Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Greetings membership. Where has the semester gone? We have at last arrived at our FINAL MAINSTAGE HamletPoster

Directed by Marcus Doyle and Julie Kaminski Technically Directed by Katy Meyer Produced by Hanna Wasserman

Summoned back home to attend his father’s brief funeral and celebrate his mother’s new marriage, Hamlet tackles his depression in face of a home stripped of familiarity. Shadows in the halls of Castle Elsinore bring Hamlet before a vision of his own dead father, and he is spurned to avenge him who was unjustly murdered by his brother, Claudius, Hamlet’s now new father-in-law and King. Deeply conflicted and contemplative, Hamlet searches inside his own scholar and soul for the philosophical end to his immoral responsibility to his late father. Amongst all the vile and rank in men, Hamlet takes it upon himself to cleanse the “unweeded garden” of his home, and drives the play to its tragic conclusion. Arguably Shakespeare’s greatest play, Hamlet exposes the torturing insecurities in man, and “to hold, as ‘twere, the mirror up to nature,” Shakespeare provokes humanity at its core in our brutal and expressionistic production.

The Tragedy of Hamlet opens in The Student Theater at Agganis Arena (925 Commonwealth Ave)

Thursday April 18 at 8pm Friday April 19 at 8pm Saturday April 20 at 2pm and 8pm

Tickets can be purchased at the Activities Information Desk the week preceding the show with Convenience Points or credit card. They will also be available cash only at the door. For reservations, please contact Meredith Lawrence at

Prices $6 General $5 Members

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