Executive Board Notes 9/18/16

Show Check-Ins

  • The Addams Family
    • Directors: Lauren and Paulina
      • Read-through yesterday; rehearsal today
      • Finding out future rehearsal schedule
      • Looking to make a cast feedback Google form
    • Music Director: Daniel
      • Has been having pit rehearsals. Four songs away form finishing the show
      • Rehearsed two big group numbers with the cast
      • SAO needs a W9 from the drummer before funding
    • TD: Caitlin
      • Went to read-through and made notes of tech elements
      • Finalized set design
      • Needs to email tech crew the second tech lists come out
      • Wants to order wood ASAP
    • Producers: Kobi and Zoe
      • Has photoshoot planned for the first weekend of October
      • Zoe is working on t-shirt design
      • Funding approval in the works
  • Stupid F%&king Bird
    • Director: Conner Reed
      • Talked to old directors and got a lot of really good guidance regarding the auditions process
        • Recommends having directors discuss who will be called back at the end of each rehearsal
        • Has first read-through tonight
        • Playing around with a rough rehearsal schedule
      • Producer: Danielle and Evan
        • Recently assigned! Will sit down with Conner this week to discuss the producer vision and plans
  • Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Directors: Christy and Taylor
      • It worked well to have individual sides at auditions, followed by paired sides with assigned partners at callbacks
      • Reached out to past directors for help. Make spreadsheets that helped organization. Decided to take pictures of the auditionees in order to remember them well
      • In the future, we need to avoid squatting rooms for callbacks. For something so pertinent, it really hurts us
      • Really excited for the cast! First read-through will be later this week
      • Will be meeting with Anything Goes’ creative team to make sure the lead is shared efficiently
    • Producers: Paulina and Lauren
      • Got assigned recently. Will schedule with Taylor and Christy to talk about the show’s vision

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Congrats on casting!
    • Auditions happened. We had so many new members come in to audition; thrilled about the turnout
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Working on getting rooms for rehearsals. Got rooms for Bird for most days (but not on Tuesdays). Addams has the Student Theater for two weeks.
    • Squatting for callbacks was difficult. The problem with room reservations shouldn’t happen again
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Ice Cream Social went extremely well. Made a poll for preferred flavors, and many new freshmen came and stuck around for a while
    • The CSC contacted us and offered free leftover costumes for the taking
    • Had coffee with Maria from OB. Kickball is October 8th. Talked about formal, and has a really good plan going
    • COMBAT had plenty of sign-ups
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Dues went really well this year. Made sure that people paid dues before being allowed to audition at callbacks – Nathan emailed those who hadn’t paid with a reminder and did not permit them to check in to auditions before paying
      • Wants to do a similar thing with techies
    • Did SAO training through OrgSync
    • Assigned head producers for all shows. Will be able to assign a good amount of assistants for each show
    • Eventbrite for Addams is up and ready to go
    • Wants to make producer tutorial videos for future producers
    • Will meet with head producers soon to discuss the season’s themes
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Wrote callbacks and cast list blurbs and published the posts as quickly as possible
    • Updated “Current Season” pages with cast lists and posted the link to Addams’ Eventbrite on its page
    • Made tech meeting and ice cream social event. Social media has been active and responsive. Has drafts started for COMBAT and Techstravaganza
    • In order to complete the email list, needs the emails of everyone who paid their dues as well as everyone assigned to a tech position
  • TA: Taylor
    • The tech meeting with really successful. Over 50 new people have applied, along with 15 new potential ATDs.
    • Has to communicate with OB so as not to conflict Anything Goes’ crew with Bird
    • Has potential TD for COMBAT
    • Hopes the tech lists will be out by Wednesday at the latest. Wants to get TDs and SMs by Monday night or Tuesday morning at the earliest
    • Planning Techstravaganza. We have a lot of new people but not too many returning tech, so we’re on the lookout for event leaders

Fall 2016 Cast Lists

Ah, it’s happened! After a full straight hour (or two) of refreshing this page, the cast lists have APPEARED! Thank you all for all your patience tonight!

If you were cast, congratulations! You’ll be hearing from your new directors soon, so stay tuned!

If you were not cast, our hearts go out to you. This is a hard, hard feeling to sit with, and there’s little we can say to stifle it. But please try to understand that this in no way means that you’re not a good actor; this semester’s audition pool was huge and full of amazing talent, and so this entire week’s process was extremely competitive. Even if you were cast, we absolutely want you to stick around—there’s still plenty for everyone to do with Stage Troupe.

Opportunities are still available for people wanting to act, tech, and/or produce!

First off, our Tech Meeting is this Saturday, 9/17, at 1:00PM in “The Space.” Even if you’ve never teched before, our team of techie Troupies want to show you the ropes (and lights, and lumber, etc.)! We at Stage Troupe thrive with the mantra “Learning by Doing.” This is a great time to learn something new and still be a part of our Stage Troupe family. Tech is a crucial part of the theatre, and we would be nothing without the help of our techies. Hop on down to the tech meeting, even if you’re on the fence, and see what you might be interested in!

Another opportunity you have to help run our shows is to PRODUCE! Producing consists of the marketing, promotion, and ticketing elements of theatre! As a producer, you can learn how to dabble in graphic design, format show programs, and have your work spread across campus to promote our Fall 2016 season! If you’re interested in producing, you can fill out a producer form and email it to our Treasurer, Andy Moeller, at moellera@bu.edu.

And remember, if you still want to act this semester, we’ll be providing details for our One-Acts and Monologues Festival later in the semester. The Festival will take place in December, and it will provide a whole bunch of new opportunities for you to act, tech, and produce!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition this semester. We were blown away by all the new faces and all the amazing talent you guys brought to the audition rooms. We can’t wait to see more of you all throughout the semester!


The Addams Family Musical:

Morticia Addams: Danielle Diamond

Gomez Addams: Evan Creedon

Wednesday Addams: Rachel Smith

Pugsley Addams: Cassidy Donohue

Lucas: Nathan Wilgeroth

Mal: Esiri Madagwa Jr.

Alice: Ellie Lavelle

Fester: Andy Moeller

Grandma: Tori Jones

Lurch: Dylan Herina

Ancestors: Gwyneth Codd, Connor Gallacher, HwaYoun Kang, Jamey Miller, Elliott Pope, James Robson, Faith Reed, Maggie Skaza


Stupid F%&king Bird:

Con: Zachary Prescott

Dev: Jordan DeFilippo

Emma: Mary Kate Heagerty

Nina: Olivia Wiles

Mash: Tori Mueller

Trigorin: John Kinde

Sorn: Eli Saracino


Come Back, Little Sheba:

Doc: Chris Kuiken

Lola: Lauren Linn

Marie: Meaghan Collins

Turk: Nick Staffaroni

Mrs. Coffman: Becca DeGregorio

Bruce/Milkman: Ryan Kelly

Ed/Messenger: Bradley Noble

Elmo/Postman: Sophia Pouzyrev

Fall 2016 Callbacks List

I know, I know. You’re gonna ⌘F your name and skip past this lil’ blurb. That’s cool—just make sure you scroll back up and read this once you’re done!

Did you get a callback? If so, congrats! Callbacks will be Thursday, 9/15, from 5:30PM – 10:00PM in CAS 312. You’re expected to arrive at 5:30 and stay for the entirety of the auditions.

If you have a conflict or decide to drop a callback, please email stage@bu.edu with the details of your scheduling conflict along with the names of the shows for which you were called back.
Also, if you haven’t paid your dues, you must get that done before you go in for your callback. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to audition!

Our deepest condolences go out to those who were not called back. This moment blows, but there are still plenty of fantastic ways you can get involved with Stage Troupe. First and foremost, you can come tech for us! Join us at our Tech Meeting, which will take place on Saturday, 9/17, at 1:00PM in our build space. You do NOT need to have any experience with tech in order to join our crews! Opportunities abound for both newbies and connoisseurs alike!

If you’re still really aching to put yourself up onstage, keep in touch with us so that you can stay up-to-date about our One-Acts and Monologues Festival in December.

We were so happy to see all of you at auditions this week, and we’d love to see each and every one of you throughout our Fall season!
(And, of course, BREAK LEGS to those who were called back!)

The Addams Family Musical:

Gwyneth Codd

Evan Creedon

Becca DeGregorio

Danielle Hope Diamond

Cassidy Donohue

Connor Gallacher

Sebastian Gallego

Dylan Herina

Kaitlyn Jones

Tori Jones

HwaYoun Kang

Ryan Kelly

Annalies Kleyheeg

Ellie Lavelle

Esiri Madagwa Jr.

Marcella Mazzenga

Jamey Miller

Andy Moeller

David Murauskas

Jenna Perlman

Elliot Pope

Eric Prochnow

James Robson

Faith Reed

Julia Rowley

Linda Seminario

Maggie Skaza

Rachel Smith

Sarah Sosland

Alex Wodsworth

Nathan Wilgeroth


Stupid F%&king Bird:

Hanna Anderson

Kendall Beach

Gwyneth Codd

Meaghan Collins

Evan Creedon

Jordan DeFilippo

Becca DeGregorio

Danielle Hope Diamond

Samantha Dooley

Mary Kate Heagerty

Kaitlyn Jones

John Kinde

Keira Leventhal

John Libby

Liam McParland

Idine Mousavi

Tori Mueller

Brandon Musick

Emma Parkinson

Zachary Prescott

Eli Saracino

Sarah Sosland

Nick Staffaroni

Olivia Wiles

Nathan Wilgeroth

Emily Zisko


Come Back, Little Sheba:

Meaghan Collins

Becca DeGregorio

Kaitlyn Jones

HwaYoun Kang

Ryan Kelly

Chris Kuiken

Ellie Lavelle

Lauren Linn

Marcella Mazzenga

Bradley Noble

Roberto Nunes

Sophia Pouzyrev

Alba Romero

Kailen Santos

Eli Saracino

Sarah Sosland

Nick Staffaroni

Maria Elisa Vallejo

Emily Zisko

Executive Board Notes 9/11/16

Show Check-Ins

  • The Addams Family
    • Directors: Lauren and Paulina
      • Had a creative team meeting
      • Got scripts!
      • Troupe now has a piano – Andy will help get it out of the workshop in time for auditions
      • Will have a side in addition to music auditions
    • MD: Daniel
      • Got the pit budget approved
      • Got an email from the keyboard programmer – he’s hesitant to contribute due to copyright issues, but it will all be settled by paying an extra fee
      • Found a violinist, still looking for a trumpet.
    • TD: Caitlin
      • Met with Taylor to work on set design
      • Needs to coordinate a meeting with the woman at Tsai
      • Met with Daniella at the creative team meeting. Wants to show her the space/set design she’ll be working with as choreographer
    • Producers: Zoe and Kobi
      • Made hard deadlines for the Warren poster, link table, etc.
  • Stupid F%&king Bird
    • Director: Conner
      • Hashed out audition and callback sides
      • The sheet music for the show is arranged and ready – comfortable teaching the music, but still looking around for someone to help
  • Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Directors: Taylor and Christy
      • Picked sides for auditions
      • Callback sides are in the works
      • Taylor has to be at work until 6 on Monday and will have to be late to callbacks.
      • Christy is trying to get out of a conflict during callbacks
      • Will bring in another person to sit in at auditions for line reading

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • The GM is tonight!
    • SPLASH went super well. Having techies around really helped exhaustive recruitment
    • No longer doing the performance showcase on Thursday
    • Met with Chris K. about Troupe/OB auditions. Things seem like they’ll go smoothly between the groups this week
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Got rooms for auditions. We’ll have to squat for one room on Wednesday, but everything else is sorted out.
    • Called facilities about opening KCB for the GM
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • We have signups for COMBAT. All groups have been emailed
      • Emailed call sheets detailing the entire COMBAT process, including a tech schedule for each group
      • We have Mugar for COMBAT rehearsal space
    • Made a game plan for the Ice Cream Social
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Had a meeting with Kobi and Zoe. Very productive!
    • Will contact SAO about the AB funding status
      • Looking to buy new lights if they pull through
    • Bought a keyboard for Troupe. We might look into making a rental agreement for it
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Emailed other groups about the t-shirt display – will make posts around social media to get Troupies to donate
    • Shakespeare Society contacted us looking to have our E-Boards meet. We’ll arrange something after all our auditions
    • SPLASH went extremely well. We got 203 signups, and they were all contacted about the GM
    • Made audition room signs
  • TA: Taylor
    • First tech meeting on Saturday! Excited to meet with everyone
    • New tech forms and TD app are up on the website – will post about it this week
      • Deadline to submit: 9/18, 11:59PM
    • Wish/want/need lists are gathered from all creative teams
    • Techstravaganza is in the works. Will meet with Camille about how to make it go smoothly.

Executive Board Notes 9/4/16

Summer Show Check-Out

  • Director: Joe
    • Uncooperative actors
    • Sydney did an amazing job, and SMs are critical for a process as long as Summer Show
    • We should coordinate more with BU to fill seats beyond the excursion. We should be a thing everybody doing summer staff sees, not just the excursion.
  • TD: Brittany
    • Congrats to everyone working on the show – it went well. Thanks to Sydney, Erin, and Taylor for representing Board and working on the show
    • The long time frame and the casual nature of summer made it difficult to get people to commit. Many people dropped and made the process difficult.
    • Would recommend having dates set in stone earlier on.
    • Doing the tech runs the day before performances got to be a lot – maybe only do runs in the first couple of weeks and then only do it again if necessary.
    • Thanks to Marissa, Jordan, and Tyler Armey for their commitment.
  •  Taylor
    • Please, never do sand again. Strike went well but took a long time because of it.
  • SM: Sydney
    • Actors didn’t respect the rehearsal process – hard to communicate with, and many failed to show up to rehearsal
    • As the summer wore on, the production’s energy got stale
    • The tech team did an amazing job and had a really solid experience and sense of community.
      • Communication and bonding are intrinsic parts of the show experience, and directors and TDs should be aware of their responsibility in setting the social tone.
  • Producer: Christy and Zach
    • The Q&A worked really well and should be kept for future shows
    • Got a sign-up list started
    • Social media promotion went well
    • Headshots should be tackled very early on; it was hard to get all the actors together at once
      • Headshots for both actors and tech might be something to look into
    • Maybe do more well known shows in the summer to attract more freshmen
    • E-Board needs a consistent expectation of what the show is – is this a show for freshmen or a promotion for Stage Troupe? If both, things should be restructured

Show Check-ins

  • The Addams Family
    • Director: Lauren and Paulina
      • Mostly blocked – reworking blocking around a new set design
      • Trouble getting in touch with Daniella
      • Is it possible to get an SM early on?
    • MD: Daniel
      • We need a keyboard for rehearsals
      • Most of the pit is secured, but we need a violinist and trumpeter
      • Talking about the pit budget – need a drum set. Will email Andy the quotes
    • TD: Caitlin
      • Has to redesign the set after learning some limitations
      • Would like to take the directors into Tsai so that everyone can understand the space they can work with
    • Producers: Zoe and Kobi
      • Have a loose timeline for the production process
  • Stupid F%&king Bird
    • Director: Conner
      • Things are going great!
  • Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Director: Christy and Taylor
      • Have a running list of wish/wants/needs for tech
      • Picked audition sides
      • Excited for Splash! and auditions

E-Board Check-ins

  • President: Danielle
    • GM 1 is Sunday 7:30PM in KCB 101!
    • Splash! is Saturday, 9/10
    • We are participating in the BU Fall Arts Fair
    • Got Stage Troupe buttons
    • Performance showcase on Thursday, 9/15. Will contact former “Window Husbands” cast for a revival.
    • Tech Meeting is at 1PM in The Space on 9/17
    • T-Shirt Display is still happening! If anyone has shirts from previous shows, give them to E-Board
    • Got an email from Wandering Minds asking us not to do One Acts in the Student Theater. Told them that the dates are set.
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Called facilities to get KCB unlocked in time for the GM
    • Worked with SAO about room reservations for GM 1, auditions, one-acts auditions, and BUSTies, but is having difficulty with audition rooms for Wednesday. Talking to them on Tuesday.
    • BUSTies is on 5/2 in Photonics
    • Will talk to directors about room reservations for rehearsals
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Met with Danny and planned out all special projects on a Google Calendar for the whole semester
    • Ice Cream Social on 9/17 at 3PM in the Theater! Planned with Maria from OB about inter-group involvement
    • COMBAT is 9/23 at 8PM. WM, OB, and Liquid Fun have all been confirmed to participate.
      • Due to the spontaneous nature of COMBAT, will ask for a brief synopsis of the performances to check for reason for trigger warnings
    • Corresponded with a Shakespeare Society Alum about the group’s involvement in COMBAT. Things did not go smoothly, but we still never got in contact with anyone who is currently in charge of Shakespeare Society.
    • Met with Maria from OB to compare calendars. Kickball is planned for 10/8 at 10AM. We’ve also been invited to the OB picnic.
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Looking into a Troupe keyboard
    • Got Kobi and Zoe for F&F Weekend producing
    • Worked with Nathan on merch survey over the summer. Crewneck sweaters will be available soon. But first we need to sell more t-shirts!
    • Needs to contact Shiney about F&F tickets.
    • Submitted the AB Funding form. Asked for money for lights, Warren posters, etc.
    • Looking for more businesses to help us with sponsorship and funding. (Possibly Insomnia Cookies?)
    • Will submit a producer feedback form for Summer Show and will continue to use them throughout the year.
    • Needs to check producer’s booth for what we need
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Facebook event for GM 1 went live today. Drafts for auditions, the tech meeting, Ice Cream Social, and Techstravaganza exist and are in the works
    • Made info sheets for Splash!, The Theater Now, and the Fall Arts Fair
      • Will need help with printing
    • Only the The Theater Now coordinator has responded – Nathan will promote Troupe on Monday, 9/12 in his class
  • TA: Taylor
    • We need to communicate clearer expectations for Summer Show.
    • Tech team solidarity should be emphasized more! It did great things during Summer Show. Tech feedback surveys were great and Brittany got great reviews as a TD
    • Assigned TD for Addams Family: Caitlin. Working on the set for it so that the wood order can be made
    • There is a fly problem in the Student Theater’s green room area
    • Will post tech form applications on social media around the time of Splash!
    • We should find a way to assess tech retention
  •  Eric
    • The new key arrangements will be dealt with next week
    • We need the Student Theater to be clean for SAO next week
    • The new amp was purchased, but unsure about what its current status is
    • No word from the Fire Marshall (no news is good news!)

Executive Board Notes 4/30/16

Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Did The Space contract ever make it into the hands of Baby Board?
  • VP: Alison
    • Had the GM
    • Constitutional amendment got passed
    • Called again to get the Theater lights and door fixed
    • Still working on the VP guide
    • Put in the order for graduation cords already – 21 seniors signed up
  • VPSP: Danny
    • BUSTies happened
    • Going to talk with Sydney when she gets back stateside
    • Fixed a lot of the VPSP guide – updated it and filled in missing information
    • Want to do Space signing with seniors on May 8th at 7PM
    • Will do senior picture after all school commencement
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Had to do a lot on the fly for BUSTies because attendance was much higher than usual
    • Going to fix a lot of the Treasurer guide
    • Have to make sure we get Stupid F%#king Bird rights – working on it
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Put the updated constitution on the website
    • Almost done with Secretary guide
  • TA: Jamie
    • EHS came and got all the empty paint. Still we need to schedule a separate time to pick up old batteries and appliances
    • Dumpster never got picked up from Space Cleaning; will email about it
    • Need sign ups for summer show; plan to have the list by Friday
    • Marisa sent us information for all the new lights and lighting supplies that we need.
      • Amazon list and ALPS information included
      • Will forward to Andy/Taylor
    • Got a list of stuff the Space needs from Space Cleaning
      • 3 inch screws
      • 5 gallons white paint
      • Painters’ tape and small brushes
    • Rentals that still need to be paid:
      • Willing Suspensions $370 – lights and pipe and drape
      • On Broadway $350 – lights for Spelling Bee
      • Wandering Minds $40 – furniture for Bent and She Kills Monsters

Summer Show 2016 Cast List

A huge thank you to all who came out and auditioned for Summer Show 2016 – especially in the midst of final projects, papers, and exams. Without further ado here is the cast list for Summer Show 2016, Finding the Sun.

Fergus: Kobe Yank-Jacobs; Ben Moll
Edmee: Becky Ittner
Henden: Evan Creedon
Cordelia: Lucy Gamades; Rachel Skalka
Gertrude: Grace Candan
Daniel: Chris Remillard; Conner Reed
Benjamin: Richard Von Itter
Abigail: Emily Gianvecchio; Tori Mueller

Please note that the roles that have multiple individuals cast are double cast to accommodate conflicts throughout the summer; there will be no understudy actors in this production.

If you were not cast, you can absolutely still be involved in Summer Show, as we’re still on the hunt for fabulous technicians and producers! If you’re interested in teching, email our Technical Advisor, Jamie Johannsen, at jamiejn@bu.edu. Looking for more of a budgeting/marketing type of gig? Email our Treasurer, Brittany Kamson, at bkamson@bu.edu.

Again, thanks so much to everyone who auditioned, and congratulations to those cast!

Executive Board Notes 4/24/16

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Would like to speak at the beginning of BUSTies
    • Met with Danielle
  • Vice President: Alison
    • Working on graduation cords – will handle purchasing them
    • Compiled and printed the amendments to Article 13 of the constitution
  • VPSP: Danny
    • Had four individual roasting meetings with people who couldn’t attend the workshop
    • PowerPoint for BUSTies is looking good. Hanna and Ali are doing great
    • SAAD committee responded, nominations are ready to go
      • Anyone who has questions or concerns are free to contact Danny directly
    • Approved requests for roast extensions (Monday or Tuesday at the latest)
    • Trophy heads are in
      • E-Board will assemble BUSTies trophies on Wednesday
    • Summer show auditions are Monday (4/26) and Tuesday (4/27) from 7:30 – 10pm in PSY B43
    • Ballots for BUSTies voting are printed. Absentee ballots are due by Monday at noon
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Picked up the Warren poster for One Acts
    • 31 tickets sold for BUSTies—everyone should buy tickets!
    • Still need to know the dates of Summer Show so that we can get show rights
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • About 60% of the way done with the Secretary guide – will be finishing it up soon
    • Sent out GM reminder email last night
    • Going to blast BUSTies and Summer Show auditions on social media – will be posted on the website sidebar, Twitter, and Facebook, and will be announced at the GM and in the GM recap email
    • Posted in the Facebook group about the nurse’s mental health presentation and got a solid response; emailed the presentation and instructions to those interested
  • TA: Jamie
    • Space cleaning went well and everything got done
      • All shows met the time requirement
      • Wishes that OB had come earlier to take apart their own materials. In the future, we should discuss having people who use the Space be involved in Space Cleaning
    • OB is going to help buy a new table saw
    • New lights/hair and makeup supplies are coming soon
    • Building the “Before I Die” wall on Monday at 6pm
    • Almost done with TA guide
    • Sharing the Space with OB was difficult this semester, so we separated things to help clear up confusion
  • President Elect: Danielle
    • Planning to decorate the producer’s booth with old Troupe t-shirts. Accepting donations!
  • Treasurer and Secretary Elect: Andy and Nathan
    • Met to plan next year’s new Troupe merchandise. Will release a Google Form in the summer to gauge membership interest



Executive Board Notes 4/17/16

One Acts Check-Ins

  • Director: Brittany
    • Very happy overall
    • One Acts is best when done in the theater
  • Director: Danielle
    • Highly recommends musicals for One Acts
    • MDs should have a separate piano player
    • The Student Theater is thus far the best place for One Acts
    • Actors are people before they’re actors—make sure they are allowed to eat before warm-ups
    • Actors should be respected at warm-ups and shouldn’t be forced to do anything they don’t want to do
  • Director: Karen
    • It was very fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
  • TD: Devika
    • Went really well
    • Left the Space open after strike for American Idiot
    • Left lights, two ladders, gel frames, and wrenches for the people who are in the Student Theater next
    • Suggests getting a new makeup kit (or 2) and new foundation
    • A lot of lights aren’t working and many gel frames are bent/not usable
      • Suggests the next show in the Student Theater should get a bigger lighting budget to fix what’s broken
    • Has space/theater keys and will arrange something with whomever needs to pick them up
  • SM: Alba and Caitlin
    • Felt disrespected by some directors
    • Frustrating to have people argue against inconvenient call times
    • People should commit to tech week as if it were a mainstage
    • Some second-semester seniors checked out and didn’t set a good example
    • Because more people take on unfamiliar tech roles with One Acts, they should communicate more and ask for help when confused
  • Producing: Brittany
    • Had a hard time producing and directing at the same time. Disappointed not to have had more people sign up/participate


E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Plans to meet with Danielle
    • Should look over contract with new board to recap the year and plan for next
  • VP: Alison
    • Tried to call someone to fix blue lights and slamming door, but got no response; will contact emergency facilities to get it done
  • VPSP: Danny
    • About to order 45 trophy heads for BUSTies, totaling about $130
    • Needs to set a date to make trophies with old/new Board (tentative: Tuesday, 4/26)
    • Will make a Facebook poll to see if the membership is interested in Troupe graduation cords.
    • Canceled SHOWcase due to conflicts and low interest
    • Had a successful roasting workshop and is offering individual meetings for BUSTies roasters
    • The audience really enjoyed One Acts, and the attendance was impressive
    • SAAD committee responses are overdue as of tonight
    • Sent out Nomination Committee poll—due Saturday 4/23
    • Tried to get information about the Summer Show timeline but didn’t get a response. Plans to reach out in-person, or Steve will contact someone
    • We should reserve a room in Photonics for next year’s BUSTies ASAP
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Will plan to make a detailed list for future Treasurers about everything they must do for BUSTies
    • Finally got all the Parent’s Weekend money back from SAO
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • In Las Vegas for the week – no check in
  • TA: Jamie
    • Courtney Bayruns sent us an explanation of what’s wrong with the sound board and how to deal with it
    • The dumpster has been reserved for Space Cleaning
    • American Idiot rented a lot of stuff, and they have been great to work with
    • A lot of lights are broken—plans to fix at Space Cleaning
    • Needs to find people to help build for Actively Moving Forward on 4/26
  • Eric
    • It will cost $200 to replace the amp in the theater
  • Paulina and Lauren
    • Got a choreographer for The Addams Family—Daniella Forero
  • Chris
    • Revised the amendment to the constitution according to E-Board’s requests


BUSTies 2016 Hosts and Fall 2016 Show Order

After seeing the presentations from two extremely impressive BUSTies hosting teams today, we are excited to announce that Alexandra Edwards and Hanna Anderson will be teaming up to host BUSTies 2016! Additionally, we have selected Abby Kass and Faith Reed to be the BUSTies Event Manager and Assistant Event Manager, respectively. Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 28th at 6PM in Photonics Room 906 because this is one night you certainly do not want to miss! Look out for the Facebook event soon!


Also, we decided the show order for our Fall 2016 season. It is as follows:

The Addams Family, October 21st, 22nd, and 23rd

Stupid F$&king Bird, November 3rd, 4th, and 5th

Come Back Little Sheba, November 17th, 18th, and 19th


Have a great night, Troupies, and we’ll see you all at our Spring 2016 One Acts, Monologues, and Musical Numbers Festival this Friday, April 15th, and Saturday, April 16th, at 8PM in the Student Theater at Agganis Arena!