Executive Board Notes 3/26/17

Show Check-Outs

  • Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Director: Cassidy
      • Everything went very, very well
      • Tech week was incredibly smooth. Couldn’t have asked for a better process this week
      • Such a large cast—all of whom are important—is difficult to work with. There was a large time crunch with scheduling, which unfortunately imposed upon rehearsal length and creating a friendly and casual dynamic
      • Suggests putting something on audition forms to indicate whether people are auditioning for multiple groups/willing to be double-cast
      • Ariana was a stunning SM
    • SM: Ariana
      • The show went really well, and the actors were incredibly communicative during tech week
      • Twelve cast members were a lot to work with. Large casts should have larger SM teams
      • Rachel was a fantastic ASM. She may want to ASM another show if she isn’t comfortable herself, but she is definitely capable of being a head SM
    • TD: Sam
      • Build was completely finished by Monday night, and lights finished very quickly
      • Cassidy had great ideas for tech. It was also helpful to run the knife prop over and over again
      • Francis is more than ready to be a TD. He was very attentive and efficient
    • Producers: HwaYoun and Andy
      • Very excited to have sold out two shows
      • Emma is ready to head produce. She is now very informed on the financial side of producing
      • It’s recommended to establish a solid standby system for sold-out shows
      • Producers should always ask the director what they may have in mind for producing. It’s great to be on the same page with the producing vision
      • Producers should absolutely communicate with the TD far ahead of time
      • Still need to do a few SDRs

Show Check-Ins

  • The Fantasticks
    • Ellie
      • Rehearsals are going well!
      • Searching tirelessly for a pit
      • Very excited. Both the cast and crew are great
    • SM: Rachel and Chrissy
      • Met with Erin to solidify the plans for tech week
      • Getting sound and lighting cues organized
      • Hard Off-Book is Monday
    • TD: Devika
      • Everything is looking really good right now. Just waiting for one more prop and a couple of set dec. things
      • Should be finished with build by Tuesday
      • Techies have been told to go to rehearsals
      • So far, only one person is unable to go to move-in
    • Producer: Brittany
      • Headshots, poster, and cover photo are live
      • Going to SAO to submit the Warren Poster tomorrow
      • Now that Jurors is done, the assistants are very available to help out
      • Programs, flyers, GSU Link, and lobby plans are in the works and will be figured out this week
      • The Snapchat is going really well. Will be posting “Get to Know the Cast” blurbs until the show
      • Shirts and stickers have been delivered
      • Concerned with the two-show weekend, but hopefully tickets will sell well

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Talked to people regarding pitches and E-Board elections
    • People who are thinking about pitching/running for Board can greatly benefit from talking to E-Board Members
    • Shout-out to Daniel Stocker for stepping in and playing the piano for The Fantasticks’ performance at the TodayTix Event.
    • The production board in the lobby of the Student Theater should be maintained and kept professional for when productions are actually happening
  • VP: Erin
    • The SAO inter-theatre group got pushed back to 4PM on Wednesday
    • Got an email from Wandering Minds wanting to talk about future planning
    • Went to a Fantasticks rehearsal and met with the SMs to prepare them for tech week
    • Reserved rooms for the Showcase auditions
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Got awesome feedback about the new Reading Committee structure
    • Asked people to join the SAAD Committee
    • Still needs directors for the Showcase
    • Had a few people drop BUSTies Roasts, but nevertheless filled in the gaps
    • Talked to Andy about setting up a BUSTies budget
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Still needs to calculate the God of Carnage money
    • Will fill out tax forms at SAO
    • Will be ordering makeup with the help of Abby Kass’ wish list
    • Needs to call Home Depot
    • Will be picking up god of Carnage and Twelve Angry Jurors posters this week
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Promoted Jurors on social media
    • Made some updates in the Secretary guide after catching on to some helpful publicity strategies (additional hashtags, etc.)
    • Published Facebook event for Stage Troupe Theatre Showcase Auditions
    • Published The Fantasticks event and updated the “What’s On Stage Next” links
    • Submitted The Fantasticks to the Daily Free Press, ArtsBoston, and General BU calendars
    • Still waiting on the go-ahead from the God of Carnage producers to post production photos. Jurors photos are ready and will soon follow.
  • TA: Chris
    • Jurors strike was very smooth, and Sam was phenomenal
    • The cast was extremely active in strike
    • Used some of the Fantasticks’ build budget to buy some
    • Coordinating with OB for the double tech week coming up
    • The new lights from AB Funding are hopefully coming in time for The Fantasticks
    • Wandering Minds was great to work with while coordinating their Space usage
    • The workshop needs extra care during Space Cleaning this semester

General Meeting #3 Recap

Spring Has Sprung!

Okay, not exactly, but the sun isn’t setting at 4PM anymore, so I call that a win.
Anyway, hey! Thanks to all of you who came out to GM3—your attendance has greatly influenced the FUTURE of STAGE TROUPE. Whoa whoa whoa, that’s fun, huh? If you couldn’t make it to the meeting, no problem! We’ll still keep you updated. Here’s all that went down:
Fall 2017 Season
After a fun round of pitches, we are incredibly excited to announce the Mainstage Productions for our Fall 2017 Season!
The Flick
Written by Annie Baker
Directed by Lucy Gamades
Speech and Debate
Written by Stephen Karam
Directed by Sarah Sosland
Congratulations, directors! We’re so excited to see more of what you have planned for the upcoming semester!
We will be re-opening pitches for our Family & Friends Weekend Show. If you are interested in pitching for F&F, please submit your pitch at 111 Cummington Avenue, Room B17, by Friday, March 24th, at 4PM!
E-Board 2017-2018 Nominations
We held formal Executive Board nominations for the 2017-2018 academic year! Here are the nominees thus far:
Christopher Remillard
Vice President
Evan Creedon
Cassidy Donohue
David Murauskas
Vice President of Special Projects
Abby Kass
Kobi Kassal
Andy Moeller
Lucy Gamades
HwaYoun Kang
Voting for the Executive Board will take place at our Fourth General Meeting on Sunday, April 2nd, at 7PM in The Student Theater. The candidates will have two minutes to deliver a speech, followed by a brief question-and-answer period for each position.
Remember, you must be present at the meeting in order to cast your vote! Additionally, you can still be nominated! Have another member nominate you and another to “second” the nomination at GM4 itself, and you will be entered into the election. If you are in the running, or are considering going this electoral race, you are both welcome and highly encouraged to reach out to the current E-Board Member holding the position you’re after!
Our Technical Advisor position is selected differently than the rest of the E-Board, as it includes filling out an application and sending it in for review. Those interested can reach out to the current TA, Christopher Remillard, at chrisre@bu.edu for information. The TA Application will be due on Wednesday, April 12th!
Spring 2017 Theatre Showcase Auditions
We’re gearing up for Stage Troupe’s new Theatre Showcase, which will take place on April 21st and 22nd at 8PM in the Student Theater! If you have a monologue, musical number, or short scene that you and/or a friend would like to present in the Showcase, we want you to audition! You don’t need to be completely off-book or performance-ready in order to audition. And, of course, if you want to perform but don’t have any song or scene in mind, reach out to us, and we’ll try to help you find something!
Auditions will be held on March 27th and 28th from 6-10PM. Keep your eyes peeled for a Facebook event and announcement of the location! We hope to see you there!
Summer Show 2017 Pitches
Will you be in Boston this summer? Looking to direct a show that could greatly influence both BU’s and Troupe’s first impressions to incoming freshmen? You should pitch for Summer Show! If you’re interested, please fill out a Summer Show pitch form by Monday, April 3rd, at 4PM. Make sure you ffill out the form, seal it in an envelope, and drop it off at Eric Jacobsen’s office in 111 Cummington Avenue, Room B17.
BUSTies 2017 Hosts
Move over, NPH. Stage Troupe has our hands on the best award-show hosts anyone could ask for. We’re excited to announce that Lucy Gamades and Christopher Remillard are teaming up (surprised?) to host of this year’s BUSTies! This, one of our favorite events of the year, will be on Tuesday, May 2nd, at 6:30PM. Mark you calendars; you won’t want to miss the hosts, the roasts, the ghosts (will there be ghosts? You’ll have to show up to find out.)!
Upcoming Production
HOLD UP! We have a show this weekend! Don’t forget to come back down to the Student Theater this week for our next Mainstage Production!
Twelve Angry Jurors
Directed by Cassidy Donohue
March 23rd, 24th, & 25th at 8PM
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena
$8 General Admission, $7 Stage Troupe members
Have a great start to your week, Troupies, and we’ll see you all at Twelve Angry Jurors this weekend! In the meantime…
Like our Facebook page
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Follow us on Twitter and Instagram
Visit our website
Don’t slip on the ice (no, reallyI’m, like, insanely bruised),

Nathan Wilgeroth

Boston University Stage Troupe

Executive Board Notes 3/19/17

Show Check-Ins

  • Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Director: Cassidy
      • Steve was a fabulous guest director
      • Everyone is extremely prepared for tech week
      • Move-in was smooth. Managed to run a lot of potential issues with tech, and everything worked well
    • SM: Ariana
      • Move-in went really well
      • The crew is fantastic
      • Call will be 6PM all week
    • TD: Sam
      • Build week went so well (especially considering the failed/delayed wood order)
      • Noticed some things that could be bought for the Space—Twelve’s budget can help contribute to a new clothing rack and some new white paint for fire-proofing
      • Thank you to everyone for being flexible and dealing with the Home Depot issues
      • Move-in went really smoothly; all problems were solved extremely quickly
    • Producers: HwaYoun and Andy
      • The cover photos and profile pictures will go up today
      • A Snapchat geofilter will be available at the GSU this week
      • Programs are finished and should be printed tomorrow
      • The Warren poster is going up tomorrow
  • The Fantasticks
    • Director: Ellie
      • The producing team is incredible
      • Still dealing with some scheduling conflicts, but the cast as a whole has been great to work with
      • The music sounds gorgeous
    • SM: Rachel and Chrissy
      • Soft off-book went very well; the actors are way ahead of the game
      • Hard off-book is this week
    • TD: Devika
      • Having a Tech Meeting today
      • On the same page with most departments, but still needs to meet with set dec.
      • Hair & makeup and costumes are going really well and really stepped up for the photo shoot today
      • Will be doing a Home Depot run for paint on the 26th
    • Producer: Brittany
      • Photo shoot went really well today
      • Shirts are set and will be ordered soon
      • Stickers will arrive soon
      • The Snapchat account for the show is going well—recommended for future Producing teams to implement

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Talked to incoming freshmen interested in Troupe
    • Reserved rooms for the Fantasticks photo shoot and set up the lights
    • The TodayTix Event will be next weekend. Great networking opportunity for anyone to be a part of
    • Talked to people about pitches
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Reading Committee went very smoothly
    • Edited the VPSP Guide
    • Met with BUSTies event managers
    • Going into SAO this week to coordinate the room arrangement in Photonics
    • Contacted Eric and Steve for information about the Saad Committee protocol
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • The wood order for Twelve was a bit of a mess, but everything is sorted out. Will be contacting Home Depot for a refund
    • Got deposits from the God of Carnage Will calculate the money raised by the end of next week
    • Looking to coordinate a fundraiser with Cane’s
    • Looking for companies to reach out to for donations
    • Needs to upload the God of Carnage video
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Published Twelve event; continually posting the producers’ videos on the event’s feed
    • Submitted Twelve to the Daily Free Press, ArtsBoston, and General BU calendars
    • In touch with a prospective Secretary
    • Still waiting for the go-ahead to publish the God of Carnage production photos
  • TA: Chris
    • Move-in went incredibly smoothly. Sam Curley is a spectacular TD
    • Trying to get the AB funding lights sorted out this week
  •  Steve
    • Guest directed for Twelve

Executive Board Notes 3/12/17

Show Check-Ins

  • Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Director: Cassidy
      • Dan Leary was an incredibly helpful guest director
      • The cast seems very prepared to open in two weeks
    • SM: Ariana
      • Met with all the cast members to run lines, so hard off-book is going fabulously
      • The producers have done an amazing job
    • TD: Sam
      • Everything tech-wise is in pretty good shape
      • As much of the crew as possible went to runs of the show. The vision is clear and consistent among the crew
      • Going into build week. Today’s tech meeting went very well, and everything looks prepared for the big week
      • Wood order got delayed, but everything should come in tomorrow
    • Producers: HwaYoun and Andy
      • Assistants are phenomenal
      • Promotional material is rolling out
      • The wood is ordered (kinda)
      • SAO has been difficult to work with
      • HwaYoun is developing a snap filter and stickers
      • Cover photo and Warren poster are finished
      • Shirts are ordered
      • Headshots are edited
  • The Fantasticks
    • Director: Ellie
      • Kicking fight choreography into full gear this week
      • Wants to discuss swords with Francis—flimsy plastic is disconcerting from a combat perspective
      • The music sounds beautiful, and James and the cast have been working incredibly hard
    • TD: Devika
      • Having department meetings with everyone this week
      • Going to rehearsals was extremely helpful
      • Production photo shoot will be on Sunday—hair & makeup and costumes wants to go to The Space this week
      • Going to have a tech meeting on Sunday
      • Needs to meet with both Ellie and James regarding tech concerns
    • Producer: Brittany
      • Snapchat filter is ordered for the week of the show
      • Shirts are ordered
      • Stickers are ordered and should be here tomorrow
      • Needs a photo shoot room (hopefully in COM) for Sunday
      • Looking to reserve a spot for the GSU link
      • The cover photo is ready to go
      • Assistants have been busy, but everything is going extremely well so far

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Worked with the TodayTix representative and arranged for Fantasticks to perform at a theatre networking event
  • VP: Erin
    • Called facilities and asked for help fixing the ceiling tile/doorknob in the Theater
    • Picked up packages at SAO
    • Will meet with SAO on Friday as per request
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Thanks to people who signed up for Reading Committee
    • Pitches are due tomorrow
    • Finalized roasters/roastees
    • Sent out an email to BUSTies event managers to help plan
    • Hoping to go into SAO to discuss the room arrangements in Phototonics
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Dramatists apparently never received the payment for Contacted SABO to get their payment taken care of.
    • Will go into SAO to finalize
    • Producing this semester has been incredible. Very happy with the producing direction Troupe has been going on
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Hoping to get access to all Carnage photos to post on Facebook and Flickr
    • Created GM3 Facebook event and sent email reminder
    • Updated “What’s On Stage Next” links to direct to Twelve’s Facebook event
  • TA: Chris
    • The Home Depot wood order was incredibly frustrating. They will hopefully do an emergency delivery tomorrow. Regardless, Twelve’s build
    • There were a couple of fire code violations in the OB corner of the Space. Unsure of how it happened, but reached out to Cami anyway.
    • Willing Suspensions has the Theater this week. They are renting lights from us, but they’ve been unable to get the board to work. Reached out to skilled lighting designers for help
    • Picked up packages from SAO with Erin
  •  Eric
    • Needs to coordinate pitches and SAAD nominations with Sydney
    • Will be in Denver for BUSTies, but Steve will handle everything else

General Meeting #2 Recap

Forward MARCH

We’re nearly there, Troupies. A much-needed, very refreshing, my-goodness-please-hurry-up-and-get-here-already Spring Break is just around the corner! We believe in you all—pound your way through this week, and then relish in your well deserved minute to breathe!
Thanks to everyone who came out to our second General Meeting! If you weren’t able to make it, that’s no biggie! Below is a recap of all the important dates n’ details that we reviewed! Read up, folks, there’s a lot you don’t want to miss.
Fall 2017 Season Pitches
It’s nearly time to start selecting our season for next semester! If you are interested in directing next semester, please fill out a Family & Friends Weekend pitch form or a mainstage pitch form. Pitches will be due to our faculty advisor, Eric, on Monday, March 13th, at 4PM. Fill out the form, seal it in an envelope, and drop it off at 111 Cummington Avenue, Room B17
Summer Show 2017
We’re also accepting pitches for our Summer Show, which will be presented to incoming freshmen at Orientation this summer! If you are interested, please fill out a Summer Show pitch form by Monday, April 3rd, at 4PM.
Reading Committee
Everyone in Troupe is an integral part in the way this group runs, and we greatly value your input! One way you can help influence the upcoming season and have your voice heard is by participating in Reading Committee! As members of Reading Committee, you will be able to learn about one of the shows pitched for the Fall and help review how fit it would be for a Stage Troupe production.
If you’d like to contribute, please email scharvat@bu.edu stating your interest! 
Spring 2017 Stage Troupe Theatre Showcase
This semester’s One-Acts & Monologues Festival is changing its structure! Instead of producing a set of One-Acts with directors, full tech, etc., we will be holding our first Stage Troupe Theatre Showcase! If you have a monologue, musical number, or short scene that you’d like to perform by yourself or with friends, you’re welcome to audition to be part of the show! Auditions will be held on March 27th & 28th from 6-10PM (don’t worry, we’ll remind you later, too). We hope this new format will keep the end of the semester as stress-free (but as fun-filled) as possible!
BUSTies 2017
Don’t forget! If you’re interested in roasting a senior at this year’s BUSTies, please email scharvat@bu.edu saying who you’d like to crucify (with love, of course) before Spring Break!
GM3: Fall 2017 Voting & E-Board Nominations
GM3 is gonna be extremely important, and your attendance is critical the future of Stage Troupe and next semester’s season! At GM3, all the prospective directors who are pitching for the Fall will present their visions and answer questions raised by the Reading Committee. All the present, dues-paying members will then vote on the mainstages that will be put on in the following semester! You must be present in order to vote on the season, so make sure you join us!
In addition to show voting, we will also begin nominations for next year’s Executive Board. We will open up the floor for anyone to nominate somebody whom they believe would fulfill an E-Board position well (people may not nominate themselves). Should that person choose to accept the nomination, they will be in the running for elections at GM4 in April!
If you are interested in being on E-Board, we highly encourage you to come sit in on our weekly E-Board meetings and to chat with the person who currently holds the position you’re after. We would love to fill you in on what to expect as a potential Board member!
GM3 will be on Sunday, March 19th, at 7PM in the Student Theater. We hope to see many of you there!
Upcoming Production
While there’s a lot of planning to do in preparation for next semester, we can’t forget about the great season that has only just gotten started! Make sure you see our next production coming later in March!
Directed by Cassidy Donohue
March 23rd, 24th, & 25th at 8PM
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena
$8 General Admission, $7 Stage Troupe members
Stay tuned for a Facebook event and ticket information!
WOWZA. So many things! So many details! Thanks for staying tuned! If you have any questions whatsoever about anything whatsoever, never hesitate to email stage@bu.edu or reach out individually to any of us on E-Board! Otherwise, we’ll be updating you throughout this month on social media as each of the above dates approach. If you’d like to keep up with us, make sure you:
Like our Facebook page
Join our Facebook group
Follow us on Twitter and Instagram
Visit our website
Have a super-wonderful-amazing-awesome Spring Break, everyone! You’ve worked hard, and you’ve done well. I’m proud of ya.

Nathan Wilgeroth
Boston University Stage Troupe
stage@bu.edu | bustagetroupe.com

Executive Board Notes 2/26/17

Show Check-Out

  • God of Carnage
    • Directors: Erin and Maggie
      • Everyone seemed really happy with the show overall
      • Really great experience. Everything went so smoothly
    • SM: David
      • The actors were very cooperative and on-time to every call
      • Julia was an amazing ASM. If she would SM One-Acts, she would be ready to SM a mainstage
    • TD: Brian
      • Build week was a lot of fun
      • Shout-out to Sydney and Nathan for being such supportive E-Board members
      • SM should check-in with TD to schedule tech runs
      • If future TDs have difficulty contacting their crew via email, it is very effective to text them directly
      • During move-in and strike, it is much more efficient to ask specific people to do specific things than simply to ask for volunteers
      • ATD Sophia was absolutely amazing. She felt more like a co-TD than an ATD. She is ready to TD a mainstage
      • We need a new barrel and/or dolly for the Space
    • Producer: Elle
      • Sold around 30 tickets on the first day, 45 on the second, and 56 on the last day
      • Adapted well to the marketing aspect, but not so well on the budgeting side
      • Really enjoyed working on this show

Show Check-Ins

  • Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Director: Cassidy
      • Only had 3 rehearsals this week due to conflicts, but things are going great
      • Dan Leary is coming to guest direct on Monday
      • Cast is very close to being completely off-book
      • Doing full runs every rehearsal
    • SM: Ariana
      • It’s been difficult to deal with last-minute conflicts
      • The cast is working very hard to get off-book
      • Met with producing team. Should be done by the end of next week
    • TD: Sam
      • Every department is doing really well, especially costumes; they got a head start because of the photo shoot
      • Set design is ready. Will be sitting down with Chris to make cut lists
      • Had a tech meeting today
      • Will have the wood order in this week
      • More notice for character headshots would have been better for the costumes department. It was stressful to get costumes prepared for headshots in time
    • Producers: HwaYoun and Andy
      • Finished cast photo shoot. Character headshots are done
      • Promo videos will be done this week
      • T-shirt design is finished
      • Bio/shirt form will be sent out soon
      • HwaYoun is almost done with the Warren poster, which will be submitted before Spring Break
  • The Fantasticks
    • Director: Ellie
      • Things are good
      • Had a combat rehearsal today
      • Tech is coming to see rehearsals this week
    • SM: Rachel and Chrissy
      • Everything is going really well
      • Planning out how to work with the new script
    • TD: Devika
      • Build, lights, and set design will be coming to rehearsal to plan their designs around Ellie’s blocking
      • Everything will hit the ground running after Spring Break
    • Producer: Brittany
      • Will confirm t-shirt designs this week
      • Hoping to confirm due dates for other designs and cast photo shoots at the upcoming producers’ meeting this week
      • All plans should be settled so that everything will be ready to go after spring break

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Spoke to a lot of members to clarify the upcoming pitching process
    • Everything appears to be minimally stressful as a whole
    • Meeting with Carly from TodayTix this week
  • VP: Erin
    • Reached out to the SMs for Jurors and Everyone says things are going smoothly
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Charity Show went extremely well. Communication with Girls’ LEAP has been difficult
    • Noticed some falling ceiling tiles in the Student Theater
    • Met with Shiney James to talk about Summer Show plans. Will reach out to her once the show is decided
    • Will be accepting pitches for everything as of tonight
    • Will be contacting the seniors who will be roasted to confirm that they want to be involved
    • Anyone who wants to roast a senior should contact scharvat@bu.edu before Spring Break
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Fixed the Eventbrites for every show so that sales don’t get cut off an hour before they begin
    • SABO has taken a very long time to process Small Dollar Reimbursements. Will reach out to them to get things moving
    • Needs to check in on the Amazon order from last week
    • Will be getting a recording of God of Carnage from Elle soon
    • Will look into a new trashcan and dolly for the Space
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Published GM2 Facebook event
    • Promoted God of Carnage on social media
    • In contact with Tori, who took production photos. God of Carnage’s photo album should be up within the week or at some point during Spring Break
    • Updated the “What’s On Stage Next” links on the website, Twitter, and Instagram
    • Will send out GM2 Recap email this week
  • TA: Chris
    • VagMo and Carnage had strike at the same time. Everything was extraordinarily efficient, and Taylor was very flexible and great to work with
    • Brian did a fantastic job as TD. Agrees that Sophia is ready to be a TD in the future
    • Will try to access AB funding for the new lights


  • Abby and Dylan
    • The hair and makeup kit needs to be replaced. Looked into prices for a replacement (~$40-$50)
    • Makeup brushes also need to be replaced. Troupe should get new [cheap] ones every year for sanitization purposes
    • Willing to chip in for new supplies with the current mainstages’ budget

Executive Board Notes 2/19/17

Show Check-Ins

  • God of Carnage
    • Directors: Erin and Maggie
      • Just had the first run in the Theater
      • Everything is going so, so well!
    • SM: David
      • Everyone is completely off-book
      • Today’s run went extremely well
      • The show is about 1 hour and 10 minutes
      • Call time will be 6PM throughout the week
    • TD: Brian
      • Moved in today. Everything was very efficient
      • Everything was moved in and set up within the first three hours
      • Call time is noon tomorrow
      • ATD has been amazing to work with
      • Got a piece of art donated from Olivia Williams for set dec. It would be a great idea to continue reaching out to CFA students for donations
    • Producer: Elle
      • All marketing materials are finished
      • T-shirts have been delivered
      • The poster is going up this week
      • Programs have been printed
      • Will be decorating the lobby this week
  • Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Director: Cassidy
      • The show is fully blocked, and the cast has run through the entire show twice since finishing blocking
      • The show is fully blocked, and the cast has been able to run through the entire show twice since blocking
      • Everyone is really starting to have a sense of their characters. Character meetings have been very constructive
      • This is the first full week with a complete cast. Things are infinitely better in terms of collaboration and professionalism
    • SM: Ariana
      • Very excited to have been able to run through the show
      • Conflicts are starting to die down
      • Hard off-book on Thursday; everyone is doing well in terms of lines
    • TD: Sam
      • Set design is in progress
      • Props and set pieces (combs and a water jug) have been ordered
      • Costumes have been phenomenal. Went to rehearsal and got approval from Cassidy
      • Talking about getting some of the crew to rehearsals
    • Producers: HwaYoun and Andy
      • Headshots begin tomorrow. Working on scheduling a second date for those with conflicts
      • Haven’t spent much money
      • Promotional materials are in the works
  • The Fantasticks
    • Director: Ellie
      • We have scripts! A huge thank you to everyone who made it happen
      • Rehearsals have been fantastic (ha ha ha)
      • Everyone has been working so well as a team
    • SM: Rachel and Chrissy
      • Scheduling rehearsals for the week; will email the cast soon
      • Connecting with the TD and Ellie for future photo shoot dates
    • TD: Devika
      • Held most department meetings this week. More have been scheduled for Tuesday
      • Took a lot of tech notes and reviewed a to-do list with Ellie
      • Will be sitting in on rehearsals soon
    • Producer: Brittany
      • Had another producer meeting; assigned different tasks to each member
      • Have preliminary ideas for every design
      • Set tentative dates for photo shoots and a promotional video

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Filled out a mid-year review survey from SAO
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Reached out to Girls’ LEAP again and still have not gotten a response
    • Made an Amazon Wish List of things we need for the Theater, Space, etc.
    • Added more to the VPSP guide about Reading Committee and Pitches
    • People who want to roast someone should email scharvat@bu.edu before Spring Break
    • Reached out to Shiney James on Monday to discuss the upcoming Summer Show. No response, but will follow up on Monday
    • Pulling shows from the Play Library to have available for prospective directors
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Needs to buy a bulletin board. Purchased things from the Amazon Wish List, including a vacuum (thanks, Summer Show!), gloves, etc.
    • Fantasticks scripts are in, and rights are all paid for
    • Talked to Chris and Dylan Herina about getting new makeup and a new makeup kit
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Published God of Carnage Facebook event
    • Registered God of Carnage on the ArtsBoston, Daily Free Press, and General BU calendars
    • GM2 Facebook event will come out this week
    • Carly from TodayTix is looking for a member of Stage Troupe to help represent the BU community in New England’s first “Next Generation” event, which connects industry professionals and college theatre groups (Danielle is open to joining)
  • TA: Chris
    • OB rented the cyc and projector
    • For 20-Minute Musical, OB submitted a security deposit. Worked with SAO to make the collaboration go smoothly
    • The Playwright’s Theater matinee performance interfered with VagMo’s build time, so the Athena Players have gotten another time scheduled
    • God of Carnage build week was great. Brian was really well organized.
    • The leak in The Space is still in question
    • All the oil-based paint has been picked up
    • Will make moves on getting the source-four lights with AB Funding
    • Not certain about whether the Fire Inspection happened. Everything should be up-to-code regardless
    • Will not be voting for BUSTies hosts; recently applied as a contender

Executive Board Notes 2/12/17

Show Check-Ins

  • God of Carnage
    • Directors: Erin and Maggie
      • Cast is getting along extremely well
      • Sydney was super helpful as a guest director
      • Actors are off-book
      • Doing full runs
      • Met with Elle for headshots
      • Met with costumes, props, and set department heads
    • SM: David
      • Soft off-book yesterday went very well. Most, if not all, lines are memorized
      • Rehearsals are scheduled all the way through move-in
      • Call times for tech week will be 6:00, and actors are doing their best to eliminate conflicts for the last two weeks of the show
    • TD: Brian
      • Had department meetings this week. They were a little rocky, but things are going to move forward
      • Has now met with every department—feels okay about where everything is
      • Build week begins tomorrow. It shouldn’t be too stressful. Hoping to be done before Friday
      • Sat through a run and really enjoyed it
      • Talked with Sofija about getting CFA artist friends to donate their art to the show
      • Met with props—the vomit seems to be in good hands (gross)
      • Recommendation: People who have never been TD/ATD can be a competent TD with the help of a supportive TA, but the time crunch of working on the first show of the season doesn’t give them the time to get the hang of the position
    • Producer: Elle
      • T-shirts are finished
      • Headshots are almost complete
      • The order for the poster is in
      • Cover photos will be finished sometime this week
      • Collecting cast and crew bios
  • Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Director: Cassidy
      • Rehearsals are going well.
      • It has been difficult to block the show because cast members are failing to show up to rehearsal without letting the SM know in advance
      • Apart from the new conflicts and absences, everything else has been going smoothly
    • SM: Ariana
      • Reviewed blocking for Acts I and II, so now the entire cast is up to speed
      • Soft off-book is tomorrow, and hard off-book is next week. Actors seem to be very comfortable with the lines
      • Had an ASM drop, but Rachel Rex has offered to step up and take her place
      • Actors are coming up with new conflicts without warning ahead of time
    • TD: Sam
      • Met with Francis and Cassidy to discuss tech vision
      • The shared folder on Google Drive is proving to be very efficient. It helps everyone be able to look at the same document during tech meetings to avoid confusion
      • Had a tech meeting today and established goals of what to work on going forward. Got to check in with most departments, including producing
    • Producers: HwaYoun and Andy
      • Met with all three assistants on Saturday and delegated specific roles to each of them
      • Set deadlines for the promotional material, t-shirts, bios, etc.
      • Received a full budget breakdown and contacted department heads with their budgets
      • In contact with the SM about scheduling the photo shoot. It will probably be divided into multiple nights due to scheduling conflicts
  • The Fantasticks
    • Director: Ellie
      • Rehearsals are going well. Blocking and character work are moving quickly
      • Very impressed with the cast/crew’s enthusiasm
      • It’s been tricky to block without physical scripts, but everyone’s making it work
    • SM: Rachel and Chrissy
      • Everything is going well
      • Scheduling has been going smoothly, and the cast is getting consistent rehearsal updates each week
      • Splitting up and alternating character/blocking notes
    • TD: Devika
      • Had first tech meeting today. Some departments didn’t show up
      • Scheduled some department meetings
      • May or may not have a tech meeting next week—seeing how department meetings go first
      • Hoping to meet with James soon
    • Producer: Brittany
      • Set up a meeting with assistants for this week
      • Will read the script this week

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Congrats to Tech Show
    • Contacted directors and advised them to cancel rehearsals on the snow day
  • VP: Erin
    • Got rooms reserved for Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Trying to get the Theater reserved for a day or two for God of Carnage
    • Got an email from Wandering Minds’ VP about scheduling an inter-theatre group meeting
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Assassins has ended (Elina Kent is the winner—long live the Queen!)
    • Tech Show went really well. There was a great turnout for the midnight show, but the 8PM performances had a lower overall turnout than previous years
    • Guest directed God of Carnage on Tuesday
    • Tried to contact Girls’ LEAP via email, but have yet to receive a response. Will try to email/call them this week
    • BUSTies: seniors who want to get roasted and anyone interested in hosting should email scharvat@bu.edu by Monday at 11:59PM
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Went to SAO—figuring out the scripts issue with The Fantasticks
    • Met with all the producers. Everything seems to be going really well
    • Trying to find and set deadlines for them
    • Will order a vacuum for the Student Theater
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Sent out reminder email for GM2
    • Promoted Tech Show
    • The God of Carnage Facebook event will be ready to go up once the Eventbrite link is live and the cover photo is finished
    • Made further additions to the Secretary Guide
  • TA: Chris
    • Tech Show—Freaky Friday—was so much fun. It was a great bonding experience for everyone involved
    • Sydney was incredibly supportive and led another successful special project
    • Carnage build week is coming up. Brian is very on top of everything and is doing a great job
    • Playwrights is in the theater above the Space this week, so build will stop by 7:30 on Thursday and Friday
    • The Vagina Monologues is building later this week
    • OB has the Theater this week
    • Working on getting lights through AB funding
    • A Stage Troupe E-Board alumnus will be at OB’s Arts panel on Monday. People should come!

Second General Meeting Reminder (and more!)

Howdy, Troupies! Happy snow day! We hope this storm allows you to be safe, rested, and fully caught up on New Girl and This is Us. 

Here are a few things to keep on your radar in the world of Troupe:

BUSTies Hosts n’ Senior Roasts
Ever dreamed of hosting the Tonys, only to realize that Neil Patrick Harris basically has the job lined up for him every year until 2054? Settle for less and host this year’s BUSTies! If you’re interested in being the fun face for our annual awards show, please email scharvat@bu.edu by 11:59PM on Monday, February 13th with your name (and, if applicable, your co-host’s name) and a short pitch explaining why you’d be the best host(s).

SENIORS! We know you want to get dragged through the mud by your closest friends. If you want to get roasted at BUSTies, please email scharvat@bu.edu by 11:59PM on Monday, February 13th. If you don’t contact Sydney, you won’t be able to be featured in everyone’s favorite part of BUSTies!

General Meeting #2
Our second GM of the semester will be on Sunday, February 26th, at 7PM in CAS 313! Mark your calendars—at this meeting, we’ll be finding out how much money we will have raised with Charity Show, and then we’ll hear about all the Fall 2017 pitch processes that everyone—even those not pitching—will want to know about! Keep your eyes peeled for an event on Facebook!

Upcoming Shows
We have two spectacular productions coming just around the corner! Hop on over to the Student Theater this month for Troupe’s first shows of the season!

Tech Show 2017
Friday, February 10th, at 8PM and Midnight
Saturday, February 11th, at 8PM
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena
FREE admission
Facebook Event

Charity Show: God of Carnage
Thursday, February 23rd at 8PM
Friday, February 24th at 8PM
Saturday February 25th at 8PM
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena

$8 for general admission; $7 for Stage Troupe members

We hope to see you all there!

Heads Up! Fall 2017 Pitches
Mainstage and Family & Friends Weekend show pitches will be due on Monday, March 13th, at 4PM. We will, of course, give you all the details you need to know at GM2, but we wanted to give you all a good warning! If you have any questions about the pitching process in the meantime, or are curious about what it’s like to direct in Stage Troupe, feel free to contact us!

Social Media
You can stay in the Troupe loop by following us on social media!

Like our Facebook page
Join our Facebook group
Follow us on Twitter and Instagram
Visit our website

Thanks for bearing with me, friends! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email stage@bu.edu! Now go cuddle up with a bowl of soup and enjoy the rest of the snow day!

Executive Board Notes 2/5/17

Show Check-Ins

  • God of Carnage
    • Directors: Erin and Maggie
      • Rehearsals have been going well; made it through the whole show
      • The new creative team has been great to work with
    • TD: Brian
      • Had first tech meeting today
      • Setting up department meetings for the upcoming week
      • Build week is next week
    • Producer: Elle
      • Finished poster
      • Booked the space for the GSU Link
      • Nathan made Google Forms for T-Shirts and Bios
      • T-Shirt design is almost finished
    • SM: David
      • Soft and hard off-book dates are set. Actors are on top of their lines
      • Made rehearsal schedule all the way up to tech week
      • Added an act break to make things easier for tech
  • Twelve Angry Jurors
    • Director: Cassidy
      • The entire show is cast! Re-auditions did not go well; only two people showed up. Happy with results regardless
      • Rehearsals have been going well
      • Two acts fully blocked
      • Character meetings have been going well
      • Soft off-book next week
    • SM: Ariana
      • Blocked all the way through act two
      • In contact with new ASM
      • Rehearsals are scheduled through the next two weeks
    • TD: Sam
      • Had first tech meeting today
      • Everyone on tech has been added to a Facebook group
      • Created a Google Drive folder to share among the entire tech crew
    • Producers: HwaYoun and Andy
      • Met with Cassidy to talk about the producing vision
      • Set dates for everything, including headshots
      • Will hopefully meet with the entire producing team this week
  • The Fantasticks
    • Director: Ellie
      • Still don’t have scripts, but read through the show with the outdated script
      • Had first stage combat rehearsal today
      • Everyone is really excited and ready to work on the show, especially those who are new to Troupe
    • TD: Devika
      • Met with Ellie to get on the same page about the tech vision
      • Will have first full tech meeting next week
    • Producer: Brittany
      • Met with the producers and Ellie to do some preliminary talk about the show and the vision
      • Have dates/deadlines set for everything
      • Will be reading the script and meeting with the producing team again after tech show
    • SM: Chrissy and Rachel
      • First rehearsal is tomorrow
      • Have tentative rehearsal schedule for the week

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Talked to directors, creative teams, etc. to see what help can be offered throughout their show processes
  • VP: Erin
    • Met with all the SMs to go over the general stage-managing procedures
    • Working on reserving rooms for Twelve Angry Jurors
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Assassins is going well. Only four people are left alive
    • Nearly have all the money in from Assassins
    • Raised over $400 in cash (not including the Venmo exchanges from the auction)
    • Will update the VPSP guide about the TA Event
    • Charity show seems to be going really well
    • February 13th is the due date for BUSTies Host pitches as well as the date for senior to sign up to be roasted
    • Will meet with SAO to talk about the Photonics room arrangements in for BUSTies
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Raised $656.24 at the TA Event—All this money will be going directly to Girls’ LEAP itself
    • Needs to set up a meeting with producers
    • Will be sending out budget details to all the producers tonight
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Announced the casting call for Twelve Angry Jurors.
    • Reached out to OB, Wandering Minds, and Shakespeare society, specifically, to let them know about the auditions. Also posted a link in the Class of 2017 Facebook Group
    • Updated every Current Season page with all new cast members
    • Promoted the TA Event, also reaching out to the BU Theatre community
    • Created Facebook event for Tech Show
  • TA: Chris
    • Tech lists are finalized. It was a big challenge filling certain positions. There are 48 techies filling 72 positions
    • SMs were tough to gather, but everything has been sorted out
    • TAs need to be ruthlessly optimistic about tech lists; there
    • Had tech meetings for Twelve and TDs are going to do extremely well
    • Had Tech Show rehearsals all week. Move-in was incredibly efficient
    • Call this week is at 7PM
    • OB has the Theater next week for 20-Minute Musicals. Will let them into the Theater so that they can get acquainted with the projector