sound soon

    • Trying to reach out to assistants

    • Been helping with Mamma Mia

    • Having problems with Home Depot

  • SM: Ariana T

    • No check in at current time

  • Producer: Evan P

    • Had amazing video/photoshoot yesterday

    • In the process of editing everything

    • Submitting ads next week

    • Receiving receipts

    • Rayvon in SABO has been a huge help

    • Launching social media next Wednesday to stagger it

Crimes of the Heart

  • Director: Doran K

    • Going well!

    • Had first off book scene

    • Getting actors off book scene by scene- seeing how that works

    • Close to finishing blocking the whole show

    • Have a tentative date for photoshoot

  • TD: Liz S

    • Met with props team- good handle on what we have and what we need to get

    • Hoping to receive set design today but there may be a delay as set designer is in Mamma Mia

    • Meeting w/ MC this week to discuss how to build functioning kitchen cabinets!

  • SM: Matt D

    • Things are going well

    • Chill rehearsal schedule right now that’ll pick up in a few weeks

    • Cast bonding tonight

  • Producer: Devon M

    • Just met w/ Chrissy and assistants

    • Divided responsibilities among the whole team

    • Went to rehearsal last week to meet the cast

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Corresponded with CFA and WTF re: mic rentals- no luck unfortunately but a solution was found!

    • Touched base with BU Bands re: sitzprobe room booking

    • Held office hours

    • Schedules 2nd division of power talk with Mamma Mia creative team on Tuesday

  • VP: Siena

    • Booked rooms for Mamma Mia headshots, Crimes tech meeting, and Self Care Saturday

    • Haunted house was approved

    • Went to Mamma Mia move in and drove the U-Haul

    • Went to Crimes tech meeting

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Getting a bunch of One Act pitches- reaching out to some for scripts

    • Talked with Siena re: Self Care Saturday

    • Brainstorming for Holiday Hits

    • Looking to plan ice skating event and possibly a “Space Runway” event for next semester

    • Re: Haunted House

      • Have a space

      • Event confirmed, waiting on Eventbrite link

      • Met with producing team

      • Room cast lists being made and tech being planned

      • Meeting with planning committee this week

      • Going well!

    • Thinking about extending deadline for Reading Committee signups

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Been communicating with Shiney

    • Mamma Mia producers are dropping off the GSU poster on Tuesday

    • Met with Chris re: Five Women props

    • Met with Crimes producing team

    • Looking at intent to pitch forms

    • Sent rights contract to Natalie for Mamma Mia promo

    • Picking up i-Pads for Mamma Mia this week

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Made Mamma Mia Facebook event

    • Met with Evan re: Five Women Facebook event and promo

    • Sent GM 2 recap email

    • Went to Mamma Mia move in

    • Went to Crimes of the Heart producing meeting

    • Signed up for reading committee

  • TA: Zach

    • Currently at Mamma Mia move in

    • Was at build all last week

Executive Board Minutes 10/6/19

Show Check Ins

Mamma Mia!

  • Directors: Maggie S and Erin M

    • Going good, doing full runs

    • Thank you Steve for visiting!

    • Everything's coming together!

  • Music Director: Aiden M

    • No check in at current time

  • Choreographer: Clara

    • No check in at current time

  • TD: Sam C

    • Met w/ Zach and Chris, made plan for move in

    • Ordered wheels for bed

    • Went to run Friday night to make notes and prepare for run crew

    • Costumes went to rehearsals and told them what they needed, got sizes

    • Biggest issue with mic situation for Tsai.

  • SM: Jen M

    • Finished Act 2, started full runs

    • Did dance revision yesterday

    • Process is going well over all, just needs to be a respectful environment

  • Producer: Natalie A and MC

    • T-shirt sales have wrapped up - dope. Bios are all in. 

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

  • Director: Miranda M

    • Brought Actor contracts

    • First act blocked, did a run through, went well

    • Having issues with conflicts and “day-of” issues

    • Dresses came in.

  • TD: Chris D

    • Dresses came in

    • Worked with getting wood order this week, is now all set

    • Meetings this week with tech departments

    • Orders coming this week.

  • SM: Ariana T

    • No check in at present time

  • Producer: Evan P

    • Nothing much happening at the moment

    • Photoshoot Saturday

    • Finalizing logistics 

Crimes of the Heart

  • Director: Doran K

    • Actors will be off book by scene, first this week

    • Cast has been receptive of expectations

    • Have talked w/ set designer, had great ideas and was very receptive

    • Rehearsals are going well overall.

  • TD: Liz S

    • No check in at present time

  • SM: Matt D

    • Light rehearsal load, cast is fun and very responsive to emails and everything.

    • Hesitantly excited for off book. 

  • Producer: Devon M

    • Meeting with assistants and Chrissy coming up soon

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Met w/ Shiney about Summer show stuff

      Went and spoke w/ Dean about mic situation - very supportive, seems like SAO will support

  • VP: Siena

    • Reserved GM rooms

    • Facetimed w/ Iva to do Haunted House rooms- received confirmation

    • Worked w/ Liz about tech meetings

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Re: Haunted House

      • Started promo material

      • Visited room bookings to see layout

      • Taking signups

      • Working with committee to finalize rooms and tech needs

      • Submitted Engage eventt

    • Decided on a self-care Saturday

      • Face-masks, hangout

    • One Acts

      • Confirmed space its in

      • Talking to directors and receiving pitches

    • Reading committee

      • Read over guide, so I know what’ll be needed

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Doodle poll w/ Crimes of the Heart producing team

    • Met with Five Women producing team

    • Sending email to Shiney about Warren poster

    • Tickets doing well for Mamma Mia

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Made GM 2 Facebook event

    • Promoted GM 2

    • Sent email reminding about GM 2 and Haunted House

    • Emailed BU Bands re: booking rooms 

    • Waiting to make Mamma Mia FB event whenever Natalie is ready 

    • Worked on GM ppt

  • TA: Zach

    • Got everyone for safety training

    • Met w/ Chris for set design for Got everyone for safety training

      Met w/ Chris for set design for FIve Women

      Met w/ Sam about mic situation

      Got some rental forms - finishing up

      Gave keys to OB, just got them back

    • Met w/ Sam about mic situation

    • Got some rental formrs - finishing up

    • Gave keys to OB, just got them back

Executive Board Minutes 9/29/19

Show Check Ins

Mamma Mia!

  • Directors: Maggie S and Erin M

    • Act 1 is done!

    • Finished Act 2 dances and majority of scenes

    • Act 2 music mainly done

    • Starting full runs this week

  • Music Director: Aidan M

    • Almost done w/ act 2 music

    • Had first pit rehearsal and another one planned for next week

  • Choreographer: Clara

    • Finished teaching all dances, now just cleaning and adjusting formations

  • TD: Sam C

    • Met with all department heads this week

    • Costumes, Hair and Makeup, and Props sent in their purchase orders

    • Emailed every department today

    • Met w/ Tsai w/ zach and sean

    • Tech week scheduled made w/ directors, Jen - sent it to Tsai

  • SM: Jen M

    • It’s her 21st birthday!

  • Producer: Natalie A and MC C

    • Purchase orders have been made

    • Almost all of the stuff from Home Depot has been delivered

    • T-shirt and bio forms are out

    • We have a social media schedule that is in full swing

    • Posters/flyers are almost ready to be put out

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

  • Director: Miranda M

    • We’ve blocked the first act and it looks great, everyone is already starting to get comfortable in their characters.

    • Asked the actors to try and be off book for the first act by next weekend when we do a run of the act.

    • We cast bonded and it went great! Everyone seemed to have a good time and get a lot more comfortable with one another.

    • I met with tech and talked to them about the themes of the show ; Chris said he will also send an email out recapping.

  • AD: Kiana C

    • Chris and Priya came to take the measurements for the dresses and sent them to the dress company

    • Reaching out tomorrow for a confirmation on the sizes and styles

  • TD: Chris D

    • Met w/ Priya and got measurements from actors

    • Got confirmation about getting the dresses for free

    • Set up FB group for tech team

    • Had first tech meeting today- lots of new people!

    • Meeting w/ departments over next two weeks

    • Sending recap email of tech meeting

  • SM: Ariana T

    • No check in at present time

  • Producer: Evan P

    • Got the dresses!

    • Waiting on confirmation of the actual order, hopefully getting that tomorrow

    • Met w/ most of producing team

    • Met w/ Chrissy and sent out the budgets to departments

    • Photo shoot prep, will be happening on October 12!

    • Wood order will be in on Friday!

    • Planning producing team bonding, and bringing whole producing team to run through

Crimes of the Heart

  • Director: Doran K

    • Started rehearsals this week- they’ve been great!

    • Planning workshops and character work on weekends

    • Cast bonding soon!

    • Liz stopped by today to introduce herself

  • TD: Liz S

    • Nothing new to report but planning an agenda for the upcoming tech meeting this Saturday! Very excited

  • SM: Matt D and ASM Siena

    • Taking blocking notes on a shared doc

    • Dividing up responsibilities so everyone can get experience both backstage and in the booth

  • Producer: Devon M

    • COMBAT took over his life this week

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Happy Birthday Jen!

    • SMed for COMBAT- a grand ol’ time!

    • Did a COMBAT Instagram takeover

    • Had Crimes of the Heart division of power talk

    • Held office hours

    • Got an email from Michael, assistant director of BU Bands, had meeting discussing booking rooms in 300 Babcock and expectations

    • Going to assemble a document with all the info from Michael

  • VP: Siena

    • Happy Birthday Jen!

    • One Acts has a location! GSU Conference Auditorium for November 15

    • Participated in Engage webinar

    • Made rehearsal room calendar- sent to all SMs

    • Wrote for COMBAT and recorded

    • Unlocked the theater for OB this morning and relocked it

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Happy Birthday Jen!

    • In a word: COMBAT.

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Happy Birthday Jen!

    • Met with producing team for Five Women

    • Sent out producing guides to assistants 

    • Made Doodle poll to have meeting with crimes team but looks like we’ll have to plan something for next week 

    • Submitted payment request for saw— saw came in 

    • Added Robert Branning to Mamma Mia team

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Happy Birthday Jen!

    • Helped promote COMBAT on social media, sad I couldn’t be there

    • Made and shared GM 2 presentation template

    • Talked to Natalie re: Mamma Mia Facebook event being published

    • Fixed the Mamma Mia ticket link on the website

    • Gave Kim the Insta account info for a COMBAT takeover- went really well!

    • Slow week but preparing for GM 2 and F&F promotion

  • TA: Zach

    • Happy Birthday Jen!

    • Cleaned the Student Theater and the Space

    • Did safety training for most groups

    • Got the saw from SAO

    • Repainted the stage

    • Got schedule for Playwright’s season- might be some overlap with Mamma Mia build week but should be fine

    • COMBAT- it happened

    • Met w/ Tsai re: mics- most systems ordered should be fine

    • Got paint orders for Mamma Mia

    • Got 2 rental requests from OB, sending them to Chrissy

  • Student Group Advisor: Steve

    • Guest directing Mamma Mia rehearsal this week!

Executive Board Minutes 9/22/19

Show Check Ins:

Mamma Mia!

  • Directors: Erin M and Maggie S

    • Things are going extremely well!

    • The cast has learned all of the music and big dance numbers for Act 1. We're having our first Act 1

    • Stumble through tomorrow and are excited to see how it all goes

    • Had the photoshoot at Revere Beach yesterday and it was a great day for not only promo and headshots, but it was also great for cast bonding.

    • Met with Kim and had the division of power talk and that went well and this whole creative team is working very well together!

    • Only real problems we're running into right now are scheduling but Jen is a goddess and is working so hard to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

  • Musical Director: Aidan M

    • Entire Act 1 has been taught and they’re picking it up well. First pit rehearsal is next week.

  • Choreographer: Clara C

    • All dances have been taught except for somechanges to several numbers. Cast is picking them up pretty well.

  • TD: Sam C

    • We got a crew this past week, so everyone has been added to both the Facebook group and the team drive

    • Placed the wood order this week, and the wood got delivered yesterday. The paint will be coming in separate deliveries various days this week.

    • Zach and I met with Tom and Jolaine from Tsai to go over the set design and talk logistics

    • Had our first full crew meeting earlier today

    • This week, meeting w/ Zach, Sean and Tsai to go over lights.

    • Also are doing department meetings all this week.

  • Producers: Natalie A and MC

    • The wood and paint order was placed!!

    • Wood’s already been delivered

    • Social media is up and running

    • Had a beach photoshoot and the pictures should be ready tomorrow

    • Tshirt and bio forms are coming out shortly

  • SM: Jen M

    • Had a good rehearsal, learned all numbers for act 1, doing a rough run for act 1 tomorrow

    • Going over small details tomorrow, a full run Tuesday

    • Cast conflicts have been rough, but working through it

    • Have sent out schedule for next week

    • Cast has been getting along very well.

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

  • Director: Miranda M

    • Had first few rehearsals and read through, as well as a character workshop

    • Had some trouble with dates, but mostly has been resolved

    • Blocking Act 1 next

    • Cast has been great, super excited

  • AD: Kiana C

    • Working with the dresses for free.

  • TD: Chris D

    • Five dresses will be had completely free through Kiana’s roommate

    • Priya will be in at Wednesday to fit for dresses

    • Went to the Space to inventory for set dec and build

    • In the process of setting up Facebook group, lots of people who don’t use it

    • Biggest concern getting bed currently

    • Having tech meeting the 29th

  • Producer: Evan P

    • So excited for my assistant producers

    • Met as a creative team and finalized crucial dates

  • SM: Ariana T

    • All actor contracts signed, will bring next time. Read through as cast, everyone feels comfortable in rehearsal space.

    • Rehearsal schedule pretty light, 2-3 days a week

    • Been working w/ Evan for a date for photoshoot

    • Had division of power talk

    • Made contact w/ ASMs

Crimes of the Heart

  • Director: Doran K

    • Had read-through, went extremely well, cast was very receptive and understanding

    • Solidifying schedule of rehearsals tonight

    • Planning to start rehearsals Wednesday

  • TD: Liz S

    • Sent an email out to the whole crew and set up first tech email

    • Designing set after

    • Set tech timeline for the semester

    • Reached out to ATD’s

  • Producer: Devon M

    • Shared google drive folder with team

    • Made complete contact sheet

    • Meeting w/ Chrissy at some point

  • SM: Matt D

    • Made rehearsal schedule

    • Met with ASMs.

Eboard Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Held office hours on Monday, Director for Shakespeare came w/ idea about event w/ Troupe and possibly other groups, collaboration of festival of scenes, potluck, 

    • Met w/ Meaghan w/ Siena at SAO; talked about rehearsal spaces and spaces for special projects

    • Met w/ Taylor to order pizza for Techstravaganza

    • Scheduled division of power talks, gave two of three already

    • Went to Techstravaganza

    • Sending a doodle poll to paint the stage

  • VP: Siena

    • Distributed theatre keys (exterior, dressing room for keyboard, house) to Jen for Mamma Mia rehearsals

    • Communicated w/ directors about rehearsal rooms

    • Updated Orgsync / Engage roster

    • Signed up for Engage webinar on Thursday

    • Requested GSU Auditorium for One Acts being November 15th with three rehearsals that week

    • Booked weekend rehearsal rooms in CAS

    • Head set dec and ASMing this season, excited!!

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Emailed about COMBAt and responsibilities, waiting to hear back

    • Confirmed rehearsal room 

    • SM and writer team app closes tomorrow, good amount of actors and techies too!

    • Met w/ Chrissy re: haunted house budget; trying to find a new space- reached out to Ev Con

    • Met w/ Siena re: One act space bookings- going to be week of Nov 15

    • Started talking with people re: One Act pitches

    • Went to Techstravaganza

    • Got Engage access from Siena to make events

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Emailing Eric re: getting MTI account info to Steve

    • Announced assistant producers

    • Started group chats with each team for each show

    • Sending Doodle polls for meetings

    • Met w/ Shiney James- went really well! Secured GSU link Warren poster print out, getting i-Pads for ticket sales, put us in parent newsletter, gave contact info for parent program Facebook pages, other ways to promote (rooftop tours, etc)

    • Following up with Taylor re: mics in Tsai and exploring other options

    • Met w/ Devon re: haunted house budget and location options

    • Met w/ Evan re: producing timeline and plans

    • Helped w/ Techstravaganza

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Made Facebook events for Techstravaganza and COMBAT

    • Promoted Techstravaganza on Instagram

    • Corresponded w/ new members trying to join tech teams

    • Went to Techstravaganza

    • Uploaded Almost Maine pictures to Facebook and Shutterfly

    • Promoted Mamma Mia social media 

    • Excited to assistant produce and do hair and makeup!

    • Waiting to get MTI Mamma Mia logos from Chrissy to use on the website, etc 

    • Sent statement of expectations to fall SMs

  • TA: Zach

    • Picked up name badges from SAO

    • Sent out tech lists

    • Lots of new people wanted to be added to tech lists

    • Went to SAO w/ Natalie and Sam re: wood order and purchase orders

    • Met w/ Tsai w/ Sam

    • Other groups have been reaching out re: safety training

    • Ran Techstravaganza

    • Reallllyyyy need new saw

Executive Board Minutes 9/15/19

Show Check Ins

Mamma Mia!

  • Directors: Maggie S and Erin M

    • Have a cast! Casting was so smooth

    • Had first cast bonding

    • Had read through and first rehearsal for Act 1 finale

  • Music Director: Aidan M

    • Gone through and marked score

    • Worked w/ Ben re: instrumental breaks

    • Distributed books to pit and scheduled sits rehearsal

    • Taught Voleuz Vou w/ cast

    • Soon sending click tracks to cast

  • Choreographer: Clara

    • No check in at current time

  • TD: Sam C

    • Hopefully meeting with Thai this week w/ Zach re: set design

    • Working on cut list with Natalie and placing wood order

    • Went to tech meeting

  • SM: Jen M

    • Made spreadsheets for scheduling

    • Started collecting actor conflicts

    • Currently doing day-to-day rehearsal planing with Erin and Maggie

    • Hoping to rehearse in the Student Theater as much as possible

    • Will be distributing actor contracts this week

  • Producer: Natalie A and MC C

    • Talked with Sam about lots of things

    • Going to SAO this week re: wood order, Haul, etc

    • Reallocating budget to different departments

    • Had producing meeting today, distributed tasks and in the process of setting a timeline

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

  • Director: Miranda M

    • Have a cast, officially!

    • Trying to schedule a first readthrough by Wednesday

    • Creative team tonight to talk about set design and rehearsal scheduling

  • TD: Chris D

    • Consolidating ideas

    • Transferring tech notes and ideas into a collective tech drive

  • SM: Ariana T

    • In the process of making rehearsal schedule

    • Set up google drive

    • Have master rehearsal template

    • Made contact with every cast member!

    • First read through hopefully on Wednesday

    • Very excited to get ASMs

  • Producer: Evan P

    • Producing meeting tonight

    • Started working on poster concepts

    • Possibility of targeted FB ads opposed to Warren poster

    • Working out producing timeline w/ 9 to 5 re: overlap

    • Wrote notes to the cast

    • Finding time to meet w/ SAO re: poster

Crimes of the Heart

  • Director: Doran K

    • Read through scheduled for Wednesday

    • Planning on making full rehearsal schedule after that

    • Contacted all actors- everyone seems excited!

  • TD: Liz S

    • No check in at current time

  • SM: Matt D

    • Got our cast, they’re all lovely and responsive to emails

    • Scheduling will take place soon

    • Can’t wait for tech lists to meet my ASMs!!

  • Producer: Devon M

    • Met w/ Doran re: important dates

    • Divided up assistant producers’ responsibilities

    • Plans to start in November

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Helped run auditions and callbacks

    • Mediated casting night

    • Held office hours

    • Went to tech meeting and the meet and greet

  • VP: Siena

    • Helped run auditions and callbacks

    • Made and ran the Slack

    • Went to tech meeting and meet and greet

    • Contacting directors re: rehearsal scheduling and rooms

    • Still working on a room for One Acts

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Had haunted house meeting today- got the ball rolling!

    • Going to SAO this week

    • Working on One Act pitch date

    • Helped run auditions

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Helped with auditions

    • Met w/ Devon

    • Talked to Natalie re: updates on Mamma Mia producing

    • Planning a meeting with Evan

    • Waiting to hear back from Taylor re: SPS mics

    • Reaching out to producers about advertising options outside of a Warren poster

    • Making head producer group chat tonight

    • Fixed the Mamma Mia Eventbrite and got admin access

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Sent GM 1 recap email

    • Posted on all forms of social media re: auditions/callbacks/tech meeting/meet and greet

    • Helped run auditions and callbacks

    • Posted callback and cast lists

    • Corresponded with members re: callback conflicts and other housekeeping things and with other groups re: callback lists

  • TA: Zach

    • Helped with audition

    • Sent tech feedback form for Almost Maine

    • Updated TD Guide and add section about signing the statement of expectation

    • Held tech meeting

    • Meet with Sam to do inventory of the Space

    • Got lots of sign ups for Tech

    • Picked a scene for Techstravaganza

Fall 2019 Cast Lists

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your patience and now for the moment of truth. Take a minute and click on the link below, scroll for your name, then return back to this email.

If you were cast in a show, congratulations! There will be more information later in this email
If you were not cast in a show, we want to send you our sincerest compassion and we are so thankful that you were able to put yourself out there as a performer and share your art with us. We understand this news may be disappointing but you have the utmost support from the Stage Troupe executive board as well as from the community surrounding Troupe. As always, if you have any questions or need to talk to anyone, do not hesitate to reach out. We truly hope these decisions do not deter you from participating in Stage Troupe in other capacities and in the future, and we strongly encourage you to get involved in any of our various Special Projects (which includes acting opportunities!) and tech opportunities happening this semester. You can take a look at our calendar on our website or email our VPSP, Devon Mikaniewicz (devmikan@bu.edu) for more information about our Special Projects; for more information about tech opportunities, please come out to our fall tech meeting Sunday September 15 at 1PM in the Space or contact our technical advisor, Zach Lam (zlam20@bu.edu).

For those of you who have been cast in a show, please keep an eye on your email inbox for emails from your directors with all the information you’ll need to jump into the rehearsal process. Once again, congratulations!

Now, without further ado:

Link: Fall 2019 Cast Lists

Fall 2019 Callback Lists

Hi everyone! We'd like to thank you all for being so patient and now the moment you've been waiting for: callback lists have been posted! Go on and click the link, search your name then return to this post

Link: Fall 2019 Callback Lists

Did you get a callback? If so, congratulations! There will be more information about what comes next below.

If you didn’t get called back, we want to sincerely thank you for auditioning for this season and remind you that these decisions are not a reflection of your abilities or your value as a person or a performer. Auditioning is never easy, and you should be so proud of yourselves for putting yourselves out there as an artist. We sincerely hope that you will get involved with Stage Troupe in other ways, either through acting, tech, or special projects, and we want you to know that you have the utmost support from eboard and within Stage Troupe if you want to have someone to talk to moving forward.

If you were called back for a show, please keep an eye on your email inboxes! You will be hearing from the directors very soon. They will provide information about which roles you are called back for and how to prepare for your callbacks. Callbacks are tomorrow from 6-10PM in 700 Beacon. If you have any specific questions about your callbacks, please direct them to the respective directors. Any other questions, comments, or concerns, can be shared with our president, Kim Zak, or sent to stage@bu.edu. Have a wonderful night everyone.

Executive Board Minutes 9/1/19

Show Check Ins

Mamma Mia!

  • Directors: Maggie S and Erin M

    • Feeling ready to go

    • Blocked/choreographed whole show

    • Had big productive meeting today

    • MD Aiden has a full pit

    • Looking into acquiring prerecorded tracks that weren’t part of the initial contract

    • Wondering if it’s possible to have as many rehearsals in the Student Theater as possible 

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

  • Director: Miranda M

    • No check in at present time

Crimes of the Heart

  • Director: Doran K

    • First full creative team meeting planned

    • Blocked the whole show

    • Picked audition and callback sides

    • A lot of scheduling stuff figured out 

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Got email from SAO that Engage is working

    • Still working on name tags

    • Sent version of current casting procedures to all BU Theatre presidents to work out casting

    • Emailing with Crystal re: SAO and Student

    • Meeting with Shiney on Wednesday

    • Joined Haunted House committee

  • VP: Siena

    • Plugged Troupe to FYSOP first years!

    • All requested rooms have been confirmed

    • Getting organized for the year

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Made graphics for COMBAT and revival show

    • Haunted house committee all set

    • Mamma Mia watch party is happening (10/12 4-10pm), messaged Erin and Maggie about possible cast performance and opening it up to other groups as well

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Dues and revival show Eventbrite links are live; both are working and people are buying

    • Submitted warren poster reservation— denied for friends and family (one of the new changes this semester is that there are only 4 Warren poster openings)- submitted a new one week reservation

    • Will be talking to Shiney about Friends and Family weekend to see if we can have the same GSU poster setup that we did for Footloose

    • Looked at the Almost Maine contract and ensured it is payment by performance

    • Talked with Devon about having two comp tickets for use on either of the fall mainstages to be given away at the social

    • Have two amazingly wonderful head producers for the mainstages

    • Going to announce assistant producing apps tomorrow and make the deadline after auditions

    • Creating a group chat for all the producing heads and I to communicate for general questions or problems that come up that may help other producing teams

    • Got WWN forms from Zach and made budgets— sending out to producers after they are announced

    • Will be updating the producer guide with the new Engage format on a rolling basis

    • Posted in the FB group to ask if there are any outstanding reimbursements that people haven’t gotten checks for yet

    • Meeting with entire Mamma Mia producing team on 9/8

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Sent email to Shiney re: Almost Maine

    • Finished up with spotlights- did a special BU theatre spotlight today

    • Made and posted fall semester cover photo

    • Received splash and revival show graphics from Devon to use for promo

    • Making revival show FB event tomorrow

    • Sent welcome back email to membership- included revival show and dues Eventbrites

    • Going to send fall directors an email tomorrow

    • Updated calendar on website with events and graphics

    • Made flyer for splash

    • Sent GM 1 presentation template to eboard, going to share with directors as well

    • Thinking about possibly organizing a revival show Instagram takeover

    • Making audition forms this week

    • Gave Kim the VP keys to give to Siena

  • TA: Zach

    • Was extremely busy with FYSOP this week (talked up Troupe to first years!)

Executive Board Minutes 8/19/19

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Wrote back to CFA student inquiring about Student Theater usage

    • Finalized GM times with the other BU Theatre groups

    • Going to start working on the casting process with the other groups soon

  • VP: Siena

    • Booked the eboard meeting room for the fall semester

    • Got the Noises Off recording from Kendall

    • Upon returning, going to get the hard drive from Devon and the keys from Abbey

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Planned and finalized special project dates; lots of ideas for new events!

    • Finalized the details from the Ice Cream Social, possibly thinking about holding a raffle for a free show ticket?

    • Got a bunch of responses re: the Haunted House, going to start a planning committee once the semester begins

    • COMBAT details are all set

    • Still looking at solutions for One Acts (new date, new space, etc)

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Sent out the mainstage producer application

    • Getting the last of the production videos

    • Approved for both mainstage rights! Going to make sure the payment goes through

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Emailed Dot from BU Arts Initiative- since the Arts Fair is the day before Splash, they have decided to omit student groups this year

    • Made a new production recording spreadsheet from the Troupe account- it is up to date with all the recordings we have received, waiting on a few more

    • Met with Devon to design a fall semester cover photo- should be posted tomorrow

    • Finished making graphics for many of the fall events

    • Made the GM 1 Presentation template, planning on sharing that with the rest of eboard tonight

    • Started drafting an email to fall directors with the goal of sending it out by next Tuesday

  • TA: Zach

    • Reached out to other BU Theatre TAs

    • Decided on a date for the tech meeting- 9/15 right before the Ice Cream Social

    • Reached out to fall directors to ask them to act in Techstravaganza and complied a list of techies to reach out to

Executive Board Minutes 8/12/19

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Talking with other BU Theatre presidents re: GM times, joint holding rooms, et

  • VP: Siena

    • Booked rooms for auditions, callbacks, and COMBAT

    • Needs to book eboard room for the fall

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Sent email to point people for COMBAT

    • Making a COMBAT graphic for the future Facebook event

    • Posting survey re: past special projects to the Facebook group

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Announced F&F producing team

    • Updated producer’s guide

    • Applied for mainstage rights- got Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, still waiting on Crimes of the Heart

    • Mamma Mia materials arrived- thanks to Jen and Robert for picking them up!

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Continues posting Spotlights

    • Ran into some trouble re: updating the video spreadsheet, going to find out who created it and request access

    • Designing cover photos and graphics

  • TA: Zach

    • Drafted email for BU Theatre TAs

    • Talked to Sam re: meeting with Tsai

    • New sound board- she’s beautiful!!

Executive Board Minutes 8/4/19

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Still waiting on name tags

    • Great meeting with Siena this week

    • Corresponding with other BU Theatre presidents- plans on a joint GM room and . a joint holding room for auditions/callbacks

    • Assembling BU Theatre contact sheet

  • VP: Siena

    • Great meeting with Kim this week

    • Booked audition and callback rooms

    • Also booked rehearsal room for COMBAT

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Emailed point people for groups participating in COMBAT

    • Going to post paper copies of COMBAT schedules along with theater and PSace access

    • Continued working on finding alternate spaces and or times for One Acts

    • Plans to reach out about a Mamma, Mia watch party soon

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Going to submit mainstage rights

    • Announcing F&F producers today along with posting the application for mainstage producers

    • Checking in with SABO re: payment for rights

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Started summer/fall director spotlights

    • Updated calendar with drafts for upcoming events (waiting to add some graphics and more info)

    • Still waiting on some production videos, but plans to begin uploading this week

  • TA: Zach

    • Received all Wish Want Need lists from directors

    • Reached out to all fall TDs and SMs

    • Planning a meeting once the start of the semester gets closer

    • Getting the new sound board from Tsai on Tuesday

Executive Board Minutes 7/28/19

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • In correspondence with fall directors

    • Helping Erin and Maggie re: an ASL interpreter for Mamma, Mia

    • Touching base with Siena re: Engage

    • Figuring out name tags

  • VP: Siena

    • Did 25 Live training

    • Excited to start booking rooms

    • Getting videos from past shows and put them on a hard drive

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Emailing about COMBAT

    • Sending out a survey in August re: special projects

    • Brainstorming ideas for the ice cream social and a potential Mamma, Mia viewing party

    • Looking into potential new venues for One Acts in case the Student Theater isn’t available

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Have F&F producers! Confident in the team

    • Holding off on mainstage producers apps for a bit

    • Going to check accounts and submit mainstage rights payments

    • Looking into purchasing video equipment and a new lighting board

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Continuing with Spotlight Sunday posts

    • Received the F&F Tsai reservation

    • Starting preliminary designs for fall graphics

    • Sent email to summer and fall directors re: their spotlights

    • Been receiving production videos, planning on uploading them to the Troupe YouTube and updating the video spreadsheet

  • TA: Zach

    • Received most Wish Want Need lists from fall directors

    • Corresponding with someone re: an SM guide and with Eric re: the sound board from Tsai

    • Have F&F TD and SM- mainstage TD and SM forms will be closing soon

    • Met with Sam re: safety training and Mamma, Mia set design

    • Assistant TD and SM apps will be released once the semester begins

Executive Board Minutes 6/28/19

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Met with Chrissy and Doug re: Tsai reservation proposal

    • Name tag order on hold

  • VP: Siena

    • Working on Assassins show recording with Rachel

    • Created list of rooms to book in preparation

  • VPSP: Devon

    • No check in at present time

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Working on contacting producers from past season

    • Sending out fall producer apps this weekend

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Gathering the info and posting Spotlight Sunday’s

    • In correspondence with some alumni from the 2009 production of Almost, Maine, trying to get some photos

    • Sent the statement of expectations form to Zach and Jen

    • Drafting up a summer email template

  • TA: Zach

    • Sent out wish/want/need email to fall directors

    • Checked in with Devon re: COMBAT

    • Sent out TD and SM forms

    • Got a new costume rack!

Executive Board Minutes 6/2/19

Show Check Ins:

Almost, Maine

  • Director: Natalie A

    • So so proud of the actors

    • Have a few tech thing to work out but not worried

    • Everyone is hard off book and our first dress rehearsal is tomorrow

  • TD: Harrison R

    • It was tech week so we were doing a lot

    • Finished painting the set, getting all the props

    • Chris Dew really took the reigns with lighting and he did an amazing job!

    • We had tech runs and most things went smoothly

  • SM: Zach L/Jen M

    • Got to hard off book and started full runs

    • Actors are doing a great job

    • Actors also developed a system for carrying things on and off during scene transitions but would be super helpful to have some tech to help out

  • Producer: Devon M

    • Chrissy is heading lobby decorating and will be doing this on Tuesday

    • Katie and Michelle are heading photos

    • At least one producer will be present at every performance to make the pre-show announcement

    • Would like to have a mailing list signup sheet in the lobby

E-board Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Went to SAO to work out putting the domain renewal on an SAO credit card

    • Inquired about when Engage going live- still waiting

    • Sent out a doodle poll for one on one e-board member meetings

    • Emailed SAO about name tags

  • VP: Siena

    • Still waiting on access to Engage to start booking rooms

    • Would like to book audition, callbacks, and e-board meeting rooms ASAP

  • VPSP: Devon

    • Heard back from Shiney James and provided her with a show description/info for Almost, Maine

    • Set date for COMBAT: Saturday, September 28, confirmed OB will be participating, still waiting to hear from other group

    • Thinking about putting out a small survey asking the membership’s thoughts on past events and any ideas they have about future events

    • The check from The Burials was mailed to Everytown

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Coordinated with Devon and producers on tackling Almost, Maine tech week

    • Worked with Natalie re: Almost, Maine soundtrack

    • Worked on Ben’s pay statement for Assassins

    • Spoke with members about show recordings- looking into the status of these being uploaded

    • Wants to coordinate a time to decorate the shadow box with eboard and cast of Almost, Maine

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Changed the passwords for the social media accounts

    • Uploaded the updated constitution on the website

    • Sent an email to fall directors re: show information for the website

    • Drafting a summer spotlight email

    • Planning in reaching out to e-board re: their info fo the e-board page on the website

    • Need to reach out to Devon about the Almost, Maine Facebook event

  • TA: Zach

    • Helped with move in for Almost, Maine

    • Gave Chris the keys

    • Planning on reaching out to fall directors sometime soon

    • Promoted Troupe at FYCO training!

Executive Board Minutes 5/26/19

Show Check Ins:

Almost Maine

  • Director: Natalie A

    • Each scene has been rehearsed 3 times

    • Actors are beginning to learn their lines

    • Had cast bonding dinner at Robert’s

    • Very excited for the weeks to come!

  • TD: Harrison R

    • Sent out department messages

    • Found times for each department to go to the Space

    • Had meeting re: set design w/ Zach, Cam, Natalie, and James

    • Build Week coming up, will post about dates and times

  • SM: Jen M/Zach L

    • Being co SMs has been great!

    • Jen worked on rehearsal schedules and conflicts

    • Working on an email to send to the cast

  • Producer: Devon M

    • Talked to Chrissy about summer show specifics

    • Talked to Natalie about orientation and setting up email list; having actors/eboard members come out after shows. Q&A, tours

    • Focusing on photos, lobby decorating; dividing up between assistants

    • Planning to do electronic playbills

Eboard Check Ins:

  • President: Kim

    • Talked to Siena and Doran about show order, Miranda preferred the earlier slot so Five Women Wearing the Same Dress will be November 7-9 and Crimes of the Heart December  5-7

    • Figuring out how to order name tags

  • VP: Siena

    • Waiting on the VP guide from Erin

    • Wants to start booking rooms once the new system is in place

  • VPSP: Devon

    • For summer show, emailed Shiney James re: show dates and times, going to follow up

    • Met w/ Erin to pick up hard drives with this last year’s shows on them

    • Got 2018-2019 actor contracts from Erin- idea of scanning them to store them in the Stage drive

    • Met w/ Ariana re: VSPS stuff

    • Plans to reach out to other groups re: COMBAT and the 700 Beacon haunted house idea

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Made google forms for summer show producers and assigned summer show producers

    • Received the check w/ the proceeds for Everytown

    • Going to post in the FB page about remaining reimbursements

    • Talked to Linda from SAO re: Ben getting paid for Assassins

    • Payment set for Mamma Mia!, going to double check for Almost Maine

    • Settled remaining reimbursements; new deadline for submitting is 5/31

    • Funds transfers for the year all set

    • Met w/ John from Sabo re: problems w/ reimbursements and making purchases

  • Secretary: Abbey

    • Made admin of the FB page today

    • Planning posting schedule for Spotlight Sundays, want to send an email about that to Steve, eboard members, and directors this week

    • Getting all the passwords from Kim tomorrow

    • Planning to start updating the website

  • TA: Zach

    • Unlocked the Space so seniors could sign

    • Tech for summer show going well!

    • Going to start working on TD and SM forms for F&F

    • Plans to reach out to fall directors about their Wish, Wants, Needs list

    • Looking into getting a new saw for the Space

    • Eric received an email from Tsai saying they have a sound board available for us for free; going to look more into this

    • Alicia received an email from Allison Parker re: an SM guide; she’s going to work on it and send it, then will forward to Abbey

  • Student Group Advisor: Steve

    • Constitution was missing a required statement, needs to be added to article 3 and updated in constitution on the website

Executive Board Minutes 5/3/19

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Alba

    • BU Theater Summit is Sunday at 10 AM

  • VP: Erin

    • Book next year’s BUSTies room

    • Met with Siena to go over VP guide

    • Grad cords are in

  • VPSP: Ariana

    • BUSTies went well—big shout out to planning team

    • Talked to Natalie re: Summer Show

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • F&F rights secured

    • Lots of meetings with SAO today to prepare for next year

  • Secretary: Kim

    • Met with Abbey to go through secretary guide

    • Will be renewing the website domain and sending receipt for reimbursement

  • TA: Alicia

    • Updating TA guide and TD guide

    • Lights workshop on Sunday 12-3 PM

E-Board Check-Outs:

  • President: Alba

    • Working together isn’t always easy, but you’ll still have a good time

    • Being in this leadership position is a privilege and people do look up to you

    • Rely on each other and support each other

  • VP: Erin

    • It’ll be tough, but it will be fun!

  • VPSP: Ariana

    • Plan as much as you can, even if you don’t think you have to

    • Reach out for help; it’s okay if you need support

  • Treasurer: Chrissy

    • Always remember that general members look to board for guidance; E-Board represents the organization. We’re here to solve problems and maintain a good community

  • Secretary: Kim

    • An excess of communication is always better than a lack of communication

    • You will have disagreements and conflicts, but at the end of the day this is your team and you have each other’s backs

  • TA: Alicia

    • You are a team with the same goal of making Troupe a better community for everyone involved

    • It’s much easier to get things done when you all support each other, even when you don’t all necessarily agree