For those who have not already seen...CAST LISTS ARE NOW POSTED ON THE BLOG!!! Congrats to everyone who was cast, it's going to be a phenomenal season!
***TECH, TECH, TECH!!!***
If acting isn't really your thing, but you still are really eager to be involved, then TECH!! Tonight at 6:30pm at the Space (949B Commonwealth Ave/Akimbo Road in the alleyway behind Cane's)we'll be having our Spring 2012 Tech Meeting!! Here you can listen to needs of each show and find out what interests you.
Stage Troupe's motto is "learning by doing," so no previous experience is required to tech, just sign up!
Remember you MUST BRING $5 to be able to Tech for Stage Troupe. Then you'll receive your nifty membership card and be an official Troupie! If you already paid your dues at auditions, then you are all set.
If you can't make the tech meeting, fear not! Just email our Technical Advisor Danielle Freiberg at with your attached technical form. Technical forms can be found under the 'Forms and Resources' Tab on our website.
VPSP Elections are this Sunday, January 29th at 7pm in CAS 314!! We need everyone to come out and vote, so don't forget! There will also be sign-ups for our super awesome Special Projects!
The Spring 2012 Season is already underway! Let's make it a great one.