Spring 2011 Audition Questions/Breakdowns

The Last 5 Years: 1 man and 1 woman

1)If you have seen the show before, are you on Jamie or Cathy's side and why?
2) If you haven't seen the show, what is your take on divorce?
3) Males: Can you sing in a Jewish man voice? If not, are you willing to try?
The Mousetrap: 5 men and 3 women
1) Do you feel comfortable performing in an accent? Can you do any at all?
2) If you were going to commit a murder, what is your preferred murder weapon and how would you use it?
Dog Sees God: 4 men and 4 women
1) Who is your favorite Peanuts character? What is your favorite memory from the show or comic strip.
2)Males: do you have any piano/musical ability? If not, would you be willing to learn?
Amadeus: 7 men and 6 women
1) Would you be willing to play a minor role and/or a silent character?
2) Do you speak any foreign languages? (not necessary for the show)
3) Do you play any instruments? (not necessary for the show)
4)If you could write an opera about anyone who would it be? Why? What would you title it?
Auditions will be in CAS room 211 from 6-9pm Monday through Wednesday