Executive Board Notes 12/4/16

Show Check-Ins

  • 10 Minutes to Save the World: HwaYoun
    • Actors are not off-book, which is causing a lot of problems with character work
    • Will employ some new strategies to help people get off-book
    • Actors have a lot of conflicts, but will be having a run before call on Monday
  • Jimmy the Antichrist: Brian
    • Actors seem confident in their roles and lines
    • Everyone is wonderful to work with
  • Pappa Pia: Lauren and Paulina
    • Had two full runs after move-in today
    • A little shaky, but everything will come together after a few runs
  • Monologues: Maggie and Erin
    • Have only met with two of the three monologue performers
    • Those who have met seem very confident in their lines and performances
  • SM: David
    • Move-in went incredibly quickly
    • Made it to at least one rehearsal for every show this week
    • Nearly every actor showed up, but some tech people are missing
    • Sam and Sydney helped out so much
    • The runs of the shows went fairly well, and many are almost completely off book
    • Current run time is a little over an hour
    • There are a lot of actor conflicts
  • TD: Sam
    • Everything is coming together
    • The lighting board needs attention. Will be the first thing assessed tomorrow
    • Pappa Pia’s boat is finished
    • Transitions are done
    • Props and set decoration are all taken care of
  • Producers: Sydney and Nathan
    • Met with assistants and assigned tasks
      • Andy created the cover photo and is working on individual profile pictures
      • Nathan and Erin are working together on the program
      • Sydney will be taking production photos
    • Will be decorating the lobby on the afternoon of 12/6

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Had another meeting with Chris from OB. Ironing details out for next semester
    • The E-Board just met with Wandering Minds this afternoon to plan efficient communication next semester
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Got rehearsal rooms for HwaYoun
    • Emailed Room Res, and still can’t get access to reservations
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • One-Acts move-in went very smoothly
    • The Last Five Years left a lot of things unfinished from their strike
    • Nomination Committee is ready to roll
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Still deciding charity for Charity Show
    • Doing a Large-Scale Event Planning workshop tomorrow
    • Submitted AB Funding request this week
    • The SAO Training Tracker did not mark completed trainings
    • The knob on the producer’s booth door is still broken
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Sent out TA application announcement. Still accepting applications until Friday
    • Published Facebook event for One-Acts & Monologues
    • Will be sending out a GM #4 reminder email tonight
    • Working on event for GM #4


  • Brian
    • Went to hazing training on behalf of E-Board. Very informative





Announcement: Stage Troupe Technical Advisor Resignation

Dear Stage Troupe membership,

It pains us to say that, due to personal reasons, our lovely Taylor Tessitore has decided to resign from her position as Technical Advisor for the 2016-2017 academic year. Despite these sad circumstances, we’re so happy to hear that she is pursuing a fulfilling new opportunity, and we invite her nevertheless to remain an active, truly valued member within Stage Troupe.

We are now accepting applications for the Technical Advisor position for the Spring 2017 semester. If you’re interested in taking on this role, please fill out an application and submit it to stage@bu.edu by 11:59PM on Friday, December 9th. Our Vice President, Erin Billings, will review the applications and confer with the rest of the Executive Board to appoint our new TA.

We will present our decision to the membership at our General Meeting on Sunday, December 11th. In addition to BUSTies voting, we’ll also ask for a majority vote in favor of the new Technical Advisor. If our potential new TA has 2/3 of the membership’s approval, they will join our E-Board for the following semester. We’re excited to see who we’ll be taking in as part of our team!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a member of the Executive Board or send us an email at stage@bu.edu.

Executive Board Notes 11/27/16

Show Check-Outs

  • Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Directors: Christy and Taylor
      • GM #3 hindered a lot of the show’s move-in
      • Guest directors were extremely helpful
      • Co-directors are great for time management and efficiency
      • Casting a diverse range of people helped attract a big, unique audience
      • Improv exercises and discussions about the text greatly improved the actors’ performances overall
      • Having over-the-top, melodramatic runs of the show kept the material from getting stale for the actors
    • SM: Alba
      • Working with the creative team was great
      • When there are multiple directors, it is important to sit down and figure out a plan for how to run rehearsals without both creative leaders present
      • Time got away from us due to the careful attention paid to the sensitive material of the show. Time should be set aside for dealing with heavy material, but too much can detract from overall productivity
      • Please do not double cast. Rehearsals had to start far too late in the night
      • Stage managing for One-Acts is not a sufficient prerequisite for head SMing a mainstage
      • ASMs were extremely helpful, though not fully prepared to head SM yet. They unfortunately weren’t given enough training, but they should be prepared after another semester as assistants
      • To keep strike from starting too late, someone should decide an allotted amount of time that is appropriate for actors to greet guests in the lobby. Too much visiting kept strike from starting efficiently
      • Cast and crew pictures should happen on the second night rather than on the same night of strike
    • TD: Cami
      • Had a great time working on the show with Taylor and Christy
      • The crew was spectacular, especially Kevin and Sophia, the ATDs
      • Sophia was extremely confident and could be considered to be a head TD
    • Producers: Lauren and Paulina
      • We need a more efficient system for handing out comp tickets to people on the tech crew. The current system doesn’t guarantee that techies will be able to see the show, so the system would be helped if we reverted back to last year’s system.
      • The Student Theater vacuum isn’t working. We should look into buying a new one.
      • Though we didn’t sell out any night, we sold fairly well overall.
      • The show was well under budget
      • The directors were great to work with. They had clear ideas for promo materials but were still open to exploring others
      • There is one shirt left over that had been requested but never paid for
      • Will give shirt money and keys to Andy this week

Show Check-Ins

  • 10 Minutes to Save the World: HwaYoun
    • Due to conflicts with The Last Five Years tech week, the first rehearsal has been scheduled for Saturday
    • Asked actors to get off book as much as they can before rehearsal on Saturday
  • Jimmy the Antichrist: Brian
    • Met with cast and had a full read-through
    • Soft off book will continue through this week. Hard off book is on Saturday
    • Starting blocking this week
  • Pappa Pia: Lauren and Paulina
    • Held a read-through last weekend but only had a few cast members show up
    • Creating a schedule for this week’s rehearsals
    • Meeting with Sam Curley Monday night
  • Monologues: Maggie and Erin
    • Emailed all the performers about meeting to rehearse but have only received one response
    • Hope to rehearse with everyone this week
  • SM: David
    • Plans on attending a few rehearsals this week
  • TD: Sam
    • Techies have the scripts for all the shows
    • Meeting with all the directors tomorrow to discuss tech visions
    • Sent an email to the whole team asking them to schedule department their meetings this week
  • Producers: Sydney and Nathan
    • Working on a potential title for this season’s festival name
    • Will be reaching out to assistants about when to meet

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Chatted with potential future directors and gave advice about how to direct
    • If people have questions about the ins and outs of directing, they are open to ask any E-Board Member
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Got rooms reserved for Jimmy the Antichrist
    • Will post in the Facebook group to ask other One-Acts directors about their rehearsal room needs
    • Paint spilled on the rug during Sheba strike
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • There was a low turn-out for One-Acts auditions, but everyone seems happy with their casts
    • Erin was awesome at getting rooms reserved for auditions and rehearsals
    • Waiting for charity idea submissions and sign-ups from seniors for the Senior Divas Showcase
    • Made a Facebook group for everyone involved in One-Acts and tried to add as many people as possible (if you have not been added to the group and should have been, please email Sydney at scharvat@bu.edu)
    • Sent an email to One-Acts directors offering help if help is needed
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Not doing an Eventbrite for One-Acts due to past complaints
    • Picked producers for One-Acts
    • Submitted rights for Jimmy the Antichrist
    • Set up Orgsync event for One-Acts
    • Reached out to Erin and Maggie about the charity process for Charity Show
    • Seeing AB Funding staff to ask for funding
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Got production photos for Will need to compress the files before uploading them to Facebook and Flickr
    • Still waiting on Addams production photos
    • Updated website dates and information
  • Eric
    • BUSTies voting will be on December 11th
    • Only two more E-Board Meetings left for the fall
    • Has the contract for Avenue Q. Will be applying for rights with the proposed dates as April 6-8


Fall 2016 One-Acts & Monologues Festival Cast Lists

Thanks to everyone who came out to audition for our Fall 2016 One-Acts & Monologues Festival! It was a fun two nights for everyone, and we’re so excited to have seen you all come out to audition!

If you got cast, congrats! Please send an email to scharvat@bu.edu with your availability and contact information, because some of you didn’t fill out your audition forms!

If you did not get cast, let us offer you our condolences. This is always a rough moment, but we promise that there are still opportunities to get involved with Stage Troupe this semester! If you’d like to tech for the Fall 2016 One-Acts & Monologues Festival, you totally can! Don’t worry about your skill level or tech experience—Troupe is all about “learning by doing,” and One-Acts is the perfect, casual opportunity to try something new! To do tech for One-Acts, shoot an email to our Technical Advisor, Taylor Tessitore, at ttess@bu.edu. If you’d like to try your hand at producing, you can email to our Treasurer, Andy Moeller, at moellera@bu.edu. Thanks again to everyone who came to audition! We hope to see all your bright n’ shiny faces at the One-Acts & Monologues Festival on Friday, December 9th, and Saturday, December 10th at 8PM!


10 Minutes to Save the World

Bridgett: Arielle Kimbarovsky

Jim: Willa Pisarski

Alien: Chrissy Sardano


Jimmy the Antichrist

Jimmy: Evan Creedon

Colin: James Robson

Denise: Emma Parkinson

Joyce: Kayla Richardson

Frank: Esiri Madagwa Jr.

Aunt Cathy: Alba Romero


Pappa Pia

Sam: Dylan Herina

Bill: Elliot Pope

Harry: Adam DeAngelo

Sophia: Maggie Skaza

Dina: Cassidy Donohue

Tanya: Rachel Smith

Rosie: Lara McCallister



Hanieh Hosseini

Michelle Sandler

John Kinde

General Meeting #3 Recap


A huge thanks to everyone who came out to this month’s general meeting! You all played a huge part in deciding the future of Stage Troupe, and I’m so glad to know that our Spring 2017 season will consist of shows that best reflect our membership’s interests.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, no worries! We’re a busy bunch, us BU students, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all stay informed. So if you missed out on Sunday’s GM, or if you want a little refresher, here’s your recap:

Spring 2017 Season Announcement

The membership has spoken! By popular vote, the Spring 2017 season has been decided and will be as follows.

Charity Show: God of Carnage
Written by Yasmina Reza
Directed by Maggie Skaza and Erin Mc Sweeney

Twelve Angry Jurors 
Written by Reginald Rose
Directed by Dan Leary

Avenue Q 
Written by Jeff Whitty, Robert Lopez, and Jeff Marx
Directed by Ellie Lavelle

Congratulations to our future directors! Here’s to a fascinating Spring season!

Fall 2016 One-Acts & Monologues Festival

It’s nearly time for our Fall 2016 One-Acts & Monologue Festival, which will be on December 9th and 10th at 8PM! The Festival will consist of the One-Act plays listed below as well as a selection of monologues and musical numbers, directed by Maggie Skaza and Erin Mc Sweeney, respectively.

10 Minutes to Save the World
Written by Addy Davies
Directed by HwaYoun Kang

Pappia Pia
Written by Lauren Casabona
Directed by Lauren Casabona and Paulina Ke

Jimmy the Antichrist
Written by Keith J. Powell
Directed by Brian Rollins

Auditions for our Fall One-Acts & Monologues Festival are THIS Monday and Tuesday, 11/14-15, from 6-10PM. You only have to come to one of these days, and you can show up and audition at any time throughout the 6-10 timeframe. 

If you are auditioning for Pappa Pia, please prepare a 16-32 bars of any song to be performed a cappella. If you are auditioning to perform a monologue or musical number, please come prepared with the selection of your choice (it does not need to be memorized). Otherwise, you do not need to prepare anything else for auditions! 

Please bring one [audition form] for each show you plan to audition for. In order to take part in the Festival, you must have [paid your dues] for the semester.

If you’re looking to do anything besides perform on stage in the Festival, you’re in luck—tech and producing opportunities abound for everyone! To tech for One-Acts, you may email our Technical Advisor, Taylor Tessitore, at ttess@bu.edu. To produce, you may email our Treasurer, Andy Moeller, at moellera@bu.edu!

Upcoming Shows

Before we plunge into the world of One-Acts, we have one final mainstage for the Fall semester:

Come Back, Little Sheba
Directed by Christy George and Taylor Tessitore
November 17th, 18th, and 19th at 8PM
Buy your tickets and RSVP to
the Facebook event!

Miscellaneous Housekeeping

  • Space Cleaning is projected to be on Sunday, December 11th. If you have participated in any show this semester, you must stop by and help us tidy up our build space. Your shows can be nominated for BUSTies only if the cast and crew have put in 40 collective hours of cleaning.
  • General Meeting #4 will also be on Sunday, December 11th! More details are to come, but make sure your calendar is cleared for our last meeting of the semester!
  • If you intend to bring up a concern during a Closed E-Board Meeting, please  be sure to let us know beforehand—send an email to stage@bu.edu so that we know what to expect and so that we may assess your concerns attentively.
  • SENIORS! Our Senior Divas night is going to be on Tuesday, December 13th! Start thinking about a fun lil’ ditty to perform for BU student theatre’s last evening together before finals and the Winter Break. Also, if you have any ideas for a charity to which to donate our Senior Divas proceeds, shoot an email stage@bu.edu and/or onbrdway@bu.edu!

Social Media

Haven’t connected with us on social media yet? Check out the links below to stay in the Troupe loop!
Like our Facebook page
Join our Facebook group
Follow us on Twitter and Instagram
Visit our website

Whew, you made it to the end of the email! Thanks for bearing with me; so much is going on in Stage Troupe, and you’re a real trooper (I’m hilarious) for keeping up with it all. I hope you have a great week of auditions, and I’ll see you all at Come Back, Little Sheba this weekend!

And, finally, have a happy Thanksgiving. We on the Stage Troupe E-Board are so incredibly thankful for all of you. We hope you feel like truly loved members of our family, and we wish you a peaceful few weeks ahead. I can say, on behalf of everyone on the E-Board, that we’re always around to give you a great big hug if ever you should need one. What with all the hostility swarming around everywhere, we want you to know that you’re safe and loved wherever fellow Troupies may be.

Gobble gobble,

Nathan Wilgeroth

Boston University Stage Troupe


Executive Board Notes 11/13/16

Show Check-Ins

  • Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Directors: Christy and Taylor
      • Moved in today
      • Steve’s guest direction was incredibly helpful
      • Have been doing full runs
    • SM: Alba
      • CAS and PSY have been good for late-night room reservations as opposed to the Math building
      • Had cast bonding last night
      • Went through all the sound cues and will be doing light cues soon
      • Would prefer not to have GMs on the days of move-ins
    • TD: Cami
      • The set is finished
      • People were great at move-in
      • All departments seem to be confident. Dylan Herina stepped in to be head Hair and Makeup
      • Made last-minute changes, but everything has been smooth overall
    • Producers: Lauren and Paulina
      • The Warren poster should be up tomorrow
      • Shirts should come in this week
      • Housing flyers will be posted this week
      • All the promo materials have been released online
      • All the assistants know what to expect for tech week

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • The film department asked to use the Student Theater for a Prod II project, but Sheba tech week made is necessary to turn them down
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Reserved rooms for One-Acts
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Reading Committee is done! Representatives will be reading questions
    • The Pillowman has been withdrawn from pitches
    • Erin Mc Sweeney and Maggie Skaza are directing musical numbers and monologues
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Need to talk to Erin and Maggie about the charity for Charity Show
    • Got the Stupid F%&king Bird poster
    • Needs to contact Kobi to find the Addams Family poster
    • Videos for Addams and Bird will be up soon
    • Needs to get rights for One-Acts
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Made Facebook events for GM #3, One-Acts & Monologues Auditions, and Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Created ballots for show voting and signs for this week’s audition rooms
    • Posted Stupid F%&king Bird photos on Facebook and Flickr; still waiting to receive photos from The Addams Family
    • Only received one suggestion for Senior Divas charity so far
  • TA: Taylor
    • Space Cleaning is December 11th
    • Will order dumpster soon
    • Will post around for people to sign up for One-Acts tech
  •  Steve
    • We still owe Tsai drill heads
  •  Eric
    • Hasn’t heard from Fire Marshall—we have either passed inspection or inspection hasn’t happened yet


One-Acts and Charity Show and Pitches—OH MY!

There’s a whole lot of news swarming around this week, and I’m here to squeeze in another tidbit of information for you. It’s time to announce the Charity Show and pitches for the Spring 2017 season as well as the one-act selections for this December’s One-Acts & Monologues Festival!

To start, here’s a list of our Fall One-Acts & Monologues Festival productions:

10 Minutes to Save the World by Addy Davies; directed by HwaYoun Kang

Pappia Pia, written and directed by Lauren Casabona and Paulina Ke

Jimmy the Antichrist by Keith J. Powell; directed by Brian Rollins

We’re also extremely excited to announce our Charity Show for the Spring 2017 Season:

God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza; directed by Maggie Skaza and Erin Mc Sweeney

And, finally, here are the shows that will be pitched to the membership at the next General Meeting for the Spring 2017 Mainstage Productions:

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard; proposed by Azanta Thakur

Avenue Q by Jeff Whitty, Robert Lopez, and Jeff Marx; proposed by Ellie Lavelle

Twelve Angry Jurors by Reginald Rose; proposed by Dan Leary

(EDIT 11/12: The Pillowman is longer going to be pitched for the Spring semester)

Yowza, what a huge load of information! Are you guys psyched? I’m psyched. For next semester, our season will include our Charity Show, two Mainstage Productions, and another One-Acts & Monologues Festival. It will be up to the entire Stage Troupe membership to vote on which of these above pitches will be chosen to take part in the upcoming season.

Please join us for our Third General Meeting on Sunday, November 13th, at 7PM in the Student Theater to hear more details about everything listed above. This meeting is super important, as we’ll give you information about how to audition for our Fall One-Acts & Monologues festival, we’ll tell you what to expect from Maggie and Erin’s upcoming Charity Show, AND you’ll get to take part in voting for the Spring’s other two Mainstages!

See you there!

Executive Board Notes 11/6/16

Show Check-Out

  • Stupid F%&king Bird
    • Director: Conner
      • Extremely happy with the way things turned out
      • Would encourage new directors to ask as many questions as possible to people with experience. The set redesign was a bump in the road, and
      • Sam Kinde is a goddess and made it viable to redesign the set. It all worked out wonderfully despite the learning curve!
      • Couldn’t be happier with the cast and their dedication to the show.
    • SM: Catrin
      • It was really good to have had none of the actors double-cast; their other conflicts caused enough stress, and so it was for the best of the cast not to have other show commitments
      • Having the same room for nearly all rehearsals made actors very comfortable in their rehearsal space
      • Line-throughs would have been helpful
      • ASMs were great. They still need a little more experience before head SMing a show, but they’re on the right track and handled stressors fantastically well
      • Having a run on the night of move-in was difficult, but still incredibly helpful
      • Assistants played around with tech during the runs, and then the same person consistently worked on their own tech position during the actual show
      • It could have helped to have had more structure and a sensitive approach toward the heavier material of the show
    • TD: Sam
      • Learned so much throughout the entire process
      • The deadline for wood orders should be clearer for future TDs
      • The relationship between tech and actors should be heavily prioritized
      • Would not recommend having two set changes for a show
      • There should be set roles for each person on the creative team in order to avoid confusion
      • There should be time guidelines for the amount of time spent in the Theater. People left at a reasonable time every night, but it should be stressed that people should not stretch themselves too thin and stay too late in the night
      • A little bit more practice is required for ATDs to head TD
      • Need to clarify the protocols for when shows sell out. Also, we need to determine the amount of people allowed in the booth at one time
      • Didn’t have a lot of full-tech meetings. The individual tech meetings were just as effective
      • At the first tech meeting, TDs should be entirely clear about what each person’s role and time commitments are
      • Most of tech should come to Thursday performances so that they don’t crowd too many seats on the more popular nights
      • Big lighting crews were essential. Having them come in an hour early was incredible for the move-in process
    • Producers: Evan and Danielle
      • Actors loved their images
      • Assistants were very helpful during tech week. It was difficult for Danielle to balance health with producing, though the assistants really stepped up to the plate
      • Steve helped with the promo video, and Dan did a great job with the lobby
      • Dan could head produce again, though Steve could use another semester or two
      • Sold really well, especially with two other shows going on this weekend
        • 55 on Thursday, 79 on Friday, and 102 on Saturday
      • Conner and Cat were great to work with
      • Looking for the remaining receipts for SDRs
      • The t-shirts will be coming this week
      • Dylan dropped in the middle of tech week. Rachel ended up helping out even though there was confusion about her commitments with Sheba
      • Communication on a lot of fronts was a little difficult. Could have done a little better getting in touch with assistants and each other
      • Actors should respect the creative vision and promotional material

Show Check-Ins

  • Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Directors: Christy and Taylor
      • Starting full runs this week
      • Steve Marois is guest directing this week
      • Alba has been fantastic all around
      • Cami has been wonderful as well. Had tech meetings with her all day today
      • Lauren and Paulina are doing an impressive job
      • Actors are all back and ready to rehearse
      • If actors want to tech, they should probably do the show furthest from their other tech weeks
    • SM: Alba
      • Went to a run-through of Bird on Wednesday to familiarize self with the process of being in the booth
      • Losing actors last week was rough, but things will start moving smoothly from here on out
      • Headshots happened today
      • First full run will be directly after the Board Meeting
      • Friday is the only night off for rehearsals this week. It’s important to communicate with the actors about how they handle the heavy material night after night
    • TD: Cami
      • Had a tech meeting that went really well
      • Things should go very smoothly for the show
      • Will go to Home Depot to buy paint
      • Going to see a run of the show this week
    • Producers: Lauren and Paulina
      • Went to SAO and ordered shirts, submitted a Kinkos order for flyers, and put in the wood order
      • Wood will be delivered tomorrow
      • HwaYoun designed the Warren poster. It’s not yet submitted due to an issue with the file size, but that will be fixed on Monday
      • Had a promo photo shoot
      • Erin will be working on programs, and all assistants will be helping with the lobby
      • Not many SDR receipts have come in (despite Paulina’s reminders)
      • Will be attending both full runs of the show this week
      • Assistants, as well as everyone on the creative team and in the cast, are all phenomenal. Everybody is so cooperative.

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Met with prospective directors
    • Talked to members to keep them enthused. A lot of people are very excited both about how Troupe has been going and how it seems like it’s going to be in the future
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Nothing to report!
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Reading Committee happened. Everyone met up on Saturday, and now the only thing left to do is to create formal lists of questions for the prospective directors
    • Representatives from each Committee will be asking the directors questions at the GM
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Working on a Snapchat filter for the Space
    • Updated Producer Feedback form
    • Looking for local business to help fund Troupe events
    • Needs to look into rights for the shows getting pitched
    • Might adjust show budgets for future semesters so that funds can be delegated efficiently
    • Needs to deposit the last of the money from Addams
    • There is a cash deposit option for Eventbrite that can be utilized, so long as the deposit is submitted to SABO
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Jumped into the producing team for Stupid F%&king Bird
    • Sent GM #3 Reminder Email for 11/13
    • Joined and participated in Reading Committee
    • A student from Emerson contacted Troupe about a database for Boston-area theaters to connect and share resources
  • TA: Taylor
    • People need to be sat down and trained for designing sets. There were bumps in the road for every show thus far
    • The three strikes for all shows went smoothly. Wandering Minds and OB both returned everything to the Space
    • Filling out rentals with other groups
    • Creating Tech Feedback form for Bird
    • Setting a time limit on the Theater for tech week is a good idea so that people can stay healthy
    • Looked into ordering a dumpster for Space Cleaning
    • Trying to find a good date for Space Cleaning. Will invite other groups to help out
    • Fire Marshall is coming on 11/9. The Theater is all clear, but will do a walk-through of the Space to check in on everything
    • Moving forward, we need to be consistent with capacity restraints in the booth and the rest of the Theater. We should also clarify when members of tech will be seeing the show


Executive Board Notes 10/30/16

Show Check-Out 

  • The Addams Family
    • Directors: Lauren and Paulina
      • Overall, very happy with the final product
      • Got a positive response from audience members and the Daily Free Press
      • Great relationship between creative team and tech. Everyone was very dedicated
      • Guest directors were extremely helpful
      • Tech bonding was very valuable and proved to be useful
      • Daniel Stocker was an amazing special boy to work with
      • Directors should pay attention to the amount of dances in the show. People should be prepared for how much choreography needs to be taken care of
      • Double casting should try to be avoided for the future
      • The relationship between cast and tech should continue to be improved. There should be more done to get everyone on a known-name basis
    • Music Director: Daniel
      • The drum rental worked very well. Payments still needs to go through, but that was expected
      • Future MDs should make office hours popular and stressed. Problem areas for music can’t always be fixed in the short rehearsal period and should be supplemented
      • The pit must be committed to tech week. Not everyone showed up on a nightly basis, which caused a rough run during tech week rehearsals
    • SM: Erin
      • For next time, double check access times for Tsai. For Sunday’s performance, we had too little time to prepare because the space was not open until too late in the morning
      • Double casting was not the easiest to work with. We had too many rehearsals with missing cast members
      • ASMs were incredible. Emma is entirely ready to head SM in a later semester. Erin is definitely on the right track
    • TD: Caitlin
      • It would have been best to have had two ATDs. The ATDs who were assigned were both surprised to have been part of such a big production, and so it may be useful to verbally confirm interest level and communicate with ATDs in the future
      • Maggie did an amazing job. After another semester as ATD, she would make a great head TD
      • Should write out a resource for set designing in Tsai
      • Two-week build sessions stretch people thin and are exhausting
      • Needed a bigger build crew, but some lovely volunteers did end up coming to help
      • Tech and crew should introduce themselves to each other and the cast during move-in
      • Tsai staff were extremely helpful
      • Will compile a list of strike felons for Taylor
      • Paulina and Lauren were great to work with and put so much heart into this show. They were so willing to help with tech
      • Overall, super proud of the final product
    • Producers: Kobi and Zoe
      • Tsai staff were very accommodating.
      • Head and assistant producer relationships were very positive, though people should be prepared for the difficult time crunch
      • 652 people came to see the show
      • Everything was under budget
      • Sound budget might not always need to be so high; SAO arranges things with SPS anyway
      • Producers must triple check programs for correct information
      • There are a lot of SDRs left over from previous shows

Show Check-Ins

  • Stupid F%&king Bird
    • Director: Conner
      • Did a lot of full runs this week. Stopped full runs just short of the point of exhaustion and gave the cast a break before tech week
      • Worked with Anything Goes to arrange that both casts see each other’s shows.
      • Promotional material went out this week
      • Someone from the Daily Free Press will be coming to see the show
      • Move-in happened today, and things are looking very positive; acting is solid, and tech is phenomenal
    • SM: Catrin
      • Did three runs in a row. ASM line notes have improved
      • Seeing Anything Goes was really positive for cast morale. Had difficulty with communication from OB’s SM team
      • Tech has been great to work with in nearly every department
      • Will be calling at 6 for tech week and 6:30 for performance nights
      • Line memorization has improved, but could be precarious. Actors are ready but should continue studying
    • TD: Sam
      • Lights came for move-in an hour early. This is a really great idea for future move-ins
      • A small issue with the set. It was originally too large, but things were changed. Changing sets during the show shouldn’t be too difficult to manage
    • Producers: Evan and Danielle
      • T-shirts have been ordered a little later than they were expected. The assistant did not finish in time for the deadline. Had to redesign the shirt at the last minute without the help of the assistant who dropped the ball
      • Assistants have overall been difficult to communicate with
      • Cassidy Donohue really helped with promotional material
      • The Eventbrite link went up late, but that seemed to work out in terms of timing in conjunction with Anything Goes promo
      • Headshots will be this week, and plenty of promotional material will be going out this week
      • Went to SAO a few times this week and delegated reimbursements
      • Very under budget at the moment
      • Many actors directly confronted the producers and Andy about promotional material, pressing them for things to get out sooner
      • Only two shirts have been paid for so far
      • Dan Leary has been fantastically helpful
  • Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Directors: Christy and Taylor
      • TAs should not direct shows
      • Issues with scheduling runs with the full cast. Actors are pressing for full runs, yet they are consistently sending Alba new conflicts
      • Running into issues with cast members teching during Bird tech week
      • Alba is an angel sent from above, and the creative team as a whole has been amazing
      • First full run will be on Saturday after a week of problem scene work
      • It was really positive to have actors perform in front of a guest audience member
      • The show has heavy material, and so rehearsal have ended with “compliment circles” in which people compliment their team one by one
    • SM: Alba
      • Hard off book happened. Actors should be more confident in themselves.
      • ASMs have been good with line notes
      • Losing Chris to Anything Goes and Becca to Bird
      • Will have cast bonding to see both Anything Goes and Bird
    • TD: Cami
      • More department meetings happened this week
      • Met with set dec. last week, so now all departments have been consulted
      • Full crew meeting will be on Sunday
      • Looking for new scenic artist
    • Producers: Lauren and Paulina
      • Had meetings with assistants. HwaYoun Kang will design the poster. All assistants seem very excited to work
      • Photo shoot will be on Sunday, 11/6
      • Nobody’s made any Amazon requests. Deadline for requests will be 11/2
      • Finalized t-shirt design. Will make a Google form for shirts and bios soon
      • Need to talk to Cami about photo shoot and wood order

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Talked to a lot of members, specifically from the Addams cast. They had extremely positive experiences
    • Talked to people about pitching and garnered a lot of interest
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Got glow tape for the Space
    • Went to SAO sexual assault training
    • Put in reservations for next semester’s audition rooms. Shouldn’t have any problems
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • The BUT Formal went very smoothly and people seemed to enjoy it. It should be continued
    • Pitches have been submitted, and Reading Committee has been assigned, and everything should be all set and ready on 11/6 in time for the GM on 11/13
    • Senior Divas Showcase is in the works
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Talked to Lucas from OB about creating geotags for shows. May start doing these with producers
    • Got iPads for Shiney James was incredibly helpful and very sweet
    • Sent out producer feedback forms for Feedback has been positive and informative for the future
    • Wants to look into getting Troupe-specific Eventbrite swipers so that we may do at-the-door sales
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Published Stupid F%&king Bird Facebook event
    • Submitted Bird event to ArtsBoston, Daily Free Press, and General BU calendars
    • Met with Lucas from OB to talk about choosing the charity for the Senior Divas Showcase; posted on Facebook to have seniors send in ideas
    • Will be stepping in to help with Stupid F%&king Bird admission on show nights
  • TA: Taylor
    • Future TAs should make sure to hold groups accountable for safety trainings
    • All groups have completed safety training
    • Addams move-in, show, and strike happened. Sent feedback forms to tech to see how the show went. Waiting on responses, but the show was, overall, a challenging process
    • Rena and Jeff from Tsai were very clear and helpful to work with. People should not be afraid to ask them questions, because they are valuable and friendly
    • Wants to meet with Erin and Caitlin to add tips for F&F Weekend into the TA guide.
    • Two weeks of build might be necessary for shows of this size
    • Made an Excel sheet to share with the TAs of other groups and TDs for Troupe shows. It has details about which groups are using the Space and when
    • People from a local high school cane to see Addams and want to meet with Christy to talk about her costume design
    • Bird move-in could have used extra help
    • A lot of things are missing from the Space
  • Steve
    • Rena was very impressed with the build crew and producers
    • We owe Tsai three Phillips #2 drill heads


Executive Board Notes 10/16/16

Show Check-Ins

  • The Addams Family
    • Directors: Lauren and Paulina
      • The full runs have been going well and are definitely performance-ready
      • Danny Ehrenpreis came in to guest direct, and Steve Marois will be coming to give his feedback on Monday
      • The SM team and Caitlin have been a godsend this week
      • Were unable to attend today’s sitzprobe due to move-in.
      • Really excited for opening night on Friday! Move-in was today, and everyone’s very excited to put on the full production
    • Music Director: Daniel
      • Sitzprobe went incredibly well!
      • Got the keyboard patches. They work and sound great
      • Drums were dropped off at Tsai today. Still waiting on a payment from SAO
    • SM: Erin
      • Unable to rehearse in Tsai on Monday so that lights can continue working, but will be doing a full run in the Student Theater with major props until in the meantime
    • TD: Caitlin
      • Paint finished up this week
      • Move-in was today. Most departments appear to be in a good place
      • Because the set isn’t completely up, set dec hasn’t finished
      • Will be finishing the set on Monday between 9 and 2
        • The MC cannot attend, so looking for extra sets of hands to help finish
    • Producers: Kobi and Zoe
      • Everything’s going well! The Warren poster should be up this week
      • Ticket sales haven’t been the best, but they’re expected to get better throughout the week
  • Stupid F%&king Bird
    • Director: Conner
      • Two full runs this week. Things are bumpy but not bad
      • Hard off book was this week
      • Had a guest director come in. She gave really helpful feedback
      • Will be losing an actor for other conflicts this week, but things will continue moving along
      • Had character meetings this week
    • SM: Catrin
      • Ran line notes for hard off book. ASMs are still learning.
      • Actors got a bit of a wake-up call regarding their memorization with the hard off book deadline
      • Have communicated clearly with actors about conflicts and shouldn’t be approached with any new ones
    • TD: Sam
      • Meeting with MC about cut list this week
      • Looking to reuse stuff from Addams to save money
      • Got email check-ins from departments
      • Needs to get keys for the Theater to be able to show lights their inventory
      • Trying to work out build week scheduling
    • Producers: Evan and Danielle
      • Finished poster design for the show and submitted it to SAO
      • Gave a much earlier deadline than normal to give a bit a wiggle room to the assistants who are still learning graphic design
      • Working on shirt design with an assistant
      • Assigned Dan Leary to plan out lobby decorations
      • Considering making a promo video if everything continues to be ahead of schedule
      • Haven’t had group meetings with assistants, but looking to plan things soon
      • Waiting to hear from props about budget needs
  • Come Back, Little Sheba
    • Directors: Christy and Taylor
      • No rehearsal this week
      • Everything is in a really good spot. Almost done blocking the show entirely
    • SM: Alba
      • Blocking should be complete by Monday
      • Did line-throughs with actors in lieu of group rehearsals and will probably continue them throughout the process
      • Soft off book is this coming week. Will be doing a soft line-through
    • TD: Cami
      • Had a department meeting with props that went very well—they plan on checking out what’s available in the Space this week
      • Has meetings scheduled for all other departments this week
      • Will be attending rehearsal on Thursday and Sunday
    • Producers: Lauren and Paulina
      • Met with Andy

E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Danielle
    • Posted in the Facebook group and reached out to people personally about pitching for One-Acts and the spring season
    • Moved stuff from SAO to the Space
  • Vice President: Erin
    • Reached out for a potential BUT Formal photographer
  • VPSP: Sydney
    • Apart from the photographer, everything for the formal is set and organized
    • Looking to create a photo booth for the formal
    • Two people have applied for reading committee, and some have expressed interest about pitching
  • Treasurer: Andy
    • Met with Lauren and Paulina—set deadlines for Amazon orders and talked about potential poster design ideas
    • Evenly distributed the cost of new paint among all the shows’ budgets
    • Must finish E-Board OrgSync trainings in order to get access to a free Warren poster
    • Will figure out the lights situation for Bird this week
  • Secretary: Nathan
    • Published Facebook event for The Addams Family
    • Submitted The Addams Family event to the ArtsBoston, Daily Free Press, and general BU calendars
    • Put Stupid F%&king Bird poster image on its website page
    • Ashley from the BU Taiwanese Association reached out asking if Troupe would like to be part of their fall concert. All have decided not to participate.
  • TA: Taylor
    • Addams build and move-in happened!
    • The Space needs some new supplies (including paint, plywood, and 2x4s)
    • Two-week builds are not ideal, but Addams’ made it easier to get projects done on schedule (shout-outs to Brian, Kevin, Alicia, and Sam for their help)
    • Addams move-in happened today! Caitlin and Maggie have been handling the process very well
    • Bird and Sheba are having their department meetings this week, and both TDs will be attending full runs of their respective shows
  • Steve
    • Helped with Addams paint and move-in
  • Eric
    • Got the keyboard patches for Addams