Laser Tag information

Laser Tag is THURSDAY, April 17th. Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent two fields to accomodate 60 people on that date, and changing it seemed to interfere with too many

So, for the first ever Laser Tag Spectacular (a Special Project Production) there are only 38 spots. Right now, there are 12 unpaid spots left.

Renting a room at the place proved too expensive so we will be having a pizza party in a TBD room on campus starting at 6:30pm that Thursday. Then at 7:20 pm, we will leave for Danvers, MA to play our first game at 8 p.m. The reservation lasts 'til 10pm and then we'll come home.

If you're interested in still attending, get us your $20 as soon as possible. Kathleen will be in the GSU from 10am to 2pm this Friday to accept payments for Laser Tag. If you can't make it then, work out an arrangement with David ( ASAP before the slots fill.