Tech Workshops, Multigroup Combat, and More!


Set Design: Monday, 9/28 @ 6:30 pm in ENG (44 Cummington Street). Meet in the first-floor lobby no later than 6:40. If you're running late, call Josh (914-588-4722).

Costumes + Make-Up: Thursday, 10/1 @ 6:30 pm in The Space.

*Workshops for Lights, Sound, Props, and Set Decoration coming soon!

MULTIGROUP COMBAT: To sign up for our combat with other groups on Saturday 10/3, email VPSP Ian Cohen ( with the following info:

Phone #
Preferred Position (Acting/Writing/Directing/Teching)

CALLIOPE PROJECT: The Calliope Project is having an informational meeting this Thursday at 7p.m. in CAS 233 to discuss our upcoming events. Anyone interested in auditioning or getting more information about the project should attend. Our play this year is Titus Andronicus and will being going up in March. Auditions are October 13th in GSU 312 and October 14th in CAS 221. For a summary of the show click on the link:

For more information, you can email us at or look us up on Facebook under "The Calliope Project."