Announcing Summer Show: Audition Dates & Info

Greetings membership! I am pleased to write to you with happy news today. We have at last picked our 2013 summer show! This year's show will be The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter directed by Marcus Doyle. Marcus is also seeking an assistant director, so if you're interested, please contact him at

Synopsis: At a sleepy seaside boarding house in England, the humdrum routine of corn flakes, newspapers and naps is interrupted by the appearance of two mysterious strangers. They become guests at longtime tenant Stanley's surprise birthday party which, after a few glasses of whiskey, party games and a mysterious blackout, turns into a deliciously impalpable nightmare. As excuses and alliances hastily shift, so does the truth in Harold Pinter's riveting dark-comic masterpiece. (Steppenwolf Theatre Company)

Cast breakdown: Petey, a man in his sixties Meg, a woman in her sixties Stanley, a man in his late thirties Lulu, a girl in her twenties Goldberg, a man in his fifties McCann, a man of thirty

You'll get to hear a bit more about it at our final GM which is coming up this Sunday at 7pm in the Student Theater.

Auditions for the show will be held next week! Join us on Thursday, May 2nd and Friday, May 3rd from 6-10PM in the Student Theater.

Auditions for summer show work the same as our mainstages. If you are here for the summer, you should seriously consider auditioning! Summer show is a unique experience with Stage Troupe that allows us to show incoming freshmen what we can do and often reach a broader audience than our typical seasons.

Come be a part of it! It's going to be fantastic.

Don't forget, we've got our Spring One Act & Monologue Festival this weekend, so come out and see the show! We've ALSO got SPACE CLEANING & the FINAL GM on Sunday for our last Troupe Sunday of the semester! Hooray!

As ever, remain wonderful, remain committed.

Cheers, all.