I understand it's pouring outside...but for those who missed the Final General Meeting of  the year, YOU MISSED A GOOD ONE. Here's the rundown:
First, a hearty congratulations to all involved in 'The Vibrator Play' and the One Acts Festival this weekend!! They were both hysterical and wonderful and we can't imagine a better end to the semester!

Next, a HUGE congratulations is in order to our newly appointed Technical Advisor Andrew Smith! The new E-Board is now complete and we're so excited to see them do their thing in the upcoming year (although I'm not ready to give up my mailing duties just yet....)
BUSTies this year is in the SMG Ballroom on May 2nd!! The cost for BUSTies is $5, and if  you were not at the General Meeting tonight, then you MUST find Allie Romano and Chris Hamilton at some point during the week to get your money to them! NO MONEY WILL BE TAKEN AT THE DOOR. They will be letting you all know of their availability during the week, so keep an eye on the Facebook group!

If you were unable to vote for BUSTies and want to send in an absentee ballot, the deadline to do so is TONIGHT at midnight to Chris Hamilton at
***Summer Show***
Staying in Boston for the summer and are eager to act? Then audition for summer show! The summer show is 'No Exit' Written by Jean-Paul Sarte and Directed by Chris Hamilton. Auditions will be Monday, April 23rd in CAS 223 and Tuesday, April 24th in CAS 312 from 6pm-9pm. Be sure to print out an audition form beforehand, found here:

If you want to TECH for summer show then email Danielle Freiberg at
***Space Cleaning***
In order for your show to qualify for BUSTies, each show must put in at least 40 hours of  Space Cleaning time! That's right on Saturday, April 28th ALL techies/actors must come to the space and do some major revamping. It's fun and a great way to spend time with friends so don't skip it!

Stage Troupe T-Shirts are in!! If you purchased one in the beginning of the semester or want to buy one (they are super awesome) then email! They're only $15!

Stay dry and stay happy!