BUSTies Winners!

Best Show, Fall: Rabbit Hole
Best Show, Spring: Dog Sees God
Best Director, Fall: Agatha Babbitt and Chris Hamilton, Rabbit Hole
Best Director, Spring: Gabrielle Krumins and Allison McDonough, Amadeus
Best Technical Director, Fall: Danielle Freiberg, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Technical Director, Spring: Danielle Freiberg, The Mousetrap
Best Producer, Fall: Alex Shuck, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Producer, Spring: Alex Shuck, Amadeus
Best Actress, Fall: Madeleine DiBiasi, Rabbit Hole
Best Actress, Spring: Molly Bourque, Dog Sees God
Best Actor, Fall: Jimmy Blackmon, Pterodactyls
Best Actor, Spring: Greg Nedeltscheff, Amadeus
Best Supporting Actress, Fall: Fiona Bryson, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Supporting Actress, Spring: Margot Mache, Amadeus
Best Supporting Actor, Fall: TIE-- Dan Stevens, Rabbit Hole and Greg Nedeltscheff, Pterodactyls
Best Supporting Actor, Spring: TIE-- Jordan Callais, The Mousetrap and Dan Stevens, Dog Sees God
Best Stage Management, Fall: Mike Halpern and Kat Pernicone, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Stage Management, Spring: Mike Halpern, Dog Sees God
Best Master Carpentry, Fall: Preston Weir, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Master Carpentry, Spring: Preston Weir, The Mousetrap
Best Set Design, Fall: Sarah Crozier and Danielle Freiberg, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Set Design, Spring: Sarah Crozier, Amadeus
Best Set Decoration, Fall: Kristin Myers, A Streetcar Named Desire
Best Set Decoration, Spring: Brittany Haynes, The Mousetrap
Best Costume Design, Fall: Rebecca Karsh, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Costume Design, Spring: Kelly Fanty, Ann Markwell, and Katie Rangel- Amadeus
Best Lighting Design, Fall: Carling Monder and Tom Murphy, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Lighting Design, Spring: Carling Monder, Amadeus
Best Sound Design, Fall: Peter Moriarty, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Sound Design, Spring: Roman Perry and Elise Roth, Amadeus
Best Hair/Make-up, Fall: Adrien Smith, Hanna Wasserman, Brittany Gutierrez, and Hanna Ballon- Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Hair/Make-up, Spring: Eden White, Angela Mercurio, and Emily Jo McKnight- Amadeus
Best Props Design, Fall: Danielle Freiberg, A Streetcar Named Desire
Best Props Design, Spring: Sophie Miller and Elise Greenberg, The Mousetrap
SAAD Winners: Kate Bischoff and Steve Marois
Rookie of the Year: Jon Christianson
Unsung Hero: Kirsten Fukayama