Summer Show Cast!

Below is the cast list for COMIC POTENTIAL, directed by Mike Carollo, assisted by Tracy Domitrz. Thanks to everyone who came to audition! If you were not cast, we'd still love to have you involved in the show! Sign up for a tech position by emailing Josh at If you're interested in producing, email Kate at

Jacie Triplethree - Maggie Scull
Adam Trainsmith - Jordan Callais
Chandler Tate - Phil Silberman
Carla Pepperbloom - Elise Roth
Trudi Floote / Girl in Dress Shop - Becca Wilkinson
Prim Spring - Allison McDonough
Lester Trainsmith / Hotel Desk Clerk / Hotel Waiter 1 - Molly Bourque
The Doctor / The Farmer / Man in Dress Shop / Turkey - Tyler Brewer
The Son / Marmion / Hotel Waiter 2 / Technician - Steve Marois
The Mother / Farmer's Wife - Ljubica Gavrilovska
Prostitute / Dress Shop Assistant - Jenna Leavitt