GM1 Recap – Spring 2017

Welcome Back to Stage Troupe! 

It was so great to see everyone at our first General Meeting tonight! Nothing was cooler than reuniting with everybody, meeting all the new, friendly faces of Troupe, and seeing how PUMPED UP you all are for this new semester with us! If you didn’t get a chance to come to the meeting—or if you just want a solid rundown with all the details—here’s a recap of everything we covered!
Spring 2017 Season
Everyone’s looking forward to our Spring 2017 Season!
Charity Show, God of Carnage, February 23rd, 24th, & 25th
Mainstage #1, Twelve Angry Jurors, March 23rd, 24th, & 25th
Mainstage #2, The Fantasticks, April 6th, 7th, & 8th
Auditions for the season are taking off right away! You can RSVP to the Facebook event here! The dates, times, and locations for this week’s auditions are:
Monday, 1/23, 6:00PM – 10:00PM, CAS 315
Tuesday, 1/24, 6:00PM – 10:00PM, CAS 211
Wednesday, 1/25, 6:00PM – 10:00PM, SOC B57
Remember, you only have to show up for ONE of these dates, and you won’t be expected to stay throughout the entire 4-hour period! You can show up at any time within the timespan. Before you audition, make sure you PAY DUES through Eventbrite and print out a separate audition sheet for each show that you intend to audition for (forms can be found on our website here)!
The callbacks lists will be posted on our website on Wednesday night at the end of auditions. Callbacks will take place on Thursday, 1/26 from 6:00PM – 10:00PM in CAS 211. This time, you will be expected to stick around for the entirety of the callback time. If you do receive a callback but have a conflict, notify us by emailing, and we’ll find a way to accommodate you.
Tech Meeting
Absolutely anyone can engage in a vast number of tech opportunities, no matter their experience! You won’t want to miss our Spring 2017 Tech Meeting on Saturday, 1/28, at 12PM in our build space, conveniently called “The Space.” You’ll hear from our Technical Advisor, Chris Remillard, about all the tech your heart desires, and you will get a breakdown of each directors’ tech visions for their individual shows!
The Space is a bit hidden, but you can find directions here! For a very recognizable point of reference, the entrance to The Space is directly behind the Raising Cane’s in West Campus.
Remember, if you want to tech, you must pay dues and fill out a tech form, which can be found here!
If you have questions regarding tech, you can email, and if you’re interested in producing, you can find a producer form on the website, as well, and email it to!
Special Projects
Here’s a rundown of some of the special projects absolutely anyone can be a part of!

TA Event – Friday, February 3rd; 7PM, The Student Theater at Agganis Arena
Tech Show – Friday, February 10th; 8PM & Midnight; Saturday, February 11th; 8PM
BUSTies – Tuesday, May 2nd; 6:30PM; Photonics 906

Executive Board Notes 1/22/17

Show Check-Ins

  • God of Carnage
    • Directors: Erin and Maggie
      • Met with Ellie about producing
      • Will meet with TD, Brian, soon
      • Picked sides for auditions
  • Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Director: Cassidy
      • Chose audition sides, still need to print
      • Thinking of blocking
  • The Fantasticks
    • Director: Ellie
      • Chose audition sides
      • Will email Chris about tech vision within the week
      • Collaborated with James

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Gave run-down of auditions process.
      • Emphasizes that Troupe is casting a season—directors should keep the whole group in mind when trying to cast.
      • TDs, Producers, and SMs are there to work with directors, not for Collaboration is key
    • Working on a director’s guide that may take a while; directors can, however, talk to her and ask for help whenever. There are a lot of people with directing experience who are available to help
    • Had a great week getting everything organized
    • Met with OB about the mediation process. Very productive meeting—these check-ins between other groups and mediators should happen in future semesters
  • VP: Erin
    • Rooms for all the auditions are booked
    • Will work on getting rehearsal rooms for every show
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Mediation meeting with OB was really productive
    • Assassins starts tomorrow night. New rules and safety items have been created
    • Made to-do lists for TA Event and BUSTies
    • TA Event donations are in the works. A lot of people have offered things to donate. Tasty Burger has donated a $10 gift card, and other companies are in contact
    • Will try to find an event manager or assistant for BUSTies
    • Charity Show is happening. Andy helped reach out to Girls’ LEAP
    • Changed the Reading Committee section of the VPSP guide
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Transferring a lot of videos to the Stage Troupe hard drive
    • Working on getting rights for The Fantasticks
    • Rights for God of Carnage and Twelve Angry Jurors are basically nailed down
    • Made an Eventbrite for Spring dues
    • Will contact SAO to get approval for events
    • Got AB funding
    • Updating the producer guide
    • Made a Warren poster and cover photo for the Spring season
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Chose not to do Meet Your Leaders Monday for the Spring; there were so many transitional things going on that it was difficult to organize. It should nevertheless continue in future semesters
    • Created ballot survey for voting. It went well, and keeping votes anonymous and for Eric and Steve’s eyes only went very smoothly. Tried to update the membership via the Blog as much as possible
    • Created an anonymous feedback form for the “Contact Us” section on the website
    • Got show descriptions and cast breakdowns for the “Current Season” tabs on the website
    • Updated Calendar on the website
    • Created Facebook events for GM1 and Auditions
    • Sent a GM1 Reminder email to the membership
    • Made pamphlets for Winter Weeks of Welcome’s “Break the Ice”
      • Got about 20 new sign-ups for the email list
      • Sent a GM1 reminder email to new sign-ups
    • WR100: The Theater Now is on hiatus until Spring 2018, so we will not be promoting the group as usual. Future E-Boards should continue this relationship
    • Will make a Tech Meeting event ASAP
  • TA: Chris
    • Updated the tech form and TD application, which are now on the website
    • Tech show is in the works. The first read-through happened today. Rehearsals will continue throughout the week
    • Assigned a TD for Charity Show
    • Met with Cami to discuss the Space. Relations with her should be great this semester
    • The tech meeting is at noon on Saturday
  • Steve
    • Explained audition-room etiquette to directors
    • Gave Chris is E-Board binder and TA keys

Two Announcements for Stage Troupe’s Upcoming Season

going on ‘seventeen. 
Happy New Year! 
We hope you all had safe and fun evenings as the new year rolled in.

2017 is going to be spectacular. How do we know that, you ask? Well, we’ve got two spectacular announcements about our Spring 2017 season! Read up, folks—you don’t wanna miss this.

New Mainstage Announcement
The votes are in, and we’re thrilled to say that Ellie Lavelle and James Robson will be directing The Fantasticks as Stage Troupe’s final mainstage of the season! These two have shown incredible dedication to Stage Troupe already, and it’s going to be amazing to see what they do as directors. Congrats, Ellie and James!

New Director Announcement
Due to academic and personal reasons, Daniel Leary has decided to resign as the director of Twelve Angry Jurors this season. Dan will be spending much of his spring semester pursuing an impressive future in medical school and beyond, and we truly wish him the best of luck. Troupe will always be here to welcome Dan in whatever capacity he may be involved; academics always come first, and we respectfully understand and commend his decision to set himself up for postgraduate success.

As recompense for stepping down, Dan has proposed that Cassidy Donohue take his place as director. The E-Board has taken his suggestion into serious consideration, and we all agree that Cassidy will do a tremendous job as director of “Twelve Angry Jurors.” Cassidy is extraordinarily passionate about this show and more than fit to be its brand-new director. Welcome, Cassidy, to the team of Spring ’17 directors!

General Meeting #1
GM1 is just around the corner, so mark your calendars for Sunday, January 22nd! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for another reminder with more details about its location. It’ll be so great to see all of your well-rested faces! Of course, in the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on social media:

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Take a cup o’ kindness for auld lang syne, Troupies! Cheers,

Nathan Wilgeroth
Boston University Stage Troupe | 


We love hearing from you! If you have any questions or concerns for the E-Board, never ever hesitate to reach out to us! It can be a little daunting, we know, but we’re all your friends, here, and we want to make sure that you’re having a blast with Troupe. So, hey, send us an email, shoot us a text, or even type up a message on our fancy, new anonymous feedback form on the “Contact Us” section of our website. We’re always looking for ways to make sure everyone is as in love with Troupe as we are.

Mainstage #3 Pitch for Spring 2017

Hello, Troupies!

We’re excited to announce the pitch for the third slot in the Spring 2017 season! By the close of yesterday’s deadline, we received a pitch for:

The Fantasticks
Book and Lyrics by Tom Jones; Music by Harvey Schmidt
Director: Ellie Lavelle
Music Director: James Robson

Thank you, Ellie and James, for your pitch! The Reading Committee will be taking a look at the show, and then the membership will submit their votes later next week!

If you would like to see the pitch for The Fantasticks, you may read it here. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for an online form on which the creative team will answer their questions via single-take video clips. We will provide access to the form on Wednesday, December 28th, and the membership will have 48 hours to submit their votes.

Again, thank you all so much for your patience with this transitional period. Regardless, we are thrilled to see what this creative team has to present for their pitch! Enjoy the beginning of your winter breaks, everyone, and safe travels to all!

Important Announcement Regarding the Spring 2017 Season

Dear Stage Troupe,

Out of consideration for concerns from the membership, the creative team of Avenue Q has decided to pull their show from the Spring 2017 Season.

This special circumstance means that we will be re-opening pitches for the third mainstage slot of the semester. While we understand that this is an unexpected change of plans, we nevertheless welcome prospective directors to jump into action. The deadline for pitches will be this coming Wednesday, December 21st. Please send your pitches to,, AND

How will pitches work?

This is going to be a quick process, but the E-Board aims to make this selection as efficient and fair as possible. We would more than appreciate your help by taking part in Reading Committee! If you’re interested in joining Reading Committee, please contact by Wednesday, December 21st as well.
Once Reading Committee is assigned, their reports and questions are to be finished by Saturday, December 24th @ 12PM. E-Board, having also taken part in the Committee, will review the reports and compile questions to ask the directors.

Do we get to vote?

Of course! Voting will take place through an online poll that we will release to the membership on Wednesday, December 28th. On the poll, there will be video clips of the directors pitching and answering Reading Committee questions all in one take. This will ensure that the pitching process is as similar to the usual GM format as possible. The membership will have 48 hours to hear the directors’ visions and submit their vote for the final show.

There are a lot of technicalities to sort through during this process, but we want to be sure that we have the best season possible! If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing your pitches!

General Meeting #4 Recap

Happy Holidays! 

Thanks so much to everyone who helped out with Space Cleaning and showed up for our final GM of the semester! We’re glad to have seen our best pals before plunging into finals and tumbling out into Winter Break. If you weren’t able to make it (we missed you, dude!), we’ve got you covered. Here’s a recap of everything we went over:

BUSTies Voting

BUSTies is our annual awards ceremony at the end of the Spring semester during which the shining stars of the year are given trophies and the seniors of Stage Troupe are roasted to a crisp before they head off into their postgraduate lives. At this GM, the Troupe membership filled out ballots to vote for the actors, techies, and directors who will receive BUSTies at the end of the year. And now we wait…

Spring 2017 Technical Advisor

We can’t be more excited to announce that our Technical Advisor for Spring 2017 is going to be Chris Remillard, a dearly loved techstraordinaire who is going to be returning from his National Lampoon’s European Vacation in the spring! Our E-Board is entirely confident that Chris is ready to take on and master such a pivotal role in Stage Troupe. Welcome to the team, partner!

Senior Divas Holiday Showcase

We have just one more event before we wrap up: it’s time for OB and Stage Troupe’s annual Senior Divas Holiday Showcase! Come to the Student Theater this Tuesday, December 13th, at 7PM to see your favorite BUT seniors show off in a fun holiday concert! 

General Meeting #1

I miss Troupe already, and I’m sure you do, too. Worry not—GM1 for the Spring is only a few weeks away! We hope to see you all on Sunday, January 22ndfor our first meeting back. Keep your eyes peeled for a Facebook event and an email reminder with the time and location.

Spring 2017 Auditions

Auditions for the Spring 2017 season will be soon after GM1 on Monday, January 23rd, Tuesday, January 24th, and Wednesday, January 25th! Details of the process will be revealed at the next GM!

Social Media

Don’t forget to follow us on social media for updates, reminders, and everything to keep you in the Troupe loop:

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We wish you the best of luck with finals and hope you have a safe and happy holiday! Thank you all for a wonderful season of theatre—your passion and talent have helped Stage Troupe thrive, and we’re so excited for another magical season. 

Glad tidings, 

Nathan Wilgeroth

Boston University Stage Troupe

Executive Board Notes 12/11/16

Show Check-Ins

  • 10 Minutes to Save the World: HwaYoun
    • Everything went better than expected
    • The cast really enjoyed themselves and got a great introduction to Stage Troupe
    • Sydney and Danielle were extremely helpful, and tech was amazing
  • Jimmy the Antichrist: Brian
    • Wonderful experience. The cast and crew were great
    • Directing one-acts is great practice for both directing and SMing
    • It was difficult to work without a lighting assistant, but Sam was very helpful
  • Pappa Pia: Lauren and Paulina
    • This show was so much fun
    • Everyone loved their experience. There are no complaints
    • Sam and David were extremely helpful
  • Monologues: Maggie and Erin
    • The actors were great to work with. This was great practice for directing next semester
  • SM: David
    • Good experience overall
    • Conflicts were daunting, but everything worked out
    • Putting a director in a show or on a tech crew is not recommended
  • TD: Sam
    • This was a very enjoyable week
    • The last-minute lighting crew was phenomenal
    • Strike was almost done before the show was over, so everything wrapped up very quickly
  • Producers: Sydney and Nathan
    • Everything went very smoothly
    • There was so little to do that things felt overstaffed; may not have needed four people
    • The turnout was as expected. People seem to like catchy/silly titles for the Festival
    • Ultimately couldn’t take production photos because conflicts were too hard to work with

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • This week was all about organization. E-Board was very on top of scheduling for a busy week
    • Met with people from other groups
    • Guest directed for HwaYoun
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Requested a room for GM1, but room reservations are still not open
    • Contacted Playwright’s Theater to invite them to use the Space Cleaning dumpster
    • Reached out to Jamie for Space Cleaning advice
    • Made a detailed Space Cleaning schedule
    • Space Cleaning went so incredibly well. People were extremely helpful and efficient
    • TA tasks were divvied up among the Board
    • Reviewed TA Applications
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • It was great to see all the new faces at One-Acts
    • Made BUSTies ballots with Nathan
    • Senior Divas is on Tuesday. The chosen charity will be the AIDS Action Committee of New England
    • Made a poster for Senior Divas
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Filmed One-Acts
    • Ordered the dumpster for Space Cleaning
    • Made deposits for Addams and Bird
    • Did rental agreements for Last Five Years
    • Picked “Girls Leap” as the charity for Charity Show
    • Did a Large-Scale Event Planning Workshop
    • Talked to Ellie and James about rights for Avenue Q
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Made Facebook event for Space Cleaning
    • Made Facebook event for GM4
    • Will be contacting Spring directors this week in order to update the Current Season tab on the website as well as to create posts for Meet Your Leaders Monday, which will continue throughout the winter break


  • Erin
    • The Play Library in the Space is broken and should be looked into
  • Sydney
    • The ceiling in the props loft of the Space is starting to cave in

Executive Board Notes 12/4/16

Show Check-Ins

  • 10 Minutes to Save the World: HwaYoun
    • Actors are not off-book, which is causing a lot of problems with character work
    • Will employ some new strategies to help people get off-book
    • Actors have a lot of conflicts, but will be having a run before call on Monday
  • Jimmy the Antichrist: Brian
    • Actors seem confident in their roles and lines
    • Everyone is wonderful to work with
  • Pappa Pia: Lauren and Paulina
    • Had two full runs after move-in today
    • A little shaky, but everything will come together after a few runs
  • Monologues: Maggie and Erin
    • Have only met with two of the three monologue performers
    • Those who have met seem very confident in their lines and performances
  • SM: David
    • Move-in went incredibly quickly
    • Made it to at least one rehearsal for every show this week
    • Nearly every actor showed up, but some tech people are missing
    • Sam and Sydney helped out so much
    • The runs of the shows went fairly well, and many are almost completely off book
    • Current run time is a little over an hour
    • There are a lot of actor conflicts
  • TD: Sam
    • Everything is coming together
    • The lighting board needs attention. Will be the first thing assessed tomorrow
    • Pappa Pia’s boat is finished
    • Transitions are done
    • Props and set decoration are all taken care of
  • Producers: Sydney and Nathan
    • Met with assistants and assigned tasks
      • Andy created the cover photo and is working on individual profile pictures
      • Nathan and Erin are working together on the program
      • Sydney will be taking production photos
    • Will be decorating the lobby on the afternoon of 12/6

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Had another meeting with Chris from OB. Ironing details out for next semester
    • The E-Board just met with Wandering Minds this afternoon to plan efficient communication next semester
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Got rehearsal rooms for HwaYoun
    • Emailed Room Res, and still can’t get access to reservations
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • One-Acts move-in went very smoothly
    • The Last Five Years left a lot of things unfinished from their strike
    • Nomination Committee is ready to roll
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Still deciding charity for Charity Show
    • Doing a Large-Scale Event Planning workshop tomorrow
    • Submitted AB Funding request this week
    • The SAO Training Tracker did not mark completed trainings
    • The knob on the producer’s booth door is still broken
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Sent out TA application announcement. Still accepting applications until Friday
    • Published Facebook event for One-Acts & Monologues
    • Will be sending out a GM #4 reminder email tonight
    • Working on event for GM #4


  • Brian
    • Went to hazing training on behalf of E-Board. Very informative





Announcement: Stage Troupe Technical Advisor Resignation

Dear Stage Troupe membership,

It pains us to say that, due to personal reasons, our lovely Taylor Tessitore has decided to resign from her position as Technical Advisor for the 2016-2017 academic year. Despite these sad circumstances, we’re so happy to hear that she is pursuing a fulfilling new opportunity, and we invite her nevertheless to remain an active, truly valued member within Stage Troupe.

We are now accepting applications for the Technical Advisor position for the Spring 2017 semester. If you’re interested in taking on this role, please fill out an application and submit it to by 11:59PM on Friday, December 9th. Our Vice President, Erin Billings, will review the applications and confer with the rest of the Executive Board to appoint our new TA.

We will present our decision to the membership at our General Meeting on Sunday, December 11th. In addition to BUSTies voting, we’ll also ask for a majority vote in favor of the new Technical Advisor. If our potential new TA has 2/3 of the membership’s approval, they will join our E-Board for the following semester. We’re excited to see who we’ll be taking in as part of our team!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a member of the Executive Board or send us an email at

Executive Board Notes 11/27/16

Show Check-Outs

  • Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Directors: Christy and Taylor
      • GM #3 hindered a lot of the show’s move-in
      • Guest directors were extremely helpful
      • Co-directors are great for time management and efficiency
      • Casting a diverse range of people helped attract a big, unique audience
      • Improv exercises and discussions about the text greatly improved the actors’ performances overall
      • Having over-the-top, melodramatic runs of the show kept the material from getting stale for the actors
    • SM: Alba
      • Working with the creative team was great
      • When there are multiple directors, it is important to sit down and figure out a plan for how to run rehearsals without both creative leaders present
      • Time got away from us due to the careful attention paid to the sensitive material of the show. Time should be set aside for dealing with heavy material, but too much can detract from overall productivity
      • Please do not double cast. Rehearsals had to start far too late in the night
      • Stage managing for One-Acts is not a sufficient prerequisite for head SMing a mainstage
      • ASMs were extremely helpful, though not fully prepared to head SM yet. They unfortunately weren’t given enough training, but they should be prepared after another semester as assistants
      • To keep strike from starting too late, someone should decide an allotted amount of time that is appropriate for actors to greet guests in the lobby. Too much visiting kept strike from starting efficiently
      • Cast and crew pictures should happen on the second night rather than on the same night of strike
    • TD: Cami
      • Had a great time working on the show with Taylor and Christy
      • The crew was spectacular, especially Kevin and Sophia, the ATDs
      • Sophia was extremely confident and could be considered to be a head TD
    • Producers: Lauren and Paulina
      • We need a more efficient system for handing out comp tickets to people on the tech crew. The current system doesn’t guarantee that techies will be able to see the show, so the system would be helped if we reverted back to last year’s system.
      • The Student Theater vacuum isn’t working. We should look into buying a new one.
      • Though we didn’t sell out any night, we sold fairly well overall.
      • The show was well under budget
      • The directors were great to work with. They had clear ideas for promo materials but were still open to exploring others
      • There is one shirt left over that had been requested but never paid for
      • Will give shirt money and keys to Andy this week

Show Check-Ins

  • 10 Minutes to Save the World: HwaYoun
    • Due to conflicts with The Last Five Years tech week, the first rehearsal has been scheduled for Saturday
    • Asked actors to get off book as much as they can before rehearsal on Saturday
  • Jimmy the Antichrist: Brian
    • Met with cast and had a full read-through
    • Soft off book will continue through this week. Hard off book is on Saturday
    • Starting blocking this week
  • Pappa Pia: Lauren and Paulina
    • Held a read-through last weekend but only had a few cast members show up
    • Creating a schedule for this week’s rehearsals
    • Meeting with Sam Curley Monday night
  • Monologues: Maggie and Erin
    • Emailed all the performers about meeting to rehearse but have only received one response
    • Hope to rehearse with everyone this week
  • SM: David
    • Plans on attending a few rehearsals this week
  • TD: Sam
    • Techies have the scripts for all the shows
    • Meeting with all the directors tomorrow to discuss tech visions
    • Sent an email to the whole team asking them to schedule department their meetings this week
  • Producers: Sydney and Nathan
    • Working on a potential title for this season’s festival name
    • Will be reaching out to assistants about when to meet

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Chatted with potential future directors and gave advice about how to direct
    • If people have questions about the ins and outs of directing, they are open to ask any E-Board Member
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Got rooms reserved for Jimmy the Antichrist
    • Will post in the Facebook group to ask other One-Acts directors about their rehearsal room needs
    • Paint spilled on the rug during Sheba strike
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • There was a low turn-out for One-Acts auditions, but everyone seems happy with their casts
    • Erin was awesome at getting rooms reserved for auditions and rehearsals
    • Waiting for charity idea submissions and sign-ups from seniors for the Senior Divas Showcase
    • Made a Facebook group for everyone involved in One-Acts and tried to add as many people as possible (if you have not been added to the group and should have been, please email Sydney at
    • Sent an email to One-Acts directors offering help if help is needed
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Not doing an Eventbrite for One-Acts due to past complaints
    • Picked producers for One-Acts
    • Submitted rights for Jimmy the Antichrist
    • Set up Orgsync event for One-Acts
    • Reached out to Erin and Maggie about the charity process for Charity Show
    • Seeing AB Funding staff to ask for funding
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Got production photos for Will need to compress the files before uploading them to Facebook and Flickr
    • Still waiting on Addams production photos
    • Updated website dates and information
  • Eric
    • BUSTies voting will be on December 11th
    • Only two more E-Board Meetings left for the fall
    • Has the contract for Avenue Q. Will be applying for rights with the proposed dates as April 6-8