The First GM RECAP -- Audition Info, Tech Meeting, and MORE

Did you miss it? I understand. The wind and the snow and ice and lack of sun can be disorienting your first time. Fortunately, my job is to serve and I've got all the info you need right here. Let's figure out how this whole theatre thing works.

First of all, welcome to Troupe if you're new and welcome back if you've been here forever! We were so excited to see a theater packed with both new and familiar faces. I, personally, cannot wait to get this season started. You

So, let's begin.


Auditions are this week! Auditions will be held: Monday, January 21st from 6-10PM in CAS B25B Tuesday, January 22nd from 6-10PM in CAS B25B Wednesday, January 23rd from 6-10PM in CAS B25B

To audition for a Stage Troupe show, you must pay $5 membership dues. Please also print out the audition sheet (one for each show you want to audition for!) found on our website:

Auditions will be cold readings, so no preparation is necessary. Just show up and be ready to give it your all!

The callback list will be posted on the blog ( Wednesday night. Callbacks will be held in CAS B25B at 6PM on Thursday, January 24th.

The FB Event:

Our Spring Season

The Charity Show (benefiting Americans for the Arts) Or, Written by Liz Duffy Adams Directed by Celia Gibson & Juliette Vandame February 28th & March 1-2 in the Student Theater

Election Day Written by Josh Tobiessen Directed by Joe Reed March 21-23 in the Student Theater

Closer Written by Patrick Marber Directed by Allison Crisostomo & Vishaal Reddy April 4-6 in the Student Theater

Hamlet Written by William Shakespeare Directed by Marcus Doyle & Julie Kaminski April 18-20 in the Student Theater


Are you interested in tech?! Power tools your forte? Really want to light that set? Have a brilliant design for that costume? Want to try it allllllll? Great! Find out how to do any and all of that and MORE at:

The TECH MEETING on FRIDAY, January 25th at 6:30PM in The Space (directions: From the green line, take the B train to Pleasant St and walk down Harry Agganis Way toward the river. The Space is located in the alley behind Raising Cane’s and next to BUPD in West Campus. A sign that says “Stage Troupe” is above the door!)

Although you can only act in one show, the great thing about tech is that you can tech as many as you want! You are also welcome and encouraged to tech even if you get cast this season! We are always seeking more tech and looking to teach each department, so try something new (or something you’re an expert at) and sign up!

*Don’t forget, if you don’t pay your dues at auditions, you’ll need to pay at the tech meeting! $5

FB Event:


We have so many events coming up where you can meet and hang out with fellow Troupies! Read on to find out how you can participate in all of the fun!

ASSASSINS The game has begun! Keep an eye out for safety items on the Facebook group, and make sure to ASSASSINATE YOUR TARGET. Safety zones include all Troupe events including rehearsals and special projects


ANDREW'S ALL-AMERICAN AXE-STRAVAGANZA A Charity Event for Charity February 9th beginning at 8PM If you’re interested and want to sign up, email our VPSP Lauren at!

BOOK OF MORMON We'll be going as a group to opening night on April 9th! We have a limited number of tickets, so at our next we will be holding a lottery for attendance, so make sure to join! We will also be auctioning off tickets at Andrew's All-American Axe-Stravaganza!

TECH SHOW February 15-16 A highlight of the spring semester where the techies act and the actors tech a show that will remain secret until opening night.


Don't forget to pay dues at auditions or the tech meeting ($5) and pick up an AWESOME TROUPE SHIRT.

We'll be having tech workshops coming up soon as well, so please keep an eye out for those. And DON'T FORGET that our pitch deadline for One Acts (April 26th & 27th) and our Fall Season is coming up quickly as well (on February 19th!)

A’ight, folks, that’s it for now! See you at auditions and/or the tech meeting!

As ever, find us @StageTroupe on Twitter, “Stage Troupe” on Facebook, and check the website:

Stay phenomenal.