Tech Assignments!

TWO notes from Josh:

1. There is a new position to Stage Troupe tech known as "Will Wheeler". Originating from it's 6-foot plus tall namesake, this position is for a techie who may not have time to commit to a particular job, but still wants to help out with the show. The TD will put his/her "Will Wheeler(s)" on the email list and that person(s) may come when they have time and can lend a hand. They are not bound to any particular department and Strike is optional for this position. If you have any further questions, contact Josh...or Will Wheeler, I guess.

2. Wandering Minds is looking for a Producer for "Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog" (Feb 25-27, same as W;t) and an Assistant Producer for "On The Razzle" (April 15-17). Contact Ted Atkinson if you are interesTed (get it? Interest-Ted?) at


Technical Director – Adrien Smith

Assistant Technical Director – Cat Bruton

Producer – Bridget Kelleher

Assistant Producers – Jan P. Kaim, Kathryn Smith

Stage Manager – Mike Halpern

Assistant Stage Manager – Jennie David

Master Carpenter – Jimmy Ikeda

Set Designer – Jimmy Ikeda

Lighting Designer – Mike Carollo

Assistant Lighting Designer – Elizabeth Moss

Sound Designer – Tyler Brewer

Assistant Sound Designer – Johanna Mignon

Set Decorators – Elena Feldman and Ryan McPhee

Costume Designers – Agatha Babbitt and Kelly Fanty

Make-up/Hair Designer – Molly Coyne

Assistant Make-up/Hair Designer – Bobby Nicolescu

Props Mistresses – Rebecca Karsh

Assistant Props Master – Kevin Ang

Build/Run – Julie Kaminski, Kirsten Fukayama, Sean Manton, Jennifer Kole, Dani Freiberg

Will Wheeler – Josh Friedensohn

The Clean House

Technical Director – Bryan Jimenez

Assistant Technical Director – Jimmy Ikeda

Producer – Quincy Wright

Assistant Producers – Aamir Ashraf and Raziq-Omar Jivani

Stage Manager – Tyler Brewer

Assistant Stage Managers – Ryan McPhee and Carla Donaghey

Master Carpenter – Josh Friedensohn

Set Designer – Bryan Jimenez

Assistant Set Designer – Josh Howard

Lighting Designer – Andrew Menard

Assistant Lighting Designer – Carling Monder

Sound Designer – Kelly Dickinson

Assistant Sound Designer – Kelsey Gold

Set Decorators – Agatha Babbitt and Trish Garrity

Assistant Set Decorator – Colleen Drapek

Costume Designers – Monica Williams and Jillian Riti and Kat Pernicone

Assistant Costume Designer – Bobby Nicolescu

Make-up/Hair Designers – Taylor Butzbach and Rebecca Karsh

Assistant Make-up/Hair Designer – Kathryn Smith

Props Mistress – Jennifer Kole and Dani Freiberg

Assistant Props Mistresses – Yonina Eisenberg and Kelly Fanty

Build/Run – Tyler Strickland, Jon Shedler, Johanna Mignon, Preston Weir, Ian Cohen, Andrew Clark, Elena Feldman, Dani Freiberg, Leo Rosenstein and Peter Moriarty

Will Wheelers – Alden Landis, Sean Manton

Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

Technical Director – Dani Freiberg

Assistant Technical Directors – Ted Atkinson and Monica Williams

Producer – Tracy Domitrz

Assistant Producers – Kelsey Gold and Emily Shumsky

Stage Managers – Ally Edgar and Julie Kaminski

Assistant Stage Manager – Kat Pernicone

Mistress Carpenter – Elise Alexander

Set Designer – Josh Friedensohn

Assistant Set Designer – Eveleen Sung

Lighting Designer – Jan P. Kaim

Assistant Lighting Designers – Kelly Dickinson and Ryan McPhee

Sound Designer – Jon Shedler

Assistant Sound Designer – Jordan Callais

Set Decorators – Kaylee Dombrowski and Kate Edgar

Assistant Set Decorator – Yonina Eisenberg

Costume Designers – Rebecca Karsh and Molly Coyne and Kathryn Smith

Assistant Costume Designer – Suchie Ravindron

Make-up/Hair Designer – Katrina DeRosa

Assistant Make-up/Hair Designers – Mariah Reeves and Kelly Fanty

Props Master/Mistress – Mike Halpern and Jennie David

Assistant Props Mistress – Elena Feldman

Build/Run – Sean Manton, Eytan Wurman, Nick Dougherty, Cat Bruton, Katie Richmond, Kirsten Fukayama, Kevin Ang, Joe Colombo, Josh Howard, Carling Monder

Will Wheeler – Tyler Brewer

The Pillowman

Technical Director – Preston Weir

Assistant Technical Director – Ian Cohen

Producer – Alex Shuck

Assistant Producers – Katrina DeRosa and Taylor Butzbach

Stage Manager – Erica Magelky

Assistant Stage Manager – Kathryn Smith

Master Carpenter – Andrew Clark

Set Designer – Preston Weir

Assistant Set Designer – Elena Feldman

Lighting Designer – Joe Colombo

Assistant Lighting Designer – Carling Monder

Sound Designer – Peter Moriarty

Set Decorators – Carla Donaghey and Mariah Reeves

Assistant Set Decorators – Jillian Riti and Cat Bruton

Costume Designers – Adrien Smith and Molly Coyne

Assistant Costume Designer – Laura Fragora

Make-up/Hair Designer – Katie Richmond

Assistant Make-up/Hair Designer – Jennie David

Props Mistress/Master – Dani Freiberg and Josh Friedensohn

Special Effects – Dani Freiberg

Build/Run – Alec Nicholson, Bryan Jimenez, Suchie Ravindron, Johanna Mignon, Leo Rosenstein, Kelly Dickinson, Kevin Ang, Ted Atkinson

Will Wheeler – Tracy Domitrz