Hey there, hallo, good afternoon, how are ya, etc. etc. you silly, soporific membership: There are so many delightful things coming up. There is much joy in which to partake, don't you think?

Allow me to break them down for you.


**8PM on Saturday, September 29th in the Student Theater**

Multigroup Combat! The Team Stage Troupe writing team shall meet at 8pm tonight and the director and actors will meet at 8am on Saturday to rehearse Troupe's entry into Combat.

If you're not participating, you all should definitely come watch a night of FREE, FUN theatre from Stage Troupe as well as our fellow groups on campus—OnBroadway, Liquid Fun, and Wandering Minds.



**SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th at 7PM in CAS 224**

You don't want to miss out on this meeting! If you have any interest at all in pitching a show for One Acts later this semester or for our Spring 2013 Season, you should come and learn about how to do that and also about reading committee! (What is that? Who knows. Find out at the meeting, silly). We have a bunch more announcements to share as well, so come!


The director for Picasso at the Lapin Agile will be holding another round of auditions for the role of Elvis! If you are not already cast in the season or if you missed out the first time, then come and audition for the role!

Auditions will be held this upcoming week:

Tuesday, October 2 from 6-10 in CAS 203 Wednesday, October 3 from 6-10 in CAS 221

We'll tell you more at the GM THIS SUNDAY! Don't forget that there's also KICKBALL on OCTOBER 7TH!

See you chauvinistic thespians laterz (like SUNDAY)