Did the earlier rain and chill confuse you? Were you disoriented by the sudden rays of sunshine beating into your unprotected irises? Does the smell of Autumn send calming vibes into your soul slash skeleton, leaving you immobile in your desk chair as you stare blankly into nothingness? Was that much too long a question? Either way, if you missed the meeting, here's a recap of all the INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT things coming up. Pay attention, my dear membership, and keep these dates in your minds (/encyclopedia of dates/calendars).

First off, congrats to COMBAT and everyone who participated! It was super successful and such a fun, crazy, time.


Have you always wanted to direct? Never done it before? Done it a million times? Want experience? Have a show you want to see Troupe do? We have so many opportunities available if you want to direct/pitch a show! There's a lot of information here, Troupies, so CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

If you want to pitch a show for next semester (or for ONE ACTS!), here's what you need to know!

- Be a dues paying member ($5) - Have a show you know and want to pitch - Make sure the rights are available - Get the script, make 2 copies - Download and fill out the pitch form from the website (http://bustagetroupe.com/members/forms-and-resources/) - Put all of that (the scripts and the form) into a manila envelope and bring it to 111 Cummington Mall labeled with "Stage Troupe" and this address:

ATTN: Eric Jacobsen 111 Cummington Mall Rm B17


*If you are pitching a musical, you must contact Eric (jacobsen@bu.edu) in a timely manner so that he can check for the rights to the show. If you are pitching a play, you will need to check for the rights on your own (try findaplay.com or dramatists or various other play sites)

If you have any questions about the pitching process, please contact stage@bu.edu and we'll help you out. The Pitching Meeting is the next GM, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH at 7PM. The pitches will be pitched and the membership shall vote and find out the next season that same day! Yay, democracy!

If you would like to be on READING COMMITTEE for the pitches (you CANNOT do this if you are pitching), then please email Lauren at kolodkin@bu.edu.

Pitches for ONE ACTS work the same as mainstage pitches and are due the same day, so don't forget! One Acts are the perfect way to try directing for the first time or to even see your own work on stage. We welcome all kinds of pitches!

ONE ACTS AUDITIONS are November 5th & 6th ONE ACTS will be December 7th & 8th

Pitches for CHARITY SHOW work just a little bit differently. You still have to submit the scripts and the Charity Show form (found on the same page!), but the membership will not be voting on this pitch, the VPSP and Eboard will select the Charity Show for next semester. You will need to select a charity to pair with your show, and you get a chance to explain why you want to the show and why it fits with your chosen charity.


Julie, the director for Picasso at the Lapin Agile will be holding another round of auditions for the role of Elvis! If you are not already cast in the season or if you missed out the first time, then come and audition for the role! She welcomes both male and female auditioners, just be sure to have paid your membership dues (or be ready to pay at auditions). Come with your BEST ELVIS IMPRESSION!

Auditions will be held this week:

Tuesday, October 2 from 6-10 in CAS 203 Wednesday, October 3 from 6-10 in CAS 221


Many workshops will be held in the next couple of weeks! Here's the rundown. Anyone can attend whatever workshop they want, but those assigned to a specific department are strongly encouraged to attend that workshop! These are being held by some of Troupe's most experienced members, and they are all so excited to pass their knowledge on! Come and have a good time with all of them~ Learning by doing. This is what we do.

Tuesday, October 2nd Set Design 7-8PM (The Space) Set Decoration 8-9PM (The Space)

Thursday, October 4th Stage Management 5:30-6:30PM (GSU Ziskind) Lights 6:30-7:30PM (Student Theater) Sound 8-8:30PM (Student Theater)

Friday, October 5th Directing (w/ Alumnus Jan P Kaim) 5-6:30PM (The Space)

Sunday, October 7th Costumes 7-8PM (The Space) Hair/Make-up 8-9PM (The Space)

Tuesday, October 9th Producing 7-8PM (The Space)


Unfortunately, our VP is unable to complete her term with us, which means her position needs to be filled! We will be holding nominations AND elections for the new Vice President of Stage Troupe at our NEXT GM (November 4th). This allows the new elect time to learn the position with our current board while Kelsey is still here to teach, and whoever our new VP is will be ready to go for next semester.

If you want to run for the position, you MUST attend the GM. Someone will need to nominate you, you will give a short speech to the membership, and the position will be voted at the same meeting.

Any questions about the position or running for Eboard, direct them to stage@bu.edu!


Finally, we have KICKBALL vs. OnBroadway coming up on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7TH at 11AM

Meet in the Space at 10:30AM to prep with TEAM STAGE TROUPE, then we'll go to the Boston Common and play our fellow theatre lovers in a match of SKILL and JOY.

You should also wear your Stage Troupe T-Shirt if you have one so that our team is easy to identify!! If you want a T-Shirt, bring $15 to any of our Workshops or to the Space on Sunday before the game and you can get one! They're super stylish and comfy and you know you want one, so don't lie to yourself.

Phewwwww, that was a long one! Thanks for sticking with it. Don't forget about our upcoming AMAZING PRODUCTIONS as well!

Little Shop of Horrors, October 19-21 Stop Kiss, November 1-3