GM RECAP: The New TA! BUSTies! Constitutional Amendments!

At last we've reached the final GM Recap. It has been a year of incredible shows and events for Stage Troupe and we're so sad to see its end, but the future is already here and if we can't keep moving forward, where do we go?
If you missed the GM, shame on you, but fear not. I have what you need right here.
Let's get to the recap.
Congratulations to Closer, The Tragedy of Hamlet, and our One Act & Monologue Festival for their fantastic productions!
*****Constitutional Amendments*****

We have voted through some new constitutional amendments. The constitution will be updated and re-uploaded to the website for everyone's perusal.

All changes will be in place at the change of the board, which is graduation day in May! Get ready for the new year, Troupies!

****The New TA****
The future Eboard is now and officially COMPLETE. Congratulations to Marissa Cheifetz, our new Technical Advisor!
Steady on, new Eboard. You're going to be fantastic.
****Summer Show Auditions & Info****
Our Summer Show, The Birthday Party, will be holding auditions on THURSDAY & FRIDAY in the Student Theater from 6-9PM.
If you are interested in teching for Summer Show, send Andrew an email detailing your top three choices for department and your experience after the cast list goes up Friday night.
Here's more information about the show from Marcus! Remember, he's still looking for an assistant director so email him if you're interested.
In the quiet and simply English seaside boardinghouse of Petey and Meg Boles, it is longtime resident Stanley Webber's birthday and everyone seems to know but him. Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party is an darkly absurd and witty play about one man's resistance against subjugation in his fading existence. In the random assortment of strangers, party games, and corn flakes, Pinter explores the ambiguous relationship we all have with truth and reality. This is the play most examined and celebrated in Pinter's deeply complex and provocative cannon. a play of contemporary excellence and relentless investigation to prove human nature stands as the only law that rules us.
Mandatory Show Dates: June 12, 19, 26. July 10, 17. Revival in early September
Should there be an issue yet your desires to audition are unyielding, circumstances can be discussed at auditions freely. Please come!
6 parts, 4m, 2f.
Meg, woman in her sixties, a pleasant hostess, insistently compassionate and largely aloof, her life is cushioned in delusion.
Petey, man in his sixties, Meg's husband and a faithful deck chair attendant on the nearby beaches; he is surprisingly the more astute observer of the plot.
Stanley, man in his late thirties, the only guest at the boardinghouse, unkempt, lazy and smug as everyone else celebrates his special day.
Goldberg, man in his fifties, one of the men that arrives later in the day, suave, poetic, and clearly dangerous as he and his partner work to take Stanley away.
McCann, a man of thirty, an Irish man that arrives with Goldberg, not as socially fluent and engaging, more of a brute.
Lulu, girl in her twenties, a bright personality in contrast to the dry and masculine weight of the play; childish, flirtatious, and fickle.
The drawing room and kitchen of an English seaside boardinghouse. Furnished with a dining table, chairs, a reading chair or loveseat, floor rugs, side tables and boards, lamps, a room that looks extremely lived in, worn away from use and overuse. Strongly realistic in design, creative and abstract in decor that speaks to the aesthetics of delusion and menace.
Simple and straightforward, with minimal costume changes as the events happen in only twenty-four hours. The looks of each character speaks to the person that they want people to see them, the dishonesty of appearance.
The transgression of one day and the following morning, the bleak English weather, and a couple scripted blackouts are the only requirements allotted for lights, the rest is fun.
No scripted cues, endless opportunities.
Working with Set to fill the room with things here and there, a couple key props that need to be destroyed in the performance, i.e. a toy drum that gets stepped through, glasses that get crushed.
Realistic, simple and fresh.
Come attend an awesome night of awards and celebrate one incredible year of  theatre with us as we honor our seniors and enjoy each other's company (and some excellent desserts!). Dress in cocktail attire!
BUSTies is $5 to attend, so if you haven't paid Allie yet, she, Hanna, Lauren, and Celia will be holding office hours to pay for BUSTies this week. Look out on the FB group and the blog for where/when to find them. Allie will be in the GSU on Monday from 3-5 and Tuesday from 5-6. Pay her!
You definitely don't want to miss out on such a fun evening. It's BUSTies. Just go to it. 
That's all, my dears. You'll be hearing from me just a few more times this week before the end.