Seeking Fall 2012 Production Heads!

Good. Afternoon. Something tells me I’ve interrupted something. Go on, take a second and put that down, won’t you? That's it...there we go. Now, read on you lovely membership...

First - you have THREE more chances to see the summer show, No Exit! You really don’t want to miss this fabulous production, so book those planes and trains, wrap a bandage ‘round your feet, and clamor over the mountains to get back to Boston and see the show! ~Hoopla

Next, we’re already looking ahead to our Fall 2012 Season! It’s going to be absolutely AMAZING. Here’s a reminder of the shows/showdates:

October 19-21, 2012 Little Shop of Horrors Music by Alan Menken; Lyrics by Howard Ashman Directed by Allie Romano Assistant Director and Choreographer: Jake Delaney Musical Director: Jonathan Reed

November 1-3, 2012 Stop Kiss Written by Diana Son Directed by Celia Gibson

November 15-17, 2012 Mr. Marmalade Written by Noah Haidle Directed by Sam Hoffman Assistant Director: Ryan Chernin

November 29-30; December 1, 2012 Picasso at the Lapin Agile Written by Steve Martin Directed by Julie Kaminski

Now, to jumpstart the season, we’re starting the search for the rest of our production heads. Read on if you have any interest in Technical Directing or Producing the fall season, and don’t forget these positions also call for assistants!

Our Technical Advisor Andrew Smith is looking for any of you tech wizards ready to head a crew of your very own. Whether you’ve TD/ATD-ed before or you’re looking to try it out, email Andrew at and let him know you’re interested! If you’re interested in TDing Little Shop of Horrors, fill out a TD app (found here) and send it to Andrew!

Our Treasurer Allie Romano is looking for you money savvy folks ready to dole out the cash and promote the shows. If you’ve been brushing up your photoshop skills and polishing off your brand new TI89 (there are probably newer models out, but I’m a COM kid and forgot what calculators do), then email Allie at to let her know you’re interested!

More information about these positions can be found around the website. We are especially looking to fill our Parents’ Weekend show, but interest in the rest of the season would be fantastic!

That’s all for now. Mark your calendars for our first general meeting of the year on Sunday, September 9th. You’ll be hearing from me again later this summer!

Have a wonderful sun-season. You may now return to your regularly scheduled heatstroke and/or torrential downpour.