Executive Board Notes 4/30/16

Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Did The Space contract ever make it into the hands of Baby Board?
  • VP: Alison
    • Had the GM
    • Constitutional amendment got passed
    • Called again to get the Theater lights and door fixed
    • Still working on the VP guide
    • Put in the order for graduation cords already – 21 seniors signed up
  • VPSP: Danny
    • BUSTies happened
    • Going to talk with Sydney when she gets back stateside
    • Fixed a lot of the VPSP guide – updated it and filled in missing information
    • Want to do Space signing with seniors on May 8th at 7PM
    • Will do senior picture after all school commencement
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Had to do a lot on the fly for BUSTies because attendance was much higher than usual
    • Going to fix a lot of the Treasurer guide
    • Have to make sure we get Stupid F%#king Bird rights – working on it
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Put the updated constitution on the website
    • Almost done with Secretary guide
  • TA: Jamie
    • EHS came and got all the empty paint. Still we need to schedule a separate time to pick up old batteries and appliances
    • Dumpster never got picked up from Space Cleaning; will email about it
    • Need sign ups for summer show; plan to have the list by Friday
    • Marisa sent us information for all the new lights and lighting supplies that we need.
      • Amazon list and ALPS information included
      • Will forward to Andy/Taylor
    • Got a list of stuff the Space needs from Space Cleaning
      • 3 inch screws
      • 5 gallons white paint
      • Painters’ tape and small brushes
    • Rentals that still need to be paid:
      • Willing Suspensions $370 – lights and pipe and drape
      • On Broadway $350 – lights for Spelling Bee
      • Wandering Minds $40 – furniture for Bent and She Kills Monsters

Summer Show 2016 Cast List

A huge thank you to all who came out and auditioned for Summer Show 2016 – especially in the midst of final projects, papers, and exams. Without further ado here is the cast list for Summer Show 2016, Finding the Sun.

Fergus: Kobe Yank-Jacobs; Ben Moll
Edmee: Becky Ittner
Henden: Evan Creedon
Cordelia: Lucy Gamades; Rachel Skalka
Gertrude: Grace Candan
Daniel: Chris Remillard; Conner Reed
Benjamin: Richard Von Itter
Abigail: Emily Gianvecchio; Tori Mueller

Please note that the roles that have multiple individuals cast are double cast to accommodate conflicts throughout the summer; there will be no understudy actors in this production.

If you were not cast, you can absolutely still be involved in Summer Show, as we’re still on the hunt for fabulous technicians and producers! If you’re interested in teching, email our Technical Advisor, Jamie Johannsen, at jamiejn@bu.edu. Looking for more of a budgeting/marketing type of gig? Email our Treasurer, Brittany Kamson, at bkamson@bu.edu.

Again, thanks so much to everyone who auditioned, and congratulations to those cast!

Executive Board Notes 4/24/16

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Would like to speak at the beginning of BUSTies
    • Met with Danielle
  • Vice President: Alison
    • Working on graduation cords – will handle purchasing them
    • Compiled and printed the amendments to Article 13 of the constitution
  • VPSP: Danny
    • Had four individual roasting meetings with people who couldn’t attend the workshop
    • PowerPoint for BUSTies is looking good. Hanna and Ali are doing great
    • SAAD committee responded, nominations are ready to go
      • Anyone who has questions or concerns are free to contact Danny directly
    • Approved requests for roast extensions (Monday or Tuesday at the latest)
    • Trophy heads are in
      • E-Board will assemble BUSTies trophies on Wednesday
    • Summer show auditions are Monday (4/26) and Tuesday (4/27) from 7:30 – 10pm in PSY B43
    • Ballots for BUSTies voting are printed. Absentee ballots are due by Monday at noon
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Picked up the Warren poster for One Acts
    • 31 tickets sold for BUSTies—everyone should buy tickets!
    • Still need to know the dates of Summer Show so that we can get show rights
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • About 60% of the way done with the Secretary guide – will be finishing it up soon
    • Sent out GM reminder email last night
    • Going to blast BUSTies and Summer Show auditions on social media – will be posted on the website sidebar, Twitter, and Facebook, and will be announced at the GM and in the GM recap email
    • Posted in the Facebook group about the nurse’s mental health presentation and got a solid response; emailed the presentation and instructions to those interested
  • TA: Jamie
    • Space cleaning went well and everything got done
      • All shows met the time requirement
      • Wishes that OB had come earlier to take apart their own materials. In the future, we should discuss having people who use the Space be involved in Space Cleaning
    • OB is going to help buy a new table saw
    • New lights/hair and makeup supplies are coming soon
    • Building the “Before I Die” wall on Monday at 6pm
    • Almost done with TA guide
    • Sharing the Space with OB was difficult this semester, so we separated things to help clear up confusion
  • President Elect: Danielle
    • Planning to decorate the producer’s booth with old Troupe t-shirts. Accepting donations!
  • Treasurer and Secretary Elect: Andy and Nathan
    • Met to plan next year’s new Troupe merchandise. Will release a Google Form in the summer to gauge membership interest



Executive Board Notes 4/17/16

One Acts Check-Ins

  • Director: Brittany
    • Very happy overall
    • One Acts is best when done in the theater
  • Director: Danielle
    • Highly recommends musicals for One Acts
    • MDs should have a separate piano player
    • The Student Theater is thus far the best place for One Acts
    • Actors are people before they’re actors—make sure they are allowed to eat before warm-ups
    • Actors should be respected at warm-ups and shouldn’t be forced to do anything they don’t want to do
  • Director: Karen
    • It was very fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
  • TD: Devika
    • Went really well
    • Left the Space open after strike for American Idiot
    • Left lights, two ladders, gel frames, and wrenches for the people who are in the Student Theater next
    • Suggests getting a new makeup kit (or 2) and new foundation
    • A lot of lights aren’t working and many gel frames are bent/not usable
      • Suggests the next show in the Student Theater should get a bigger lighting budget to fix what’s broken
    • Has space/theater keys and will arrange something with whomever needs to pick them up
  • SM: Alba and Caitlin
    • Felt disrespected by some directors
    • Frustrating to have people argue against inconvenient call times
    • People should commit to tech week as if it were a mainstage
    • Some second-semester seniors checked out and didn’t set a good example
    • Because more people take on unfamiliar tech roles with One Acts, they should communicate more and ask for help when confused
  • Producing: Brittany
    • Had a hard time producing and directing at the same time. Disappointed not to have had more people sign up/participate


E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Plans to meet with Danielle
    • Should look over contract with new board to recap the year and plan for next
  • VP: Alison
    • Tried to call someone to fix blue lights and slamming door, but got no response; will contact emergency facilities to get it done
  • VPSP: Danny
    • About to order 45 trophy heads for BUSTies, totaling about $130
    • Needs to set a date to make trophies with old/new Board (tentative: Tuesday, 4/26)
    • Will make a Facebook poll to see if the membership is interested in Troupe graduation cords.
    • Canceled SHOWcase due to conflicts and low interest
    • Had a successful roasting workshop and is offering individual meetings for BUSTies roasters
    • The audience really enjoyed One Acts, and the attendance was impressive
    • SAAD committee responses are overdue as of tonight
    • Sent out Nomination Committee poll—due Saturday 4/23
    • Tried to get information about the Summer Show timeline but didn’t get a response. Plans to reach out in-person, or Steve will contact someone
    • We should reserve a room in Photonics for next year’s BUSTies ASAP
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Will plan to make a detailed list for future Treasurers about everything they must do for BUSTies
    • Finally got all the Parent’s Weekend money back from SAO
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • In Las Vegas for the week – no check in
  • TA: Jamie
    • Courtney Bayruns sent us an explanation of what’s wrong with the sound board and how to deal with it
    • The dumpster has been reserved for Space Cleaning
    • American Idiot rented a lot of stuff, and they have been great to work with
    • A lot of lights are broken—plans to fix at Space Cleaning
    • Needs to find people to help build for Actively Moving Forward on 4/26
  • Eric
    • It will cost $200 to replace the amp in the theater
  • Paulina and Lauren
    • Got a choreographer for The Addams Family—Daniella Forero
  • Chris
    • Revised the amendment to the constitution according to E-Board’s requests


BUSTies 2016 Hosts and Fall 2016 Show Order

After seeing the presentations from two extremely impressive BUSTies hosting teams today, we are excited to announce that Alexandra Edwards and Hanna Anderson will be teaming up to host BUSTies 2016! Additionally, we have selected Abby Kass and Faith Reed to be the BUSTies Event Manager and Assistant Event Manager, respectively. Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 28th at 6PM in Photonics Room 906 because this is one night you certainly do not want to miss! Look out for the Facebook event soon!


Also, we decided the show order for our Fall 2016 season. It is as follows:

The Addams Family, October 21st, 22nd, and 23rd

Stupid F$&king Bird, November 3rd, 4th, and 5th

Come Back Little Sheba, November 17th, 18th, and 19th


Have a great night, Troupies, and we’ll see you all at our Spring 2016 One Acts, Monologues, and Musical Numbers Festival this Friday, April 15th, and Saturday, April 16th, at 8PM in the Student Theater at Agganis Arena!

Executive Board Notes 4/10/16

One Acts Check Ins

  • Director: Brittany
    • Did a run through today
  • Director: Danielle
    • The show looks good
    • Did a run today
    • Daniel Stocker will be accompanying – he will not be there this Wednesday so they will be using rehearsal tracks then
  • TD: Devika
    • Move-in was fast
    • Had rough runs of every show as well
    • Might get to do some programming tonight
    • Need to still figure out set changes
    • Some of the blue safety lights are not working in the theater
  • SM: Alba and Caitlin
    • Put up pipe and drape today
    • There was a “run of sorts” today
    • Paper tech is happening tomorrow at 5PM
    • Alba will be backstage during the show and Caitlin will call the show
    • Going to send out an email of the actors’ call time
  • Director: Karen
    • Monologuers are great
    • Jenna is sick but still doing very well
  • Producing: Brittany
    • Just shared profile picture and cover photo for One Acts
    • Doing headshots tomorrow
    • Warren poster is going up tomorrow


E-Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Do we have all of the show posters from this semester? – Yes, we will schedule
    • Trophy case for Producer’s booth will finally be researched
  • VP: Alison
    • Got an email from Joe McLaughlin about our sound system troubles
    • Ran Sound of Music Night with Karlie
    • Have Honor’s College Symposium during Space Cleaning – will miss it
    • Gave keys to Alba
  • VPSP: Danny
    • Will chat with Sydney on Skype in the coming weeks
    • Sent out emails about BUSTies yesterday
    • BUSTies Event Manager will be Abby Kass and Assistant Event Manager will be Faith Reed
    • Roasts are due to Abby Kass on Thursday, April 23rd at 8PM
    • Hosting a roasting workshop that will be on Satruday, April 16th from 3:30PM-4:30PM
    • Joe McLaughlin might have to miss some audition dates – going to inquire further
    • Tech for Summer Show will be decided post GM #5
    • Figuring out Tech Week for One Acts with the SMs – cancelled the Thursday run so the cast will be able to attend American Idiot
    • Capture the Flag went super well – something to be continued
    • Looking for 3 more people to roast still
    • Movie Night is the same night of Game of Thrones premiere – going to poll whether of not we will watch this or something else
    • Baby board needs to start thinking about E-Board superlatives
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • BUSTies Eventbrite is done
    • Going to get the poster for Play It Again, Sam
    • Have to pick producers for Summer Show
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Nursing program director reached out about using Troupies to read real life statements from individuals grappling with mental health for her presentations; emailed her and said we would love to help, and waiting on a response
    • Have to renew domain for the Stage Troupe website; Nathan will be doing this
    • ESA awards – we got 3 nominations, one of which we were the only group nominated, so we auto-won!
    • Won’t be at board next week
    • Made the One Acts Facebook event
    • Going to introduce Nathan to the press contacts that I built up this year
    • Need to make BUSTies Facebook event
    • Met with Nathan for the first time
  • TA: Jamie
    • Gave keys to Devika and to Caitlin for One Acts
    • Went through tech feedback surveys for Play It Again, Sam – people were mad about having two runs in one night during tech week
    • Karlie sent strike felon email to strike felons from this semester
    • Facilities fixed smoke detector in The Space
    • Environmental Health and Safety will come and pick up excess paint from The Space
    • A lot of Film and TV students have been approaching Jamie for props and costume pieces for their production classes – only really letting people who are Troupe members borrow things
    • Last night Wandering Minds could not get into their storage space so they left stuff at our Space overnight
    • OB built this week
    • Other theater groups need to tell us when they want us to take the Stage Troupe sign in the lobby of the Student Theater down so we can do it safely and put it back up correctly
  • Eric
    • Will collect keys from current E-Board officers on May 1st redistribute them to Summer Show
    • We should figure out our baby board and current board food gathering soon
  • Andy
    • Cody Sloan reached out to Andy about being the official videographer for next year

Executive Board Notes 4/3/16

Show Check Ins

  • Play It Again, Sam
    • Director: Daniella
      • Overall good experience – from before casting to the end of the show
      • TD and the producers have been great
      • Board needs to even more clearly delineate roles from the beginning – make this even more explicit
      • Make sure that techies visiting rehearsals tell the SM that they are coming in advance and to come on time so they do not disrupt rehearsal
      • Is there any way for us to ask SAO not to schedule rehearsals next to a cappella groups? It makes it very hard to stay focused during rehearsal
    • TD: Chris
      • Shortest strike he has ever been to – especially with having a set of that size
      • E-Board needs to tell directors the rules for strike more clearly
      • A lot of people were not respectful of him as a TD; felt that he needed to be more firm than other TDs
      • Advice for other TDs:
        • Be ambitious – take risks and try new things because we are capable of it
        • Be in constant communication with your creative team
        • Don’t be scared to be firm, especially at strike
        • Communicate with ATDs earlier
    • Producers: Paulina and Karen
      • OB American Idiot promotion did not affect ticket sales in absolutely any way
      • In the future, producers should delegate to assistants more
      • Sold out two shows and sold well on Thursday (50 something)
      • Expensive show; still need everyone’s receipts but we did well
      • Feel free to take risks with decorating the lobby – it certainly pays off
    • SM: Nicolette
      • There were some scheduling problems, so just send out a schedule early and make sure SM, directors, and actors are on the same page from the beginning
      • Memorization went really well and tech week was good, despite her stomach flu
      • Constant communication with ASMs is always good, because making them feel involved the entire time is vital for making the process go smoothly
  • One Acts and Monologue Festival
    • Director: Brittany
      • Had a rehearsal on Saturday – it was amazing
      • Have a cast bonding planned on Friday
    • Director: Brittany
      • Had rehearsals with Jenna Pearlman and Abby Kass
      • Already set up rehearsals for Joe McLaughlin and Jenna again
      • Really helpful to have the SMs
    • Director: Danielle
      • We have had 4 rehearsals
      • Music is completely learned – had a quasi sitzprobe today
      • Just need to block stuff with full cast and Katilyn
      • Has been super helpful to have Daniel as just an accompanist so she can focus on teaching the cast the music
    • Director: Emma
      • Had first rehearsal, have the rest of rehearsals planned out for the week
      • Actors are in a good spot to be off book by the deadline
    • SM: Caitlin
      • Learned how to make a Google calendar
      • Alba and Caitlin have both been messaging Alison for rooms
      • Lots of rehearsals are happening this week
      • Decided on the show order this week – it is flexible though
    • Producers
      • Just made the cover photo and poster
      • Brainstorming lobby ideas
    • TD: Devika
      • Can definitely be at both days of the show (it was previously in question)
      • Department meetings went well; will follow up this week and make sure everyone’s getting a move on – will look in the space with props and costumes soon
      • Might reach out to someone else about working on sound with Erin but not sure yet


E-Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Will be sending cast feedback form to Play It Again, Sam cast
  • Vice President: Alison
    • Got a lot of rooms for One Acts
  • VPSP: Danny
    • Sent out the nom com email to the directors
    • Made a Google form for all of nom com
    • Found out a lot about Saad committee this week; thank you to one of out past VPSPs, Celia
    • Talked to VPSP candidate, Sydney Charvat, this week about the position of VPSP
    • Idine will be accompanying Joe McLaughlin at One Acts Festival for his monologue
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Sent out producer feedback for Play It Again, Sam
    • Going to talk to producers of Glass about their feedback
    • Going to set up BUSTies event soon
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • butv10 piece on Glass came out on Thursday
    • The Daily Free Press emailed and asked about reviewing Play It Again, Sam – said that was ok and sent them production photos but they haven’t responded to follow up or posted the review; will follow up again
    • Made GM #4 Facebook event and sent out reminder email
    • Made ballots for E-Board elections
  • TA: Jamie
    • Went through tech feedback for Glass – much less negative feedback on tech for this semester compared to last semester
    • WM built in The Space this week; all was fine except they were not thrilled with having to halt build during Playwright’s Theater performances
    • Space Cleaning will be Sunday, April 24th at 12PM; ordered the dumpster
    • Sent out Play It Again, Sam tech feedback
    • Going to email strike felons to respective TDs
    • We need to address the speakers being broken in the theater ASAP
    • Fire alarm in The Space keeps beeping
  • Chris
    • Proposed amendment to Article 13 of the Constitution that further describes roles of Producer and Technical Director
    • Currently the Constitution does not reflect what actually happens in practice with these two roles

Executive Board Notes 3/27/16

Show Check Ins

  • Play It Again, Sam
    • Director: Daniella
      • Excited to see what happens when actors get onstage
      • Had a slight issue with costumes going into this week – figured it out
    • TD: Chris
      • Had build week and it was great
      • OB cleaned up The Space really well for us post-Bee
      • Had a challenging time with people dropping throughout the process – particularly affected costumes department
      • Might be good for us to have an incentive system in place so that people actually sign up for the GSU Link and Move-In
    • SM: Nicolette
      • Line notes have been a breeze – actors are totally on top of their lines
      • One of the ASMs is a little flakey – not sure how present they will be this week but we will see
    • Producers: Paulina and Karen
      • Photoshoot was very rough – everything that could have went wrong went wrong, but it ultimately turned out well
      • Profile videos are out
      • Started doing the lobby today
      • Karen is teaching assistant producer, Lauren, Photoshop
      • Called OO Shirts and cried and now the shirts will be in on time
  • One Acts
    • Director: Emma
      • Have yet to have a rehearsal but that’s because Nicolette is SMing Sam – things will kick into high gear next week
    • Director: Brittany
      • Had first read through with cast – in really good shape
      • Can’t really do anything this week because of Play It Again, Sam
    • Director: Danielle
      • Had a read through today and it was amazing
      • Planning on doing some rehearsals this week
    • Musical Numbers & Monologue Director: Karen
      • Scheduling rehearsals during the day this week
    • TD: Devika
      • Can’t be at Opening Night of One Acts because she is teching a non BU show
      • Going to meet with ATD Kevin after he gets back from Easter
    • Producer: Brittany
      • Sending Head Producer the guide because she has never produced before
      • Poster needs to be done by the end of this week
    • SMs: Caitlin and Alba
      • Had a meeting with Devika and Danny about what they will be doing throughout this process; they will be the liaison between each show’s directors and its actors in scheduling rehearsals and such
      • Will be emailing actors this week to get their schedules
      • Trying to figure out the responsibilities of each SM during tech week – who will be taking line notes, who will be backstage and who will be calling the show


E-Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Excited to elect Baby Board
  • VP: Alison
    • Constitution changes will be talked about in closed board
    • Mediated One Acts with Jamie
    • Gave keys to Play It Again, Sam
    • Got One Acts some rehearsal spaces
  • VPSP: Danny
    • Ordered the two sheet cakes for BUSTies
    • Brittany gave him list of all the seniors in Troupe and a BUSTies budget
      • Will be sending the non-dues paying seniors in Troupe an email asking them to pay dues in order to get roasts/attend BUSTies
    • Have to discuss Summer Show deadline – E-Board will read the show before next week’s GM so we can decide what we want to do
    • One Acts is cast and tech/producers are assigned
    • Order of One Acts in festival will be discussed tonight with Devika
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • We’ve only received ¼ of the Parents Weekend money from last year – need to talk to SAO to get the other ¾
    • Got the Glass poster from marketing department
    • It was extremely difficult to find producers for One Acts
    • Gave Danny the budget for BUSTies
    • Will make the EventBrite for BUSTies within the next week
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • butv10 piece on Glass will be released tomorrow, says Alexa from the outlet
    • Made Sam Facebook event
    • Started making Secretary guide for next year’s Secretary
  • TA: Jamie
    • Had problems with SAO delivering wood for Play It Again, Sam
    • Woman from SAO’s Excellence in Student Activities Awards reached out to Jamie about building a set for the awards; Jamie will make a set design for her and will help her build it alongside her team
    • Going to meet with Student AMF about the “Before I die…” project
    • One Acts tech lists are finalized; very difficult to make lists, per usual
    • WM is building in The Space next week and they are renting stuff from us
    • Spelling Bee needs to pay us back for the lights
    • Making a new TA guide

Spring 2016 One Acts, Monologues and Musical Numbers Festival Cast Lists

Thanks to everyone who came out to audition for our Spring 2016 One Acts, Monologues a and Musical Numbers Festival – we had some absolutely incredible talent walk through our doors! Go ahead and search for your name on the list!

If you got cast – congratulations! You’ll be hearing from your director very soon!

If you did not get cast – we know, this moment sucks. There’s no getting around it. But, there are still opportunities to get involved with Stage Troupe this semester! If you’re interested in doing tech for the Spring 2016 One Acts, Monologues and Musical Numbers Festival we offer positions in every tech department. To do tech for One Acts, kindly email our Technical Advisor, Jamie Johannsen, at jamiejn@bu.edu. If you’d like to try your hand at producing for One Acts, shoot an email to our Treasurer, Brittany Kamson, at bkamson@bu.edu. Thanks again to everyone who came and auditioned and we hope to see you at the One Acts, Monologues and Musical Numbers Festival on Friday, April 15th and Saturday, April 16th at 8PM!


Controlling Interest

Jack: Nick Staffaroni

David: Alicia Giannetti

Steven: Chris Remillard

Brad: Shane O’Connor

Ashley: Becca DeGregorio

Bethany: Sam Kinde


Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Dr. Horrible: Nathan Wilgeroth

Captain Hammer: Victor Kholod

Penny: Kaitlyn Jones

Moist/Male Anchor: Danny Ehrenpreis

Bad Horse #1/Female Anchor: Karlie Fitzgerald

Bad Horse #2/Hammer Groupie #1: Victoria Jones

Bad Horse #3/Hammer Groupie #2: Faith Reed

Mayor/Hammer Groupie #3: Andrew Moeller


Post-its (Notes on a Marriage)

Actor: Kobe Yank-Jacobs

Actress: Nicolette Forsey-Smerek



Paulina Ke

Abby Kass

Joe McLaughlin


Musical Numbers

Jenna Perlman

Executive Board Notes 3/20/16

Show Check Ins 

  • The Glass Menagerie Check Out
    • Director: Victor
      • Everyone is happy
      • First time directors need to be very open to accepting help and vulnerable to the process
      • Good mix of professionalism, fun and seriousness throughout the process
    • TD: Caitlin
      • Gave keys back to Jamie
      • This time slot is hard (weekend after Spring Break) – no way to guarantee how many people will be at move in; people will inevitably have to double up on roles
      • Need to clean up the workshop – paint cabinet particularly
      • One of the strike felons is pitching a show for the Fall 2016 season – just an FYI
      • When doing a period piece, make sure that crew has resources to really understand that specific period and make sure tech is appropriate
      • Maybe don’t rig things to the electrics – very difficult to put up and take down
      • Directors need to be urged to not complete thank you notes during strike
    • Producer: Emma and Andy
      • Ticket numbers: Saturday sold out, Friday sold 65 tickets and Thursday sold 33 tickets
      • Communication between creative team and producers is necessary and was definitely not a problem on Glass
      • Only problems arose because of timing, post Spring Break
      • In the future, producer application needs to have dates on it to ensure that producers can fully commit to a show and can be held accountable for being at tech week
      • Definitely should get things done as far in advance as possible
    • SM: Alison
      • Show happened and everything went really well
      • Assistants were amazing
      • Victor was great – very communicative, inquisitive, and a pleasure to work with
  • Play It Again, Sam
    • Director: Daniella
      • Had a lot of individual rehearsals this week – ready to go into full runs during the coming week
      • Tech people will be at full runs this week
      • Had a line through when they returned from Spring Break – went unbelievably well
      • Might have a guest director this week
    • SM: Nicolette
      • First line through went really well
      • This week was mostly character work
      • Next week will be run throughs
    • TD: Chris
      • Build week is this week
      • Going to pick up wood order from Home Depot tomorrow
      • Build will be 6PM-10PM every night except Wednesday which will be 6:30PM-10PM
      • Move in will start at 11AM this coming Sunday – some crew members will be missing it due to Easter, but they will manage
    • Producers: Karen and Paulina
      • Poster, cover photo and digital poster are done
      • Digital poster is up
      • Christy came up with some really cool ideas for the lobby
      • T-shirts are ordered – unsure if they will come in on time
      • Went to SAO and most packages are in, a few are missing though
      • Going to distribute GSU link sign up
  • One Acts
    • Director: Brittany
      • Picked the sides for auditions already
    • Director: Danielle
      • Zoe is busy because she is producing Spelling Bee this week
      • Want to be able to accommodate Spelling Bee actors and crew – they can audition any time that is convenient for them
      • Still deciding whether or not they want to have auditionees sing from the show or not – leaning towards not from the show
    • Monologue and Musical Number Director: Karen and Daniel
      • Meeting on Monday to talk about what they’re looking for in auditionees


E-Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Received two late pitches after the second deadline had passed – accepted them, but only one pitch was submitted on time
  • VP: Alison
    • Need to get facilities to make the theater doors not slam and find out if they empty the new recycling bins
    • Had a lot of trouble with the sound system during The Glass Menagerie – need to think about seriously evaluating sound system in the theater; coordinating with Joe McLaughlin on it
    • Had a meeting with SAO with the rest of the theater community about scheduling the fall semester
  • VPSP: Danny
    • Reading Committee worked out
    • One Acts and the director of monologues and musical numbers have all been chosen
    • For the first time we are mounting One Acts that we need to pay royalties for
    • SHOWcase was really good and focused on One Acts
    • Sign ups for BUSTies and roasts begin be on April 3rd
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Going to send out Producer feedback for this show
    • Have shirts, stickers and cookies for tonight’s GM
    • Have to pick producers for One Acts soon because they will have to design a Warren poster
    • Need to pick up The Glass Menagerie poster from BU Marketing tomorrow
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Coordinated with butv10 reporter, Alexa, this week – she came to Tuesday night of tech week and filmed b-roll of the show, backstage and interviewed cast, crew and E-Board members – piece will be coming out sometime this week
    • Need to make the Play It Again, Sam Facebook event either tonight or tomorrow
    • Still need to make The Space rules poster still
    • Will upload Glass production photos to Flickr and Facebook this week
  • TA: Jamie
    • Spelling Bee used the space this week but did not do so correctly
      • They are cleaning up today
      • They are in the theater this week; need to do the lights rental contract
      • Had to clarify how keys work with TD of Spelling Bee, Taylor
      • Spelling Bee is borrowing furniture and 2 flats; equal exchange for flats and platforms that we are using for Play It Again, Sam
    • In the future, TDs will have to rent a Uhaul truck and pick up their wood orders from Home Depot because it is to difficult and unpredicatable to navigate SAO’s new system
    • Made the TA application – posted on the website
    • Play It Again, Sam will be building this week – they are ready
    • Sending Karlie tech feedback form for The Glass Menagerie to distribute to crew
    • Want to help out Actively Moving Forward make a “Before I Die…” wall – will reach out to AMF liaison; Karlie will try to pitch this story out
    • Willing Suspensions will be renting lights April 17th – 23rd
    • Wandering Minds wants to rent for BentApril 3rd – 9th
    • MC and TD of Play It Again, Sam were safety trained in The Space today – they are ready for build week
    • Worried about putting together a One Acts crew; currently see no one who is interested in being TD for it
    • Did the tech feedback for Dog Sees God – feedback was unanimously that TD and ATD were incredible leaders, and everyone really had a good time in the process