March & April Upcoming Events and Deadlines!

Mark your calendars, you silly membership. We've got something coming up every week right up until BUSTies. Are you prepared for the insanity?!
***Election Day***
Our second mainstage of the season opens this week! Performances run March 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at 8pm in the Student Theater. Don't miss out.
In the dark comedy Election Day, what starts as a normal day for Adam devolves into a terrible, bizarre day. The play focuses around Adam, an average guy whose politically active girlfriend, Brenda, attempts to get him to go vote for a particular mayoral candidate. Things get complicated, however, when Cleo, Adam’s sex-starved, cat-loving half-sister; Edmund, an eco-terrorist attempting to create an election day stir; and Jerry Clark, a candidate for mayor, all show up at Brenda’s apartment and wreak havoc. People are kidnapped, bags of marijuana are consumed and cars are blown up as hilarity ensues.
This SUNDAY, March 24th at 7PM in CAS 214 we get to exercise our right to vote yet again—COME HELP DECIDE THE NEW EBOARD TO USHER IN THE TROUPE OF TOMORROW (TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROWW).
Remember, you can still be nominated right up until we begin voting. If you've an interest in being on Eboard, come check us out at Eboard meetings (Sundays at 6PM in IT!) and get a friend to nominate you!
March 26th. Get all materials to 111 Cummington by 3PM.
Summer Show is a FANTASTIC opportunity for Stage Troupe to do a show for incoming Freshmen and get people excited to join! If you're staying in Boston, consider pitching or working on the show! Keep in mind that the summer show must be put on without a budget (similar to our charity show) and that the commitment is every Wednesday of Orientation.
***Preview CLOSER***
March 27th 7PM in BU Central
The cast of Closer will be previewing the show at BU Hunger Relief's fundraising event! Come support your fellow Troupies and catch a sneak peek of our third mainstage!
Which is all in anticipation for the show's run on April 4th, 5th & 6th.
That's all for now! Keep your eye on the blog and Twitter and Facebook for more updates.
Don't forget to come see ELECTION DAY next weekend! Come vote at the GM! Get those summer show pitches done!
Cheers, you wondrous beings. Soldier on—we shall conquer the future with artistry.