BUSTies 2013 Winners

BUSTies WinnersFall 2012 and Spring 2013

Best Show, Fall: Little Shop of Horrors Best Show, Spring: The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Directors, Fall: Allie Romano and Jake Delaney, Little Shop of Horrors Best Directors, Spring: Marcus Doyle and Julie Kaminski, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Technical Director, Fall: Marissa Cheifetz, Mr. Marmalade Best Technical Director, Spring: Katy Meyer, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Producer, Fall: Hannah Shrader, Little Shop of Horrors Best Producer, Spring: Sam Hoffman, Closer Best Actor, Fall: Dylan Kaplan, Little Shop of Horrors Best Actor, Spring: Adrian Burke, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Actress, Fall: Jemma Douglas, Mr. Marmalade Best Actress, Spring: Ilana Berman, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Supporting Actor, Fall: Carl Welch, Little Shop of Horrors Best Supporting Actor, Spring: Andrew Smith, Closer Best Supporting Actress, Fall: Ilana Berman, Picasso at the Lapin Agile Best Supporting Actress, Spring: Kaitlin Bresee, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Cameo Performance, Fall: Ryan Chernin, Picasso at the Lapin Agile Best Cameo Performance, Spring: Eli Brenna, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Stage Management, Fall: Marissa Cheifetz, Little Shop of Horrors Best Stage Management, Spring: Katie Diekhaus, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Set Design, Fall: Courtney Licata, Mr. Marmalade Best Set Design, Spring: Marcus Doyle, Closer Best Set Decoration, Fall: Abi Oshins, Mr. Marmalade Best Set Decoration, Spring: Marcus Doyle, Closer Best Master Carpentry, Fall: Andrew Smith, Little Shop of Horrors Best Master Carpentry, Spring: Andrew Smith, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Lighting Design, Fall: Shane Hennessey, Mr. Marmalade Best Lighting Design, Spring: Jake Shauli, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Sound Design, Fall: Sarah Kuranda and Taylor Hartz, Little Shop of Horrors Best Sound Design, Spring: Kelly Dickinson, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Costume Design, Fall: Katie Rangel, Little Shop of Horrors Best Costume Design, Spring: Katie Rangel, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Hair/Make-up Design, Fall: Lauren Kolodkin and Arielle Dizon, Little Shop of Horrors Best Hair/Make-up Design, Spring: Emily Jo McKnight and Stephanie Gray, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Props Design, Fall: Kim Curhan, Mr. Marmalade Best Props Design, Spring: Molly Bourque and Jenn Kole, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Projection, Spring: Sarah Kuranda, Closer Best Actor in a Special Project, Fall: Andrew Smith as Trotsky in Variations on the Death of Trotsky Best Actor in a Special Project, Spring: Shane Hennessey as Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite Best Actress in a Special Project, Fall: Ilana Berman as the Fish in COMBAT Best Actress in a Special Project, Spring: Melinda Frimpong for her monologue

SAAD Executive Board Recipient: Stephanie Gray SAAD General Membership Recipient: Julie Kaminski

Rookie of the Year: Michael Gobiel Unsung Hero: Shoshana Koff