Cast Lists

Thank you again to everyone who auditioned. We had such an amazing amount of talent turn up this semester. The Tech meeting will be tomorrow at 6pm in The Space, and it's a great way to stay involved. Also, keep reading your e-mails to learn about all the great special projects we have planned this semester for which we'll need you talented actors.

The Wind in the Willows
Toad: Quinn Donnelly
Mole: Leah Garvin
Rat: Michael Butvinik
Otter: Jason Gary
Badger: James Sotis
Alice/Weasel: Maria Constantopolous
Policeman/Weasel: Bernardo Vargas
Lead Weasel: Alexandra Daks
Weasels/Ensemble: Joe Burns, Jennifer Casey, Christian Cole, Anna Fajowski, Hope Gee, Lyncy Ha, Kathy Pires, Monica Rabadjija, Melody Tran
Sexual Perversity in Chicago
Danny: Bobby Kennedy
Deb: Liz Harris
Bernie: Jarman Day-Bohn
Joan: Danielle Kosann
Buried Child
Tilden: Zach Drummer
Father Dewis: Lucas Griswold
Bradley: Adam Lebowitz-Lockard
Dodge: Don Meeg
Vince: Will Wheeler
Halie: Kelsey Lidsky
Shelly: Tara Thompson
Robert: Akira Fukui
Harry: Alex Shuck
Sarah: Rena Luczkiewicz
David: Phillip Jaworskyj
Jenny: Sara Zlotowitz
Peter: Marc Jenssen
Susan: Rachel Hawkes
Paul: Mike Gomez
Amy: Lisa Bocuzzi
Larry: Adam Hadas
Joanne: Farrell Parker
Kathy: Agatha Babbitt
Marta: Frankie De La Vega
April: Sarah Jill Bashein

Thank you and good night everyone.