General Meeting Recap

Submissions for this semester's One Acts, the Summer Show, and next year's Parents Weekend show are due by Mar 6th to the IT office. Please include the appropriate submission form (found on the website) and two copies of the script, all in an envelope labeled Attn. Eric Jacobsen. Pitches for Fall mainstages are due Mar 21, same procedure. More information can be found on our website here:

Auditions for One Acts will be Mar 24-25. More information on these to come soon.

There is a Combat Theatre this Saturday night at 8pm in the Student Theater. If you're interested in acting, writing, or directing, please e-mail VPSP David ( ASAP. We still need some more people so don't hesitate to be a part of this event of unmatchable fun. Otherwise, be sure to show up and watch!

Another thing the membership said they wanted to see this semester was readings of plays. So we've set up a Readers Theatre to happen on March 5th, the day before pitches are due. If you've got a show you'd like to hear read, possibly a potential mainstage for next season, e-mail David ( about it and we'll see if we can get it in. If you want to be one of our readers/actors, also e-mail David.

This semester's Drama After College will focus on playwriting and will be held on Mar 27th. It will be taught by a local professional playwright.

Tech workshops are starting this week. You should have gotten an e-mail from Rena about them, but if not, e-mail her ( for a list of topics and dates.

Sexual Perversity in Chicago is looking for an artist to draw them some sketches. One of the characters in the play is an artist and the directors want a bunch of sketches to both use as props and decorate with. E-mail Bryan Lowry ( or Andy Hoglund ( if you're interested.

Another props person is needed for Anything Goes. If you're interested, e-mail Rena ( Also e-mail her if you're interested in teching for any upcoming Special Projects.

Anything Goes is still looking for some more people to help serve dinner at the two dinner performances. It's a great way to see the show for free and be a part of this fantastic event. E-mail Emily Shumsky ( or Vanessa Tanicien ( if interested in helping out.

Tickets for the performances are now able to be reserved online through or by calling Kathleen at 518.810.5176. There will be 20 tickets available to Stage Troupe members for each dinner performance at a special price of $20, instead of $30. Those twenty will go first come first serve so act quickly.