Crazy weekend of ONE ACTS!!!!!

Bored this weekend and have nothing to do? Do you really want to go out, but don't have $11.50 to spend on a movie? Then come to Stage Troupe's Fall One Acts Festival!!

We have six short plays that will make you laugh, cry, and possibly cringe a little. There's demonic babies, talking books, killer grandmothers, psychotic couples, ambidextrous men, and suspicious meatloaf. If that doesn't catch your attention, I'm not sure what will. These plays are:

The Best Chef America Food Channel Cook Book - Directed by Julie Kaminski & Kelly Dickinson
Baby Talk: A Case Study in One Act - Directed by Andrew Smith
The Rumor - Directed by Celia Gibson
Early Morning - Directed by Travis Cherry & Margot Mache
Meat - Directed by Lauren Kolodkin
Small World - Directed by Marissa Cheifetz & Hanna Wasserman

The One Acts Festival is THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT 8PM!! They will be taking place in the Agganis Student Theater at 925 Commonwealth Avenue (in the alleyway between FitRec and the arena).

The best part about One Acts is.....IT'S FREE!!!! Just come, sit back and enjoy the show!!! It'll be an easy way to get your theater fix in.

So don't study for finals and come to the Student Theater this weekend! It'll be way better than that 3D movie you planned on wasting your money on anyway.