We're in hell, my pets; they never make mistakes

Yes, now's the moment. The moment we descend together into hell--there is no looking back. The earth has left you. No Exit Written by Jean-Paul Sartre Directed by Chris Hamilton Technically Directed by Marissa Cheifetz

Two women and one man are locked up together for eternity in one hideous room in hell. The windows are bricked up; there are no mirrors; the electric lights can never be turned off; and there is no exit. The irony of this hell is that its torture is not of the rack and fire, but of the burning humiliation of each soul as it is stripped of its pretenses by the cruel curiosity of the damned. Here the soul is shorn of secrecy, and even the blackest deeds are mercilessly exposed to the fierce light of hell. It is an eternal torment.

Performances will be held in the Student Theater located at 925 Commonwealth Avenue in the passage between Agganis Arena and FitRec on the Wednesday of each Orientation session: June 13th; June 20th; June 27; July 11th; and July 18th. The show begins at 7PM.

Best of all, ****the performance is free!**** So you really have no excuse at all not to come see the show. It has a set all in angles, vivid green and claret-colored lights, a bell that's just a bit capricious, and three people facing an eternity in hell--what more could you ask?