Everyone's tech assignments have been posted, and now it's that time to get a little
extra hands on experience!! Are you in a position you know nothing about? Do you always
hang lights, but want to learn a little more about another department?? Here's your
chance! Here's a message from our Technical Advisor Danielle Freiberg with more info....

Hey guys so we will be doing workshops this week starting Saturday! The schedule is
below. This year we are doing something a little different, not only will all the
workshops be going through the basic steps and some tips of how to do that department,
but we are going to go a little more in depth about how to conceptualize designs and
access that planning side of you and the creative side. As prep for all the workshops
please read the play 'Zoo Story'. I have digital copies of it so just email that you will
be participating in a workshop and I will send it to you ( It is
very short and a great play. We will be using that as a working piece to give you some
structure on how to go about designing.

Set Design: 5:30-7:30 Saturday 2/4 in the Space
Stage Management: Tuesday 9pm in the Space (this one can be moved if many cannot make it)
Sound: TBA
Lights: Thursday 2/9 6-8pm in the student theater
Props: Friday 2/10 6pm in the Space
Set Decoration: Monday 2/13 5:30-8pm in the space

Stage Troupe's motto is "learning by doing" so come out and get a feel for these great
tech departments. NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.

All the tech, all the learning, all the EXCITEMENT!!!