Upcoming Events & Deadlines!

Greetings, membership! Our spring season is underway and we have a number of fantastic events coming up quickly, so be sure to add 'em to your calendars and DON'T MISS OUT! First off, we have our annual Charity Fundraiser in honor of our TA:

***Andrew's All-American Axe-Stravaganza: A Charity Event for Charity***

This SATURDAY beginning at 8PM in the Student Theater.

Bring $5 for a fabulous evening filled with awesome displays of talent from the membership, bid on a variety of items night of BOOK OF MORMON!), pie the Eboard (yikes), participate in the cake-making contest, watch Allie & Vishaal kiss, and MORE. Seriously, it's a FANTASTIC night spent to help our Charity show and Americans for the Arts, so bring lots of money and show your support all while having fun with Troupe! There will be a prize for the most patriotic-ly dressed attendee, so wear your red/white/blue! (please don't bring your own axe...)

FB Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/512840545421804/

**Don't forget, if you are participating in the cake-making contest to arrive at 7:50PM (before the event!). If you are performing during the event, please check in with either Andrew or Lauren when you arrive, (preferably around or before 8pm).


This SUNDAY at 7PM in the Student Theater

This is a VERY IMPORTANT meeting! We will be holding a LOTTERY for tickets to BOOK OF MORMON (its Boston opening night, April 9th). Bring $47 to the meeting and submit your name for the lottery and we will hold a drawing to see who will be able to go. (IF YOU SUBMIT YOUR NAME, BUT DO NOT HAVE MONEY ON SUNDAY, YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR SPOT! SO PLEASE BRING IT!!). Guys, these tickets are going, at its cheapest, for like $150. SO I'D GO IN FOR THE LOTTERY IF I WERE YOU. Also at this meeting is PITCH INFORMATION, so if you're interested in directing, COME TO THIS MEETING. This will be for ONE ACTS and FALL (PARENTS WEEKEND & the MAINSTAGES). Get there.

Finally (for now), we have our ***TECH SHOW***

February 15th & 16th at 8PM (with an additional performance at MIDNIGHT) in the Student Theater

A fun tradition in Stage Troupe where the techies act, the actors tech, and the audience remains the same! The show is a secret until opening night and is FREE, so come out and enjoy a fun, memorable night!


...coming up on FEBRUARY 19th.

If you're interested AT ALL in pitching, but don't know how to get started, PLEASE come talk to us! Any one on the board will be more than happy to help you out. There are tons of resources available including our own Mugar Library or, you know, Barnes & Noble. To find out more about our pitching process, come to the GM this Sunday at 7 in the Student Theater! DON'T FORGET, THIS PITCH PROCESS INCLUDES PARENTS' WEEKEND, so consider that if you want to pitch a show for TSAI.

That's all for now! Keep your eye on the blog and Twitter and Facebook for info about more workshops and all kinds of ways to stay involved with Troupe this semester! Don't forget to come out to our fundraiser this weekend! Bring your friends!

Happy days, all. Keep sane, maintain joy, and go on to truly better this world with your art.