Multigroup COMBAT Fall 2012

What is Multigroup Combat, you ask? Combat is Stage Troupe's Annual 24-hour Theatre Festival! This year, Troupe is teaming up with three other groups on campus-- On Broadway, Wandering Minds, and Liquid Fun-- to put on four special short performances for your entertainment. Each group will have exactly twelve hours to write their show and twelve hours to make that show into a reality.

There are three rules:

1. Groups may not begin writing their show until 8 PM on Friday, September 28th. They must be ready to deliver their shows to whoever will be performing at 8 AM the following morning. The group of performers must be ready to rehearse with tech at 6 PM and perform for a REAL LIVE AUDIENCE by 8 PM that day.

2. Each show must include a pre-determined prop, line, and theme-- all of which will be kept secret UNTIL 8 PM ON FRIDAY. In each group, whoever is writing the show will meet me in the GSU Link at 8 to receive the secret elements, regroup, and head off to write their awesome shows!

3. Other than those first two rules, ANYTHING GOES. Keep in mind that tech will be limited, but... beyond that... the sky is the limit in terms of creativity.

Troupies, we will be doing our usual thang and splitting into two teams: a WRITERS team and an ACTORS team! The WRITERS will meet me, along with the rest of the groups, in the Link at 8 PM to get started. You guys will deliver your script(s) to the actors at 8 AM the following morning.

The ACTORS will meet in the lobby of Tsai Auditorium at 8 AM to get started on the show. I know, I know, 8 AM is early for a Saturday-- but I promise the payoff is totally worth it. This year's Troupe show will be directed/gently guided by Ms. Celia Gibson.

IF YOU WANT TO TECH, contact our wonderful Tech Advisor, Mr. Andrew Smith at IF YOU JUST WANT TO WATCH, show up to the Student Theatre at 8 PM.

TL;DR-- 24 hour theatre. Write, produce, and perform a show in one weekend.

- VPSP, Lauren Kolodkin
Watch the performances on Saturday, September 29th at 8pm in the Student Theater. GET THERE