Spring 2012 TECH CREWS!!!!!


TD- Jon Christianson
ATD- Alex Williams
Producer- Marcus Doyle
Assistant Producer- Jennie David
Assistant Producer- Vic Kelman
Assistant Producer- Cameron Brody
Stage Manager- Ally Edgar
Stage Manager- Julie Kaminski
Assistant Stage Manager- Sam Hoffman
Assistant Stage Manager- Celia Gibson
Master Carpenter- Xander Pinto
Set Dec- Abi Oshins
Set Dec- Jenna Blinkinsop
Set Dec- Michelle Chen
Set Dec- Colleen Gilmore
Co Head Costumes- Jackie Babitts
Co Head Costumes- Kelsey Derby
Assistant Costumes- Brendan Canfield
Lighting Designer- Shane Hennesey
Assistant Lights- Carling Monder
Assistant Lights- Keithlyn Parkman
Projector- Morgan Wilday
Sound Designer- Sarah Kuranda
Assistant Sound- Mariel Hathaway
Assistant Sound- Katie Wurtzel
Makeup/Hair Designer- Stephanie Gray
Assistant Hair/Makeup- Cherie Gu
Prop Master- Jess Couture
Assistant Props- Kevin Ang
Assistant Props- Brie Garcia
BUILD/RUN- Jordan Breyfogle
BUILD/RUN- Allison Crisostomo
BUILD/RUN- Marissa Cheifetz
BUILD/RUN- Preston Weir
BUILD/RUN- Alec Nicholson

Farragut North

TD- Tom Murphy
ATD- Celicia Rios
Producer- Ryan McPhee
Assistant Producer- Brie Garcia
Assistant Producer- Dennis Li
Co Stage Manager- Kathleen Daniels
Co Stage Manager- Kelsey Gold
Assistant Stage Manager- Olivia Hathaway
Co Set Designer- Brittany Haynes
Co Set Designer- Dani Freiberg
Assistant Set Design- Sam Hoffman
Master Carpenter- Kirsten Fukayama
Head Set Dec- Dani Freiberg
Assistant Set Dec- Cherie Gu
Assistant Set Dec- Jillian Nichols
Assistant Set Dec- Keithlyn Parkman
Assistant Set Dec- Caitlin Shawaker
Assistant Set Dec- Paige Parrack
Head Costumes- Katrina DeRosa
Assistant Costumes- Molly Coyne
Assistant Costumes- Arielle Dizon
Lighting Designer- Carling Monder
Assistant Lights- Brendan Canfield
Assistant Lights- Morgan Wilday
Assistant Lights- Meredith Lawrence
Sound Designer- Kelly Dickenson
Assistant Sound- Jordan Breyfogle
Assistant Sound- Mariel Hathaway
Co Makeup/Hair Designers- Caroline Olsen
Co Makeup/Hair Designers- Lauren Kolodkin
Prop Master- Jenn Kole
Assistant Props- Brittany Gutierrez
BUILD/RUN- Alec Nicholson
BUILD/RUN- Annie Maroon
BUILD/RUN- Kat Pernicone
BUILD/RUN- Katy Meyer
BUILD/RUN- Xander Pinto

Speech & Debate

TD- Jimmy Ikeda
ATD- Andrew Smith
Producer- Hanna Wasserman
Assistant Producer- Marissa Cheifetz
Assistant Producer- Hannah Shrader
Stage Manager- Zoraida Cabrera
Assistant Stage Manager- Katie Diekhaus
Assistant Stage Manager- Dennis Li
Set Designer- Clark
Assistant Set Design- Alex Williams
Master Carpenter- Clark
Head Set Dec- Courtney Licata
Assistant Set Dec- Emma Gluck
Assistant Set Dec- Michelle Chen
Assistant Set Dec- Alex Williams
Assistant Set Dec- Jenna Blinkinsop
Head Costumes- Juliette Vandane
Assistant Costumes- Patrick Bryant
Lighting Designer- Jake Shauli
Assistant Lights- Carl Welch
Assistant Lights/Projectionist-Sam Hoffman
Sound Designer- Ilana Berman
Assistant Sound- Katie Wurtzel
Assistant Sound- Kevin Ang
Head Makeup/Hair Designer- Arielle Dizon
Assistant Hair/Makeup- Emily Jo McKnight
Assistant Hair/Makeup- Alexis Lamper
Prop Master- Vijayta Narang
Assistant Props- Kim Curhan
Assistant Props- Joe Gamibino
BUILD/RUN- Shane Hennesey
BUILD/RUN- Morgan Wilday
BUILD/RUN- Jordan Breyfogle
BUILD/RUN- Caroline Thompson
BUILD/RUN- Katy Meyer
BUILD/RUN- Kathleen Daniels

In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play

TD- Kirsten Fukayama
ATD- Hanna Wasserman
Producer- Chris Hamilton
Assistant Producer- Dan Stevens
Assistant Producer- Vishaal Reddy
Assistant Producer- Joe Gambino
Stage Manager- Katrina DeRosa
Assistant Stage Manager- Celicia Rios
Assistant Stage Manager- Emily Richardi
Set Designer- Preston Weir
Assistant Set Design- Arka Pain
Assistant Set Design- Courtney Licata
Master Carpenter- Preston Weir
Co Head Set Dec- Courtney Licata
Co Head Set Dec- Brittany Haynes
Assistant Set Dec- Jillian Nichols
Assistant Set Dec- Abi Oshins
Assistant Set Dec- Amy Fox
Assistant Set Dec- Keithlyn Parkman
Head Costumes- Juliette Vandane
Head Costumes- Kim Curhan
Assistant Costumes- Olivia Hathaway
Assistant Costumes- Mariel Hathaway
Lighting Designer- Alex Williams
Assistant Lights- Allie Romano
Assistant Lights- Jim Zheng
Assistant Lights- Molly Bourque
Sound Designer- Cameron Brody
Sound Designer- Sarah Kuranda
Assistant Sound- Meredith Lawrence
Head Makeup/Hair Designer- Lauren Kolodkin
Assistant Hair/Makeup- Cherie Gu
Assistant Hair/Makeup- Brie Garcia
Prop Masters- Dani Freiberg
Prop Masters- Kelsey Gold
Assistant Props- Katie Wurtzel
BUILD/RUN- Jon Christianson
BUILD/RUN- Arka Pain
BUILD/RUN- Jordan Breyfogle
BUILD/RUN- Kathleen Daniels
BUILD/RUN- Xander Pinto