Spring has at last properly arrived in Boston and 'tis truly beautiful out. Go enjoy it. Incredibly important things are happening this weekend, my dear membership. Don't miss out on our remaining moments together!

This SUNDAY beginning at 12PM is the most cathartic time of year: SPACE CLEANING!

Space Cleaning is that time where we all gather together and clean up the Space after another busy, crazy season. We break things. there's music. It's fun! AND the MOST IMPORTANT THING about it is the fact that EACH SHOW THIS SEASON MUST HAVE 40 HOURS OF SPACE CLEANING IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR BUSTIES. Come do your part. Come when you can. Come for an hour if that's all you can offer. Come for a few hours if you're able. Be sure to sign in with your name and which shows you worked on (your hours count for allllll of them). DO IT. IT'S MANDATORY. (plus it's actually fun. so there's that)

Also coming up this SUNDAY beginning at 7PM is our FINAL GM!

Finishing off the year in the Student Theater, the Final GM is where we VOTE on BUSTies as well as complete the new Eboard. We also have some important constitutional amendments to vote on, so you absolutely should not miss it. Have a voice in your future, my dear membership. Care. Commit. Do your duty. It's our last meeting to close out one crazy year. Be there.

**WE WILL ALSO BE ACCEPTING MONIES FOR BUSTIES ATTENDANCE! Don't forget--it's $5 to attend the event. We encourage you all to pay at the GM! Please please please do so**

So we've got a weekend full of Troupe and a nice long final Troupe Sunday! Come be a part of it as we reach the end of classes. Take that break you deserve and spend it with your fellow Troupies. It's your last chance before BUSTies next Wednesday!