BUSTies Winners 2012!

BUSTies WinnersFall 2011 and Spring 2012

Best Show, Fall: All My Sons Best Show, Spring: columbinus Best Director, Fall: Chris Hamilton, Bug Best Director, Spring: Chris Hamilton, columbinus Best Technical Director, Fall: Kirsten Fukayama, All My Sons Best Technical Director, Spring: Jimmy Ikeda, Speech & Debate Best Producer, Fall: Kelsey Gold, Bug Best Producer, Spring: Chris Hamilton, The Vibrator Play Best Ensemble Cast, Fall: The cast of All My Sons Best Ensemble Cast, Spring: The cast of columbinus Best Actor, Fall: Travis Cherry as Joe Keller in All My Sons Best Actor, Spring: Ryan Chernin as Loner/Dylan Klebold in columbinus Best Actress, Fall: Margot Mache as Hedda Gabler in Hedda Gabler Best Actress, Spring: Kaitlin Bresee as Diwata in Speech & Debate Best Supporting Actor, Fall: Adrian Burke as Chris Keller in All My Sons Best Supporting Actor, Spring: Albert Paez as Paul Zara in Farragut North Best Supporting Actress, Fall: Molly Bourque as Charlotte in A Little Night Music Best Supporting Actress, Spring: Fiona Bryson as Mrs. Daldry in The Vibrator Play Best Cameo Performance, Fall: Ilana Berman as Berta in Hedda Gabler Best Cameo Performance, Spring: Joe Reed as Ben in Farragut North Best Stage Management, Fall: Allison Crisostomo, Hedda Gabler Best Stage Management, Spring: Ally Edgar and Julie Kaminski, columbinus Best Set Design, Fall: Andrew Clark, All My Sons Best Set Design, Spring: Preston Weir, The Vibrator Play Best Set Decoration, Fall: Dani Freiberg, All My Sons Best Set Decoration, Spring: Brittany Haynes and Courtney Licata, The Vibrator Play Best Master Carpentry, Fall: Preston Weir, A Little Night Music Best Master Carpentry, Spring: Preston Weir, The Vibrator Play Best Lighting Design, Fall: Jake Shauli, Hedda Gabler Best Lighting Design, Spring: Shane Hennessey, columbinus Best Sound Design, Fall: Roman Perry & Mike Carollo, Hedda Gabler Best Sound Design, Spring: Sarah Kuranda, columbinus Best Costume Design, Fall: Katie Rangel & Katrina De Rosa, A Little Night Music Best Costume Design, Spring: Kim Curhan & Juliette Vandame, The Vibrator Play Best Hair/Make-up Design, Fall: Stephanie Gray & Emily Jo McKnight, Hedda Gabler Best Hair/Make-up Design, Spring: Lauren Kolodkin, The Vibrator Play Best Props Design, Fall: Vijayta Narang, Bug Best Props Design, Spring: Dani Freiberg and Kelsey Gold, The Vibrator Play Best Gore Execution, Fall: Dani Freiberg, Bug Best Projection, Spring: Sam Hoffman, Speech & Debate Best Special Project, Fall: Baby Talk: A Case Study in One Act, directed by Andrew Smith Best Special Project, Spring: Toy Story, directed by Dani Freiberg Best Actor in a Special Project, Fall: Chris Hamilton as Baby in Baby Talk Best Actor in a Special Project, Spring: Jimmy Ikeda as Sid in Toy Story Best Actress in a Special Project, Fall: Melinda Frimpong as Doris in Early Morning Best Actress in a Special Project, Spring: Molly Bourque as Ginny in For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls

SAAD Executive Board Recipient: Danielle Freiberg SAAD General Membership Recipient: Chris Hamilton

Rookie of the Year: Cilicia Rios Unsung Hero: Kevin Ang